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"Ok your total is $560.97." I knew my college books would cost a lot of money but damn. Luckily my tuition is covered by my scholarships and I have just enough left over to cover my books. I handed the cashier the money and she handed me my books which I shoved into my back pack. I walked around campus getting familiar with all the buildings and all the accommodations.

I was rounding a corner when I bumped into the biggest man I have ever met. The force knocked me to the ground and he just laughed at me. "Sorry." He stuck his hand out to help me up. "Don't worry about it. I'm pretty big so people are always running into me." I laughed and then a beautiful tall blond girl wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Emmett why are you wasting your time with this cock tease?" I felt like someone punched me in the stomach as I dropped my gaze to the ground. "Rose stop being a bitch."

I glanced to the direction that the new voice was coming from and saw the sexiest man alive. He was tall and beautiful with messy bronze hair. He was hiding his eyes with a pair of sunglasses but I am sure if I could see them they would pierce right through me. He had his arm draped over a short black haired girl who was laughing at something I didn't catch.

"Edward nobody asked for your opinion on this matter." I suddenly felt like I was being surrounded. "Rose relax we bumped into each other it not like she asked for my phone number." I tightened the straps on my back pack and turned and walked away leaving the group who didn't even notice I had left.

I looked up at the clock tower and saw it was already a quarter past five and I had to get to the shelter if I wanted a place to stay tonight. I got there and the line was already pretty long it would be close. I was up at the door and, Jenny, the lady who sits at the desk, let me and three more girls in before she had to turn the others away. Behind the three girls was a lady and two kids and I felt awful.

"Jenny." She turned around and looked at me. "Give my room to them." She looked beyond shocked. "Are you sure?" I sighed and nodded my head. "Those kids don't need to sleep on the street. I'll be fine for one night." I turned to walk away but Jenny called out my name. "Bella, the lady wanted me to give you this." She handed me half of a sub sandwich from a grocery store. I smiled and Jenny and walked back towards the college while eating the precious food I was given.

With it being the last Friday before school starts there were parties everywhere so me walking around campus wasn't that big of a deal. I sat on a bench across from what I assumed was a frat house. I watched as people went in completely sober and then come back out getting wasted and barely able to walk.

I was so wrapped up in watching the idiots that I didn't even notice that someone had sat down next to me. When I looked over there was the short black haired girl from earlier. "Hi I'm Alice. Do you always sit around and watch the masses partake in idiotic customs?" She must be high because normal people don't talk like that. "No. Normally I would be studying but since I have nothing better to do so here I am watching idiots. I'm Bella by the way."

She took my hand in hers and closed her eyes. "You're Isabella Marie Swan. Birth date: September 13 1989 Chinese sign: snake Zodiac sign: Virgo. You were born in Forks Washington and moved the Arizona with your mom after she divorced your dad. You have a secret that you don't want anyone here to know and you are freaking out that I know all this."

She smiled at me when she opened her eyes and looked at me. "How did you do that?" She laughed, "I'm psychic." I scoffed at her. She must think I am really stupid. "That's ok you don't believe me. Anyway I was on my way to this party when I saw you sitting here and I thought maybe you would like to join."

I was I little shocked that she was really asking me to join her, "That's ok. I wouldn't want to impose on you and your boyfriend and that girl really didn't seem to like me." She threw he head back and laughed, "Edward is my brother not my boyfriend and Rosalie won't be there, come on I have a feeling we are going to be really good friends."

Since I had nothing better to do and she did seem really nice I decided to go ahead. We got into the house and it was huge. "Here follow me." I followed her upstairs and into a bedroom. "This is our guestroom so you can just leave your bag and coat in here." I looked at her over my shoulder, "You live here?"

She took my bag and put in a chair next to the bay window, "Yes, me and my two brothers live here. Our parents bought this house when they heard that all three of us were going to come here. We're all freshman and they worried about us living with strangers." That confused me a little, "Are you guys like triplets or something?"

Alice busted out laughing, "Not exactly. Edward and I are twins but we're a year younger than Emmett. We all ended up in the same grade because Emmett is really bad at History and he failed his junior year and couldn't catch back up." I wasn't sure why she felt the need to tell me all of this but maybe she was right maybe we would be close friends.

We went back down stairs and joined the party that was now in full swing. "Alice I thought you were going to pledge at some sorority with Rose." She linked her small arm with mine, "No the houses were full of whores so I decided to come back and enjoy the party. Hey you remember Bella, you know the girl who you ran into early today."

He chugged whatever was in his red plastic cup. "Yeah I remember," he stuck his hand out to me, "I'm Emmett. Welcome to casa de Cullen feel free to drink our booze eat our food and fuck anyone you want." Alice smacked him on the back of the head. "I'm cutting you off."

He pouted like a dog causing me to laugh, "Ok well I'm going to enjoy the party you ladies have fun." We walked over to get ourselves a drink from where Alice's other brother Edward was serving people. He gave both of us a quick nod before handing us our drinks and then moved onto the next people in line. "Just ignore him he is a bit odd since his last girlfriend."

We had just sat down and she was about to tell me all about herself when this guy asked me to dance. I was going to say no when Alice shoved me out on the dance floor with him. I found out his name is Mike and he is on the second string on the basketball team.

"So Bella you wanna get out of here?" I felt his hand coast down my body until he was squeezing my ass. I pushed him away, "Sorry Mike you seem like, somewhat, of a nice guy but I don't think so."

I started to walk away when he grabbed my arm. "You're a tease you know that. I spent the better part of the night with you and now you act like I'm the gum on the bottom of your shoe." Out of the corner of my eye I saw Alice pointing at me but I couldn't tell who she was talking to.

I'm sure we looked like we were have a very heated conversation and I was glad to be in a room full of witnesses. "Look Mike I'm not like the other sluts you obviously hang out with. Dancing with me does not give you the right to touch me however you want and sure as hell isn't my way of saying let's go fuck." His grip tightened on my arm and he started turning it in a painful angel.

I took a step closer to him to alleviate some of the pain and I kicked him in the crouch causing him to lean over in pain and then I kneed him in the nose. Living on the streets gives you a lot of skills that comes in handy at times like these. I turned around to see a very surprised Edward, Emmett, and Alice.

I looked to the ground suddenly very embarrassed that I just defended myself. "I'll just get my stuff and leave." Where I was gonna go I had no clue. I was half way back down the stairs when Edward grabbed my shoulder, "You don't have to leave. Emmett kicked Mike's broken ass out so he won't bother you again." I looked around trying to think of a reason to leave and then she walked in the door.

"Thanks, but the bitchy blond is here and I think we've had enough blood shed tonight." He turned to she Rose coming in and I took that as my chance to leave. I ran down the street and saw a 24 hour diner and went in to get a cup of coffee and try to waste some time since I had no where to go.

"What can I get you?" The waitress seemed to be well into her 50's and she looked like she had a ruff life. It was like looking into a crystal ball because this could be my future. "Just coffee." She poured me cup and started to walk away. "Hey you guys aren't hiring by chance are you?"

She reached under the counter, "It's your lucky day. With the college kids coming back we have to hire a few extra people to help out around here." I looked over the application and there they were the two things I dreaded the most address and phone number. I could just use the shelter but if Jenny got caught doing that she could get fired.

Stupidly I filled it out leaving those blank knowing I wouldn't get the job without those two but you never know until you try. I handed it back to the lady. "Honey you forgot to fill these spaces in." I tossed $3.00 down on the counter, "I didn't forget." I was walking down the street when she caught up to me. "Come back around 2:30 this afternoon and ask for Jack and tell him Brandy sent you."

Before I could thank her she was gone leaving me alone to watch the sun rise over the campus. It was truly beautiful and it almost made me forget all the bad things that have happened to me and all the troubles I have ahead of me. Maybe I should have just gone into protective custody at least then I would have a place to sleep every night.

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