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Epilogue: Soiree

It took me eighteen years, but I finally did it, I found the one place I truly and completely belonged. It may seem like fiction but it's my fiction, it may be a fantasy but it's my fantasy and I love it. Whoever said that mythological creatures didn't exist, needs to be shot, repeatedly.

A cold breeze blew across my face and I involuntarily shivered. I wasn't ready to wake up yet, my dreams were all about the pale, topaz eyed vampiric god that constantly professed his love to me.

"Bella…wake up…" I scrunched my nose and tried to bury my face in my arms. "Come on birthday girl, wakie wakie."

I attempted to shove my alarm clock away but failed miserably at moving the stone statue even a fraction of an inch. I moaned and tried to burrow my face further away from the annoying clock and the cool breeze. Through my sleepy haze, I felt several small, cold kisses trailed along my exposed neck.

"Bella, the lunch bell is going to ring soon. You need to wake up," I let out half a groan before my mind totally came around. Lunch bell? Crap!

My head shot up and my eyes slowly focused on Edward and Alice sitting at the same table as me. I stretched my arms out in front of me before sitting up straight.

'Gee Bella, is Edward keeping you up until odd hours of the night?'

I didn't hesitate and turned a menacing glare on Alice. "You're the all powerful seer, you tell me," she glared back at me. "Be nice or I won't come over tonight."

Her eyebrows shot toward the ceiling. "But it's your party. You can't skip out on your own party!"

"I can and I will so be nice," Alice's face sunk at my warning and Edward snickered beside me, I tilted my head up and didn't look at Edward. "That goes for you too."

When his lips tightened into a thin line, I smirked. I stood up and gathered up my bag then turned on Alice suddenly. "Let me remind you hyperactive pixie, no going overboard. No DJs, champagne fountains, or ten layers of cake, in fact, no cake would be perfect. Something simple and cozy, nothing extravagant would be just right." I rolled my eyes as Alice held up two fingers. "That's the sign for the boy scouts promise."

'Oops,' she shrugged nonchalantly and grinned. "Oh and per your request, tonight is casual."

I sighed and smiled at her then grabbed Edward's hand and pulled him along behind me, which he allowed or he wouldn't have moved in the first place. "So do I have many presents?" I asked on a sigh.

Edward flashed to my side and placed a hand around my back to rest on my hip. "Honestly, not many, only about three or four."

I was so shocked that I stopped in my tracks and stared up at Edward. "Really?" He scoffed then nodded. "Well let's finish with school then get this day over with," I ignored it but I could have sworn I heard him hiss as I walked away.

I couldn't get through today any faster. Sixth period was normal by all mean but seventh was far from typical. Upon entering the classroom the teacher had pulled me the front of the room and sat me down on a high stool. After giving the room about a lesson about how not to go out and celebrate with sex on your birthday, she turned around and gave me a basket full of different types of condoms. Then Mrs. Carr said if we were going to celebrate that we should remember to be safe. I have never been so humiliated or so red ever before.

As soon as the bell rang, I rushed out of the room, leaving the basket in the room. I immediately ran over and buried my face in Edward's chest. I heard him chuckle and his chest bounced up and down.

'Poor Bella, the teacher shouldn't have put her on the spot like that.'

'If she's going to have sex with Edward tonight, I'm so jealous.'

'I bet she's still a virgin. Edward doesn't seem very satisfied. I wonder if I can convince him to leave her?'

Cold hands grabbed my face and tilted it up toward a face that should belong to a god but it belonged to the man I loved. Without any warning and in the middle of the hallway, he pressed his lips down on mine sensually.

'Ignore them. No one needs to convince me of anything, I'm not going anywhere.'

His words made me feel a little better but there was that little gremlin in the back of my mind that kept springing forth to alert me to the possibility that he could run away again.

'When are you going to stop listening to your head and go with your heart?'

I broke the kiss and returned my face to his chest then wrapped my arms around his waist. "I haven't decided yet."

Edward escorted me toward the Volvo and his sister was standing next to her car waiting for us. 'See you at the house in two hours?' She didn't wait for a reply and quickly hopped into her Porsche then pealed out of the parking lot.

"I guess I have to be at the house in two hours," I stared after the yellow blur before it vanished from sight around a corner.

After arriving at my house and letting Brontë out, I went upstairs to change for the party. I turned to close my bedroom door and was surprised to see Edward right behind me and he stopped the door from hitting him. I watched as his eyes turned from rich honey gold to deep ebony, as he looked me up and down.

"Edward, what are you doing?" His eyes darted from my chest to meet my eyes and a sheepish grin appeared.

"Enjoying the view, sorry, I thought I could help you change," he wiggled his eyebrows a few time suggestively. God, he's been a horny dog lately.

I walked over, pressed my chest against his, and traced his jaw line with my finger. I leaned into him just enough that his breathing became rapid and he took a step back. "After eighteen years, you would think I had learned to dress myself," I giggled as I slammed the door on him. "Sorry, Edward, I don't need any help right now."

He growled loudly then stomped his way back down the stairs. I was surprised when I turned back around and saw a camera with a lavender bow and a scrapbook sitting on my bed, presents from my parents no doubt. I swiftly changed into an outfit that Alice had secretly stashed in my closet, a comfortable white baby-doll dress with a black tie over the chest and tied on a pair of sand colored braided ankle sandals*. I ran a brush through my hair quickly and left it to hang loose down my back. I slowly left my room a descended the stairs.

Brontë yipped happily upon seeing me and Edward turned his head to see what had disturbed her. He was standing in front of the doorway with his arms crossed over his chest, pouting until he saw me. His eyes widened and immediately turned the deepest black I've ever seen so far and his mouth dropped open, nearly hitting the floor. His eyes caressed my body as they roamed from my feet, up my legs, around my waist, past my chest, and finally to my face. A smile inched its way across his face and his blackened orbs journeyed back down to my chest.

I knew this dress enhanced my chest quite a bit but having Edward ogle my breast was a new experience for me, I was starting to wonder if this is a new side of Edward, I was going to have to get used to most likely.

"Well, shall we get going before Alice shows up here to cart me off?" Edward nodded dumbly then escorted me out the door and toward his car, his hand lingering on my back.

After we were both seated in the car, Edward took off, determination in the way he was driving. There was definitely something on his mind, his eyes were focused on the road in front of us but his eye peeked at me from the corner and his fingers tightened around the steering wheel.

'She's here!' sang a small voice happily, I cringed at how happy Alice seemed.

"We haven't had a birthday party in decades, so Alice is a little excited," Edward glanced at me with apologetic eyes. "Don't worry too much, she wasn't allowed to go overboard, much."

I sneered at his much comment, knowing Edward as I did, he would love to have a big party in my honor. Now that I think about it, he would probably help Alice in going to extremes.

When we arrived at the large house, Edward didn't even have a chance to exit the car before someone pulled me unceremoniously out of the car and hauled into the house then placed gently on my feet. I glared menacingly down at the small girl that was able to carry me around as if I was a bag of feathers.

'What, you weren't moving fast enough,' she then looked at my attire and smiled. 'Nice choice Bella, I guess I'm rubbing off on you,' she shrugged her shoulders then grabbed my hand and pulled me toward a small round table. There was a small white sheet cake with pink roses and the words 'Happy Birthday Bella' on it. "Esme demanded she be allowed to make you a cake."

I sprang at Esme, hugging her tightly. "Thank you, it's perfect."

She hugged me back gently. "Alice wanted to get you a three tier cake but I figured you would prefer something more personal and smaller."

I scoffed at what she told me of Alice's intentions; leave it Alice to go big. "This is just right – nothing too big and I can take leftovers to Charlie."

Alice must have felt the need to reciprocate and she stuck her tongue out in our direction. Edward walked up behind me and placed his hand at the small of my back and Brontë sat down on the floor at my feet. "I'll let Esme have your birthday but I get your wedding."

What wedding was she talking about? If things stayed the same, there wouldn't be one. "Alice there isn't-"

"Here," she handed me a small envelope. "This is from Carlisle and Esme." 'Careful don't to cut yourself okay.'

I did as she asked and I opened the envelope very slowly, causing Alice to start tapping her foot impatiently. She started to growl softly just as I finished ripping it open. At first, I didn't know what I was looking at, sure, I knew they were plane tickets but it took more inspection to learn where the destination was. My eyes grew wide as I stared down at the round-trip ticket to Jacksonville. I threw myself at Carlisle and Esme, thanking them profusely.

'We had them before your sudden visit a few weeks ago. We figured you could use them to see your mother one last time.' My smile broke for a second and Carlisle's words but it returned quickly enough at knowing they were just trying to help me wrap up loose ends. I thanked them again just as Alice shoved a large bag in my face.

I took a step back so I could grab the bag properly. It was incredibly light and I wondered if there was even anything in it. I set the enormous bag on the floor and started to pull out the tissue paper. On the very bottom of the bag was a handwritten note in Alice's penmanship:

It wouldn't fit in the bag,

Look in the garage.

Oh dear god, what could she have possibly gotten me that was too big for the bag, a completely new wardrobe or a complete set of cosmetics maybe? Alice started shaking her head violently from side to side.

"Nope, it's from Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and I," Alice grinned which made me nervous. It was from all four of them, now I was worried.

I squealed when Emmett approached me and acted as if he was about to throw me over his shoulder, not in a dress he wasn't. I was pleased when he took me by the hand and dragged me toward the garage. "Come on sis, you're gonna love it."

He stopped in front of the door leading to the garage and pulled me in front of him then covered my eyes with his massive hands. Now I was sickly nervous, I heard Jasper snickering behind me, I'll get revenge on him later. Emmett slowly walked me through the doorway and I felt hands positioning me in the colossal room.

"Okay Bella, open your eyes," I felt Emmett remove his hands from my face and it took a moment for my eyes to focus in the bright room. 'Please like it.'

Was he more nervous than I was? My eyes slowly adjusted and took in the sight of the Vanquish, the Mercedes, the Porsche, the BMW and sitting behind the bike I had given Jasper was the most beautiful red Chevy pickup I'd ever seen, complete with a gigantic red bow on the hood.

My hands immediately flew to my mouth to cover any gasps I might have accidently emitted aloud. I walked unhurriedly up to the side of the truck. The interior was black and pristine. There was a silver box in the back perfect for storing things. I walked around to the front of the truck, running my fingers over the hood seductively. It was perfect and matched me to a T.*

I turned and stared at everyone standing in the doorway, all eyes were hesitant and waiting. Did they honestly expect me not to like it? The tears I had been trying desperately to hold back sprang loose. "Thank you so much, this is absolutely perfect. Thank you for considering what would be right for me."

Each of them took turn giving me hug and saying happy birthday. I was having difficult time getting my crying under control but at least they were happy tears and Emmett and Jasper gave me bad time about the waterworks. Esme took me by the shoulder and led me back to the table and the cake, she served me a slice and I took a bit, surprised at how delicious the almond cake tasted.

I ate slowly, savoring the taste of the lovingly made cake. I thought over the gifts I had received and was incredibly pleased, even though they had gone against my wishes and spent money on them, at least they were things I could use. I stopped mid-bite when I realized that my own boyfriend wasn't among the gift givers. Had he actually listened to me when I told him I didn't want anything?

Alice started snickering somewhere behind me. 'If only she knew what my dear brother had planned,' I turned my head slowly and glared at her. 'Whoops,' she then pranced away, whispering and looking for her husband.

Edward hissed in Alice's general direction. "Bad sister!"

So, Edward was planning something and apparently he wanted to keep it a secret. I tilted my head inquisitively toward Edward and he attempted to play innocent by trying to get Emmett to play a video game, which Emmett refused and scolded him for suggesting it at his own girlfriend's party. Edward in turn looked chagrined and regretful.

I crossed my arms over my chest and looked at him sympathetically. "Edward, just give me my present," I extended a hand out toward him and waited.

His eyebrows shot toward the ceiling and his eyes darted back and forth around the room. "Um, I can't, it's not here."

For someone who can't blush, he really looked embarrassed. He took several steps toward me, closing the gap between us and he leaned over to whisper in my ear. "It's in our meadow."

I tilted my head away from him slightly so I could look directly into his golden eyes. Pondering over the idea that maybe he planned a picnic or just some quality time together, that would be superb.

"I'll drive," I saw his jaw drop open slightly just before I headed toward the garage.

'Oh, it's for some quality time all right, and then some. We'll watch Brontë while your away.'

"Alice, shut up!" Edward snapped viciously as he followed me toward my truck. When we were in the garage, he flicked a switch and the garage doors started to retract toward the ceiling then he pulled the monster-sized bow off the hood and placed it gently on the Porsche. The yellow of the car and the red of the bow reminded me of the Wiener mobile and I giggled.

I hopped into the driver seat enthusiastically and the seat felt heavenly beneath me. Everything inside the truck was a beautiful and clean black and I couldn't wait to drive it. I reached for the ignition but found no keys were present. Upon hearing the jingling of metal against metal, I turned to see Edward dangling the keys in front of him. I quickly snatched the keys away from him and inserted the larger key in to the ignition, turning it over right away. The truck roared to life and I felt euphoric at the rumbling sound, it wasn't loud like a sick and dying bear but it reminded me of a proud and regal lion stating its presence.

I smiled over at Edward, enjoying my new present and baby. The only response I got was a raised eyebrow and an eye-roll. "Are you driving to the meadow or am I driving instead?"

I scowled at him briefly then put the truck in reverse and exited the garage. In a matter of seconds, we were zooming down the highway, relishing in my new mode of transportation. I pulled off the highway onto the secluded overgrown logging road that led to our meadow. The Chevy had no problem what so ever with the numerous rocks and fallen branches. All too soon, we went as far as we could by wheels and we departed the truck.

Without warning, Edward lifted me into his arms bridal style and held me as close to his body as possible before he darted into the forest. I squeezed my eyes closed tightly and kept them that way until I knew it was safe. My eyes hand only been closed for about four minutes when I felt my body being shifted and placed on the ground.

A pair of ice-cold lips gently touched my neck and my eyes snapped open and instantly took in my surroundings. The sky had grown dark, casting the meadow in a shadowed hue. Several tiki style torched cast a fiery glow around the immediate area and a few more placed by the small waterfall. I was surprised when I didn't feel grass under my palm or around my fingers. I glanced down to see that earlier I had been placed on top of some plush, luxurious blankets, a number of overstuffed pillows were scattered around the edges, and a small wicker basket was sitting on a corner.

Everything was exquisite and beautiful. I looked up at Edward and smiled warmly then back to the meadow. "Edward, this is so beautiful. Is this my present?"

Edward took a seat next to me while shaking his head. "Not exactly but I figured it would help set the mood."

Mood, mood for what? There were only two situations for setting a romantic mood and I wasn't getting my hopes up – my heart couldn't take it if I was wrong. I averted my eyes from him and focused on a nearby burgundy pillow.

"Well, now that you got me here, what's my present?" I kept my eyes locked on the pillow and awaited his answer.


My head shot around and I stared at Edward who was now reclined, lying down on the blanket, comfortably stretch out. I shook my head violently, I had to of heard him wrong, there is no way that he would give me himself as a present. "Seriously, if you got me something just out with it."

Before another word rang out over the meadow, I gasped and found myself staring up at the darkened night sky, my back on the blanket. Edward's face was soon hovering above me, his eyes remorseful and pleading. He then leaned forward and rested his forehead on my shoulder. I could feel his cold skin and equally cold breath on my skin and it sent shivers throughout my body.

"I'm sorry. I can't begin to describe how sorry I am. I never meant to run off or push you away. I panicked. I was scared of what I might do to you during the height of passion. I know now that as much as I love you, I could never hurt you," I opened my mouth to speak but Edward stopped me by placing a finger against my lips. "I was shown that during intercourse we, vampires, our humanity comes out and we don't have to worry about hurting our partner."

His words did make a little more sense now. I do remember Tanya thinking that she would show him that everything would be all right. Now I know what she was talking about all along. With every word he spoke, my resolve slipped further and further through my fingers.

"I know you're afraid of losing me but I promise you that nothing will scare me away again, nothing. The only way you can get rid of me is if that is what you wish, then I'll leave-"

"That will-"

"I know, that will never happen," he smiled crookedly when I glowered at him. "Did you know that when we become intimate that it creates a powerful bond with our mate, that's one of the reasons mated vampires are so adamant about revenge for their lost mate. If we became true mates there is no going back, no getting bored with the other, no leaving for someone else, and no abandoning. Once we become mates, we live, breathe, and sometimes kill for our mate, they are everything to us," Edward sensually traced my jaw and cheeks with a finger, his voice oozed sexuality, every word and movement could cause a nun to orgasm. "Are you sure you're ready for that level of commitment?"

His words were heartfelt and considerate, I knew he was worried about what I would think or change my mind if I had all the facts, but there was one simple fact that was the most important. This man, this vampire, is whom I will love until the end of eternity. I gazed into his loving eyes – they were slowly turning from his usual topaz to a darker, lustier black. My resolve crumbled completely. I reached up, wrapped my fingers tightly into his shirt, and pulled him down so his face was millimeters from mine.

"What if I don't want to get rid of you?" I lifted my head just slightly and demanded the attention of his lips. If he was willingly offering me everything that he was than who was I to argue? If he was honestly trying to scare me away then he had another thing coming.

'I'm not trying to scare you away. I just want you fully aware of what becoming a vampires' mate means,' his lips pressed down on mine harder and I pulled his shirt tighter to me. 'I hope you know what you're doing and what it means?'

Of course, I know what it means, I'll be yours in every sense of the word and you can't get rid of me, which is just how I want it. My fingers moved somewhat and started to undo his shirt buttons.

'Are you absolutely sure about this?'

Positively sure, I want you in every way! As soon as I had all the shirt buttons undone, I slid my hands between his back and the fabric, pulling the shirt off as I moved. I steadily moved my hands towards Edward's pants but his hands clasped mine firmly.

'Not yet, let's take our first time slowly and savor it,' he smiled against my lips.

Chicken! As long as I'm with you, I'll savor every second.

He released my lips and I glared at him. "Please, Bella I would rather take this leisurely. I want to worship every inch of your body before I make it rightfully mine." He then gently placed kiss after kiss along my neck, down to my collarbone and over my shoulders.

I moaned with each swipe of his icy tongue or lips against my fiery skin. I had hoped that his cold skin would prevent my body from overheating but I was quickly starting to feel like was burning from the inside out. I fisted my hands into the blanket beneath me when I felt chilly fingers ghosting around my right calf, slowly drawing my dress upwards.

With immense effort, I managed to dislodge my fingers from the blanket and latched them into Edward's hair, pulling his lips of my collarbone and forcing his head back to mine so I could claim his lips again.

Oh, God…please…I'm on fire…please…I want you…inside…please…

'Not yet, I want you completely ready for me,' his lips became more eager against mine and I arched my body instinctively toward his and I felt the obvious indicator of his arousal.

Damn it…I'm ready now…please…

'Tsk tsk tsk, patients my love,' his hand moved higher up my legs, massaging my hip and playing at the thin string of my underwear.

His mouth left mine then traveled back down my neck sucking and pulling with his lips. I gasped loudly and clung to his back when I felt his other hand cupping my breast through the fabric of the dress. This was the first time I was glad I didn't have to wear a bra, easier access. I felt my dress inch up even more as an obvious erection pressed against one of the most sensitive parts of my body. I gasped and Edward growled at the sudden pleasurable friction.

"Edward…please…I'm too hot…" I was panting, moaning and writhing now, his touch causing my body to react on its own and I was from top to bottom willing. I let out another audible gasp when he pressed his erection into me again and at that time, I found myself dress-less beneath Edward and the stars.

Edward hissed above me and I gazed at him though my lust filled haze. He was sitting up slightly, looking down at me, studying me with his solid onyx orbs. "Bella, you are so beautiful."

His voice was husky and sexual and I arched my hips faintly towards him. He growled again before lowering his body over me and slowly trailing his tongue over my left nipple. My eyes closed, my back arched, and I moaned loudly at the new sensation, he then repeated his ministrations with my right nipple, creating the same reaction out of me as before. I nearly lost my mind completely when he sucked my breast into his mouth and started sucking, his right hand reaching up and fondling my left breast.

The writhing, moaning and arching didn't deter Edward in the slightest from doing what he wanted to my body, and I wasn't about to complain. I was lost in a world of oblivion and feelings. I barely heard a ripping sound but chose not to acknowledge it for fear of missing any new experiences. I heard a rather loud inhale and hiss and I chanced a glance at Edward again. He was sitting back fumbling with his belt.

"Damn it, if I had a change of clothes I would rip these damn things off," he growled in frustration.


I clambered to my knees and quickly took control of his mouth while I moved his hands away and undid his belt and pants for him. I pressed my bare chest against his and relished in the feel of his cool skin to my burning chest. His arms wrapped around my waist tightly and we fell, Edward was now on his back and I was straddling his chilly torso. The coldness of his stomach pressed against my sweltering core was my undoing.

I leaned forward, devouring him in an unending and passionate kiss. I wiggled around until the head of his penis was just barely touching where I wanted him most. I guess watching pornos do help.

'You've watch porn…' his words trailed off and his head lolled back as I slowly lowered myself down on him, completely filling my core with him.

I started to move, leisurely at first but the friction wasn't enough and I had to speed up. Edward was growling and moaning and his hands shot to my hips in an effort to help guide me. I rested my hands on his chest to help with my movements. The feeling was incredible, filling, complete, whole, together. This joining of our bodies completed us, we were now mates and we would always be together.

My stomach started tightening and I could feel Edward hardening further inside of me. We were both panting and moaning up a storm as we moved as one to reach some higher plateau of oblivion we didn't know existed. Edward's hand moved up my body sensually and cupped my breasts, his cold thumbs rubbing over my nipples firmly. I came undone.

I screamed incoherent nothings loudly into the meadow. Edward continued to bounce me up and down on his shaft and my already powerful orgasm intensified. I arched backwards and bit my lip hard as Edward groaned loudly as the stiff rod that impaled me pulsed several times and he stilled.

He sat up slowly and folded me in his arms. Every movement he made moved the pole inside me, causing me to moan each time. With limp arms, I somehow managed to return the hug. His hands reached up and cradled my face, his eyes were slowly returning to gold again were brimming with all the love, emotions and hopes.


"That was incredible, we are so doing that again," I giggled softly as he wiggled his eyebrows up and down suggestively.

I shifted my hips ever so slightly, causing Edward to growl. "I told you so," I stretched my arms out to show off my body. "And look, no bruises," I then took my hands and tangled them into his messy just-had-sex hair. "You know what – I think I'll keep you."

He emitted a deep throaty laugh then slammed his lips to mine. 'Good, cause you're stuck with me for eternity now.'



After cuddling for over an hour, enjoying the afterglow of our union, again, I slid away from Edward to investigate the contents of the basket.

"Hey Bella, can I ask you a personal question?" I turned to look at Edward, bowl of fruit in hand and nodded. "Um, why didn't I feel a barrier, didn't it hurt?"

I shrugged nonchalantly and popped a piece of cantaloupe in my mouth. "Oh that, at my last appointment I asked my doctor to break it. I didn't want to worry about the blood if we ever became intimate in the future."

He blinked repeatedly, obviously in shock. "That was really thoughtful. Now, was it hope, wishful thinking or Alice that convince you to do that?"

"A little bit of all of the above," I threw a grape in my mouth casually and winked at him. A quiet, drawn out growl echoed from the other end of the blanket and Edward positioned himself so he was stalking slowly toward me like a lion. In a matter of seconds, I jumped to my feet to run and Edward lunged for me, stopping me by latching on to my left wrist. All motion had ceased and I turned to look at him to see what was going on.

Edward was kneeling down on one knee, still naked to the world. He moved his hand from my wrist to my hand and held it tenderly. "Bella, you know everything about me and my kind, I've laid bare everything about what I am, literally," he smirked then glanced down at his gloriously naked body then smiled crookedly at me. "You are my best friend, my twin soul, my singer, my mate, my love…" he pulled a ring from under a nearby pillow and held it up to me. I gasped at what I saw before me, an oval ring with too many diamonds to count, set in both the face and the band*. I looked at the ring then back to Edward, his expression now hopeful and I knew what was coming.

"Will you also become my wife?"

To Be Continued…