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Make Me Forget

Epilogue – Real Life is About To Begin

Rachel strode towards the microphone her graduation robe swishing as she walked. Once she reached the microphone she smiled at the crowd then back at her fellow classmates. Tina and Mercedes waved and Kurt blew her a kiss. Rachel turned back to the crowd and began her speech.

"It is my honour to be valedictorian for West McKinley High's Class of 2011. As most of you probably know I fell pregnant as a sophomore. I know people looked at me and thought that I would never amount to anything, that I would just be another statistic, another teenager mother, but I'm standing here, graduating high school as valedictorian with a scholarship to Julliard. Life may be hard sometimes, but it's not impossible and I am an example that determination and hard work and having wonderful friends and family can get you through anything. So congratulations to my graduating class, all the best for the future. Never give up; I know you can do whatever it is you set your mind to."

The crowd and her classmates erupted into applause and Rachel stepped back allowing Principal Figgins to approach the lectern.

"Ladies and gentleman, I give you the graduating class of 2011!" Principal Figgins announced loudly and the graduating class cheered loudly throwing their caps into the air.

High school was finally over. Real life was about to begin.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Rachel spun when she heard her son's voice calling for her and knelt to accept her small son into her arms.

Levi Puckerman. He was two years old and cute as a button, and absolutely perfect but Rachel knew she might just be biased considering he was her son. He looked like a miniature version of his father, same smile, same nose, but his brown eyes were hers. She loved every inch of him. Following Levi were her dad's, Noah's mom, Noah's sister Hannah, and him; Noah. He was smiling proudly, wearing a suit and looking extremely handsome but again Rachel knew she was biased since he was her boyfriend of two and a half years. As Noah always said, they were a family of good looking Jews.

"Congratulations honey," Alan Berry congratulated his daughter smacking a kiss on her cheek before moving aside for his partner Richard to kiss her as well while Levi snuggled into her arms.

"Thanks daddy, dad," Rachel whispered hugging them both tightly.

They had been firm supporters of her all her life. They were there for her when Levi got his first stitch after hitting his head on the coffee table by accident, they were there for his first and second birthday, they were there in the good times and the bad. Rachel could not have asked for more wonderful parents, nor could she ask for a more wonderful mother-figure. Dianna Puckerman had been a permanent fixture at their apartment and a friendly ear for Rachel to go to whenever she needed someone. Just like her father's Dianna had been there for her and Noah from the beginning and she loved to spoil her grandson.

"Congrats Rach," Hannah hugged her around the waist before moving to stand with Richard bouncing from one foot to the other excitedly. Dianna came forward and wrapped her arms around Rachel pulling her close for a tight hug.

"Congratulations Rachel," Dianna's tone was brimming with pride and Rachel gave her a squeeze.

"Thanks Mom," Rachel said pulling back and managed to smile in time as Dianna pulled out her camera and snapped a candid photo of her. Noah gently nudged his mother out of the way with a roll of his eyes at her motherly behaviour and kissed Rachel on the lips lightly taking Levi from her.

"Well done babe, your speech was great," Noah complimented her and Rachel made a face of mock anger as she pointed a finger in his face.

"You were sleeping through the whole thing," she accused him, daring him to deny and Noah opened his mouth to protest then look at his son who was giving him the same look that Rachel was and gave up. Resistance was futile when they both pulled that look on him at the same time.

"Yeah I was," Noah admitted sheepishly, but then his face broke into a charming smile as he leant in to kiss her nose, "But I was dreaming of you."

Rachel laughed and playfully slapped his chest.

"Rachel!" Rachel turned to see Finn and Quinn hurrying towards her and was engulfed in hugs from the newlyweds.

Finn and Quinn were married a month ago in a perfect ceremony just the way Quinn had dreamed of since she was a little girl. Rachel had been the maid of honour and the bridesmaids were Santana, who had flown home from Los Angeles especially for the wedding, Brittany, Tina, Mercedes and Kurt who wore a special suit of his own design that matched the girl's dresses. Of course Finn had Puck as his best man plus Matt, Mike, Adam, Artie and not really surprisingly Mr Shue, whom they now all called Will. The wedding had been beautiful; Levi was supposed to be the ring bearer but he basically just ran down the aisle with Dianna chasing after him yelling at him to walk slowly and Hannah was the flower girl, though she protested she was too old. Quinn had walked down that aisle knowing this was her happily ever after. For their honeymoon Finn and Quinn went travelling around Europe and they had been sending emails of their adventures as they went. Rachel knew they must have rushed back from their honeymoon to come to graduation. As if reading her mind Quinn rolled her eyes.

"Finn made us cut the honeymoon short so we would get here in time and we were still late!" Quinn grouched nudging her husband who shrugged his shoulders grinning goofily at Rachel and then Noah, his eyes shining.

"I'm glad you guys came, we are having a graduation party at my dad's afterwards," Rachel invited them although she was sure they would already know. Their little dysfunctional family knew everything about each other; sometimes too much.

"We wouldn't have missed this for the world," Quinn winked at Rachel and Finn nudged his new wife with a warning look. Rachel frowned at their strange behaviour.

"Auntie Qwinn, Unc Finn," Levi was trying to struggle out of his father's arms to greet his godparents and as soon as Noah placed Levi on the ground he raced first for his 'Unc' Finn and Finn picked him up and threw him in the air. Levi giggled loudly, "Again!"

Quinn drew Levi in for a kiss which he accepted and then kicked his legs, urging more rough play from Finn. Rachel and Noah stood there watching Quinn and Finn dote on Levi fondly. Levi adored his godparents and Finn and Quinn were regular visitors at their apartment. It was going to be hard leaving Lima and not having Finn and Quinn a short drive away, or the rest of their family for that matter.

Mercedes, Artie, Kurt and Tina who had all graduated today with Rachel came to join the group, grinning in anticipation. Adam was there, his arm around Kurt's shoulders and he pressed a kiss to Kurt's temple affectionately. They were moving to New York soon, Kurt had gotten into a fashion course at NYU and Adam had transferred there as well. Rachel was glad she would know at least two people when she and Noah and Levi moved to New York in a couple of months. Matt jogged over to Mercedes and pressed a kiss to her lips, and out of the corner of her eye Rachel saw Brittany and Mike coming over with someone she hadn't seen since Quinn's wedding. Santana was home. This was a big deal because Santana was a soap opera star and couldn't often get time off. Yes Santana had been cast as the token bitch on a long running soap opera and she loved every minute of it. No boyfriend or girlfriend just yet, but Santana was enjoying herself.

Mercedes was going to Ohio State with Matt, Mercedes had never been happier. They were pretty serious; Noah had mentioned to Rachel that Matt had already bought Mercedes a ring; he was just waiting for the right time. Brittany and Mike were still completing their courses at Ohio State and Brittany still assisted with the Cheerio's; they were just enjoying life and being with each other, no plans for marriage on the horizon but they knew they would get there eventually. Tina and Artie were traveling through Europe before settling down at the same University as Finn and Quinn. Will was there of course with the six month pregnant Emma, standing around with them. The group all hugged each other and exchanged greetings and gushes of joy at seeing each other. For some reason they all seemed to be staring at her and Rachel knew she wasn't being paranoid. Levi tugged on her robe and Rachel looked down at her son.

"Mommy; daddy has present," Levi told her holding out a small box looking back at his father proudly.

Noah nodded that he had done his job and Levi grinned. With shaking hands Rachel took the jewellery box from her son looking over at Noah curiously. She gasped when he knelt to one knee taking her hand in his while looking up at her adoringly and Finn picked up Levi so he could watch this special moment.

"Rachel Berry, I love you, you are a wonderful person, and an amazing mother, you are my soul mate, the love of my life, I would be honoured if you would do me the honour of being my wife," Noah paused and gulped a couple of times in his speech and one hand clenched and unclenched nervously as he searched his girlfriend's face for a reaction. The whole group held their breath simultaneously.

Rachel knew how much it took for Noah to say such emotional words in front of a crowd of people. Even though he was more grown up now he still liked to think of himself as something of a badass which explained why he still had a Mohawk and why he had recently purchased a motorbike that he had rebuilt and modified especially for himself. Boys and their toys. Still, Rachel knew there was no one in the world she would rather be with.

"Oh Noah, yes," Rachel gasped with delight and when Noah stood Rachel flung her arms around his neck and kissed him while their friends and family started cheering and whooping.

"I've even got the perfect first dance song for us," Noah teased kissing her lips lightly and when he said the name of the song Rachel whispered it as well, "Sweet Caroline."

Life wasn't going to be perfect, Rachel had a long road to walk before she reached her dream of becoming a Broadway star but she had her fiancée, her son, a great family and amazing friends. Life was good and she didn't want to forget a moment of it.

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