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And so, having met the newest member of the Scooby Gang, everybody else decided that they should go and let the new family have some privacy. The bus ride from the hospital was significantly less crowded, as Cordy and the other dearly departed Scoobies had been forced to return to the afterlife. The bus became even less crowded when it stopped to drop Buffy and Faith back at the venue of their interrupted wedding reception, where they would take a car and head off on their Honeymoon to a little beachside town not too far away. The Wedding Guest express then stopped to drop Willow, Tara, their children, Dawn, Connor, Angel, Spike, and Illyria home, before heading off to the Motel that marked it's last stop.

Once inside, Willow and Tara said their goodnights to the others, then carried their already sleeping daughters upstairs. First they tucked Sophie into bed, then gently placed Lily in her cot, along with her Willow Bear which she instinctively reached out for. Willow smiled, reaching out to gently brush her hand over the sleeping baby's cheek.

"Can you believe she was ever as small as Jesse?"

"I don't think she was, Will" said Tara, wrapping her arms around her wife's waist. "In fact I'm sure. She was a little bigger than him. It's not that unusual I guess, seeing as Lily only came one week early and Jesse wasn't technically due for another two and a half.."

"Well, she's gotten a lot bigger than she was to begin with" said Willow.

"Yeah, children do tend to do that" Tara chuckled.

"I know" said Willow, playfully swatting her wife's arm. "I was just thinking about how they do grow up so fast. I mean Sophie's at school now, plus Lily's sort of talking, and she'll walk any day now, I know it.."

"She will" Tara smiled, nodding in agreement. Lily had already made several valiant attempts at taking her first steps, and while all of these had so far ended with the little girl falling flat on her face, she hadn't given up, and her determination was bound to pay off, most likely sooner rather than later.

"So" Willow continued, "I was just thinking that we need to remind Xander and Anya to enjoy Jesse while he's tiny, because he won't stay that way for long, and soon it will be hard to remember that he was ever that tiny and.." Tara turned her wife to face her, cutting off her babble with a kiss.

"Okay, Will. We'll remind them."

Meanwhile, in their Motel room, Buffy and Faith lay wrapped in each other's embrace, basking in the afterglow of consummating their marriage.

"You're beautiful" Buffy whispered, brushing a lock of hair out of her new wife's face.

"B.." said Faith, cheeks reddening slightly.

"Seriously, after all the things we've just done, and all the things you say and do, now you blush?" said Buffy, raising an eyebrow.

"There aren't a lot of people in the world who've called me beautiful and really meant it, B" said Faith. "In fact, I'd say you're just about the first."

"Really?" asked Buffy, a little shocked.

"Well, my Mom sure as hell never said it" said Faith. "Grammy did though. I think she knew Mom didn't say it enough.. or ever, so she tried to make up for it I guess."

"You are beautiful, Faith" said Buffy, leaning in for a kiss. "And now" she chuckled mischieviously, "I know how to make you blush."

"You're beautiful too, B, and ha! You just blushed as well" Faith grinned. "Now we're even."

"I'd make you pay for that" Buffy yawned, snuggling closer to her new wife, "But I'm kinda tired." The Slayer gave a sleepy, contentede sigh as her eyes drifted shut. "Can I make you pay for it tommorow?"

"Yeah, B, tomorrow" Faith grinned. Before long, she had drifted off herself, and the newlywed Slayers slipped into one of their shared dreams. A dream of Sun, and picnics, and a dark-haired little girl playing on a swing. Their perfect day.

AN: Their we go, the end! As most of you already know, I have planned another story in this series, but because of a time jump between this story and the next one, I still have a bit of planning and tweaking to do before I post it. To tide you all over until then, I will be writing a series of one-shots set in this universe, as well as working on some other fics I've had planned for a while but haven't got around to. Stick with me, and I'll try not to keep you waiting too long :)