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Raven emitted a loud cry of pain, as the sharp tightening suddenly returned. Starfire grasped her friend's hand, allowing her to squeeze when she had a contraction.

"That is it friend Raven, just focus on the breathing!"

The girl cried out with deafening pitch, tears streaming down her soft grey cheeks. The lights that lined the walls around them, were viciously destroyed, by a chain of darkness. The teens were showered with shards of glass, which they made no attempt to brush off.

Cyborg pushed against the steel-plated doors, using his shoulder, not waiting for there automatic function.

The metal crunched to the sides of the doorways, leaving holes, for the young heroes to dash through.

Aqualad typed on his Titans Communicator, eyes leaping from the lemon yellow keys, to the wheezing girl that stumbled in front.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" roared Beast boy, swiping angrily at the Atlantean's fingers.

Aqualad grimaced, but suppressed his anger "I'm calling my team"

Beast boy didn't return the favor, even spitting as he spoke


He was normally a very passive individual, but what Beast boy had said, was going to far

Aqualad lost his temper, something that very rarely happened.

When it did happen, it wasn't pleasant...


This drastic change in the atlantean's demeanor, was enough to shut Beast boy's ever-running mouth. He didn't know Aqualad could speak like that, let alone ever carry it out.

Beast boy turned away, focusing on moving quickly. He morphed into a jade panther, dashing his way in front of Cyborg. He briskly changed into a gorilla, smashing the door before his teammate got a chance.

Raven was aware of her surroundings, but she couldn't really take them in. Pain clouded her stress-filled mind and she became detached from the outside world. Everything became a faded blur and the only thing that sunk in, was the horrible agony.

Another scream filled the corridor, as the remains of the glass began to melt.

Damage to the tower would be dealt with later...

The young heroes reached the final door, which was destroyed in a haste, by both Cyborg and Beast boy. The teens glared briefly into the afternoon sunlight, before quickly encircling the wheezing empath. Cyborg typed a sequence into the top of his arm and the garage door quickly slid open. The newly polished T-car came into view and Starfire pressed her free hand, to the small of Raven's back. She guided her towards the vehicle, constantly monitoring the girl's condition.

Beast boy changed back to his human self and edged his way closer to his Gothic lover.

He grasped Raven's right palm, squeezing it gently, in a comforting manner.

"You're gonna be okay Rae..." he whispered softly "Just keep breathing"

Raven smiled weakly at him, freeing her hand from his grasp and pressing it to his emerald cheek.

Her smiling face began to contort, as she screamed yet again, sweat pooling on her pasty forehead.

The pregnant girl was first to enter the car, followed by an anxious Starfire. Aqualad and Beast boy pushed and shoved, to claim the seat next to the girls. Aqualad came out smugly triumphant, as Beast boy was dragged backwards, through the seats.

Cyborg was clutching the Changeling's collar, which he slammed down against the dark polyester.


"We don't have time for this..." snarled Robin, strapping himself into the front passenger seat.

Beast boy bared his gleaming teeth, but with a curdling scream, he remembered Raven.

He turned to her, ignoring Aqualad, who was now talking to his distraught leader.


He focused on her, the girl he loved.


With a swift movement, he fastened his seat belt.

"We better hurry"


The doors to the hospital were pushed aside roughly, shocking the waiting room into silence. Raven continued to squeal and screech, plants wilting as her magic ran wild.

They approached the reception.

The nurse nearly fainted, eyes drifting to the pregnant teenager.

"Are you who I think you are?" she whispered excitedly, as the nurses behind her pointed and gasped, older ones giving disproving looks.

The Titans ignored her question, not in the mood for an in-depth interview.

Robin took charge, taking control of his position as leader...

"I fail to see how that's important" he mumbled darkly, hands pressed to the wipe-clean desktop. "What is important, is that are friend appears to have gone into labor, and we need to get her to a doctor"

The young nurse, who was now talking to someone on the phone, slammed it down on the black receiver.

"Of course you do" she muttered loudly, picking up the phone on her left. "I'll get someone to take you to the maternity ward" she said, typing a number into the faded plastic. "Have a seat, it should be about 15 minutes"

Aqualad looked to her, eyes wide. He approached the desk, fists clenched.

Beast boy was busy caring for Raven, but if he had heard, there was no doubt he would've done the same.

"Excuse me? She's about to give birth!" he stated, voice still calm, but slightly raised.

There was no doubt BB would've done the same...but perhaps in a less civilized way....

"I'm sorry sir, but we're very busy today!" gasped the nurse, pulling a second phone up to ear "Hello, Jump City General, how can I help you?"

Raven felt her throat close, as she clawed desperately at a plastic chair. Her breathing became more and more erratic, as her toned legs began to buckle.

"RAVEN!" squealed Starfire, who's face crumpled, under firm pressure to her right hand.

Raven screamed louder than ever, face stretched to it's absolute limits. Black aura streamed from her mouth and eyes, seeping it's way into the fluorescence. Bulbs blew one by one, with blinding sparks that bounced against there casing. The room was drowned in a sea of darkness, patients and staff silenced once more.

The nurse froze, mouth ajar, as both phones slid from her grasp., voices roaring on the other line.

She blank slowly, twice quickly, then once again slowly. Without a moment to spare, she dashed into the room behind her.

She returned in a flash, wheelchair in hand.

"I'll take you myself"


All they did was stare, at the cream walls, the porcelain tiles and at the peaceful colours of a seascape painting.

They waited, saying nothing, doing nothing. Tension and silence poured through the room, filling the body of every hero.

Beast boy and Aqualad were the only one's who moved, both squirming in there plastic seating.

They never made eye contact, though Beast boy tried.

Just so he could glare at him...

Starfire sat next to Robin, head rested on his pointed shoulder. He stroked her hair absentmindedly, conscious thoughts shutting down. Cyborg sat in the seat next to Beast boy, ready if he were to become violent...which in hing-sight, was probably a good idea...

The silence was broken very suddenly, by a creak from the door they had come through hours ago, though it seemed like decades. Bumblebee emerged through the silent doorway, make up smeared and soft black hair hanging free.

"They said we'd find you here" she mumbled near-silently, hands clenched on Mas y Menos shoulders. She stepped slowly through the empty corridor. The only sound was coming from her heels, clipping on the clean white tiles. She was followed closely by Kid Flash and Speedy, who parted ways, as Kid Flash sat down next to Robin and Star.

Speedy didn't stop, he went straight to Aqualad.

As if he could sense it, the atlantean's eyes drifted up, to meet the white void of Speedy's mask.

The two shared a lengthy stare, Aqualad's contribution cold and unfeeling, the archer's soft and concerned. Speedy reached his destination and sat next to the aquatic prince, a smile spread across his peachy lips.

He placed an arm around Aqualad's shoulder, which Aqualad didn't struggle against.

"You okay fish st-...Aqualad?" Speedy asked, genuine compassion audible in the voice.

Aqualad looked to him, a slight smile gracing his lips, which disappeared as he spoke.

"I've been better" he replied solemnly,

resulting in a cold laugh from a still-furious Beast boy.

"I know the feeling" he hissed

Speedy looked over to the emerald Changeling, slightly confused by the boy's expression. He observed it closely, then watched in awe as he tried to stand up.

"That's enough Beast boy" warned Cyborg, stopping the boy in his attempt to stand.

The archer turned back to Aqualad, eyes interrogating. Bumblebee, the twins and Kid Flash looked over to him as well, the Titans West's eyes sinking to the ground.

"Aqualad..." started Speedy

but Bumblebee finished...

"what's going on?"

Aqualad blushed furiously, stomach twisting into many tight knots.

"Raven's giving birth and we're sitting in a maternity ward" he replied cleverly, arms folding over his chest.

Bumblebee frowned, gaze drifting to the fuming shape shifter, then back again.

"That's not what I meant and you know it....Aqualad...what did you do?" she pressed, chocolate brown eyes burrowing into him.

Resistance of the Beast melted away, as Beast boy's features twisted and curled. He slammed his feet hard against the floor, pushing himself onto the ground. Cyborg knew that he was too far gone, but he still tried to restrain him.

He failed.


"FRIEND BEAST BOY! PLEASE, DO NOT START THE FIGHTING!" cried Starfire, floating over and placing her hands to Beast boy's shoulders. Beast boy grasped Starfire's wrists, nails digging through his gloves, into her flesh. The tamaranian recoiled, pulling herself away from her teammate. Robin ran over quickly to meet her, staring the blood that was dripping from her wrists.

He looked angrily to the Changeling

No one touched Starfire, not while he was around...

"YOU'RE MAKING A BIG DEAL OUT OF NOTHING! YOU ARE GOING TO CALM-DOWN!" he snapped loudly, applying pressure to his lover's wounds, blood soaking into his gloves.

"NO! They need to hear this" he chuckled wickedly, snapping his line of vision onto the Titans East.

His voice was deep, unwavering and cold.

It didn't sound like Beast boy...It wasn't Beast boy

"Beast boy please" begged Aqualad, own gaze on the emerald teen "My actions were unforgivable I know, but I don't want it to come between us, especially not now...not when Raven needs us..." he paused for a moment, nibbling gently on his bottom lip "needs you" he whispered finally, lips receding into his mouth.

Beast boy stopped, but his fist raised.

It stopped in front of the Atlantean's jaw, as he restrained it with his other hand.


He receded back into his seat, lips quivering with the effort of resistance. His fist was still pointed out, ready to strike if he changed his mind.


It lowered, but reluctantly

"I knew I couldn't trust you" he mumbled darkly, staring at the floor below.


That hurt...


Aqualad sat in total silence, vision unfocused and limbs shaking.

Kid Flash moved over to sit with the rest of his team.

The Titans East dropped the subject, not asking what had happened.

They stayed closely by his side, comforting him with there presence.

After a further twenty minutes of tension fueled hush, the door to the birthing room (AN: I didn't know what to call it, sorry) swung open.

A young man with auburn hair stood at the door, clipboard in hand. He quickly skimmed through the creamy papers, before slowly raising his piercing blue eyes.

"Is one of you the father, or are you all just friends?" he asked bluntly, smoothing the apron that was tied around his body.

No one said anything, including Beast boy. His pointed ears had started to dip and his forest green eyes did not leave the ground.

Aqualad waited for a moment, before wearily raising his slender arm.

"I'm the father..." he muttered weakly, a slight blush shining on his cheeks, and a sensation of shame lingering in his mind.

The doctor looked curiously to Beast boy. He had been in medical care long enough, to recognize pain. Still...he nodded, offering Aqualad his hand, which the atlantean politely grasped.

"Congratulations, it's two healthy boys"

Aqualad froze in mid-handshake, eyes wide and mouth agape.



Raven was lying, slightly upright, in her sweat-soaked bed. Two babies lay in her arms, both wrapped in sky blue towels. One had it's eyes closed, but the other one's were slightly open. A pair shiny purple irises peeked up at her, along with purple pupils, but no white. A small tuft of hair stuck up on the sleeping babies head, still damp around the edges.

It was a soft violet, to match the hair of it's mother.

Raven looked down at them and she smiled, as much as she had the energy left to.

Her teammates approached very slowly, lover and father leading the way. Raven looked up, one eye on Beast boy, the other of Aqualad. The boys stayed a distance away, gawping at the newly-born infants. Raven raised one of her hands, signaling for them to come closer. Aqualad moved steadily forward, but Beast boy remained where he stood. The Gothic empath smiled softly, as she cleared her strained throat.

"You to, Gar..." she whispered, raising one of her dark eyebrows. She looked behind him, smile growing as she saw the eight remaining heroes "and the rest of you" she added, before looking back down at her newborn children.

The atlantean stood on her right, as she handed him one of the babies...their babies. He cradled the child in his arms, and as he looked down at his son's sweet face, tears welled in his glassy eyes. He brought the infant closer to his body, sitting him under his chin and collar bone.

"Hello there" he choked emotionally, voice thickening "...Daddy's here"

Beast boy watched, feeling a slight pang of subtle jealousy, but it was soon gone, overwhelmed by the joy he felt for Raven. He stood on his girlfriend's left, watching her gently rock the baby boy. He felt his heart miss a beat, as she stopped rocking, holding him out for him to take.

"N-no" he stammered, raising his hands in front of his face "It's not my kid"

he looked at Aqualad and back at Raven

"It's yours" he finished, his throat clenching.

"I don't care" she insisted stubbornly, reaching out and grabbing her emerald lover's wrist "You're the most important person in my life Garfield, I want you to be part of his moment"

Beast boy found it impossible not to cry, if only a little.

A single tear slid down his cheek, as Raven pulled him into an embrace, the baby sleeping sitting on her lap. They stayed there for several seconds, with there arms around each others necks, until Raven slowly pulled away, handing Beast boy the child as she went.

Beast boy held it, cherished it, as if it were his own. As the baby raised it's tiny arm and placed it on the emerald teen's nose, he chuckled lightly, until more tears dripped from his eyes.

Raven watched, a bystander like the others, as the two boy's continued to cradle the newest titans.

The midwife, who had stood patiently in the corner of the room, approached Robin with a sheet of paper.

Presumably, to write down some of the details.

"Is one of them the dad?" she asked, pointing her pen to Aqualad and Beast boy.

"...Yeah" replied Robin, through the huge grin that was spread across his lips. He pointed to the atlantean, who was now crying quite a lot. "He is"

The midwife nodded, tapping the aquatic prince lightly on his shoulder.

"I need your names, for the birth certificates" she explained, pen at the ready "The mother is..."

In reality, Raven was her full name, but she had made the decision, at the time of the birth, that she would use her alter ego.

"My name's Rachael, Rachael Roth" she croaked, lying back on her off-white pillow.

The nurse turned to the accidental daddy, who responded before she could ask her question


The nurse waited, then stopped writing

"...I need your last name as well"

Aqualad wavered a little "Technically, I don't have one"

The nurse raised a finely-plucked eyebrow, a look of uncertainty spread across her face "You don't have a family name?"

"Well, my father's last name was Curry, but I don't-"

"Garth Curry" muttered the nurse, scribbling it down on her paper.

Aqualad sighed

"...Use it" he finished, but he knew it was in vain.

The midwife looked up for the final time, eyes on the teenage parent's.

"And what are there names...or do you need some more time to decide?"

Aqualad froze, eyes drifting to Raven, who's eyes were actually on Beast boy.

"I want you and Aqualad to decide" she said

Beast boy's face paled, as he took in this strange request.

"Why me?" He asked, looking back down at the slightly-younger twin "It's not mi-"

Raven cut him off "I already told you, I DON'T CARE"

Beast boy stood with his lips pursed, he stared at Aqualad.

He didn't glare, he didn't snarl, he just...looked.

And for the first time in far too long, they smiled at each other.



Raven grinned, violet eyes gently shimmering.

She nodded slowly at the midwife, who looked to her very questioningly.

"I like it" she whispered, before shutting her lids and going to sleep.

It had been a long 9 months

Hard, unforgiving and very confusing. She had gone through a teenage pregnancy, all because she let her guard down, for one moment, at a birthday party.

But in the end, the result of the pain she'd had to suffer...the results of the pain she had to suffer...She wouldn't trade for anything in the world


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