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Written by: Tearless Sonnet

Inspired by: Facebook Galore by Gabbeh

Tech Savvy




Mikan Sakura has just joined Facebook :D


Mikan Sakura is now friends with Hotaru Imai, Ruka Nogi, Natsume Hyuuga, and 15 others.


What is your type?

1. What is the best feature of a guy?

[] eyes

[x] smile (not that often, but when he does, ehmagosh XD)

[] body

[] brain

2. What is your favorite color?

[] red

[] pink

[] blue

[x] orange (hell yeah!)

3. What is your favorite hobby?

[] reading

[x] eating (fluff puffs! XD)

[] studying

[] singing

4. What would the perfect date be?

[] a walk in the park and a movie after

[] dinner in a fancy restaurant

[] a walk in the beach

[x] he doesn't take you out much, since he is socially awkward, but he loves you a lot


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Mikan Sakura this is so not true :(

Mikan Sakura took the 'What is your type?' quiz and got the result: 'Bad boy'

Your type is:

Bad boy!

You look for the type of guy who doesn't really care much about anything, but has a soft spot for you and you alone, except maybe his best friend (who is male and straight). Your man is strong and silent and doesn't open up much, but for you, that's okay since he's also smexxy hawtt. ;)

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Sumire Shouda at 1:32pm October 30

I KNEW IT! You do like Natsume-kun, traitor!

Mikan Sakura at 1:32pm October 30

I do not! :(

Natsume Hyuuga at 1:33pm October 30

Stop denying it, Polka.

Mikan Sakura at 1:33pm October 30

Holy crap! O.o How did you get my facebook?

Natsume Hyuuga at 1:33pm October 30


Mikan Sakura at 1:34pm October 30

Hotaru?!?! How could you!!!!1!!


Sumire Shoudanoooo waaaay :(

Sumire Shouda took the 'What is your type?' quiz and got the result: 'Class clown'

Your type is:

Class clown!

You like funny men, period. Sometimes you're worried he doesn't take your relationship seriously, but he does, deep down. Your man likes cracking jokes and making you laugh, and you really enjoy being around him.

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Sumire Shouda is not happy.

Mikan Sakura wants fluff puffs. :S

Natsume Hyuuga thinks Polka Dots is a pig.

Mikan Sakura thinks Natsume is just jealous

Natsume Hyuuga jealous of what?

Mikan Sakura is sticking out her tongue at Natsume. bleh! :P

Natsume Hyuuga put that tongue back in your mouth or I'll personally make sure it goes into mine.

Sumire Shouda is sticking out her tongue at Natsume-kun.

Natsume Hyuuga is disgusted.


Natsume Hyuuga KNOWS this quiz is shit

Natsume Hyuuga took the 'Are you gay or not?' quiz and got the result: 100% gay!

You are 100% gay!

Dude, you are seriously gay. You may pretend that you're a cool and mysterious bad boy, but deep down, you fancy the same sex. Congrats.

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Mikan Sakura AHA! So this is why Ruka's your best friend!

Ruka Nogi O.o wtf?


Mikan Sakura at 2:10pm October 30

AHA! So that's the reason why you've never had a girlfriend!

Natsume Hyuuga at 2:11pm October 30

Go to hell


Mikan Sakura wants more friends in Pet Society. :(

Natsume Hyuuga thinks Pet Society is stupid and that Polka is immature

Ruka Nogi has a Pet Society O.o

Natsume Hyuuga Polka is immature, and so is Ruka.

Mikan Sakura how mean! He's your best friend!

Natsume Hyuuga that doesn't change his immaturity

Ruka Nogi doesn't want to get involved

Mikan Sakura thinks Ruka is already involved

Natsume Hyuuga does not care. At all.


Hotaru Imai thinks Nogi is cheap.

I just bought Ruka as my newest pet on Friends For Sale for $2,111,382.

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Mikan Sakura lol!! Ruka, I feel so sorry for you! XD

Ruka Nogi thinks Mikan shouldn't rub it in his face.

Natsume Hyuuga is smirking.

Mikan Sakura thinks Natsume should stop smirking.

Natsume Hyuuga does not stop smirking.

Ruka Nogi thinks Natsume and Mikan are flirting.

Natsume Hyuuga thinks that if Ruka doesn't shut up, he'll get a sandwich

Ruka Nogi is hungry

Mikan Sakura is also hungry

Natsume Hyuuga means 'knuckle sandwich'

Ruka Nogi and Mikan Sakura are not hungry anymore


Sumire Shouda and Natsume Hyuuga are now friends

Sumire Shouda wrote on Natsume Hyuuga's wall:


Natsume Hyuuga does not like the application FriendFinder


Mikan Sakura is a good girl, no matter what Facebook says :(

Mikan Sakura took the Good-or-Bad-Meter and got the result:

30% Good, 70% Bad

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Sumire Shouda stop playing the innocent, good girl act, Sakura. You know who you are. AND STOP TRYING TO STEAL NATSUME-KUN AWAY FROM ME!

Mikan Sakura it's not an act! I am good all the way, Permy!

Natsume Hyuuga I'm not yours, Shouda. And Polka, I've always known that you were bad.

Mikan Sakura you're smirking, aren't you?

Natsume Hyuuga yes

Mikan Sakura go to hell

Natsume Hyuuga now who said that first?

Mikan Sakura not you :p


Ruka Nogi not true!!!

Ruka Nogi has just gotten his fortune.

You will look at a certain person in a different light and have a different perspective about that person. You will be confused and led astray from your path, but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

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Misaki Harada I KNEW IT!

Ruka Nogi knew what?

Misaki Harada you like Hotaru-chan, duh. Or at least, you will like her.


Misaki Harada hah! I bet if you were really talking to me out loud, your face would be bright red, and you'd be stuttering like hell XP


Sumire Shouda what the effing hell?

Sumire Shouda has just gotten her fortune.

The stars are in a perfect alignment tonight, and your future is clear and bright. People come and go and you may think you have found the one, but be aware and take a chance, for the person you seek might have been there all along, hiding in the shadows and waiting for his chance to take a step forward.

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Mikan Sakura how romantic!!!

Sumire Shouda what a bunch of baloney

Mikan Sakura NO WAY! Your love life is practically written in the stars!

Sumire Shouda ehmagawd, YA! It could be Natsume-kun, my LOOOOOVEEE!

Mikan Sakura O.o Hyper, much?

Sumire Shouda :P You're just jealous that I'm fated to be with Natsume-kun since day 1!

Mikan Sakura whatever floats your boat

Sumire Shouda I don't ride boats! Especially when they're on water!


Mikan Sakura at 7:32pm October 31


Natsume Hyuuga at 7:34pm October 31

Immature brat.

Mikan Sakura at 7:34pm October 31


Natsume Hyuuga at 7:35pm October 31

Take. That. Back.

Mikan Sakura at 7:35pm October 31

OKAY, OKAY, I take that back! Unscrew you!

Natsume Hyuuga at 7:36pm October 31

You know what, Polka? There are a lot of people in this world I find very annoying, and you are all of them.

Mikan Sakura at 7:38pm October 31

Oh, yeah? Well, before giving someone a piece of your mind, try and remember to save a little something for yourself, hm?

Natsume Hyuuga at 7:38pm October 31

You grow on people, but so does cancer.

Mikan Sakura at 7:40pm October 31

Some people are alive only because it is illegal to shoot them.

Natsume Hyuuga at 7:41pm October 31

Too bad it isn't Stupid-Idiot season, huh?

Mikan Sakura at 7:41pm October 31


Mikan Sakura at 7:42pm October 31

...Okay, even I knew that was lame...


Mikan Sakura and Natsume Hyuuga are engaged.


Sumire Shouda is :(

I think I have no life. I mean, I'm sitting here every day in front of the computer like a dork, reading fanfiction and writing. But you like me that way, don't you? :)

This came to me while I was reading a Naruto fanfic by Gabbeh (Facebook Galore), and I wanted to come up with an Alice version. So... here it is.

I've finished writing 31 drabbles so far, and I'm dying to post them up. Maybe I'll go update Survival of the Almost Achievers?

Review please!

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