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"I stand here on this very sad day to speak to you of not only the good times and love from one human being but from two. As many of you sit here with heavy hearts I want to express to you that neither on of our parents would want you to be upset at them or God for their departure." A man in his late thirties with copper colored hair and brown eyes spoke to a church full of people. Beside him stood a woman of the same age with brown hair and green eyes. He held out his hand to her and she grasped it with everything she had.

"Our father was a man who loved not only his family but his community as well. Edward cherished all that he had knowing that things could always be worse. I remember the story of how he met our mother and every time he would tell it he would have a single tear in his eye. "You're mother was a fighter from the very first day I met her. Nothing was going to stop her from getting what she wanted, not even crazy mobsters." I always thought he was embellishing on her story but then mom would always confirm every wild story he ever told. He loved her even when she couldn't love him, and if he could he would proudly stand here today and scream about how much you should love her too."

The man stepped to the side allowing his sister to step in front of the microphone to speak. "As a young girl you always want to be just like you mother and as a mother you always want your daughter to be better than you. Being on both sides of that I have learned to appreciate all that both our parents did for us. They never once hid their pasts from us and because of that we were able to learn without making those same mistakes. Although many wouldn't know it Bella always considered those she helped part of our family. Each night she would come home from one of the shelters and tell us all about who she had met and how she planned to help them. "Just because they are stranger doesn't mean they are strange. Everyone goes through a ruff patch and those of us who can, should always try to help." My brother and I both love our parents very much and they will both be missed dearly."

The man pulled his sister into him holding her as their spouses and children both approached them. "Memories" by Emerson Drive played as the family gathered around one last time to say their farewells. The man stood tall with a clenched jaw trying to keep from crying while his sister sobbed into her husband's chest. They all turned to leave and were followed out to cemetery for the burial.

"Edward, you should have fought stay, our children didn't need to have both parents taken away at the same." Bella stood on a white cloud looking down at her family from heaven with Edward behind her wrapping his arms around her shoulders. "Bella I told you on our wedding day, you have my heart and when yours stopped so did mine. I had no choice in the matter I couldn't live in a world where you don't exist."

Bella turned and kissed him on the lips before stealing on last glance at her family. She loved her children and never wanted to leave them but at least she knew that had become good people.

Emlen Jarvis Cullen, who is named after Emmett and Jasper, is a wonderful husband and father to his twin daughters. He took over Bella's empire to help the homeless all over the country when she retired and he teaches his kids the same morals he was taught.

Rosemary Didyme Cullen, named after Rose, Alice, and Didyme, followed in her grandfathers footsteps and became a doctor. She specializes in pediatrics but she mainly works free lance at the shelters. She also has two sets of twin boys and a new born daughter that she takes care of making sure they all understand how important it is to help everyone.

Edward watched Bella looking at her family and whispered in her ear, "Come on Bella you know it's not goodbye, just see ya later." She wished she could cry but tears won't fall in heaven so she settled for holding her husband who stayed true to his word and followed her wherever she went.

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