Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, but I do own Sophie, baby Lily, and Echo the puppy :)

AN: This fic takes place four months after 'Family Reunion', so Tara is nearing the end of her pregnancy. Also, some of you will be happy to know that Buffy and Faith are going to share the spotlight a lot more in this story. And thanks for your suggestions for puppy names. Someone suggested naming it after a Dollhouse character, so I'm gonna go with the name Echo, in honour of Eliza Dushku's character. I also have a cute little backstory for Echo that I'm going to put in one of my series of Christmas one-shots next month. Enjoy the story!

"Higher Mommy Willow, push me higher!" Sophie giggled. Willow obeyed her daughter's requests and pushed her higher on the swing, but after a few more minutes the little girl tired of the swing and went to play on the slide instead. Willow smiled as she looked over to the picnic table where Tara sat bouncing a blonde haired baby on her knee. She knew the baby's name now. Lily..


Willow woke, smiling. She had had that dream before, but it had become a lot more frequent as her second daughter's birth grew nearer. She propped herself up on one elbow to watch the still sleeping Tara, laying a hand on her wife's bulging belly.

"Hey Lil" she whispered to the unborn child. "Are you ready to come see us today? Your Mama Tara and I can't wait to meet you." The baby wasn't due for another two weeks, but Willow knew that this didn't mean much. The eight-month mark onward was a free-for-all as far as a pregnant woman going into labor was concerned. "Oh well, you just come out of there when you're good and ready, we'll be here." At this moment, Tara stirred, placing her own hand over Willow's.

"Morning" she said, smiling her beautiful lopsided smile.

"Morning" Willow smiled back, leaning over to give her wife a kiss. "Have a nice sleep?"

"Yeah. You were talking to the baby again weren't you?"

"Yeah.. oh, sorry. Did I wake you up?"

"No, I was already half awake." At that moment, Sophie skipped into the room carrying a tray with plates of toast and two glasses of orange juice.

"Good Morning, Mommies!" The little girl happily greeted them. "Auntie Faith helped me make you breakfast in bed!" The sleepy looking Dark Slayer came in behind Sophie, with Echo, the Border Collie pup that Buffy had given her for Christmas, bouncing around at her feet.

"Um, that's really sweet honey, but why?" Willow asked, sitting up and taking the tray from her daughter.

"Because" Sophie grinned, "Today is a very very special day."


The two wiccas spent the rest of the morning trying to get their daughter to tell them why today was 'very very special' but had no luck.

"Cordy tolds me not to tell you" explained Sophie. "She said you gots to work it out for yourself." Willow frowned when she heard this.

"You know, sometimes I wonder if she just says that to get out of telling us stuff" she complained to Tara that afternoon. "Or if Cordelia does this just to annoy me."

"She wouldn't do it on purpose" said Tara, defending the woman who had become one of her best friends during her four years in the grave. Willow snorted.

"You didn't know her when she was in high school."


Later, however, it quickly became obvious why that day was going to be special. While watching 'Cinderella' with Sophie, Tara felt a sudden, cramp-like pain. She tried to ignore it, not wanting to get too excited if it was a false alarm. When the pain returned a little while later, along with a sudden rush of fluid between her legs, she realised that this was definitely not a false alarm.