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Jasper's POV

I was the luckiest son of a bitch in the world.

I was out hunting with Emmett and Edward, while my mate and my imprint were bonding. When I returned, Jacob would be moved in with Alice and me. Esme had outdone herself yet again, building a little getaway on their property. I'm not sure how Alice agreed to a cabin, but she assured me she had ample closet space. Plus, we weren't planning on moving out of the main house completely. We just needed a place where we could be with each other, away from Edward's mind-reading, Bella's incredulity, Emmett's teasing, Rosalie's sneering, Esme's mothering and Carlisle's wisdom.

Tonight, our first night together, was going to be the night that Jacob agreed to let Alice into our relationship in a physical way.

My anticipation was so intense, I was almost distracted from our hunt. Even when Edward had staked out a pair of mountain lions and wanted to try some tracking techniques on them, something which I was always game for, he had to slap me upside the head to get my attention. My lust was so consuming, it was overpowering my instinct to feed.

That had never happened before.

Edward, knowing full well what was distracting me, had let Emmett in on the reason, and the two of them began to find ways to extend the hunt even longer. I tried to be angry with them, but I just couldn't hold onto the feeling. So, I let my mind wander while I waited for my brothers to have their fun at my expense.

It had taken a little while for Alice and Jake to be accepting of each other. It took some mediating on my part. I was constantly being pulled in two directions, and they didn't realize how much I was being wrenched. It's easy sometimes, to love someone so much you think you know what's best for them, but no matter how in tune you are with someone, you can never really put yourself in their place. It was impossible for me to choose Alice over Jacob or Jacob over Alice. When I was with one, I would be pining for the other, and it made me feel terrible and lecherous.

I tried to make them understand the way I was being split in two, and eventually my pain was palpable. Each thought they alone were enough to make me happy, when I really needed both of them.

I wish I could explain it, but I'd never been much for words.

Carlisle and Edward insisted that a vampire's personality was set in many ways, for all eternity. And, I trusted them both to some extent. Carlisle more so, given his two centuries of experience over me.

But, my life had never taken the expected path.

Change was always in the cards.

I was a major in the Confederate army. I was supposed to help the South, my homeland, secede from the Union, as absurd as it felt to think about my human life now. The reasons the history books gave for the Civil War were always so straightforward, but we were boys, not scholars. We were afraid of having our homes taken away from us. When your brothers went to war, you fought beside them, simple as that. Men in suits fought wars with their ideologies; it was the faceless boys like me who died for it.

I died in that war, but not for my country. Not for my brothers.

Instead, fate had a different idea, and I got wrapped up in the great vampire wars in the South, after I was turned by a madwoman. I spent almost a century creating and killing, and in general, being a monster that belonged in a horror film.

Even though, admittedly, not a second of my existence went by where the sweet taste of human blood passed through my mind, I eventually developed enough of a conscience to control it. I had changed, and it wasn't for the last time.

Meeting Alice was the next major adjustment the course of my life took. I knew she was my mate immediately. Edward once described to me the way he could pick out different strains of thoughts as tuning into different frequencies on a radio. That's exactly how it worked for me. Only, I couldn't hear thoughts, what I felt was more intimate than anything that ever passed through a mind. Anyone could lie to themselves in their heads, but no one can help how they feel. I understood this better than anyone.

While I immediately felt in tune with Alice, being imprinted on was easily the most intense experience of my life.

I was sitting in the woods after Alice failed to comfort me. I felt Jacob's anger and heartbreak and disgust at Bella's transformation behind me, long before he appeared. I was expecting a wolf to approach by the speed at which the feelings were getting increasingly closer. I had no abilities of premonition, but regardless, very little surprised me anymore. Years of observing the world around me, of feeling what others felt, had left me more astute than anyone ever gave me credit for.

My policy was always to speak quietly and carry a big stick. The way people underestimated not only me, but on the power of human emotion, was always my greatest weapon. In my more egomaniacal moments, I saw vampirism not as a curse, but vampires being the next step in human development. However, in my more lucid moments, I knew that vampires were almost more fallible to dangerous emotions like rage, jealousy and hatred than humans. When you had such strong instincts, it was hard to reign them in and gain any sort of self-mastery. I still had trouble with my craving for human blood, even though rationally I had no desire to take another life. But, I saw my gift as an advantage that most people discounted. For all that elitists like the Volturi valued Edward's gift, they didn't understand that while it was fairly easy to lie in your thoughts or cover them up, it was damn near impossible to lie about how you felt. I knew how someone felt long before their thoughts caught up to them.

Not to mention, in the worse case scenario, I could always manipulate anyone with malicious intentions.

Jacob's intensity almost surprised me, though. He was an impossible bundle of changing emotions the closer he got to me. It didn't seem odd to me that he had sought me out. Later, he told me it wasn't intentional, but I was used to people wanting to be around me when they were losing control over their emotions.

In my own moping and disappointment with myself, I was grateful for the presence of someone who felt worse than I did.

All of that changed when I felt him beside me.

Before I turned to him, I took a fleeting notice that his blood smelled different than usual. None of the wolves' blood had appealed to me before, at least not anymore than an animal's blood usually would, but this was something new entirely. It was appealing to me in a way entirely separate from my thirst.

Before I could sort it out, he was standing beside me. I looked up as he opened his mouth to speak, and it hit me like a bullet.

Our eyes met, and I felt, well, I felt love – pure, unadulterated love. Jake didn't know what the feeling was himself, but its power nearly suffocated me. If I could die, and I had my choice as to how, that would be the way I'd want to leave this world. I could feel it physically, inside my body, like each and every one of my nerves was buzzing with joy. It was different from the way I felt when I first saw Alice, but that was the only thing I could compare it to. With Alice it was more cerebral. This, by contrast, was raw and primal.

Jake seemed to figure out what happened at the same time I did.

He imprinted on me.

Panic settled into him a second later, and he bolted.

I had no choice but to follow. I needed that feeling. I needed his love.

Despite the inconceivability of the situation, I, Jasper Whitlock, had been claimed by a shapeshifter who took on the form of the enemy of my species.

Whatever analysis Edward and Carlisle could put to it, I had my own explanation. There were too many bizarre events that happened around me. The universe wanted me to change.

I loved both Alice and Jake fiercely and eternally. There was no doubt about it. Even if love was measurable, drop for drop, ounce for ounce, I loved them both the same.

It was harder on Alice in the beginning. She had me all to herself for decades. She was so used to taking care of me, worrying about me, being the first one there when my instinct for blood started kicking in. I could read her better than anyone else, being so in tune with her particular emotional stream. We understood each other. We could have conversations without speaking a word. I could read her expressions, her body language. I knew her better than I knew myself.

Jake was something else entirely. Alice was easily excitable and genuinely happy a majority of the time, Jake's emotions were constantly flickering from one to another. Even though his body was like that of a man in his twenties, he was still a hormonal teenager and his feelings swirled around him and changed back and forth repeatedly. It was highly entertaining, and I loved to gently mock Jake about it.

Even though I grew up in a time where it was expected of all young men that they find a sweet girl to marry and make babies with, I was never a prude. I never really consider taking a man as a lover, but I was at least able to admit when another man was handsome. Jake was stunning. Chasing him through the dense Canadian forest only served to fuel the lust that settled in along with the feeling of love. Sex with Jake, from the very beginning, was always intense. I was so in tune with the man who imprinted on me, that I fed off his pleasure and he fed off mine. Jake was still coming into his sexuality, though, and he had yet to really test my limits. Or, rather, test his limits. I wasn't sure I had any limits anymore.

Alice was never one for plain, missionary sex, and sometimes our play got a little adventurous. As much as Emmett teased Bella about her and Edward's boring sex life, I think Alice teased them both more.

When Jake agreed to let Alice watch us make love, I was stunned. It took me a millisecond to agree to it. The idea of my wife watching me with Jacob made the act that much hotter for me.

Jake was a little uncomfortable with Alice watching. He wasn't in love with Alice. I knew he had somehow managed to worm his way into my wife's undead heart whether she realized it or not, but Jacob hadn't imprinted on Alice. The only other type of love he seemed capable of was familial love, and that wasn't going to help me get the two of them together.

When Jake woke up the next morning, sprawled out half on top of me where I had spent the night watching him sleep, with Alice curled up beside me reading a book, I think he finally grasped how content and complete I felt when the three of us were together.

Now, we were finally going to be together in the way I had been dreaming.

When my brothers and I finally got back into Cullen territory, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I gave Emmett and Edward a hurried "goodbye" and took off toward my new home. I could hear their snickers fading as my footsteps pounded through the woods.

I paused when I reached the cabin and took an unnecessary breath before swinging open the door.

"Hey, loves'" I said gently stepping across the threshold.

The room lacked tension, and the mood was calm.

They were both in the main living area. Jake was sprawled out on a deep brown leather couch with his head in Alice's lap. She was braiding his hair, and I wondered what Alice had to sacrifice that let him agree to it. She understood my quizzical expression and rolled her eyes at me. I chuckled softly.

"What have you two been up to, today?" I asked.

"Oh, a little of this a little of that," Alice said lightly.

Jake sat up and shot me a beaming smile. "Unpacking," he replied with a shrug.

Jake had an aura of contentment around him, and Alice, my sweet Alice, was doing her best to repress her excitement about what we all knew was going to happen tonight.

I don't know if they were just feeding off me, but I could feel them both switch their relaxed positions into tenser, anticipatory postures.

"We found common ground," Jake finally gave.

"Oh?" I was trying to restrain myself.

"Yes, common ground," Alice added.

"And what's that?"

"You," they uttered it simultaneously.

Oh. I could feel my arousal grow.

My jaw dropped a little.

"Well," I recovered. "I'm going to rinse off in the shower. You ready to celebrate this common ground?"

Alice nodded but let Jake answer.

"I'm ready." His voice was at a whisper, but I could tell his fear was gone. He was nervous, but not afraid or jealous.

I took longer than necessary in the shower. Even though I didn't sweat, there was a still a lot of grime from the forest that got on my skin and under my finger nails. I had been sloppy and gotten some blood on me while feeding. So, I rinsed the traces of hunt from my body and let the warm water soothe me.

I couldn't help but think how I didn't deserve this. Two have two lovers who were so concerned with my own happiness that they were willing to share themselves with me and each other in the most intimate way.

I tried to shake the guilt and turned off the shower. I dried myself and decided to just wrap a towel around my waist as I returned to the living room.

Alice was casually flipping through the pages of Vogue while Jake was scrolling through television channels, but it was clear that neither were really paying attention.

I looked expectantly at them. I would leave it up to them how to proceed, to let them set the pace in whatever sort of arrangement they reached. Meanwhile, my imagination started going a mile a minute.

I could imagine me on my hands and knees, with Jake behind me, while Alice was spread near my face, lovely and waiting for me to taste her.

I could picture Jake standing behind me as I was on my knees on the bed, Alice on her hands and knees before me, allowing me to fill her from behind as Jake filled me.

I could see Alice on her hands an knees at the edge of the bed. Jake was standing over her, one foot on either side, so I could suck him off while I brought my wife to ecstasy.

I could nearly feel Alice straddling my face while Jake drilled into me, my legs wrapped around him, pulling him deeper into me, as I plunged my tongue into my mate's sweet pussy.

I nearly came undone at the thought of Alice and Jake touching each other in any of these scenarios.

It was a little much to ask at this point, but there were so many possibilities of what we could do, once they got over their initial hesitations. Of course, there were a few limitations. I wasn't about to try topping Jake, but maybe if I were tied down and he was riding me. If he could control it completely. I'm sure Alice wouldn't be opposed to trying to distract me if Jake ever wanted to try.

It was almost unfortunate that once a vampire found its mate, the attraction to others diminished, because with our ability to multitask, we were suited for sex with multiple partners, with multiple points of stimulation.

I stifled a groan, then I linked my gaze first with Jake, then Alice, but I didn't say a word. I just tilted my head back toward the bedroom and received two nods in response.

The lust in the room nearly made the air thick. I knew it was mostly from me and that I was manipulating the situation a little. The truth was, I couldn't actually make anyone feel anything they didn't want to feel. I just had a presence, an air about me, such that I could consciously set the mood in a room. I had conscious control over what I felt. It made me a good soldier, especially when dealing with newborns. I could compartmentalize anything I was feeling and never get distracted or lose focus.

But, afterward, after I left that life behind, I saw the benefit of what I could do.

That's what made my craving for human blood so infuriating. That instinct trumped every feeling I could control.

I padded into the bedroom slower than I need to. I could feel two sets of eyes on me as I tossed aside the towel and laid down on the king-size bed, not a stitch of clothing on me.

They both approached the bed slowly, removing their clothes along the way, eyes on me, as two looks I could not decipher passed through me. I knew they were both aroused and lustful, but I couldn't help but wonder what they were thinking. This was a down side of my gift, and I idly thought about asking Edward if he would listen in on one of our experiences. I would have laughed at the idea of prudish Edward being a peeping Tom, but I desperately wanted both of them to enjoy themselves fully and not merely tolerate each other on my account.

They both descended onto the bed gracefully, a contrasting pair in every way. Alice was petite, almost delicate looking, with the alluring alabaster skin our kind possessed. Jake, on the other hand, was massive. He seemed to tower over me with his four extra inches of height, and his skin was a beautiful tawny shade that always appeared even richer against mine. The only similarity was the deep black hair they both possessed, but even that was in opposition. Alice's was short and spiky, whereas Jake had let his grow out.

I couldn't settle my gaze on either one for very long without wanting to turn to the other.

Luckily, neither seemed focused on receiving my attention, and in the blink of an eye I felt two tongues on my cock. A warm hand gripped the base, lifting my manhood from where it rested, hard and straining against my abdomen. The temperature contrast of their tongues was startling and, yet, everything I had expected it would be. Jake's body heat was always an inexplicable turn on, but even though we ran at the same temperature, Alice felt cool. I had never felt so thoroughly lavished.

But, that was only the beginning.

Jake's tongue drifted down, wrapping around my balls with just the right amount of pressure and then ending its journey by plunging into my hole. Jake had been so hesitant the first time I asked him to put his tongue there, but after he had been on the receiving end, he changed his mind immediately. I think it helped his willingness that my hole no longer served it original purpose. Now, he could, and had, make me come from his tongue alone.

Meanwhile, Alice was taking me deep into her mouth, swallowing around the head. It never ceased to amaze how such a tiny woman could take me so fully. With her tongue tracing patterns on my cock and Jake's tongue doing wicked things behind me, I could feel an orgasm pending. Both my lovers seemed to sense it. Jake removed his tongue and let it slowly lap its way up to the head of my dick, which Alice had released from her lips.

Damn teases.

Their eyes met, and Jake gave a nearly imperceptible nod to my wife. They both leaned in slowly and their tongues touched. I would have felt an insane surge of jealousy if it was anyone else kissing either of them, but seeing the two people I loved most in the world allow their tongues to dance together and their lips to meet was just erotic, plain and simple.

Jake broke the kiss first, let out a sigh of relief, and then turned to me with a grin. I sat up and was at his lips in less than a second. I could still taste a linger of Alice on them before his own flavor took over.

I felt Alice behind me, then, pressing her lips against the back of my neck with a soft flick of her tongue. I moaned into her touch.

In tandem their hands began to caress my body. They both began to use their lips and teeth, adding to the symphony of fingertips. Jake took my nipples in his teeth and tugged, while Alice pulled at my hair, tilting my head to suck lightly on my neck. I tried to touch my lovers in return, but I was brushed off by both. Underneath the lust, I could sense a feeling of gratitude. It concerned me a little that either would feel gratitude, because really, I was the only one who deserve to be grateful. Alice and Jacob were making sacrifices that no one should ever ask of their partner, yet they did so willingly.

Combined with the depth of my own gratitude, the myriad of sensation was almost overwhelming. Like the feeling immediately after I got turned and first opened my senses to the onslaught that my changed self could comprehend. I would have been panting had it been physically possible.

"I need you," I exhaled, not directed toward either Jake or Alice, but to the room in general.

I easily escaped their grasp in one smooth motion and situated myself on my hands and knees near the edge of the bed.

Jake laughed at the quickness of my movement.

"Eager?" he teased.

"You love it," I said back, not mentioning that he never teased my vampiric speed when his cock was down my throat, or with my hand wrapped around it.

Alice had gone and retrieved our lube from somewhere before Jake had registered her absence. He was startled when she handed the bottle to him.

Alice chuckled and then winked at me. She sat back on her heels, and I could see her taking in the sight.

Jake prepared me reverently. I didn't really need too much preparation, so long as there was plenty of lube. Jake couldn't really hurt me, but it was part of a ritual we both enjoyed. It did feel good, to feel his fingers gently pushing against my hard skin, making me relax even more. It reassured Jake, too, to stretch my opening for me so that there was absolutely no chance of any pain. Instead there would only be that delicious feeling of being full and complete.

Well, almost complete.

Alice was watching the ceremony with which Jake was treating my body and her eyes softened.

She crawled toward me on her hands and knees seductively. When she reached me, she kissed me softly, reassuring me with her lips that she was enjoying herself. I deepened the kiss, but had to groan into her mouth as Jake entered me. I never tired of the feeling.

Alice giggled at me then spun around and slid underneath me on her back, until I felt her lips once again wrapping around my hardness and taking back deeply into her mouth. Alice was so tiny, I had to bend my back and lower onto my elbow so my mouth could reach her core.

I teased her a little with my tongue, lapping at her folds but avoiding her clit, until she scraped her sharp teeth against me lightly in retaliation. I closed my mouth around her and flicked my tongue against her bundle of nerves rapidly. I knew it drove her wild, and she had such self-control, she could hover on the verge of orgasm for a long time, enjoying the sensation of teetering on the edge. Lucky for her I was more than happy to keep my lips on her heat for as long as she wanted.

Though, I was slightly distracted this time.

Jake was building up to a steady rhythm, hitting me against my internal bundle of nerves that never lost its ability to make me feel an intense shock of pleasure. Alice matched Jake's rhythm exactly as she pumped my cock into her mouth. I was both surround and filled, and it was everything I had imagined it would be. I was trying to hold back, but I could feel my grip on my control slipping. I could have come and recovered almost immediately, but Jake never could hold off on his own climax when he felt me clench around his dick. Though he actually had a very quick recovery time after sex, he also had a tendency to fall asleep. I wanted him to be utterly fucked to exhaustion more than I wanted release.

I let go of Alice with a final lick and shifted up on my hands. She understood and slowly dragged her lips along my length before scooting forward until her head was between my hands. I bent down and kissed her upside down, our flavors mixing together. Our love fueling the gesture.

I got up on my knees and leaned backward so my back was flush against Jake's chest. Leaning my head back on his shoulder, he turned to kiss me, a third flavor now mingling on my lips. Jake smoothed his hands down my chest and then grabbed my erection, giving it a few pulls before I changed our position.

I turned and got on my back, spreading my legs wide with my feet on the bed. Jake began to comb his eyes over me with his mouth slightly agape. He was often sweet, and much to his chagrin, could be devastatingly romantic, but the way he was looking at me and the adoration coming off him was overwhelming. Jake reentered me with a gentle smile, and I couldn't help but beam back at him.

I reached out for Alice, then, and she returned my delighted expression. I pleaded silently with her to guide me, to direct me what to do in order to make her feel as loved and taken care of as I felt. She winked at me saucily and straddled my face, pressing her heat once again to my lips. She chose to face Jake, which made me that much happier. If she had been harboring any resentment, not only would I have felt it, but she would have faced the wall in an effort to pretend her husband wasn't being drilled by another man as she got off. Anyway, she enjoyed it when my fingers drifted to fondle her sweet puckered entrance. As I used a finger to penetrate her, she ground down harder on my tongue, seeking out her pleasure impatiently now that she could see how close both Jake and I were.

"Touch yourself," both Alice and Jake spoke in unison.

I knew both of them liked to watch me touch myself, sometimes I think Alice was just as content to watch me than she was to have me touch her. Jake was less obvious about his own voyeuristic tendencies and usually seemed to think it was his job to bring me off himself. But, the fact that they were in tune enough to ask it at the same time gave me a quiet thrill.

Alice recovered the lube for me and squirted a few drops into my hand. I started to stroke myself. Together the three of us created a rhythm. Jake pushed in and out of me, while Alice circled her hips minutely driving herself up and down on my tongue. The room was a cacophony of Jake's grunts, Alice's quiet gasps, my muffled murmurings of love, and the sound of hard skin against hard skin.

My whole body was starting to tingle, starting from the tips of my toes that were curling into the sheets and spreading rapidly throughout every inch of me.

Then, the anticipation boiled over.

It was like a chain effect. I felt Alice stiffen and then pulse around my tongue repeatedly, a cry of "Jazz" on her lips. That ignited my own climax as I tensed hard, and I convulsed over and over while I covered my torso in spurts of my cum. Almost immediately, I felt Jake spilling inside my channel with a loud cry. I was falling, spiraling down into the abyss of pleasure, only to soar back up on the love and passion that filled the room. The feelings from Jake indistinguishable from Alice's.

Words weren't necessary. Alice and I were never much for talking. I knew what she was feeling, what she needed, and even without my empathy she somehow knew exactly what I needed. Jake was much the same. I suppose it was the love we felt coursing through each other, but also the connection and understanding that came along with being someone's mate or imprint. Some people spent their lives never knowing that feeling of uniting with another soul, and here, I was forever bonded with two.

Yes, I was the luckiest son of a bitch in the world. True love was something everyone dreamed of, but true love from two separate souls? A true love that was eternal and permanent?

I knew very well that I was the last being in the world who deserved it, given my past, given who I was, but not a day would pass where I wouldn't thank my lucky stars and try to prove my worth to the gods of fate.