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It was supposed to be a normal day, doing chores and school work. A young boy sighed, heaving a heavy bag off of a neat pile where his brothers had piled it inside a shed to drag it into an abnormally large barn-like building. He wanted to finish his chores quickly, yes, but he wanted to avoid his homework as well. It was a lose-lose situation no matter how he thought of it. He sighed to himself again, almost to the doors now.

A shot rang out of no where, startling him. The once heavy bag in his hands suddenly became lighter, spilling its contents onto the ground through a hole that had appeared out of no where in its side. He froze, not understanding what had just happened. 'What was that?' screamed across his mind as he looked around in panic. More shots rang out, sudden pain blaring through his arm and side, red spray coming from the hit areas.

That got him moving, dashing into the nearby woods. The barn doors were locked, it'd take too much time to unlock them. He could already hear the occupants inside growling, not understanding what was going on. More gunshots, just as he entered the tree line. A sharp stab of pain went through his leg, making him scream. His control and balance both left him at that moment as he fell to the ground.

A shrieking roar tore through the air. The sound of ripping metal and snapping leather forced him to pay attention. Screams of terror echoed, following almost immediately along with more shots. Rage that wasn't his flooded his mind, demanding vengeance. Some type of insanity took him over, forcing him to be a bystander within his own body. His back arched, feeling power, so much power, arch through him. It overrode his pain, forcing his mouth open in a silent scream. His hands curved as if to mimic claws, shredding at the earth below him in time with screams of pain. His mouth opened and snapped shut, a phantom taste of something warm and metallic coating his tongue and throat.

He gagged, stomach rolling. He was regaining clarity and with it the pain from before. His body hit the ground again, shaking. It was unlike anything he'd ever felt before, a strange numbness followed by a hot burning agony. He gripped at the ground, tears in his eyes. The boy forced them back, not allowing himself to cry, wanting to go home, and trying to understand what had happened. He was just a kid! Why had this happened?

Something large moved through the woods towards him. Hot breath caressed his back and side, something large, wet and slippery sliding over his side. A whine came to his ears, accompanied by a worried stroke in his mind. He tried to reassuringly return it, fumbling with his mental control, cursing once more that his was the worst. He wasn't sure if he'd managed it or not, but the hot breath got even closer, sharp things surrounded his body, and he was carefully picked up. They began to move, bringing forth a groan from the boy at his hurting body being jarred. When they reached a clearing and the sound of snapping leather came again, he simply let himself black out before they took off into the air. A last mental touch to his mind cooed, 'I'll keep you safe.'


Back at the barn, a speeding jeep suddenly crashed onto the scene, a pair of men (one being the driver) jumping from it before it even fully stopped. They grimaced at the grisly scene, worry eating at both of them. There was trumpeting roars coming from the barn, along with sounds of breaking metal. They kept watch as a woman and a much older man exited the jeep, going straight for the barn doors. The elderly man seemed to panic as he fumblingly opened the password and DNA encrypted locks.

Inside the building, it was practically as chaotic as the outside. Despite its enormous size, there were only a dozen huge stalls within and of those only five were occupied. The stall doors were half doors, allowing the occupants to stare at them. Two seemed partially broken down, with another one almost completely broken. What really worried the people though was the destroyed stall. The door was ripped clean off its hinges, tossed clear across the hall to be practically embedded into the door across from the ravaged stall, deep gouges in the thick metal. A huge hole in the building's ceiling confirmed their fear that the occupant had escaped, well, that and the slaughtered bodies outside.

The eldest of them turned to the woman, his unasked question clear in his eyes. She nodded, closing her own eyes and concentrating. A distant look appeared within the eyes of the creatures around them. They slowly calmed down, sensing that the danger was gone now. After a minute she shook her head as she broke off her connection to them, "I'm sorry Father. They say they only heard noises from outside, then Frost Bite broke free."

The older of the other two men, spoke next, "What else Isis? Did they say anything about...?"

She shook her head, interrupting him, "No, nothing else. Just that Frost lost control again."

The other man asked, "What about Frost Bite? Did you manage to contact him?"

Isis gave him a look, "What do you think I did Joey? Frost's blocking me out and you know I have trouble with both of them."

The old man sighed, "Was there anything else my dear? Anything at all?"

The redhead shook her head again, "I'm sorry Father, but like I said before, that's all they know."

He nodded, turning to the creatures there. They were intently watching the humans with their eerie stare, waiting for what would happen next. He frowned, wanting to have put this off for as long as possible. The old man turned back to his companions, his children, "I guess I have a few phone calls to make after all."