OK i'm thinking of turning this into a story but befor I do I want to see what you guys think off the first chapter. A little crude at times but plz look past it cos I didn't feel comfortable writing the crude bits anyway ;)


I'm really bored of writing these...






Raven opened her eyelids slowly and wearily and found herself on the floor.

"How did I-" but as she lifted her head a strong pain overtook.

"Oh yeah, the party"

Raven rubbed her temple as she sank back to the floor. Never before had she had a hangover and but realized that Cyborg had just reason to whine about them. She moaned as a bird tweeted outside the tower. She held her hands to her ears until the bird ceased it's whistling, but even then the noise rang through her drums. Sweat began to pool on her forehead and she wiped it away with the back of her hand.

She felt like someone had hit her hard in the head.

"Ugh...where am I?" she thought as she lifted her head a little too quickly. She moaned groggily as her head sunk back to the floor.

"Aw screw it, I'll try again later...wait...later? OH CRAP! WHAT TIME IS IT!?" She screeched as she force herself to her feet. The pain ran through her head and she moaned again. Her vision was slightly blurred and she still couldn't tell just where she was, but she managed to make out a time from a near-by clock:


"SHIT!" she cried, continuing to curse under her breath.

As her vision focused she realized she was in the Titan's common room. She couldn't help but feel a little relived.

"Good, that probably means nobody's up yet" she whispered as she stumbled to the cabinet.

"Were are they?" she hissed as she rummaged impatiently through the cups and plates. She knew from that Cyborg kept a pack of painkillers hidden somewhere in the kitchen, but she'd only ever seem him take them. She huffed in frustration as she moved onto the draws, her head pounding.

If only she'd known Star's 18th birthday party was going to have alcohol. She knew this was probably to be expected of an 18th birthday party, but still she'd never seen it coming.

Star was so abundant with child-like innocence.

Although, from what Raven could remember, after a few shots she isn't so innocent...

Raven sighed graciously as she found the painkillers concealed under the good silver that they hardly ever used. Raven was the only person who knew of Cyborg's late night ventures, so in retrospect, this was probably a good idea.

Raven opened the packet and popped out two white tablets. She placed them to her tongue and swallowed with the aid of a cup of water. As well as the hangover, being drunk was new to her as well. She had drank before, but only something like a glass of champagne at Christmas. Robin was usually very strict about alcohol. No one in the team had been allowed to drink until they had turned 17. Not that it had stopped Cyborg. Raven had turned seventeen exactly 6 months ago, but that still meant she wasn't an adult for a further six.

Raven sunk to the ground in disappointment. She had promised herself long ago if she ever got drunk, she'd wait until she was eighteen. A promise she had made after the last time she had to walk Cy home.




"Disgusting" she mumbled as Cyborg leaned over and puked on the tarmac. "Honestly, if you keep this up you'll destroy all the human parts before your 20"she lectured, waiting for him to finish.

He began to pant .

"I can a-always build synthetic r-replacements"

"On your death bed?"

"Your not my mother Rae"

Raven ignored his insolence and help him to his feet. His heavy metal frame was lifted easily with the aid of her powers, but that didn't stop him from stumbling around.

"You know, you owe me big for covering for you. What would Robin say if he found out?"

But Cyborg was out. His eye lids were drooped and his blue circuitry was fading to grey.

"This is too much for a teenager to handle" she said, her eyes glowed white and a black disk appeared. Raven used her mantra to lift Cyborg onto the disk and she began to shift it towards the tower.

"I'm never getting drunk, at least not until I'm eighteen" she puffed, as she strained under Cyborg's weight.


Raven buried her face in her arms.

"How could I be so stupid?" she thought as she kicked the bottom of the counter. A china plate flew itself off the counter and into the wall. She didn't move from were she sat, leaving the shattered china lying on the carpet. It was then she first realized her arms felt bare. She craned her neck up and felt like her brain was rattling in her head. She looked to her arms to justify her sensation. Sure enough, her arms were naked.

She remembered that she was still wearing the dress that she'd received for her birthday. It was made of a shiny silk, like that of a negligee. It was a deep blue, with matching spaghetti stings. It only just covered the top of her thighs, the hem lined with a thin violet ribbon. She hated it when she had to dress like this, but it was Star's birthday, so she couldn't really say no. She looked down at the tight stilettos that were still on her feet. She groaned a little as she pulled them off.

"I really wish I'd argued Star down to pumps" she thought as she rubbing her feet.

"My head hurts enough as it is..." She complained out loud, trying her hardest to stand back up.

Suddenly she heard footsteps and every step pounded in her head. She held one hand to her head and used the other to place the painkillers back were she found them. The doors slid opened and Beast boy entered, eyes puffy and legs shaking. He was still wearing the black pants and v-neck white shirt he wore last night, which actually looked pretty good on him.

"Oh! Hey Rae" he muttered, stumbling to the fridge."You have lipstick on your cheek by the way" he said as he rummaged in the fridge.

Raven froze in horror and stared into space. She whipped her cheek with her palm and stared at the smudge.

Her own.

"Thank God" She mumbled, feeling greatly relieved.

Star had make her wear make-up.

Beast boy groaned a little as he took a sip of his soy milk.

"ARGH! MY HEAD!" he whined, placing the glass carelessly on the counter and spilling the rest of the milk.

Raven was about to inform him of the painkillers, but her mouth clamped closed. If she said anything he might ask questions and she had promised Cyborg that she'd never say anything to anyone.

Just them Beast boy walked into the cabinet door raven had left open.

"Stupid door..." he mumbled, rubbing his head.

Then again...this was Beast boy.

Raven waited until his back was turned, then fished out Cyborg's pain killers.

"Here, take two" she said, sticking them under his nose and he did as he was instructed, taking both sheets of foil.

"Two tablets" she said, rolling her eyes.

Beast boy blushed a little, he popped out two of the tablets and returning the sheets to the box.

A pair of heavy footsteps were clearly audible down the hall. Both Beast boy and Raven held there hands to there eyes.

"Dude! Does Cy have to walk so loud?" Squealed Beast boy, stumbling to the sitting area and collapsing on the couch "Urm...why are there panties on the couch?" he said, holding up a pair of black-lace underpants.

Raven was too busy putting the painkillers back so she didn't really listen to what Beast boy had said. She closed the draw just in time.

"Mornin' guys..." grumbled Cyborg, followed by Starfire and Robin, who also greeted them.


"Good morning friends"

Raven nodded as she boiled her kettle.

"That was close..."

Beast boy beamed as Cyborg as he walked towards the couch, he still held the underwear in his hands.

"Check it out Cy!" he jeered, waving them proudly.

Cyborg wolf whistled as he snatched the pants from his grip, Robin sighed as a sat on his seat.

"You two are worse than kids..." he mumbled, Starfire sitting on his lap.

"I must agree" she said, cuddling up closer to her boyfriend.

Raven said nothing, but stood mortified. Her absent underpants had not concerned her when she had first woken up but she now realized that the ones they were unmistakeably hers.

Her headache had been steadily improving since she had taken the painkillers but suddenly her head began to spun.

"WHY THE HELL AM I NOT WEARING MY UNDERWEAR?" She asked herself, deeply confused.

And suddenly a memory came back to her...

Kissing on the floor, she reached for the zip of his pants. His hands were under her dress and there bodies were close.


Raven backed into a wall, causing a clattering of glasses.

The team turned to face her, there heads now throbbing.

Her eyes were wide and her heart was hammering inside her chest

"Are you alright friend Raven?" asked Starfire, rubbing her forehead.

Raven couldn't hear her. She was sealed away in her own thoughts.

I couldn't have...

I refuse to believe it

Starfire shook raven's shoulder gingerly but Raven didn't stir from her trance. The team surrounded her, suddenly concerned.

"Yoo Hoo! Anybody home?" Whistled Beast boy as he waved a hand in front of her unblinking eyes.

"I don't get it she was fine when I came in..." said Cyborg, snapping his fingers in his own attempt to snap her out of it.

Raven felt like her mind was swelling.

Had see really done it?
Has she really slept someone?

She was so confused...

To make it worse she couldn't even remember who it was...

Suddenly, a strong shake by Starfire shocked her back into reality. She looked around at her team mates, mainly the boys. The Titans East had been at the party, meaning she could have slept with one of them, but the idea that she could have ha a one night stand with a member of her own team sent her emotions absolutely haywire...

"I have to go" she said, running out the room without another word.

"What do you suppose is wrong with her?" asked Robin, scratching his head.

"Who knows..." said Cyborg, shrugging his shoulders "This is Raven we're talkin' about..."