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Make Me Forget

Chapter 1 – Definitely Not A Dream

It was raining hard outside complete with thunder and lightning. Puck stared listlessly out of his window, watching as the rain drops attacked his window mercilessly. He couldn't stop his thoughts moving to Rachel, wondering if she got home alright in the storm. He shook his head in frustration, annoyed by his thoughts. Ever since she had broken up with him he hadn't been able to get her out of his mind and it was driving him crazy how much he cared about her. He was a stud, he wasn't supposed to be thinking about Rachel Berry, but he couldn't help himself. She was like a disease; a show tune singing, continuously talking, short skirt wearing disease that he couldn't bring himself to want to cure.

Sure at first he had been all about getting into her pants, but then he got to know her. Being under the spotlight of her admiration and unwavering belief was a welcome change, Puck had never had anyone believe in him the way she did. Even after everything he had done to her, she still believed he was better that he was. He had thought that they had a connection, but apparently she didn't feel the same. He couldn't fathom how he could be feeling like this about Rachel Berry of all people, and they had only been dating for a week at most. There was something about her that he hadn't noticed until he took the time to get to know her. Puck had actually, honest to god, liked her; so it stung all the more when she had dropped him to pine over Finn. Personally Puck didn't get what was so great about Finn, but he seemed to get everything he ever wanted. Finn was the Golden Boy and Puck; he was just some reject always standing in the shadows.

Puck turned away from the window and picked up his guitar. His mother and sister were having another Schindler's List movie night complete with Chinese, but Puck had declined their offer for him to join them. Watching that movie would remind him of Rachel, seeing as their last family Schindler's night led to Puck getting together with Rachel in the first place.

He was startled by a knock on his window and he jumped up off his bed in alarm. He spun to face the window and was shocked to see Rachel Berry balancing precariously on the tree outside his window. How the hell had she managed to climb that tree? Rachel was always surprising him. She was soaked to the skin and Puck raced over to slide the window up and pull her into his room, shivering.

"Berry what..." Puck began to ask but he was cut off when Rachel flung her arms around his neck and kissed him. Her tongue slid into his mouth without waiting and Puck was too surprised to resist, not that he would have. He wasn't an idiot, when a hot chick stuck her tongue in your mouth you didn't interrupt her. Puck shivered against her, from desire or her cold wet body pressed against his, he couldn't be sure. He was wearing some sweat pants, no shirt, and she was clinging to him desperately kissing him with a fire that was quickly warming him in spite of her being soaked.

"Make me forget Noah," Rachel breathed huskily into his mouth and Noah's senses went into overdrive. Rachel was giving him permission, she wanted this. The storm was so loud, and his mother and sister were downstairs so they wouldn't hear what went on in his room but he would have to remember to try and keep her quiet.

Puck didn't waste any time pulling her soaked shirt over her head to reveal the lace pink bra underneath. Their lips parted to get the shirt over her head then they were attached again almost desperately. While her mouth was occupied Puck expertly undid her wet skirt and pushed it to the ground. Matching pink panties, Puck was in heaven. He manoeuvred her to his bed and pushed her down onto it gently, before moving to lie on top of her trailing kisses down her body. For all Puck would claim he was a stud, he had never been with a girl on his bed. Santana had been his only real girlfriend, and she had refused to come to his house because his mother kept making cracks about how she wasn't a Jew. Every other girl or woman Puck had been with had been somewhere else, someone else's house, and someone else's bed. He was kind of glad; he wanted to remember that Rachel was the first in his bed. Rachel moaned and shifted underneath him bucking her hips up to his causing him to groan in anticipation. She had no idea what she was doing to him.

As she kissed Puck and surrendered herself to him Rachel tried to block the memory of what she had seen when she had left school that afternoon.

Finn, standing with Quinn, his hands pressed to her belly, a smile of complete and utter happiness on his face. It was like one of those defining moments, an epiphany if you will, where Rachel realised that Puck had been completely correct that day on the bleachers. Finn would never leave Quinn, not while they were having a baby together. Suddenly Rachel's perfect existence didn't seem to perfect anymore. All the while Rachel had been living in her rose tinted bubble believing that Finn would want to be with her, even while Quinn was pregnant but she should have known Finn was too nice a guy to just dump his pregnant girlfriend. Finn would never be with her. She felt so damn stupid for naively believing that they could be together against all odds. This wasn't some fairytale.

Rachel had backed away from the scene and slid into her car slamming the door behind her. Just then the rain started falling onto her windscreen; the weatherman had predicted an afternoon storm. Rachel watched blankly as the rain became harder and harder and then she felt the water on her face and realised she was crying. The image of Finn and Quinn just wouldn't leave her mind. Rachel rubbed her eyes furiously brushing away the tears. She was Rachel Berry and she did not cry over some high school boy.

Rachel caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and almost didn't recognise the pathetic girl she saw. Rachel wished she was someone else who didn't have to feel like this. She just wanted to forget, forget everything about Quinn and Finn and the baby. Rachel turned on her car and shoved it roughly into gear before tearing out of the parking lot. Rachel needed a distraction, she wanted to do something reckless, and she wanted to forget everything. Rachel didn't want to be perfect anymore.

Almost involuntary Noah Puckerman came to mind. Rachel had been saving herself for Finn, but why should she even bother when he would never want her? Rachel decided then and there, she was going to sleep with Noah Puckerman. He wanted her, she knew he did, and she wanted him; that was enough for her. No more fairy tales about knights in shining armour coming to sweep her off her feet, no more dreams, no more fantasies. She was done being a perfect little princess; Rachel wanted to be normal, just like everyone else.

She parked her car down the road from Puck's house not wanting to alert his mother to her presence. Rachel got out of her car and didn't even flinch when the thunder crashed above her. She didn't care that her perfect outfit and hair was being ruined, in fact, she relished it. Innocent, perfect Rachel was going to be a figment of her imagination after tonight. Rachel was soaked within seconds and she kicked off her sensible shoes, leaving them in her car, before she walked barefoot up the road and around the side of Puck's house. She had been here once before, when they were 'dating', she had met his mother Rebecca, and his sister Emily, and they had rehearsed and made out for a while in his room. He had tried to go further but Rachel had stopped him, at the time thinking about how she wanted to save herself for Finn, but that was pointless now. Rachel didn't want Puck to stop this time.

She climbed up the tree beside his window. She was adept at climbing trees, as a child she had spent a lot of time on her own and made climbing the trees in her backyard a game. She crawled across the branch to his window and waited, watching Puck. He was shirtless sitting on his bed with his back to her. He was strumming the guitar and as his fingers moved the muscles on his back rippled from the movement. Rachel couldn't help but admire him. She reached out her hand. If she knocked this was it, she could say goodbye to sweet innocent Rachel. She hesitated only for a second before she knocked. Puck turned to her jumping off his bed, startled. When he saw her he raced over and opened the window pulling her in.

"Berry what..." Puck started to ask but Rachel ignored his questions sliding her arms around his neck and kissing him passionately. She could feel his surprise at her actions but she was way beyond caring. She needed this, she needed him. Puck shivered against her and Rachel pulled away from his lips briefly.

"Make me forget," she whispered to him and Puck; her Noah kissed her again before tugging her shirt over her head, then linking his lips with hers again.

His hands found her skirt and unzipped it before sliding it to the floor. He walked her backwards until she felt his bed on the back of her legs and she collapsed backwards pulling Noah on top of her. His hands skimmed the sides of her body before one large hand came to settle on her breast, the other was on the back of her neck, angling her head up to his so that he could get better access to her mouth. Rachel hesitantly reached her hands out and grabbed his hips before arching her back underneath him with a moan. Noah groaned in response and started trailing kissed down her neck, across her breasts then down her stomach.

Noah kissed her hip bone before sliding her underwear down slowly, feeling himself grow hard at the sight of her half naked. Rachel wiggled to help him get her underwear off, blushing a little. She sat up and eagerly pressed her lips to his again, while Noah reached around and unhooked her bra, pulling that off her as well so that she was completely naked. Noah stood beside the bed and stared down at her hungrily. Rachel was looking up at him, her cheeks flushed. Rachel leaned forward and tugged his sweatpants down then he kicked them to the floor before falling on top of her again, devouring her neck. Her bare body was now warm against his naked skin. Rachel could feel his hardness pressed against her and it only made her want this all the more. She felt her excitement growing as wetness pooled between her legs. Noah was making her feel incredible. Noah's fingers trailed from her face down her body and to her hips, then between her legs. Rachel gasped as she felt his fingers dip into her, stunned by the momentary pain and he froze.

"Say the word and I'll stop," he whispered against her neck and Rachel wrapped her arms around his neck cuddling him close to her, afraid he would pull away and not give her what she wanted.

"I don't want you to stop," she assured him breathless as Noah's fingers curled inside her and she let out a soft moan. Noah covered her mouth with his, ever conscious of his mother and sister downstairs. He loved making her moan.

"You have to keep quiet," he told her giving a smug smile. It satisfied him that he could make her moan for him and Rachel blushed.

Noah kept his hands busy, making sure that whenever Rachel had to make a noise his mouth was covering hers. She was writhing beneath him and it was driving him wild. He wanted to take her right there but he knew she was a virgin and he wanted to be gentle with her, and he wanted to make sure she was ready. Rachel was making it hard to keep his restraint, her hands were awkwardly between them and she was stroking him. She didn't have much experience but she was learning quickly.

"Noah, I want more," she growled in his ear pushing his hands out of the way before settling his hardness at her entrance. He paused.

"Rachel are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

Noah lowered himself slowly into her and Rachel hissed in pain closing her eyes. Once he was all the way in he stopped, allowing her to adjust. She whimpered underneath him.

"Rach," he kissed her lips gently and Rachel opened her eyes and stared up at him bravely.

"I'm okay," she promise him, and Noah kissed her again and pulled back then into her again, his eyes watching her face worriedly. Rachel winced, but had a determined look in her eyes, "keep going."

A couple of thrusts later Rachel found the pain subsiding and felt something else take over. A tingling feeling that ran from her toes and all the way through her insides. The pleasure was intense, no wonder Noah loved sex so much. She grabbed Noah's back, gasping as he took her nipple in his mouth, sucking gently, all the while keeping a steady rhythm. She closed her eyes and relaxed under him, and Noah hiked her legs around his waist as he started thrusting faster coming closer to his climax just as she was. Rachel started panting his name in between her soft moans and heard her name on his lips over and over. Rachel's senses swam as she felt lightheaded and her thighs clamped around Noah's waist as she orgasmed. Noah followed her moments later grunting her name and they rode out their climax together. They lay there, still entwined and breathing heavily, neither saying anything. Noah eventually pulled away from her and spun to lie on his back. He knew that although this was his dirtiest dream come true this wasn't like Rachel at all. He almost felt guilty for letting her seduce him like she did without asking her what was wrong first. Almost.

"Rachel, what was all this about?" he asked softly and Rachel turned onto her side so that her back was to him.

"I saw Finn and Quinn together, they're having a baby," Rachel told him, her voice devoid of emotion and Noah sat up looking over at her. His hand reached out to stroke her shoulder.

"Yeah they are," he agreed, even though he knew the baby that Quinn was carrying belonged to him. Quinn had made it quite clear that he was nothing to her, Puck didn't push it.

"It just hit me you know? Finn doesn't want me, he will never want me," Rachel turned her head to look up at him earnestly; "You want me."

"Yeah I do," Puck assured her, trying not to let it hurt him that she was basically saying that she was using him to forget about Finn. Puck was just glad she chose him instead of some other guy to be all reckless with.

"I need you Noah, I need you to make me forget all about Finn and I can help you forget about Quinn," Rachel whispered and Puck leant over and kissed her shoulder.

This was the best he was going to get, and he was taking it, as long as he could have Rachel he would do whatever she asked. Puck knew he was in serious like with Rachel Berry but he also knew that she didn't feel the same, at least not yet. Puck wasn't giving up, he was going to give her what she wanted, but he was also going to show her that he could be everything that Finn wasn't. He was going to show her that he could be a good man and a worthy boyfriend if she would have him and if he got to have a little fun while proving it to her then that was a bonus.

"So what does this mean exactly?" Puck asked slowly and Rachel shifted to lie on her back, not minding her nakedness. Puck struggled to keep his eyes from drifting to her perky breasts but then figured 'what the heck' and took a good look.

"We can take comfort in each other," Rachel told him and his eyes drifted up to her face and she gave a small smile, "A special arrangement just between us."

"If that's what you want," Puck tried to sound uncaring that she didn't want a relationship with him. He would prove to her that he could be a faithful, honest boyfriend. He glanced down at her legs before getting to his feet quickly, "Come on."

"What?" Rachel frowned at him in confusion.

"I don't want to kill the mood or whatever but..." Puck gestured down and Rachel was horrified to see the blood, there wasn't much but it was there. She had read this could happen your first time, but she couldn't help but feel embarrassed that it had happened to her.

"I'm sorry," Rachel whispered ashamed and Puck just smiled.

"It's cool, come on," he tossed her a large jumper of his which she slid on quickly, it reached her thighs while he pulled on his sweat pants.

Puck opened his door and peered out making sure the coast was clear before pulling Rachel across the hall and into the bathroom. Once they were in there he stripped the jumper over her head gently. Rachel stood there in wonder as Puck reached into the shower and turned on the water then he glanced at her.

"Get in," he told her and Rachel obediently stepped into the shoer gingerly. Puck pulled a towel out of the cupboard setting it down on the bathroom counter before telling her, "I'll be right back."

Puck snuck back into his room and pulled the sheets from his bed, dumping them in the corner of his room, and then he messily pulled new sheets onto his bed. That done, he grabbed the soiled sheets and crept downstairs into the laundry shoving the sheets in the machine and turning it on. His mother and sister were curled up on the couch sleeping. Puck crept back up the stairs stopping by his room to grab a t-shirt and sweatpants for Rachel and into the bathroom to find Rachel finishing up her shower. He couldn't take his eyes off her. She looked so vulnerable, so real, and so desirable. He held the towel for her as she stepped out of the shower and then he proceeded to dry her off gently. He handed her the clothes and while she dressed he ducked into the shower quickly; he noticed Rachel's eyes on him the entire time. He didn't take too long, stepping out to dry himself and dress quickly before taking Rachel's hand and leading her back into his room. Rachel looked down at the newly made bed.

"I'm sorry," she said softly referring to the sheets and Puck shrugged.

"Don't worry about it," he told her uncaringly going to sit on his bed. He looked up at her and held out his arms and Rachel moved to sit beside him, snuggling into his side.

"Does it hurt?" Puck asked with almost morbid curiosity. He had never been with a virgin before, apart from Quinn, and with Quinn they had both been too drunk to care. Afterwards when Puck had woken up to find Quinn beside him and realised what he'd done he'd grabbed his shit and got the hell out of there, ashamed of himself for the first time in years. Rachel gave a small embarrassed smile.

"A little."

Puck stroked her hair gently. Rachel lay there marvelling at the change in him. Rachel had thought sex with Puck would be completely different to this. She had honestly expected him to just have sex with her then kick her out, but this; this was way beyond anything in her wildest imagination. And she was loving every minute of it. She had never felt so safe and warm, so protected. Puck had changed since they dated, and Rachel liked it; a lot. Maybe she hadn't wasted her virginity after all.

"I'm glad I did this with you Noah," Rachel said after a long moment of silence.

"I'm glad you did too," Puck smirked down at her and Rachel hit his chest playfully. Every second thing he said was an innuendo but now that she was used to it, she found it kind of endearing, in a weird way.

Puck looked down at Rachel and had the urge to kiss her, so he did. He wanted her to stay with him forever, and then he wanted to kick himself for being so sappy. He was going to win her back sure, but he was at least going to do it in a manly way and not be a total girl.

"I better go," Rachel said reluctantly getting up and gathering her clothes together then she turned to him and smiled, momentarily stunning him with her beauty, "I'll see you at school Monday."

With that Rachel shoved up the window and shimmied back down the tree before disappearing into the night. Puck lay there on his bed wondering if the night had been a dream when he saw lace pink panties on the floor by his bed.

Puck smirked. Definitely not a dream.

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