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The Birth of a Weapon

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Deep in China, hidden in the Bayankala Mountain Range, lays a training ground. The training ground consists of a valley with over a hundred pools of water, each with bamboo poles sticking up from, and around them.

The sounds of combat echoed throughout the valley as two martial artists battled for supremacy. The two martial artists, a middle aged man, and a young man jumped from pole to pole sending quick attacks at each other's defenses.

The middle aged man wore a dirty white Gi, a small pair of glasses, and a bandana covering his head. The youth wore a slightly cleaner Gi, and had his hair in a pigtail.

Off to the side sat a fat man in a Chinese outfit. He had a kettle of hot water heating on a nearby stove. His expression was one of shock, not because of the pair's martial prowess, but because they had been at it for half an hour, and during that time it appeared that some of the poles had moved to keep the pair out of the water. The record for being at the springs without someone falling in was before this a mere five minutes.

The two attacked once more and the guide felt the magic of Jusenkyo, which had been unusually active during the pairs training, surge as the young man landed on the boards that covered the spring. The boards, which had just been inspected and found solid yesterday, collapsed sending the youth into the spring.

The middle aged man fell into a more common spring, and less dangerous spring. He fell into the spring of drowned panda. The neo panda jumped out of the spring and landed on his recently vacated pole. His black fur went white as he saw the broken boards and the faintly bubbling spring underneath.

The panda jumped off of his pole, ran to the guide as fast as he felt he safely could around the springs, and started growlfing at the guide.

"Calm down sir, I no understand panda. Allow me to explain, you fall in spring of drowned panda hot water turn you back to man, but only until you get hit with cold water again," the guide explained as he pored some of the water from the kettle on the panda.

"WHERE IS MY SON?" the man yelled the question at the guide in anger and confusion.

"I no know sir, spring have curse so young sir shouldn't have drowned. Yet, I have never seen one take so long to come out," the guide answered nervously.

It is well known that, in general, magic and technology do not mix. The more complicated the machine the less chance of the mix working properly. Magic of order had the best chance of working, but chaos magic on the other hand puts the chances of it working properly somewhere between slim and none. When the badly damaged, hideously complicated, machine fell in two years ago it should have been a result similar to throwing a piece of trash in a puddle, but the being that fell in the spring had too many things in common with living beings, and possessed an ability similar to magic, so when the being deactivated she imprinted on the pool. To the primitive semi-sentience of the pools this pool was not quite an abomination, but close. It simply had to go. Unfortunately the only way to get rid of it was to curse someone, and since the pool would grant a fair bit of power to the person, the springs had to choose wisely.

The young man that was over the pool was a near perfect candidate. He had a strong sense of honor, a basically good heart, and needed to be taught a lesson about the female sex. He would also benefit from some of the mental changes from the spring.

-Ranma's Point of View-

Darkness… It's all I saw.

Silence… it's all I heard.

Nothing… It's all I felt.

Suddenly numbers and words flew past my eyes. They were going fast but I could keep up with them.




Starting A.S.W. O.S.


Unit Name: Ranma Saotome

Unit Owned By: Ranma Saotome

Programmer: Unknown

Time Active: 30 Seconds

31 Seconds…

Power Status: Green

Main Generator Active 100 Percent

Backup Battery 100 Percent

Body Status: Green

L. arm: 100 Percent

R. Arm: 100 Percent

L. Leg: 100 Percent

R. Leg: 100 Percent

Torso: 100 Percent

Head: 100 Percent

Eyes: 100 Percent

Hearing: 100 Percent

All General Functions Confirmed Green

Combat Functions: *WARNING* Combat Functions Red *WARNING*

Arm Blades: 100 Percent

Persona: WARNING* Cannot be Confirmed *WARNING*

All persona settings inactive, pending reactivation and calibration of persona.

Estimate Until Reactivation:

2 months

5 days

3 hours

5 minutes

21 seconds

20 seconds…

Ortega Mode: OFFLINE in queue for auto repairs after persona is restored.

Reactivating all functioning systems.

Wait what's an A.W.S or a O.S.? I desperately thought






My eyes open and suddenly I realize I am under water with my feet planted on the bottom of one of the springs that we were training over. At my feet is what looks like a half rusted out metal person. Curious I lifted it from the bottom of the spring and held it close. I crouched down, and jumped free of the water, as I did this I realized something was seriously wrong.

-End Ranma's Point of View-

The guide and the Middle aged man were surprised when the spring that the young man fell into exploded outward in an explosion of newly uncursed water.

A form landed fairly heavily in front of them. In her arms laid another form that looked like a rusted girl. The one doing the holding was dressed in the Gi of the young man that fell in, and underneath that was what looked like a crimson skintight bodysuit that covered her whole body. Here her ears should be were something that looked like headphones that seemed to have something spinning in them. Her lower legs looked like a solid piece of material. On each forearm was a rectangular device that seemed to be directly attached to them. Her hair was a vibrant, and metallic blood red.

"What the hell happened to me?" the neo girl yelled.

"Oh, sir fall in unnamed spring that something fall in two years ago! Ever since Jusenkyo magic be seriously disturbed. Now magic seems calmer," the guide replied. "You now cursed cold water make you that form, hot water change back," after the explanation the guide pored the rest of the hot water on Ranma.

Sparks flew as once again magic and technology clashed. Jusenkyo did not want to give up its grasp totally on this one, but on the other hand felt he/she/it deserved a reward for getting rid of its problem. The magic of the springs warped beyond recognition as a compromise was reached. The pain of the conflict caused the young woman to pass out, and more text to appear.




Jusenkyo Function Integrated


Enables switching between Anti-Shadow Weapon Form (A.S.W.F) and preventing the reverse change.


Changes from A.S.W.F. to human: once every 8 hours

On suppressing the change from Human to A.S.W.F.: no more than 4 hours and at the end of the suppression an automatic change from human to A.S.W.F. will occur. These 4 hours will count toward the 8 hour limit.




If Jusenkyo could have it would have chuckled. The compromise let the springs have a hold on Ranma, but also rewarded him/her by letting him/her have unprecedented control of the curse, immune to all forms instant and permanent of the springs, and since the changing magic was so warped, all known forms of locking said curse.

"Ranma! Get up and change back from a weak girl immediately," Genma shouted at the female figure on the ground.

Ranma, who had regained consciousness ten point three seconds before the shout replied, "Fine pops, but I'll just change back later." She then concentrated on her male form, and after a mild electrical show returned to her birth form. "Happy now pops?"

"How you do that sir? Curses supposed to be water dependent," the guide asked in shock.

"Boy, how did you change back without water?" Genma demanded at the same time.

"Dunno, after our guide hit me with the hot water I blacked out from pain, and I saw text appearing telling me I could do it and the knowledge of HOW inserted itself in my mind, along with its limitations," Ranma replied.

"Limitations?" Genma asked warily.

The pigtailed youth sighed and told the two what the text he saw said. As he saw that they were digesting the information Ranma looked at the form at his feet. He quickly made a decision, and acted on it. After walking over to his pack he then started rummaging around in it. Taking a large folded duffle bag out, he unfolded it, walked over to the form on the ground, and gently put her in it.

"Why are you taking that rusted heap of junk, boy?" Genma asked aggressively.

"Cause, it was in the pool I fell in, and more than likely she was the pattern the pool took to curse me with. I want to know if she can be repaired, old man. I think I could learn a lot from someone who had that body longer than I," Ranma explained tiredly.

Genma blinked at the explanation before nodding. After all, Genma thought, lugging that around is good weight training if nothing else. "Guide, can you tell us were the nearest village is so we can resupply?" he asked of the guide.

"There is the nearby Village of Amazon Women, but is not good Idea to go there," the guide responded.

"I can handle any woman, show us the way," Genma replied scornfully.

The guide sighed and responded, "This way, sirs." The guide took off toward the village.

The two customers started following when a sudden rain shower turned Genma back to a panda. The neo panda grumbled at the sky but continued to follow the guide.

Ranma just shook his head and followed.

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