AN: Well I got some good news, and some bad news. The good news is that work is now continuing on Rogue Soul and a new chapter was uploaded tonight. The bad news is that it wasn't and won't be on this one.

You see, I went back and read through this and frankly didn't like what I saw. Too much going on with too many people, not enough explanation. It was to jumbled and crazy.

So, I had the idea to maybe re-write it. That was played with for a bit, but it wasn't until I sat down and went through the plot that I decided some changes were necessary. Thus, after a few months, I came out with Rogue Soul 2.0. It's up right now, you can search for it if you want, or just go to my profile page to get at it. I'm leaving this one up though, for those among you will inevitably find it superior to the re-write.

Sorry to not continue, but hey, give the re-write a chance. Who knows, you might like it.