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"Wait," she said, gently nudging his shoulder back with her arm. Tingles flowed down her arm where her body had come in contact with his.

He looked down at the naked woman in front of him and smiled at the sight before him. Because although her words seemed to be those of trepidation, the beautiful woman in front of him threw off waves of lust simply by biting her lip. He raised his eyebrow in question of her interruption.

"Are...are you sure you want to do this?" the woman hedged.

"Seriously?" he murmured, completely blown away by her question. He didn't think that it was often that a woman would question a man's motives when he had her sprawled out naked before him on his bed.

"Seriously," she answered, biting her lip…again.

Fuck, he thought. If she keeps that up, she is going to send me over the edge…before I even want to be over the edge.

"Of course," he said with lust-filled eyes.

"Are you sure?"

Sensing that no amount of words would prove his point at this moment, he chose to show her just how badly he wanted her. Dipping his head back toward her body, he placed a gentle kiss right under her earlobe. He felt her cheek rise into a smile as his mouth came in contact with her body, which in turn, caused him to smile.

Watching the man in front of her lift his head up from the place that he had been kissing, the woman felt her stomach tighten in pure, unadulterated want. Unable to control herself any longer, and taking his kisses as consent, she fisted her hands in his hair and pulled his face to hers once more. Without wasting any time, she opened her mouth to his and thrust her tongue past his lips to join with his.

She almost giggled at the giddy feeling that she got from making out with the man in front of her. It felt as though hours had passed (when it had not even been half an hour) and her lips had become raw from use. The stubble on his face did not help her cause either. She moved her mouth from his and started trailing open-mouthed kisses down his neck. Not stopping there, she dipped her tongue into the little crevice that he had above his collar bone. She paused for a second and inhaled his masculine scent around his neck before continuing her south-bound trail.

"You are driving me absolutely crazy," he said with a slight chuckle
to his voice.

She smiled against his skin before placing one last kiss directly above his belly button. "I'm driving you crazy, huh? I know the feeling, mister. But please forgive me...I want to take my time with you. I intend to savor the moment as much as I possibly can."

Needing to touch more of her, he sat up from his reclined position on the bed and wrapped his arms and legs around the gorgeous creature in front of him. His sudden movement took her completely by surprise as she moved so his body completely enveloped her own.

"Mmmm," she murmured, "so fucking happy. So perfect." She pulled herself back a little and moved her hands up and down his arms, noting that her touch left goosebumps on his flesh.

The serene embrace that they found themselves in did not last very long, as she grew impatient. She slyly moved herself out of his arms and pushed him back on the bed, making sure that he was lying down flat, once again. She smirked to herself and set her focus on his engorged cock, subconsciously licking her lips.

"You are insatiable," he told her in a lust-filled voice. He could barely stand waiting to take her, and her staring at his penis was driving him absolutely up the wall with want.

"Only around you, babe," she replied, nipping at the skin around his pelvis. "When I am around you, you could say that I have an insatiable appetite."

He groaned, causing her to groan with him. "I can't wait anymore," he breathed in exasperation. "I...I have to take you."

"You won't let me take my time?" she questioned, coyly biting her lip.

Again with the lip biting, he thought to himself. Fuck me.

"You can take your time during round two…or three…or four. But you are
finally mine, and I simply cannot wait for you any longer. I feel like I have already waited for you long enough."

She looked at the achingly attractive man who was lying in the bed in front of her. Noting the absolute heat that was practically pouring out of her center, she realized that he was right. He couldn't wait any more, and neither could she.

She crawled off the bed and reached into the drawer next to the bed where she knew there were condoms. Grabbing out a foil package, she ripped it open with her teeth.

"Holy shit. That is so fucking hot," he panted. "You have no idea what you do to me, baby."

She looked down at his midsection and raised an eyebrow. "Oh, I think I know."

He resisted the urge to buck into her hand as she rolled the condom down his shaft. Once he was appropriately sheathed, she gave him a playful smile. Pulling her hair away from her face, she shifted her weight from one knee to the other, anticipating his next move.

He sat up in bed and resisted the urge to attack her mouth with his own when he saw the tantalizing look that she had on her face. Grabbing her shoulders, he gently moved so she was the one lying on the bed and he was the one on his knees.

"Baby, I just...I..."

"Don't stop. I need you. I need you so badly," she pleaded, thrusting her hips suggestively in the air.

He chuckled at her persistence as he prepared himself at her entrance. "Babe, look at me," he ordered. "I need you to know that this means..."

"It means a lot to me, too," she said, taking the words out of his mouth. "Now please, stop teasing me."

He didn't need any more words to convince him that now was the time. With one swift thrust, he was inside of her.

His hips rocked against hers in perfect rhythm. She had never felt this good with another man before. Not until him.

Moving together, she tried to hold off her orgasm so they could come at the same time. Really, she did. But she was not successful in her attempts, climaxing only minutes into their lovemaking session.

"Oh fuck," he said, relishing in the feeling of her walls clamping down on him. "So perfect. You are so perfect."

"Fucking amazing," she exclaimed, readying herself as she felt another orgasm building up.

His thrusts quickened, and she felt his body straining against hers. The coil in her stomach tightened to the point of bursting, and she started to worry that she was going to come without him again.

Her worry was unfounded. Because this time, they fell over the edge together.

He gave her a quick kiss on her forehead before he pulled himself out. He cleaned himself off before laying back down on the bed next to the gorgeous woman he had just made love with.

The woman turned to face the man lying next to her and wrapped her arms around his neck, placing a chaste kiss on his mouth. "So...when will you be ready for round two?" she asked, smiling against his lips as she leaned in for another kiss.

"Insatiable," he chuckled, smiling as he reached around her and grabbed her ass, giving it a quick squeeze before letting her go.

"Only with you, baby. Only with you."



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