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There, There baby, it's just textbook stuff
It's in the A B Cs of growing up
Now, Now darling, Now don't lose your head
'Cause none of us were angels and you know I love you
--- Imogen Heap

Callie couldn't tear her eyes away from the picture that took up the full page. It was bright, large, and cheery. It was also down right adorable.

A young Erica, maybe six or seven years old, was sitting on top of the monkey bars on a rusty playground. Hanging from the same monkey bars, was her big brother Shawn. It was snowing out, a thick blanket of white covered the ground and most of the playground. There were deep foot prints in the snow surrounding the playground, showing hints of brown dirt underneath.

Erica and Shawn were both smiling broadly, almost as if they were caught mid-laugh. Erica was tall for her age, but her face almost looked younger. So much different than the stressed look that always adorned her face when Callie knew her. Her cheeks were rosy, matching the red winter jacket and snow hat that she was wearing. Her long blonde hair was tied into braided pigtails, and her brilliant blue eyes were as vibrant as Callie had ever seen. Even as a child, Erica was stunning.

Her heart was racing, there is no denying that. From between the leaves reference and seeing a younger version of a face that she had long to see for years, Callie's insides were going insane. It even ran through her mind that she should continue to read the book at the hospital, so that people could monitor her vitals in case of a heart attack. Or something along those lines.

It was definitely odd reading about the woman that she had once dated. It almost felt like cheating. Finding out all these details about her once supposed best friend from a book, because she never thought to ask. Some friend she was. It was kind of like reading the cheat sheet to a really important test. Or reading the last page of a book that you had already been reading for days. Cheating never stopped Callie Torres before, so why should it stop her now?

She just needed to keep her eyes on the prize. Seeing if Erica had written anything about her. Any emotional troubles that would face her on the way there, she would just have to deal with.

Taking a deep swig of her now cold coffee, Callie let out a self-soothing breath. Uttering a few motivational words to herself, Callie once again returned her attention to the book.

My middle school years aren't really much to mention. I got my period, went through awkward changes, and even had my first boyfriend. With my first boyfriend, came my first kiss. Which was… well, different. No fireworks, no singing in the back ground. Just a rushed brush of lips that left a wet film on my mouth, which I wiped off as soon as the poor boy turned his back. We dated for a while after that kiss, shared multiple other kisses, before I couldn't bear the bad kissing any more. I haven't talked to him since.

That's pretty much the only interesting thing to mention about my middle school years. My high school years weren't much better. I never went to any of the football games, I never really got into any of the pep rally. I went to prom and homecoming, but my date was usually my brother. I was a real social butterfly. I did, however, have an actual date for my prom. Robby Benson was his name. He was handsome, nice green eyes and a shaggy head of brown hair. According to him, he swept me off my feet while we slow danced. I remember distinctly tripping over his two left feet and gravity did the sweeping. Funny how memories differ. But the two perspectives are necessary for writing this book. Or at least, that was what I was told. Anyways, the call was less awkward that I had imagined. Robby is now a successful lawyer, married with three young kids. Two girls and a boy, all spitting images of their parents. Kind of hard to imagine that I could've been Mrs. Robby Benson if things had gone right.

It was during my college years that things got interesting.---

"Excuse me, Miss. But we're closing. I'm going to have to ask you to leave." A young man's voice broke her concentration. Uttering an annoyed moan, Callie fixed a glare at him for interrupting her. The man gulped audibly, and fixed his uniformed tie. "I'm really sorry, Ma'am."

Callie sighed and closed the book after slipping the receipt between the pages to mark her place. "No, it's okay. I understand." Sliding off her chair with a stretch, Callie secured the book under her arm and left the store.

Stepping out in the cool night breeze, Callie held the book close to her as she walked home. There was just so much going on inside the novel and a lot of information that the young doctor didn't know if she wanted to really process or not. Like the reference of Erica imagining life as if she was married to her high school sweet heart. Even the mental image of Erica getting kissed by some slobbery boy who didn't even deserve her made her want to convulse in disgust.

It was also this attitude that made Callie more than slightly ashamed of herself. They had been best friends for a long time, and the ever popular topic of her first kiss never came up? Or even prom? Did she just think that she was Erica's first kiss, even though Erica had mentioned sleeping with men? Oh. That was bound to come up soon too. The Spanish woman's head began to swim as she braced herself against the nearest building. Maybe reading this book wasn't a good idea after all.

Finding the strength to continue moving, Callie trudged the last few blocks and up the stairs to her apartment. Letting herself in, she closed the door with her foot as she moved over to drop on to the couch. Tilting her head back towards the ceiling, she let out an exasperated groan. It was time to continue reading. Curling her legs up underneath her, she leant against the armrest as she opened the book to the marked page.

It was during my college years that things got interesting, being the only time that I was away from my family for any length of time. It was weird being away, I wasn't accustomed to it. I had never been to a sleepover or a long vacation with out my parents, so it was like being thrown into a new environment with new ways with out a safety net. I adjusted quickly. If it was one thing I was good at, it was adjusting.

I had gotten lucky, I suppose, when it comes to room mates. Rebecca Williams was a friendly girl, a little noisy, but nice. She mainly kept to herself, and after a few failed tries to get me to go out with her friends, she let me do my own thing. My own thing being studying as if it were nourishment. That's how I would spend most of my nights as a freshman. Some times I would go extremely wild and go to the library.

I did say that my college years were interesting, and I wasn't lying. It was during the second semester of my sophomore year that I met Kevin Noret, an aspiring psychologist. My first ever serious boyfriend, and well, my only fiancée. But that's getting a head of myself.

Like I said, it was my second year of college and I was taking a rather difficult humanities class. History and humanities is not my slice of cheese, and probably never will be. The chapter I was on had something to do with art and music… the Baroque period, I think. Anyways, I was sitting in the library with fists full of my hair trying to figure out a way to memorize dates and names that I couldn't pronounce when someone spoke to me from behind.

"King Louis XVI, the sun king. Really interesting stuff you're learning there. I always was fond of the old monarchy and how they believed they were practically gods on earth." It was a handsome voice, and when I turned my head to see who was speaking, an equally handsome face smiled at me. He must have seen the distraught look in my eyes, because he chuckled and pulled up a chair. "I take it you don't share my love of history."

I shook my head stupidly before turning my gaze back at the book. "No, I don't. I don't even see the point of this dumb class. Who cares about history. The future is much more interesting, and something that we can actually change." I had said, or at least, something along those lines. He just chuckled at me some more and shook his head.

"Yes, but it is history that shaped where we are now. You know, someday you're going to be History." He tapped my book with his index finger in a matter of fact way.

"Gee, we just met and you're already imagining my death. Some charmer you are." My own famous charm emerged as I fixed a glare at the unfairly good looking man sitting next to me.

The smile was wiped off his face. "Oh! I don't mean it like that! Sorry if you thought that I just—" He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair frustratingly. "Look, let me make it up to you. How 'bout, you let me buy you dinner and help you study? It's the least I can do for making such a dumb, rude statement like that."

I reluctantly agreed since I was in dire need of a study buddy for this class. Needless to say, dinner turned out great and I actually got a B on my test. Though I B wasn't up to my usual standards, it was better than the F I would've gotten with out his help. So when the next test rolled around, I dug out the number he had given me and made another study date. Which turned into another, and another… and well. You know where I'm going with this.

Kevin was a real romantic, and did everything to the full extent. He could never just bring me a single rose. It had to be twenty with a sappy card attached. So when our one year anniversary rolled around, I shouldn't have been surprised when he pulled out the most beautiful ring I had ever seen in my life. Huge clear, glistening diamonds, at least five of them, all arranged beautifully on a golden band. Oh, I was breathless. I almost didn't hear the question that came with the ring, but with a ring like that, who could say no?

We were going to wait until after college to actually get married, but the time couldn't pass fast enough. Over the next few weeks I had nearly everything planned, even down to the napkins. I had lost my virginity to him six weeks after the proposal, and though it wasn't exactly the experience I had imagined, I was happy for it.

I wish I could say that there was a huge reason for our break up. That he moved away or something equally as drastic had occurred. But it didn't. Nothing exciting had happened in a long while, and that was his reason for calling it off three weeks before graduation. I cried a lot, and he cried a little. I suppose that's how those things go. I haven't talked to him since graduation, before I left to complete med school. I don't know if he's married, has kids, if he's still alive. I suppose it doesn't matter much any more.

Med school was boring. Much like my high school years and my middle school years. I kept to myself, I didn't date. I still felt that I was in love with Kevin, so I couldn't bring myself to look at other men. I still can't bring myself to do that, even to this day. But that's a different story, which is fast approaching.

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