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Fury was working hard at assembling the parts needed for his plan. With Al betraying him there was a chance that the Autobots had already learned the location of the ship, that was if Al had survived the encounter with the creature. The Decepticon leader hated to admit it even to himself but Sam had proven to be a powerful opponent, one who would have made sure that all those fighting the creature had made it through the battle. So now they were left getting ready to leave the ship with only that which they needed to further the plan to take over earth. Fury placed four huge power cells on a table along with large sections of unidentifiable metal that Scalpel had said they would need to construct a base. The sound of scuttling echoed through the empty halls as the small Decepticon approached the area being used as an assembly point for their evacuation. Scalpel carried a collection of processors and chips taken from the computer core, many were those removed by Megatron after he crashed the ship. The small bot placed the parts near the power cells and said "soon we will have all the important parts in this one section and then we can work towards gathering the rest of what we need". "good" replied the Decepticon leader as he offered a hand to the small bot before lifting the Decepticon into the air. The two walked off into the deeper parts of the ship where more of the parts they needed were kept. "how much of the main computer can we save?" asked Fury as he rounded a corner that lead to the main computer core. "at least sixty percent of the system can be salvaged in the time frame we are working to, though if we are able to get a few more days we can salvage the rest" replied Scalpel.

Fury lowered the small bot to the floor and reached for one of the disconnected parts of the computer core and lifted it on to his shoulder. Once it was balanced he turned to Scalpel who was working on disconnecting more components and said "we work on getting out what we can and when the others arrive we have them take the rest to a meeting point far away from our new base, that is if the autobots don't get here first". The small Decepticon stopped what he was doing and turned to the Decepticon leader "then let us hope that the autobots are delayed as much as possible so we are able to salvage everything usable from this wreck" he said while looking his first creation in the optics. The Decepticon leader turned and left the room saying "if I were them I would be mobilizing everything I could for an attack on this place as soon as possible". "then it is a good job that the autobots are not a match for you" replied Scalpel as he returned to his work his hands moving as fast as possible. Fury walked to the collection of parts and placed the core part with the rest of the collected components that sat waiting in the room. As the Decepticon leader turned to collect more parts he received a com message from another one of his troops arriving in the outer edge of the solar system. "lord fury this is skywarp my team an I are on our way to you as we speak" said the unfamiliar voice. Fury turned his attention to the sky through one of the cracks in the hull as if he were looking at the incoming reinforcements and commed back "well done skywarp you and your team are the first of those I contacted to arrive, I trust you are all ready for what's ahead as it will be a challenge unlike anything you have faced before". A reply came back instantly "my team are ready for whatever you have in mind my lord, we will kill many autobots in your name". "all in good time skywarp, for the moment the autobots are to strong to take on in a head on battle so we must weaken them by taking away the resource they are depending on" commed the Decepticon leader.

The com was silent for a second then Skywarp replied "then why had you request so many if we are not going to attack?". "because skywarp we are creating a new foothold in this system as this one has been compromised by a betrayal and we need a good foothold if we are to win against the autobots and claim the earth for our own" commed Fury. "forgive me my lord but what could this planet have that would be worth such an effort" asked Skywarp. "it holds the key to our future and the restoration of the decepticon race, it is worth more effort than any other battle that has gone before" commed Fury as he continued to stare out into space. "very well my lord we will be with you in four solar hours and my team will swear our loyalty to you when we arrive" replied Skywarp as he ended the com link. The Decepticon leader turned back to his work as he returned to the computer core with plans on how he would use these new troops to begin building their base. The hours passed slowly and Fury found himself focusing on the impending arrival of the troops he sent for instead of the work that was vital. With a small shake of his head the Decepticon leader lowered the final section needed to create a working computer core with the rest of the parts already gathered. He inspected the parts and then imagined them being assembled at their destination deep within the moon Phobos. Fury had chosen it as their new base because the moon was both unexplored and close enough to earth to allow them easy access. The plan was simple, they would use a fissure inside one of the craters and make a base deep inside the captured asteroid. Their new base would be hard to find on any search as the iron deep with in the moon would hinder any search made by both the humans and the Autobots. A light in the upper atmosphere told the Decepticon leader that the first of the Decepticons had he been waiting for had finally arrived, now they could begin.

Far away on earth what looked like a human stood outside a normal sized door one hand raised as if to knock but unmoving. A small gust of wind blew simulated blond hair into the bright blue eyes of the Avatar and for the first time since he had gotten there he moved to brush the hair from his field of vision. Al's Avatar looked more like his original body now as the eyes seemed far more human than the menacing red he had as a Decepticon. He had come here to talk to someone about what had happened but it was hard for him as he though that the person he had come to speak with would not want to see him. A few voices came from inside and before he could react the door which he had been standing in-front swung open as two humans and two Avatars came strolling out. "woohh" said Miles as he almost ran into Al's avatar which was standing right in his path like a statue. "what is it?" asked Mikaela who was not looking at where she was going but instead had been facing the blond guy the new Autobot knew as Ben. "it's, it's" said Miles a little confused as he tried to place the face he was looking into, "hey it's al, man what are you doing here" he finally said. Mikaela put her face in her hand at the comment as she said "miles did the twins give you a stash or something sam told you about this when al got here". Miles looked vacant for a second as the others waited for him to catch up with the situation. Finally his mouth took on the shape of an "O" as a similar sound issued from him.

"yeh your an autobot now" said Miles as he finally got to the same page as the rest of them. Autobot the word sent a small pulse through the spark of the small bot and he felt a little better about himself. "yeh cause your eyes are blue and not red like one of those psycho decepticons, I mean could they get any-more evil looking with the red eyes and and the sharp metal spikes and the whole kill everything that isn't decepticon" and with Miles statement the feeling vanished. Al was about to turn and run when he heard "oww, what was that for" from Miles who was holding his head in pain. Mikaela had her hand raised ready to deliver another blow as she said "does your mouth have an off switch because if it does this would be the perfect time to use it". "what?" asked Miles confused by her actions. "we're leaving we have a long way to go don't we miles" said Mikaela as she grabbed the confused teen by the shirt and dragged him off. "we don't have that far to go and we have my car" said Miles as he tried to wrestle free. "yeh but it's going to take a long time for you with two broken legs" said the angry Mikaela through her teeth. Both Sam and Bee watched the display as Sam's former girlfriend dragged the clueless blond away. "sorry about miles he's sort of out of this world most of the time" said Sam as he extended a hand towards the blond Avatar of the new Autobot. "it's ok, I deserve worse" said Al as he could not bring him self to look the dark haired Avatar in the simulated eyes. "that was your old life, in this one you have a clean slate given to you by zack" said the Blond standing behind Sam. For the first time the new Autobot looked at them as he said "you shouldn't be so quick to forgive me, I was one of those that attacked you when you went to the lake that day".

The Ben Avatar grinned then said "you couldn't have hurt me if you'd tried" as the Avatar flickered and became translucent for a few seconds. Al fell silent as he pointed at Bumblebee's Avatar his face one of shock. "it's bumblebee he's my bonded and before you say anything the day when you attacked us I was an autobot to so you have nothing to apologize for really as none of you could have hurt us" explained Sam his face a little sheepish. Finally the new Autobot managed to find his voice "so you guys were and we". The pieces fell into place and Al did something unexpected, he started laughing. "you mean you guys could have kicked our buts and wiped the floor with us" he said the laughter stopping suddenly as he continued "you guys could have wiped the floor with us, but you didn't and you wouldn't". The young Prime just shook his head in answer as he smiled gently at the small bots Avatar. "I guess you came here to talk so why don't you bring you alt inside out of the sun so we can discus a few things" said Sam as he gestured to the new Autobot to enter the quarters he shared with Bee. A few minutes later they were all inside and sitting round a human sized table that had been added to the quarters. "so what did you want to talk about first?" asked Sam as he leaned back in a chair next to Bumblebee. "first I wanted to say I was sorry for the way I acted, though that hardly makes up for what I did to you and everyone else" said Al. "second I needed to talk to someone about what it's like to suddenly wake up a huge metal robot that transforms into a car" he continued. Both Sam and Bee shared a glance before the young Prime said "then you better get comfortable as this will take a while".

The conversation started slowly with questions like "how did it happen to you and how did everyone react to it" but soon things started to turn towards the do you think you still the guy you were". The questions got harder and Sam found that his answers were less defined and more a general description of how he felt about what had happened to him and the way he had reacted towards things. Though not clean and precise the things the young Prime said seemed to work for the small bot and after a while Al started to give a little more of how he felt about what had happened to him. Sam learned that unlike him Al had been offered the transformation with promises of how it would make his life better while giving him all that he wanted. But in facing what had happened to Zack Al had found out that the promises were hollow and meaningless. Worse still the new Autobot felt that he had lost a lot with his choice and he felt that he could never get any of it back. "I can't just walk down a street any more not unless I'm using my avatar that is" said Al as he looked down at his simulated hands. "you can here" replied Bumblebee, "yeh but it still feels different somehow" said the small bot. "it takes time" said Sam as he reached out and grabbed hold of the simulated hands of Al's Avatar. "there are still days where I find myself looking back at what's happened and how I've changed but then I remember that I've gained a lot to" said the Young Prime as he tried to comfort the small bot. "you have bumblebee and your friends, I'm alone here" said Al as his face took on a look of sadness. Now Bee reached out and added a hand to Sam's as he said "it's true you've lost a lot but you have a chance to move on, there are people and autobots here that you can call friends myself and sam included". "most of the bots round here don't like me that much" said the small bot, "really is that why ratchets been smiling so much" commented Sam as he grinned. "well he's different, ratchets nice so long as you know how to duck" said Al the corners of his mouth turning up slightly.

"he really likes you" said Sam his tone more serious now "he wouldn't have asked permission to train you a a medic otherwise". "you know?" said Al a little shocked, "I'm a prime, so that means I'm one of the leaders here most things get reported to me through official channels and the rest gets to me through gossip as it's the number one source of entertainment round here" said the young Prime. The small bot looked away as the statement while Sam carried on "I spoke with optimus and we agreed that you should be given the opportunity to find a new role with your second chance, besides after what happened with the twins you already proved that you have a talent for the work". "you mean it?" asked Al "yeh you start you training tomorrow but be warned ratchet isn't an easy task master" replied the young Prime. Again some happiness returned to the small bot and his Avatar got to it's feet "I should go I need to talk to apache about the whole trying to stab him in the spark chamber thing" said Al. "that might be difficult right now" said Bee, "yeh he working with optimus and ironhide on a way to get to the decepticon ship so we can stop them from doing this to anyone else" added Sam. The new Autobot nodded slightly before he said "then I guess I'll head back to ratchet and the medbay so I can get ready for tomorrow". "you could do that" said Bumblebee, "or you could get one last day of freedom before he buries you under a mountain of work" added Sam as he gestured to the open road outside. "you mean I can race round here?" asked Al his face betraying a deep longing to open up his engine. "sure so long as you don't expect to beat either of us" said Sam with a grin.

For the moment the war has hit a lull with each side making plans ready for their next encounter but neither side knows what is waiting for them as a new chapter in the history of earth and cybertron is about to open, one that begins with the sprouting of a small seed. A seed that has grown metal leaves on the spot where Zack left this plane for the well of allsparks.



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