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"I'm astounded by people who want to 'know' the universe when it's hard enough to find your way around Chinatown."


Water poured from the night skies and soaked the earth below it, washing away the blood, pain, and darkness that had settled upon her. A grand castle, once a school for the magical, now was in complete ruins, its stone walls lay scattered upon the ground as if it had exploded from the inside out. Bodies numbering in the hundreds lay upon the once battlefield, faces set in grim determination and agony even after death. Not all of them were human either. Many horse like men, wolves to large to be natural, giant people, and the occasional dragon were amongst the dead.

In this valley of the dead, only two people breathed the air of life…bloodied, injured, and emotionally unstable, but alive. Both were male, probably eighteen or nineteen years of age. The tallest had platinum blonde nearly white hair, stormy grey eyes speckled with blue and silver, and almost unhealthy pale skin. He was lean and muscular. White, silver, grey, and light blue feathers adorned his spikey short hair, his pointed ears were pierced, twice on each lobe, once on the upper left just before the point, and three times on the right. Small golden hoops decorated the upper piercings, but a small stud and a dangling bird skull were on each side of the others.

An intricate necklace lay on his bare chest. It was Celtic in design and clearly old. A green and silver serpent was wrapped around a gold and red griffin, almost in a loving embrace. They lay within the open jaws of a black and white wolf head, appearing to both be in a protective and destructive manner at the same time.

He stood next to a slightly smaller man with raven black hair and emerald green eyes. Feathers also adorned his hair, but their colors ranged from blue, black, purple, green, and gold. His pointed ears were pierced exactly the same as his companion, the only difference was the type of bird skull that hung from his earrings. An identical necklace lay upon his equally bare and scarred chest. His skin was darker, taking on a healthier tan. His body was just as lean, but held more muscle then the other.

The blonde turned to the other, his silver-grey eyes cataloging injuries, damage, posture, and mood in seconds. The other male was tired, a few scratches littered his torso, the worst was a gash along his arm that was still bleeding sluggishly, not quite clotting but he was in no danger of bleeding out. He took the arm slowly so as not to startle the other, and cast a healing charm on the wound.

Green eyes snapped to his as the magic settled under his skin, leaving behind a tingling feeling. He looked so lost…they both did. "What now," the blonde asked, deferring to his Alpha, willingly accepting his decision no matter what it would be.

The darker one turned away again and, his eyes clouding over in thought. They couldn't stay here, it wasn't safe. The War may be over now, but another would soon take its place. Voldemort may be dead, and his followers all but wiped from existence, but it came with a price…a high one. They had lost so many of the light. All of Hogwarts' students that hadn't gone home were now dead, along with all of the teachers that had stayed loyal.

If he looked hard enough he could see several bodies sporting outlandishly red hair. An image of a smiling cheerful face danced across the thoughts of the darker haired of the two before it was twisted into agony as silent screams of anguish were ripped out of a pearl white throat. Her name was…had been Hermione, his best friend and confidant. Ron, her boyfriend followed her just hours after…he never even knew she had died seeing as he was half way across the scarred battlefield.

Many more once smiling faces were amongst the deceased and the shorter male could feel his throat closing up in grief. They had lost so much…they had lost everything. Was it worth it? Yes, it was. By defeating Voldemort they ensured that others could live without fear, they saved so many lives. His parents would have been proud. But was the price too high? Yes…it was.

There was nothing left for them here now, and to stay would be their death. Two months before the final battle, while both Draco and Harry had been out on a reconnaissance mission, they had been attacked by a dying Werewolf. It was supposed to be a pretty straight forward no nonsense assignment, and it was…up until the very end. It had been dark, just passed the witching hour, and they were marching through an abandoned muggle town in Ireland three hours North of nowhere and just East of completely lost. He had been tired, exhausted, they both were…that was probably why they never saw the Werewolf until it was upon them. They had survived…just barely.

Both had been cursed with lycanthrope, and even though their friends had tried all they could, it was too late. And they knew what would happen to them now. The Ministry had made it clear even before the Final Battle what they thought about dark creatures, and since most of the dark creatures teamed themselves up with the Dark Lord pretty soon they would declare the death of all of them.

A light pressure drew the dark haired one out of his thoughts. His friend, brother, companion, had his hand upon his shoulder in support. "We leave, Draconis. We must leave," voice still heavy with grief, the words hung thick in the air with a sense of defeat.

Draco looked to his Alpha and hung his head in silent resignation. He knew what they had to do, but it was still hard on him to leave the only life he knew behind. They didn't have a choice though. They would be hunted down like the monsters they were if they were to stay. "Where would we go, brother?"

His brother looked up to the sky that was slowly clearing above them. "We go to the stars."

In a bright flash of light and a loud pop, the two disappeared completely, leaving behind the only world they had ever known far behind. Hopefully one day they would return, but for now they traveled through time and space to find a home, a place where they could live in peace.

But Murphy's Law would follow them to the ends of the universe. So it was really with no surprise when they landed upon a barren desert planet, sand in every direction, three suns, and monsters in the black.