Full Summary: "He left me! Am I really just a pet?" was the only thing Bella could think of as she watched her true love leap out his bedroom window. Will she ever be the same again? Will Edward return, when? How can he be so close yet unreachable? Not even a pack of wolves or a coven of vampires can answer that question but they will sure try.

I don't own anything Twilight. The idea of Bella being a mind reader is mine and a few events. Everything else belongs to Stephenie Meyers. No copyright infringement intended. Nearly all my chapters have mild language, mainly name calling.

Chapter 1: Thoughts

Why couldn't I have a happy, loving dream, full of Edward's wandering hands running over my body? Sure it started out great and cheerful but it swiftly became a nightmare.

I was in our meadow. The gorgeous little clearing with a waterfall Edward had taken me to last spring. The sun was shining down warmly on a very clear day, the sun rarely shone in Forks, Washington, hinting to me that this was indeed a dream. The person I was staring at from across the field solidified the fact that I was dreaming. I was looking at my Grandma Marie, the same grandma that had died six years ago.

She hadn't changed in the slightest. She still had the same sweet, loving withered face that I remembered with the same welcoming smile. Her hair was pulled into a tight, white bun on top of her head and her skin was creased and wrinkled on her hands and arms. The only thing different was the attire. Normally she wore a lavender floral print dress; this time she wore jeans and a comfortable flannel shirt. All-in-all, she was still my Grandma.

I smiled and waved to her at the same time she did to me. She was pleased to see me as well. We walked closer together simultaneously.

I opened my mouth to speak, to ask her one of the many questions I had for her. She opened her mouth at the same time and I closed mine to let her speak first. We both had paused and smiled at the awkward moment. Instead of speaking I decided I should just give her a hug, six years was an awful long time.


That definitely wasn't Grandma that called my name. It was rich and silky and oh so alluring. We turned at the same time in the direction of the voice. It was a voice I didn't need to know who it belonged to; it was one I would respond to under any circumstances, awake, asleep, sick, or even dead probably. I would walk through fire, snow, rain, or hell for. If need be, I would give my life for, if he would let me.

My love, Edward.

Whether I was sound asleep or fully awake, I was always overjoyed to lay my eyes on him. Despite the fact that this was a dream I was still excited to see him. Panic flooded my veins as Edward started to walk in our direction, the suns rays dancing over his marble skin, casting rainbows everywhere.

Grandma didn't know about my boyfriend, no body knew that I had fallen in love with a 104 year old - vampire. How in the world was I going to explain it to her, I couldn't even explain it to my own parents, not that I would. There was no way for me to clarify the glitter, the pale skin, the inhuman beauty and the golden eyes. She would think I was insane. Maybe I was; I had fallen for a fictional being after all.

Hey grandma, how are you, this it my boyfriend. Don't mind the sparkling; it happens when he's in the sun. Don't worry about his eyes or his skin or the incredible beauty, it's just who he is…

Right…that would go over so well.

What the hell was he doing? Why for the love of god was he casually strolling toward us? A beautiful, angelic smile was on his face as he came closer to us as if I was the only one here. Wasn't the whole reason he was in Forks was so he could be outside during the countless overcast days without exposing himself or his family for what they really were? So why in the world was he being careless now?

I so wished my mind wasn't closed off to him right now. Then he could hear the screaming in my head directed at him.

I glanced at my grandma, fearing that the sight of a glittering Adonis would give her a heart-attack but she just turned and looked at me with hopeful, chocolaty eyes.

I looked back at Edward, he was still smiling magnificently and my heart felt ready to explode from my chest. I raised my arms to wrap around his waist eagerly and I was completely speechless when he went to my grandmother instead. He placed a chaste kiss on her forehead and rested his arm on her shoulder.

I was taken aback by my grandma's expression. She looked like a shocked child who just got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, my cookie jar.

I felt my world crumble when Edward cupped my grandma's face and kissed her. I didn't know whether to be repulsed or hurt. Why was Edward making out with my grandma? And in front of me for no less? I suddenly felt like a piece of glass that someone had just smashed, the words that were spoken were that damaging.

"I love you Bella, always," Edward smiled down at the withered face.

"I love you too Edward, always." The words were spoken from my grandma but I sickly realized it wasn't my grandma at all, it was me.

I was ancient, withered, elderly and worn. Edward was handsome, charming, and eternally seventeen.

He pressed his icy, faultless lips to her cheek and I in turn felt it on my cheek.

I awoke suddenly and fell out of bed, again, my shoulders landing on the floor while my legs were still partially on the bed. I was alone at the moment and I hope Edward wasn't here to witness that. I sighed with relief as I looked around my small boring room as the dull gray morning light shined through my window.

It was just a dream. I continued to tell myself that as I reached up to shut off my alarm clock and ready myself for the day. It was just a dream, a horrible, messed-up dream.

I pushed the nightmare to the back of my mind and changed into a pair of jeans and a white peasant blouse then ran for the bathroom to take care of my human needs. With that done I ran down stairs and promptly inhaled a banana. Poor Edward, he wasn't here yet, he's missing out. Just as I threw the pealing away a knock echoed throughout the house.

I'm surprised I didn't trip in my haste to answer the door. I nearly fainted when I opened the door and I took in the Greek god of beauty. He smirked at me while I pulled on my shoes.

"You didn't just fall down on your way to get the door did you?" he smiled and winked at me playfully.

I stood up straight and glared at him. "No, I didn't fall. And what if I had, would you have broken down the door to save me?" I walked up closer to him and innocently and needlessly smoothed down his jacket.

He took a sharp intake of breath and almost hissed. "You don't need to have fallen for me to save you and it wouldn't take more than a split second to ruin this door."

I smiled at him and placed a chaste kiss on his cheek then headed for the Volvo. I was immediately diverted from my path when a pair of cold fingers enclosed around my wrist and I was pulled to Edward's chest. He hesitated moving for a moment, just breathing in the smell of my shampoo that he told me on more than one occasion that he liked. Finally, to my greatest pleasure, he closed the gap between us by locking his lips on mine.

'You're a tease!'

Only with you, and we both know you love it. With that said he deepened the kiss. All too soon we were distracted by his phone singing 'Sister Psychic' by SmashMouth.

He quickly pulled out his phone and hit the speaker button. "Hmm?" he didn't relinquish my lips as he answered the call.

"KNOCK IT OFF OR YOU'LL BE LATE!" shouted Alice.

"Yes Alice," we groaned in unison.

"Good," the phone then went dead.

"Would you be terribly angry if I hurt your sister?" I looked up at him harmlessly.

"Not if you let me help," he pressed his lips to the tip of my nose then closed my house door behind us. "Well shall we get this last day of school over with?"

"Just think, after today we'll be seniors," I let Edward lead me to his car and help me in, I was becoming more used to his chivalrous ways.

"Again…" he muttered as he closed my door and soon climbed into his seat and started driving.

I stared out the windshield slightly annoyed. "Right, well this will be the first time for one of us," I then turned my head and gave him a raspberry. He chuckled at my response.

Shortly thereafter we pulled into the schools parking lot and into the usual spot. Alice was already there, having borrowed Emmett's jeep. Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie had already graduated and didn't need to be here for the last week of school, lucky them. It was absolutely hilarious watching Alice jump from the lifted jeep, most likely Rose wouldn't let her use the BMW; I don't think she lets anyone use it to be honest.

She was opening my door before Edward even killed the engine. "So what time should we expect you?"

I watched Alice bounce up and down as I exited the Volvo. "Excuse me, expect me where, for what?"

I could have sworn Alice's jaw hit the pavement. "For what?…Very funny."

Well, I almost had her. "I'm not sure Alice. I work till six then I was planning on watching a movie Mr. Berry suggested."

Alice glowered at me. "Actually, you don't. I called your work to see if you could get today off and they're closing early so they can take their daughter out for a graduation dinner. And you have all summer to watch the movie."

Edward walked up and wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. I felt my knees go weak when I sensed his cool breath on my neck. "Don't worry Alice; I'll bring her over about seven. That will give her time to eat and you more time to decorate."

She squealed happily. "Sounds good, see you later than." She then pranced off toward her class, happy as a clam at high tide.

I hung my head and sighed heavily. "What did I do to cause being tortured." It was a rhetorical question that Edward felt the need to answer.

"So, being with me is torture now?" he proceeded to trail kisses up my neck and I moaned then said sayonara to my legs. "Alley-oop," Edward lifted me into his arms and headed for my first period class.

I buried my face in his jacket and tried to block out all the comments and thoughts. "You know, if you wouldn't make me swoon you wouldn't have to carry me."

"But where is the fun in that," he grinned wickedly and I couldn't resist the urge to punch his chest. It wasn't very hard, so I didn't have to worry about injuring myself but it was the fact that I wasn't happy with his answer.

'Damn, I wish I was her right now.' Sorry Lauren, you can't be.

'When are they going to break up? Aren't they bored with each other yet?' Edward's hold on me tightened with Mike Newton's unkind thoughts.

We stopped at the doorway to my English class and Edward placed me gently on my feet. He totally surprised me when I was pushed up against the wall and he assaulted my lips.

"Alright Mr. Cullen, please let Ms. Swan get to my class." I groaned unhappily at hearing Mr. Berry's scolding.

Damn it, I should have stayed home today.

'Look on the bright side, it's the last day of school for all summer and you're coming over to my house tonight.'

Okay, that is a very bright side. Now let me go so we can get this day over with swiftly.

'Okay fine,' Edward pulled back and smoothed out my hair that got messed while pressed to the wall.

"See you at lunch," I pecked him on the lips for a micro-second then escaped into my classroom.

Edward poked his head in the room briefly and glared at me. "TEASE!" he growled then left.

I sat through my more boring than normal classes, since it was the last day the teachers had nothing to do really. Each class was all about handing back final papers and informing the juniors what was expected of them next year. I moaned miserably at the mention of the huge senior project that was 75% of our English grade - the dreaded Senior Report. Mr. Berry suggested we think about what topic we wanted to research over the summer break. Vampire immediately entered my head but that was way too ironic, plus I don't think Edward would much appreciate it either.

Through the next few classes, we had films and free time, which gave me too much time to think.

Second period I thought about my new job. The day after I got my cast off I walked into town since it was sunny and nice out and I was bored. About half a mile from my house I spotted a hand written 'Help Wanted' sign sitting in the door window of the only veterinary clinic in town. They were looking for a secretary/assistant since theirs was moving on since graduating. I've done some secretarial work for my mom so that wasn't a problem and they were more than willing to train for the assistant position. When I told them I could ask my boyfriend's father to teach me some things they were ecstatic, then they found out it was Carlisle, I was hired on the spot. I had only been working there for a month, about four days a week but I was really enjoying it and the doctors really seemed to enjoy my help. I had learned many things and I only had to ask Carlisle to train me on one thing, how to insert a needle properly since I had a problem with the tiny, sharp, instruments.

Third period was a bore also so I contemplated over what Edward and I talked about regarding our plans for after high school. At the moment we had a Plan A and a Plan B. I was all for Plan A and Edward immediately shot it down, but it was still an option for me. Plan A, consisted of me being turned and spending the rest of eternity with Edward and his family. Plan B, was we would go to college in Alaska or Maine, somewhere with a lot of overcast days. Edward had even offered to pay for my college tuition. I didn't care how much money he had to burn, he was not paying for college just like he was not going to buy me a car. He was outrageously passionate about Plan B, about as passionate as I was about Plan A.

Fourth period was a snooze. How many times can a person watch 'National Treasure'?

During fifth period I was bored out of my mind and doodled in my notebook, not caring where the lines took me. If the teacher had actually given us something to do it wouldn't have been so bad, but no, she returned a few papers then told us to be quiet while we enjoyed our free time.

Once it was finally time for lunch I ran especially hasty for the cafeteria. My eyes locked onto Edward instantly and I launched across the room at him. I had obviously surprised him when I felt him stiffen against me; he then relaxed upon noticing it was me.

"Bella, are you all right?" he asked as he patted my hair and his eyes darted around the room for the cause of my distress.

"I'm fine, I just hate last days. They are so boring; it gave me way too much time to think. I think I've gone crazy from the boredom." Edward moved to sit down at the table and positioned me on his lap, both my legs dangling over the side of his. I wrapped my arms around his neck and Edward placed one hand on my back and the other over my legs.

Alice appeared in front of me holding out a salad, I thanked her and quickly ate my offered food. Alice prattled on about the party tonight and what they usually did after the graduations.

Biology was a dream. Mr. Banner had put in some old farming movie and the second the lights were turned off I was cuddling up against Edward's chest. He would switch between kissing my neck, smelling my hair and kissing my head. I continually kissed his hand and palm and once I sucked his finger into my mouth and he became stone still for a few seconds then hissed as he pulled his hand away.

I turned my head slightly and pulled his face down to mine so I could see his face better while I whispered. "What's the matter Edward?"

I wasn't really expecting an answer and I didn't receive one either. What I did receive was an evil glare that told me I shouldn't do that again. I merely shrugged my shoulders and mouthed the word 'what' harmlessly.

Gym was unbearably dull. My two reasons for enjoying this class had now graduated. Thank goodness it was the last class of the last day. Much to my dismay, we were playing dodge-ball. I hid in the back of the gym and let the carnage ensue before me. I was startled when a loose ball rolled to my feet, do I dare?

'Come on Cullen lover; give me your best shot. Why are you still with him anyways, he can't be that good in bed.'

Mike had just pushed me over the edge. How was I to know if Edward was good in bed or not, he wouldn't even touch the subject? That aside, I snatched up the squishy ball and without any thought hurled it straight at Mike's face. I winched when the ball whizzed passed his open hands and hit him square in the face, sending him sprawled out on the gym floor.

I stood stunned at what I just did. Several people ran over to make sure Mike was okay and help him back to his feet. At that moment the bell rang, finally releasing us from school. I hastily sprinted in to change and clean out my gym locker.

I ran to my normal locker to clean it out as well. I had just finished when a pair of strong arms slammed onto the wall in front of me, blocking off all escape routes.

"Ready to get this summer started?" a sultry, silky voice whispered from behind me.

I decided to play coy. "I'm not sure. I don't know if I have anything planned besides work, it might be a normal, boring summer." I half yipped, half giggled as I was spun around to face my very handsome boyfriend. He didn't look mad, more like annoyed but in a humorous way.

He started to fiddle with my hair, twirling it around his long fingers then bringing the curl to his lips. "If that's the way you really feel. I'll just leave you to your sick cats and dogs than."

I knew he was teasing me when he turned to leave. I wasn't about to let him off that easy, he was stuck with me for the summer. I quickly grabbed his shirt and pulled him back towards me. We both shared in a mischievous grin just before I stood on my tip-toes and pulled on his shirt slightly to kiss him. He leaned into the kiss and I felt my back hit the locker.

'Why don't they save that crap for at home?!'

'I'm so jealous, wish I was the one kissing him.'

'I'd like to be doing more than kissing her!'

The random thoughts were really starting to annoy me. Didn't people have anything better to do than watch us?

'Apparently not, shall we continue this in the privacy of your home?'

Most definitely! No sooner had those words crossed my mind than Edward had me on his back and running at human speed for his car. He deposited me in the passenger seat and rounded the Volvo.

"See you in a few hours Alice," I heard him mutter to his sister by the jeep then he was in the driver's seat and leaving the school.

I'm sure he was speeding but I didn't care, I wanted to feel his chilly body leaning into me while my skin heated us both up. We were at my house in less than five minutes and I was pulled out of the car and carried bridal fashion to the house and he pressed his lips to mine. Edward must have swiftly unlocked the door because I didn't even remember opening it.

He had me crushed down on the couch before my heart could get out another faltered beat. He was laying over me, attacking my lips with a vengeance. Had I done something wrong? Oh who cares! I threw my arms around his neck and ran my fingers into his hair, pulling on the bronze locks till he let out a pleasurable moan and he started purring. I tried to arch toward him but his hand shot out and stilled my hips from getting closer. He left my lips to explore my neck; I gasped and breathlessly cried his name when I felt a sudden tug on the skin of my neck. He then returned to my swollen lips.

'God damn it!' Edward growled.

God didn't damn it, the beavers did.

'That's not what I meant. Charlie is almost here.'

Oh, one more kiss for good measure than. I pulled his head down as close as I could get him and plunged my tongue in and out of his mouth, we mewled in unison.

'Hope Bella will be happy with pizza tonight?' I could hear Charlie's thoughts which meant he was really close. Too close, I just heard the cruiser pull up the drive. Crap!

I untangled myself from Edward and we sat up like nothing was out of the ordinary, and not a moment too soon. Charlie came through the door carrying a large pizza box, guess I know what's for his breakfast tomorrow.

"Hey kids, what cha up to?" he grinned and waited for an answer.

"Not much, just watching TV." He gave me an all-knowing smile that reminded me of Alice.

He turned and walked into the kitchen. 'Uh huh, right Bells. You're flushed and the TV isn't even on, nice hickey by the way.'

My head snapped to the black screen then to a chuckling Edward. I smacked him on the shoulder playfully then whispered to him. "You couldn't remember to turn the TV on, and you gave me a hickey."

He leaned over to give me a surprisingly chaste kiss. 'I didn't hear you complaining, quite the opposite in fact.' He pulled away and looked at me with black lustful eyes. "Now go eat!"

I glared at him but did what he said; we had worked up an appetite after all. I walked in and grabbed a couple slices of the pizza then sat down at the table.

"So tonight is the grad party for your siblings' right?" Charlie asked before taking a bite.

"That's correct sir." Edward leaned against the counter while we ate.

"Oh Bells, Renée told me something interesting the last time I talked to her." He took a bite of pizza, obviously trying to build up the suspense.

I silently asked Edward to get me a drink from the fridge and he went to retrieve a bottle of water.

'She said your boyfriend is a telepath as well.'

There was a loud thump on the fridge and I looked franticly to Edward who had just hit his head on the fridge.

'I guess that proves it. Why didn't you tell me?' he looked hurt but I knew he was just playing it up.

I nervously picked at the crust of my pizza while Edward placed the bottle on the table before me. "Well sir, like Bella I don't like revealing it and having to explain it every single time."

'That's understandable. So what's it like being in your girlfriends head?' Charlie looked directly at him with mischief in his eyes.

"I honestly couldn't tell you sir. I can't read her mind, just like she can't read mine."

Much to our surprise, Charlie burst out laughing. "So you two are just like every couple out there. You can't cheat by looking into the others mind to see what to do or not to do. You're on equal ground."

He was right; we couldn't cheat to appease the other with saying the right things. We were just a common couple, not normal but common. Destined to learn from our mistakes, oh the irony of it all.

"Well Bella if you're done, are you ready to go?" Edward asked from his relaxed position against the counter.

I nodded and we said goodnight to Charlie.

'Behave you two!'

Gee dad, don't strain your voice. Edward grabbed my hand and pulled me outside toward the Volvo. Like normal, he opened the door for me but this time he kissed me all the way down till I was sitting in the passenger seat.

What's with you today?

'Just want to start the summer off right.' He pulled away and ran around the car to his seat.

I watched him sit down and start the engine. "Well, it's off to a pretty good start if you ask me."

We were then heading down the road to his house to celebrate a graduation that was redundant for all the Cullens.

Chapter End Notes

Well there you have it, chapter 1 of book 2. Was it a good start? Remember, Alice did up the party, how bad/big do you think it will be? Please be gentle.

And please keep in mind; this will be COMPLETELY different than New Moon. A few key events are in common but the cause is different. YES, Edward will leave but not because of a paper-cut and he won't be gone for a year either. While E&B are separated I'll be alternating between PoV so we'll get to see how Edward is handing the separation as well as Bella.