Woodland had become a blazing inferno now because of Vergils explosives. Thankfully it began to rain that night so the damage to the town was soon stopped.

Mr. Racoon was in awe at the fact that this one person had accsess to such deadly weapons and was abel to use them with ease. He had just basically destroied the towns police force in one attack.

The following day he had to report the news of all the deaths to the town.

"This is crazy," Franklins dad said "We should just all get out of here while we still have the..."

Just then the turtle fell to the ground

"Dad?" Franklin said

JUst then his mother fell as well

"SNIPER!" Mr. Racoon yelled as he spotted a black figure on top of a building a short distance away. He tried to pull out his gun and fire at Vergil, but sadly he wasn't quick enough and was shot in the heart

Everyone began to flee for cover from Vergil and his gun, except Franklin and his little sister Harriet who were in shock at what had just happened to their parents. Yet soon enough they joined their fates and Vergil shot them dead

"Easy outs," the evil wolf said a he then pulled out a smal devise

"Now for the grand fin..."

His sentence wa cut short as Fox began to attack him

"You again!?" Vergil said as he fought back

"YOU KILLED MY DAD!" the young fox cried

"Yes and now I'm gonna kill everyone else!" Vergil said as he kicked him away and threw the small devise at the crowd below. Just then a huge explosion filled the area where the people were. Everyone died

"Now all that's left is y..." Vegil felt a piece of roof tile smash into his face and he fell to off the building to the ground.

Fox looked down to see the now dead wolf. Yet to his suprise nobody was there

"What?" Fox said

Just then a hand grabbed him and threw him off the edge of the roof. Fox fell to his doom

"Fooled ya," Vergil said who was dangling off the side of the building. He climed back up to the roof to see the fruits of his work.

All the citizens of Woodland were dead now

"Your vengence is complete mother," Vergil said as he looked to the sky "They have all paid for their sins. And now you can rest in peace,"

After that day no one ever saw Vergil Lunar ever again

Some say he killed himself so as to be reunited with his mom. Others say he walks the earth still killing anyone he sees doing evil, that he punishes all. For be believed his mother told him in death that she always wished for a world without sorrow and evil.

So becafeful, for Vergil the dark wolf may be watching, and if he sees you do evil.

Well...bye bye

The End