Dedicated to twilightfanficgirl, who published the 'fanfic' 'Stories I Can't Use.'

Basically, it's stories that she wants other people to write, and she's sharing her ideas. I requested this plot, and she gave it to me..

So a big thanks go to her! You rock!

all think xyouseFirst Chapter is really short, lemme know what

Pain is Beauty

'Waaaah!' a baby is screaming in my arms, and I try to soothe them by gently swaying, and cooing softly.

'There there, little baby, it's ok, it's ok.' I say in the high speeched voice everyone talks in when they talk to babies.

The baby stops crying, and shoves its thumb in their mouth. Its eyes begin to flicker slowly, and almost immediately, the baby is asleep. I stand, rocking them for a minute, before placing them in the yellow crib in the Nursery.

I sigh and blink.

I sat bolt upright in bed, heart pounding, head thumping.

I gasp in great lungfuls of air and try to slow down my heart rate, clutching the duvet for support.

I heard Royce roll over next to me, and his voice piped up, 'Love, what's wrong?'

I closed my eyes and lay back down, turning to face him. 'Yes, I'm fine.' I exhaled in a huge gust, sighing again.

Royce's cold hand reached out to touch the jutting bump from my normally slim figure. 'Not long left now, hmm, Rose?' he said, stroking the skin that was one day going to leave me looking disgusting.

'Mmmh.' I mumbled, just on the brink of sleep.

That dream had scared me, and I didn't know why. But there was an everlasting feeling in my heart that something wasn't right…

I ignored the feeling and rolled over, sighing and falling into a deep slumber.


a few hours later, Royce was shaking me awake and telling me to get up.

'Come on, Rose…We'll be late…Hurry up!' Royce kept shaking me gently, but grandually got more and more violent as I refused to awake from the thing I so desperately needed.

'Ro-o-o-y-y-ce!' I said, rolling over so my face was squashed into the pillow. My golden hair was in waves around me, and my bump was breathing and pointing towards Royce. I fluttered my eyes, trying to will them to keep closed.

Royce shook me harder, and this time my head bounced of the pillow. 'Get up now, Rosalie!'

'Mmmm…' I murmured, as my brain reached out to grasp the thing called sleep…

suddenly, I was pulled upwards, my head dancing in all directions, my body jerking.

Royce was shaking me, his teeth clenched and his face red. He let go of me, and my hands immediately went to my stomach, stroking soothing circles around the eccentric tiny heart beat.

I stared up at Royce, my eyes wide in horror.

He glared down at me,his teeth still clenched. 'When I said now...i meant now.' He glanced around the room, picking up the dress I had worn yesterday and chucking it at me. 'Get up. Put it on, and get out the house.' He stalked from the room, slamming the door behind him.

I gingerly got out of bed, hurrying to chuck yesterday's clothes in the hamper and get out a fresh one from my closet. I tried remembering the date, November 7th. I was supposed to meet Royce's friends today…

I dressed quickly, grabbing a comb and brushing my beautiful hair in light strokes. I blinked my beautiful eyes, and fluffed up my hair before turning and heading out of the bedroom door.


'Goodbye, Mr and Mrs King.' The maid bowed us out of the door, and we clambered into a carriage, stepping over the hobo who was living outside our house. We would have to see to that.

We ignored the maid and slammed the carriage doors, relaxing back in the fabric seats. Me and Royce glanced at each other, and he smiled shyly.

'Sorry about this morning, love.' He said, shifting closer to me, grabbing hold of my hand.

'That's all right.' I said softly, moving to rest my head on his shoulder. He grabbed my face, planting his hot lips on mine.

His tongue explored my mouth, sneaking into every section and giving me no time to breathe.

His tongue went further into my mouth, and I balked a little, trying to ease ny own tongue around his.

I choked on his tongue, pulling away from him.

Royce relaxed back in his chair, removing his hands from my face and wiping his mouth.

We didn't talk for the rest of the journey.