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New life can not exist in the same form as old life, but when the old life dies new worlds begin for that new life.

Time had passed since Egypt, for some only a few weeks, for others those weeks felt like a life time, sam had gone back to collage, he had decided on a semi normal life of going to classes and spending time with bumblebee, it was the best he could hope for given what had happened, but he felt better about this than he had thought he would, the classes with his crazy professor didn't seem as bad with bumblebee around, every time he was shot an insult he pictured bee breaking down the wall and picking up the jerk by his ankle then holding him in front of sam until he apologised, little things like that got him through the day.

If he said things were perfect then he would have been lying, over the weeks things between him and mikaela had started to drift apart again, he felt that he had tried his best to keep them together, but in the real world he had been distant with her after about a week of trying, it wasn't that he wanted to be that way, he liked her but there was nothing pulling him, keeping him there, he didn't know when it had started was it lately or had it just been there from the start, either way she had gotten upset with him for the "lack of communication" as she put it, his thoughts shifted suddenly as the professor called out "class is over everyone and Mr Witwicky" primus he hated that man, as he got up to leave he found him self looking out the window, there sitting in the sun light was bee, waiting for him, like he did every day, sam's mind went hazy at the thought of getting in bee's alt form and hitting the road, he was yanked out of his thoughts when a dull pain shot through his right arm, leo had yanked on it to get sam's attention, not knowing that sam was having trouble with that arm, well it had started with that arm but now the dull thudding had moved up past his shoulder and across his chest towards the other arm and down his back, he punched leo in the shoulder to make him let go, not really thinking what he was doing or where he was, leo cried out "what was that for?" drawing stares from the class room shrinking back from the on lookers he and sam left the room quickly.

When they had managed to get away from prying eyes and ears leo asked "why'd you hit me?, I only wanted you to get going", sam turned to him and said "my arm still hurts and after what I went through I still need a little time to get over being sore every where", though that wasn't true after what had happened sam hadn't felt sore sure he had before the whole dying thing but after he came back he hadn't, he was a little shocked but the pain he had before was gone, it was only after a few days that the dull pain had started, sam unconsciously moved his hand over his chest feeling the warmth and the beating rhythm of his heart, that was working fine he was standing, talking, walking, so the pain was just a leftover from being in the middle of a war, nothing more, his thoughts turned back to the yellow and black camaro, his camaro sitting waiting for him all alone, he started walking away as leo was still talking in a conversation that sam had left some time ago, "hey where are you going?" leo called "just for a drive" sam answered, "again" was all leo said.

As sam walked over to bee he put his hand on the hood and stroked his finger along as he made his way to the door, bee hummed happily as sam got in, with out a word the autobot started his engine and roared away turning heads as he went, sams thoughts drifted through the many times he had done this since he got back, after dying in Egypt sam had found that bumblebee had refused to leave his side for more than a few minutes, at first sam felt a little crowded but after seeing bee's sad expression when he mentioned that he might need a little space sam decided that letting bee have his way was for the best, after all bee was his friend with feelings of his own and bee felt that he had let sam down and nothing sam said would change that feeling, so be had vowed to stay with sam at all times. Driving down the road sam again tried to remember the number of times he had done this with bee, 12 times,18, more it seemed the more he though about it the more it seemed that he had done this almost every day since he'd gotten back, as soon as classes were finished he and bee just left for hours at a time, deep in though sam stroked his fingers along the steering wheel, down the gear stick and along the seat, the leather felt so soft like it could just melt away if he took his hand away, he relaxed into it not knowing that bee was loving this contact as much as he was, the feeling of his sam touching him like this was almost to much to handle.

Slowly bee found his way to a small clearing near a lake and pulled into it, the sun was moving towards the horizon and bee wanted to spend time with sam in his robot mode, after bee pulled up sam slowly got out, not really wanting to break contact, when he did bee changed and sat down in front of him, sam walked over wanting to get on bee's lap much like a small child would, but just as he reached out to get a hand hold so he could clime up his right arm burned with pain like before but stronger and deeper bee moved suddenly but sam stopped him saying "I'm ok bee, it's just a little sore again", bee tilted his head optics filled with concern after a few minutes the pain melted away and sam started climbing on to bee's lap, the rusty sound of bee's voice filled the air "are you all right, you need someone to take a look at that", sam smiled and replied "it's ok, after all I've been through it's supposed to hurt a little from time to time" as he said this he shifted back against bee's chest and started stroking bee's leg not really paying attention to what he was doing, though this felt really good to bee he was still worried about sam, but knowing sam as he did, he knew when to leave something alone for a while, so bee changed the subject, "hows kaela?, have you spoken to her lately", bee really didn't want to know but needed to talk about something, sam just let out a sigh and said with a relaxed but truthful tone "I haven really spoken to her lately bee, I must be the worlds worst friend", bee almost fell over, sam said the word friend, not boyfriend, just friend, looking at him bee could see that sam was relaxing into what looked like light sleep, bee stopped him self from asking what sam meant by friend, part of him thinking that sam was tired and didn't need questions right now, while another part thought he didn't want an answer to that question, just as his thoughts were running through his processor in a seemingly endless loop he caught sight of sam stirring form the light sleep in pain rubbing his arm, ready to ask questions and race sam to ratchet for as many test's as he could think of, he started to speak only to be stopped by sam saying "can you put on some music bee while we watch the sun set", not wanting to distress sam with questions his radio switched on and "some day, some how, I'm gonna make it all right but not right now" filled the air, sam shifted relaxing as the sun bathed the clearing in warm orange and reds he started stroking bee's leg again bee responded by stroking sam down the back, this seemed to help sam forget about the pain and drift off to sleep, with the faint sound of bee saying "I will always be here".