Anti Shadow Ranma

Chapter 5: Repercussions, and Guild master.

AN: No this will not be a Sailor Moon cross, but the omake from last chapter was too good to pass up.


Ranma woke up the next mourning and shifted back to his male form, and headed to the bathroom as he was taking off his clothes he noticed that he now had a tattoo on the front of his left shoulder. The tattoo was the same design as the symbol on the front of Kasumi's coveralls, with the addition of the Romanji letters DN under it. Looking at it Ranma realized that there was only one person who could have done it. The question however was why. No matter the reason he was pissed that it was done to him without permission. As he was about to put his clothes on and dash out he remembered something. What he remembered was, that his emotions ran higher in his male form than his weapon form.

Calming down and taking several deep breaths Ranma finished his bath and, although he didn't want to, shifted beck to gain a clearer head. While his weapon form still had emotions they were dulled so that he now she could think clearer. After redressing in clean clothes he went downstairs and walked into the kitchen. As he arrived he saw Kasumi cooking.

"Kasumi," she said.

"Yes Ranma," came the response.

"Hold on a second," Ranma asked. She then reached above a counter and grabbed a small video camera and microphone. She then crushed them both. "now why?"

"It was for your safety, I'll explain in my room after school. Just trust me that painting that on you saved you a lot of trouble," Kasumi explained as she wasn't going to insult her fiancee's intelligence by acting oblivious. She was also frowning at the video camera being installed in what is considered her space. She then said, "I will talk to Nabiki later about placing camera's to spy on us."

"Fine," Ranma said slightly coldly. "Just one question, who is DN?"

"A nickname I picked up, Dame Nebel. Could you do me a favor and take out any other cameras you find? Especially in the bathroom, your room, and my room, " the chestnut haired young woman.

Ranma nodded, and started to do just that after finding an empty box in the closet. He soon found that every room in the house except Kasumi's room was wired both for video and audio. Akane's room was an unknown to her as Ranma didn't like her enough to care. Ranma came down stairs with the box of ruined electronics a few minutes before Akane woke up. She went into the dojo and found at least three there and added them to the box after crushing them. Soon Ranma was seated at the table with the box beside her.

Nabiki on the other hand was panicking. She had checked on three of her cameras and mikes only to find two missing. The third had footage that is only to be sold as a last resort. It was pictures and footage that could lead to death or serious injuries to her consumers if they were found by the subject of said pictures and footage. As she came down stairs she saw Ranma sitting at the table, and next to her was a box of what looked like destroyed audio visual equipment.

"Where did you get that?" Nabiki asked.

"Get what?" came the weapon's response.

"That box of broken electronics," Nabiki asked in a peeved tone of voice.

"Oh that? Kasumi asked me to remove some equipment that was being used to spy on the members of this household," the redhead replied. She then added casually, "I do hope she can punish the perpetrator severally since she seemed to know who it is."

Nabiki paled at the information that Kasumi knew who planted the devices, and the fact that she couldn't claim them now since there were found in places cameras shouldn't be found. Kasumi's revenge is often scarier than anybody else's since it is often impossible to tell if it is revenge or just Kasumi's aura of obliviousness.

Soon enough it was time for breakfast, and as everyone else was eating Kasumi made an announcement using her mask of obliviousness, "I think tonight would be good for me and Ranma to have a date, and I'm trusting you Akane to cook for everyone, and I fully expect since none of you have plans to not let her efforts go to waste."

Suddenly Akane's eyes brightened at the thought, while the rest of the Tendo family's faces turned green at the thought. Add into the mix the fact that they couldn't seem to disappoint there so innocent (if only they knew) Kasumi, means that they were screwed.

Genma, not seeing the problem, took the opportunity to steal the food off of Nabiki's and Soun's plates.

Soon Ranma was running out the door with her satchel, with a whispered, "We'll talk during the date," from Kasumi, whom received a nod from Ranma.

At the gate of the school a mob of boys, much smaller than before, was waiting. Soon the kendoist in front of the mob made an announcement, "Whoever wants to date the flame haired beauty has to defeat her in combat!"

"Hey Kuno-baka, I'm already engaged asshole, and you have no say in it! As for the rest of you..." Ranma shouted. She then extended her blades before continuing, "take one step toward me and you will have to prepare for castration!"

"Impossible! I gave no such permission!" Kuno countered. "The challenge is set, now let's..." his voice trailed off as he noticed that he was alone. The rest of the mob had decided to, intelligently, turn back..

"And why, pray tell, does your permission mean anything Blue Blunder? The only people whose opinions matter on the issue of the engagement, our fathers, are in full support of the engagement since they made it before we were born as a matter of honor." Ranma declared as hotly as she could in her current form, which in comparison to the average person made her seem only mildly cross.

Tatewaki Kuno, for once, didn't have a counter since arranged marriages were common in the age of the samurai and going against it would be against the traditions he thinks he supports, so with the utmost regret, he accepts that the beauty in front of him would be denied his magnificence (yah right) and is promised to another before his pronouncement. His next words were an announcement in badly butchered Shakespeare that the challenge was withdrawn since Ranma had a prior obligation.

As he entered the school Ranma realized she needed to wait until tomorrow to show her friends that she wasn't lying about the curse.

The school day passed quickly and with little incident except Akane using the nut-shot technique to take care of Kuno easier. The result of the nut-shot left Kuno at the nurses office holding a ice pack to his groin.

After the school day ended, leaving Ranma to wish that she could just doze off during classes, Ranma headed home. As she arrived home, Ranma looked for Kasumi, and upon not seeing here downstairs walked up to her room and knocked.

"Come in," came the response from inside the door.

Ranma entered to find Kasumi facing in the room facing the door in her 'work' uniform, the two gears, the same gears plainly viable on Ranma's shoulder, proudly displayed.

"Please sit down Ranma, and I'll explain why I put that mark on your robot form," Kasumi said nervously. After Ranma sat down Kasumi started, "first I must explain something. I'm part of a world wide organization made up of what we like to call eccentric engineers. Most people would call the majority of our group 'Mad Scientists.'

Now, after you showed me your secret last time I realized that there might be trouble with the guild, so I called the one person in the guild I can trust to keep this a secret, Dr. Cyber our current guildmaster. He suggested putting that mark on you.

There is a good reason for placing the mark on you, it marks you as my 'project' to the rest of the guild. Now this might not seem important to you, but by placing the mark on your robot form, I made it so that no guild member will be able to take you away if they find you deactivated for whatever reason, in fact they have an obligation to return you if you are found damaged and can't move. That mark is quite possibly the only way that you would be safe if a guildmate comes around and finds out about you."

Ranma stayed silent for awhile while sitting down in front of a nervous Kasumi before answering, "Why didn't you simply ask? Why do it on the sly?"

"I was afraid you would refuse, and many of my guildmates would think of noting about snatching an interesting piece of tech and disassembling it and/or reprogramming it, and since your vulnerable during some times as is demonstrated by how I was able to sneak up on you, it was too big a risk," Kasumi explained.

Ranma stood up, and went to the door. "I need to think on this, I'll be back before dinner" she said tightly before walking out the door.

Kasumi had tears in her eyes at how rocky her relationship with her fiance was at this point. She was grateful about one thing though, her fiance was in his/her female form, if he/she wasn't there probably would've been a loud hurtful argument. Sighing she changed back into her house-dress, and went to continue her afternoon chores.

Unknown to her there was a small insect nearby with a partial metal body.

Ranma was walking to the nearby Nerima park, a park that was nearly empty because strange things tended to happen at that location, and yet nobody has ever taken it down since things tend to go wrong quickly when they try. The oddest thing about the park, is how time can go slightly funny inside of it. it's never major, but the time that passes inside the park is sometimes slower or faster than normal time.

Today there existed something strange inside, something unusual, multiple red eyes appeared in the shade of the trees.

As Ranma was waling through the park, suddenly, a bunch of robots attacked. Ranma with a smile changed to her male form, so as to properly vent his rage, and fought back. As the robots kept attacking Ranma felt something, something strange inside of him, and then it happened...

In a tree Dr. Cyber, whom had arrived so quickly by one of his colleges inventions, smiled as he saw the young man vent his anger. Yes, it was expensive, but most of the parts would be salvageable. He hoped that by the time the robots were done that Ranma would've calmed down so that he could be spoken to. As the robots numbers thinned, and Cyber was about to make his move, it happened...

Ranma received a hard blow by a humanoid robot reminiscent of a terminator unit, and the pain, along with the anger, and the sense of betrayal combined within him, and he screamed, without knowing why, "Persona!"

behind Ranma, a shape could be seen. It was the shape of a western black dragon with red highlights.

A voice sounded as soon as it appeared, and it, and Ranma both said something.

Voice sounding from nowhere, "Thou art I."

Ranma standing up from where he was knocked down, "I art Thou"

Both Ranma and the voice as Ranma stood tall, "From the depths of my/thy soul you/I emerge."

Both voices as Ranma's anger was directed at the robots, "I am Wraith, Dragon of Wrath!"

As soon as that last declaration was made, an explosion of flame destroyed all the robots in a sea of black flames. The fire died quickly, leaving a scorched patch of earth fifty feet in diameter. Ranma fell to his knees after the explosion of power and reverted to his weapon form. The last thing she saw before she passes out was the line.

Persona's activated: Wraith, Dragon of wrath. Silverant, Dragon of mercy.