A Work of Fan Fiction


Patty Poston

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Some things in this story are true. Some things are complete fiction. It's up to you to decide what really happened and what did not. That's all part of the fun. I hope you enjoy the story. Thank you for reading.

Part 1 – No Secrets Here

Alice smiled as she made her way down the stairs, her latest vision already clearing. "Oh, Carlisle," she said, her tone reassuring, "I just saw we will be having company in a few days. He's been looking for us for awhile. He wants to meet us and discuss our lifestyle. His name is Jonathan." She smiled again, even brighter than before, waiting for Carlisle's response.

Carlisle was a little wary. They didn't often get visitors without more notice, but he knew it was nearly impossible to dispute Alice's visions. They came when they came, and she was so naturally persuasive. She didn't share everything she saw, but if it was important to the family in even the slightest way, she never hesitated. "Okay. Just keep me informed of any changes. You said a few days; is he a nomad on foot or is he established?"

She grinned in triumph. "He's established, but still semi-nomadic. He's got a home base in Virginia, but he's been traveling for several years now. He knows Peter and Charlotte. They told him where to find us. I know he'll take a room at one of the motels in Forks before he comes here, but he doesn't know which one yet. Peter told him to feed before he came into our area. And I can see that he blends well with humans. He's really quite cute, for an older man," she added with a giggle, her eyes twinkling. She cut her eyes to glance in Jasper's direction.

Her mate was standing before the huge picture windows, appearing to pay no attention to their conversation. Betraying his actual interest, he was instantly by Alice's side, staring down at her in consternation. "What's this about him being cute?" Jasper asked. "For an older guy? What does that mean? How much older?"

Alice's giggles escalated to full-blown hilarity. She could barely reply. She always loved it when Jasper showed any concern for her safety, a near constant thing for him. She patted his arm comfortingly. "Oh, Jazz, don't be jealous, you know I only have eyes for you!" He snorted and rolled his eyes, but he put his hand firmly over hers possessively. "Besides, he looks to be in his 50's, you know, a dashing 'fatherly' figure."

"Ahem." Carlisle made a sound similar to a human clearing his throat. "A 'fatherly' figure?"

"Yeah," said Alice, feigning interest while her eyes still sparkled. "A 'fatherly' figure. You may be our father, Carlisle, but you are far too young and handsome to be a 'fatherly' figure. This guy's hair was already silver when he was turned."

"Oh, that kind of 'fatherly' figure." Carlisle smiled. "Now I'm intrigued. We don't have many of our kind who was turned at such an advanced age. He must be very compelling. Perhaps he has a special power that had gone unnoticed until that advanced age. I'm anxious to meet him."

Alice's eyes glittered in satisfaction. "He'll be here on Wednesday." Everyone will be so surprised. Jonathan needs our help in more ways than one. It's going to be so much fun! I can hardly wait!