Outake 1 - Insecurities

A/N: As usual Twilight and all its characters belong to the talented Stephenie Meyer

A/N: So many of you asked for this so here it is. Carlisle's conversation with Edward.

I dreaded the conversation I was about to have with my son. Jasper had just left with Bella tucked in the back seat of my Mercedes, headed for the wilds of Northern Ontario. Esme, my beautiful wife was distraught at how Bella's birthday had turned out and the distance that was now necessary. She had elected to leave and meet Rosalie rather than sit through my meeting with Edward.

When Bella had cut her finger on the wrapping paper my thoughts had immediately gone to Jasper; he had always been the one that had struggled the most with our diet. Being an empath in a house with six other vampires meant that he had to deal with feeling the thirst of those same six vampires on top of his own. He had not had an accident in many years and I wanted to be sure that this would not push him. Seeing him thrashing in Emmett's arms and fighting Rosalie, to my shame, I was sure that he had lost control.

"Edward No!!!!" That one cry from Jasper had me spinning to see the bronze head of my son in a position that I had never seen and hoped I would never have to. At first glance it had appeared that Edward had simply thrown himself across Bella in order to protect her. I hoped that he was instinctively protecting the woman that he saw as his mate. My more rational mind knew better. It recognized the position of hunter and prey.

Bella's arms had at first appeared to be embracing Edwards shoulders like a woman being laid down by her lover. They quickly moved to his chest in a futile attempt to push him from her.

Bella, the beautiful human girl, who loved us all despite the fact that we were the starring figures in horror films, had a look of disbelieving terror on her face. Her eyes were locked with Jasper's and one small pale hand reached out to him in a wordless plea for help.

Everyone had frozen. Jasper was instantly released but Esme was the first to react. She was the closest and stood the best chance but I watched as Edward threw her across the room and into a wall. Emmett who loved Bella as a funny little sister and Rosalie who envied her sprang into action next. Their thoughts were easily read by Edward and he had reacted instantly. Rosalie was swung into Emmett and the two of them were thrown through the front window and into the yard like discarded toys.

I shook my head and stopped myself from reliving the horrific events of the evening again. Retreiving my phone from the desk I called Rosalie

"Hi Dad" Rosalie only rarely called me Dad. It displayed the depth of her inner turmoil that she did so now.

"Hello Rose. Could you and Emmett please escort Edward back to the house? I would like to speak with him." I could barely recognize my own voice

"Of course. Esme?" She was wordlessly asking me if Esme was sitting in on the meeting as well.

"If you could please meet your Mother by the river after you have accompanied Edward to the house she would appreciate it." I know my poor wife's heart was breaking on so many levels. Rosalie would help her

Her voice was firm when she spoke next "Emmett will stay at the house." She didn't ask and to be honest was grateful. Emmett may be the goofball of the family but he was very level headed and had the greatest chance outside of Jasper to gain control of Edward should things go wrong.

A few minutes later Edward entered my study without a hint of remorse on his face. Emmett shook his head as he was closing the door behind him. I heard him take up a post in the hall giving us the illusion of privacy. Edward sat in one of the chairs opposite my desk and after a moment I replayed everything that had happened that evening in my mind. His face remained impassive. There was no sign of remorse, regret, or shame. "Why Edward?"

A look of arrogance settled on his features "She was my singer. From the day she was born her blood was mine. I watched Emmett devour his singer; it was over much too quickly. I knew it would be better to prolong my enjoyment. Being around her blood constantly, knowing I could resist its bouquet was the ultimate high. My personal control was a sure sign of my superiority."

I knew he could hear my every thought and how sickened I was. It didn't seem to matter to him at all "Did you ever love her?"

His smile was condescending "You have no idea how perfect she was for me. She was born to be mine. Her blood sang to me and her mind gave me peace after 100 years of static. How could I not love such a treasure?"

"But Edward she is a person. She has feelings and hopes; she looked at us and saw only the good in us. How could you manipulate her that way? She loves you." I couldn't understand how he could treat sweet Bella this way

He frowned clearly confused "I treated her very well Carlisle. What did I do wrong? I protected her, fed her, took her out for exercise, and made sure she was in a healthy environment; I looked after her. Why shouldn't I get to keep her, especially since she was so obviously mine."

"She isn't a pet Edward!" I couldn't stop myself from yelling, I could hear Emmett's low growl coming from the other side of the door. He was clearly upset about Edward's perception of Bella as well.

I felt sick. I knew he didn't understand what true love was. We had spend the better part of a century together and he had learned nothing.

He smiled knowing my mind but when he heard my next thoughts his face fell to one of dismay and confusion.

"Rosalie will drive you to the airport. Once there you will board a plane headed for New York. Then you will connect to a flight bound for Alaska. Eleazar will be waiting for you in Denali. You are to stay with the Denali coven for the foreseeable future." He hated even visiting the Denali's because of the three sisters that lived there. Tanya in particular was very aggressive in her attempts to seduce Edward. He also found being around Eleazar and Carmen to be restrictive. They believed in order and discipline; having three succubi in the house made it a must or they would have been discovered decades ago. Edward tried to protest but I continued.

"You will not visit us or contact any of us unless it is through Eleazar. This is non-negotiable Edward" I looked at him long and hard and saw only defeat on the face of a petulant child.

"This time my son, you will have to face the consequences of your actions. I have failed your mother, Elizabeth; I will do my best to make it right. I love you too much to let you continue to be the spoiled child you have become. You will wait in your room until Rosalie and Emmett come for you." He knew he was dismissed and without another word he left the room.

I couldn't stay in the same house with him right now. As I ran into the night to join my wife I thought of my new daughter and the additional pain that the cross country trip would cause her. My precious Bella, who only ever thought of others and who loved us for the beings that we aspired to be and not for the monsters that we were. She saw the world through rose colored glasses.

I could only pray that she would forgive us.