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Chapter Summary: Becker convinces Sarah that its time to inform Lester.


She hadn't turned away from her research when the door opened, but the familiar voice drew her attention like no other.

It was him.

Jumping up onto a chair nearby where he stood, she wrapped her arms about his neck and leaned down to kiss him. The angle was relatively unfamiliar, and she relished the delicious novelty of it. She never was the one leaning in for the kiss, not while they were standing anyway...which led her to thoughts of the previous night, when she had him on his back, straddling his waist and...

He broke the kiss off, a serious look upon his face.

Oh, so he was being Captain Becker at the moment. She accused him as much with her eyes and his look softened slightly. His hands at her waist, he lifted and set her upon the ground, whispering in her ear.

"I just wish you'd be more careful."

She looked about. There was no one in sight. Oh, he meant standing on the chair...so very overprotective, that man.

"I had you to catch me if I fell."

"As much as I hate to admit it," he replied. "I might not always be there."

The thought seemed quite disturbing to him, but...

"I can take care of myself."

He nodded his head but said nothing. There was another reason for his dropping by her lab. It wasn't one of those 'I'm not going to say I miss you but it's been over ten hours since I held you in my arms' visits. Of course, he never said that, not while at work. And of course, she was the one that would initiate any affectionate gestures. But what he did to her in one look, she felt like she could never achieve with her entire body. Unfortunately, there was only a hint of that soul-stirring spark in his stare.

"It can't be put off any longer, Sarah," he said, anticipating more evasion and avoidance tactics and continuing in a more forceful manner than he generally took with her. "We have to talk to Lester."

She released a deep, weary sigh.

And her day had started off so well. She had tracked down several new points to plug into the anomaly model, and made a great deal of progress in reconstructing Cutter's research... okay it was extremely difficult to think like that man thought, but she had determined the reason for a couple of formulas that held seemingly significant places in his notes.

But she could tell in the set of Becker's jaw, and his avoidance of her eyes that he was going to make her actually go through with it this time, after months of leaving the conversation hanging and placating his concerns about hiding this whole thing from Lester. There would be no softening him with puppy-dog eyes or pouty lips, or whispered promises of what the night would hold in store for him.

"Fine," she lamented with another poignant sigh. He gestured to allow her to proceed first, as if she would try to make a run for it. Connor apparently had left Abby's prehistoric arboretum door open yet again (which he would no doubt pay dearly for later), but Sarah was quite certain that there was no way she could make it there with Action Man keenly on her heels.

"He looks busy," she whispered hastily to Becker when they reached Lester's office door. "We better come back..."

"Do come in, Dr. Page," the bureaucrat with apparently excellent hearing commented nonchalantly without looking up from the file before him. She felt a steady hand at her back. Whether it was meant as supportive or restrictive, she didn't know, but either way there was only direction to go.

"Captain Becker," Lester added the acknowledgement upon looking up to properly greet the Egyptologist. Sarah attempted to approach the perceptive man's desk in as steady a manner possible, but she really didn't have the nerve. Thankfully, Becker's hand was still firmly guiding her at the small of her back.

Lester's face progressed from mildly uninterested to curious to just plain frustrated.

"Well, was there any particular reason why you're disrupting my annual performance evaluations?" he snapped in his usual manner when Sarah failed to say anything.

"Dr. Page needs to be removed from field duty," Becker announced, stepping forward and assuming his military 'at-ease' stance.

Lester never pretended to understand how the minds of his ridiculous rag-tag team of scientists worked, but he did pride himself in being aware of all significant developments and occurrences within the unit. But this, this was entirely baffling.

"Is there any particular reason or did she just make a comment about the size of your gun?" he asked sarcastically.

Sarah glanced at her lover. His highly-trained facade apparently had failed him, his eyes widening in shocked embarrassment. Was Lester just spouting random innuendo that was amusing to him for its supposed inaccuracy? Or did he know about them?

"Well?" he prompted when again he received no response.

Sarah really couldn't find the words. They were there, but they wouldn't come, but there was no way Becker was letting her cower away from this confrontation yet again. So she found the hem of her sweater. Well, it was more like a blissfully warm sea of sweater that she had been swimming in for that past month. Slowly she lifted it, revealing a camisole stretched snuggly across a small, round belly.

"You're pregnant?"

Being the one to force Lester into a loss for sardonic words would have been an extremely triumphant moment, had she not been terrified that he'd know the truth about her child. Would he force her or Becker out of the ARC? Already, their child had rendered her incapable of aiding her team in the field. Would Lester see their relationship as a liability? She didn't want to leave, and despite his supposedly stoic facade, she knew Becker loved his job.

Lester cleared his throat, disrupting all of her worrisome thoughts, transforming them into pure anxious anticipation.

"We certainly can't knowingly place a pregnant woman in harm's way," he asserted. "Violates Health and Safety, you know."

She didn't hide her sigh of relief as the hard man's face softened. She wasn't in horrible trouble...at least not yet. But did he know? She kept her eyes away from the man who had given her a fat belly, knowing what she could not keep completely hidden in any look she gave him. No, don't give Lester the least bit to chew on for he was far too clever.

"Go on. Back to work," he dismissed them with a wave of his hand.

Sarah seized the opportunity to get away, caressing her pregnant belly contemplatively as she made her way back to her lab. Five months along and she really wouldn't have been able to hide it for much longer, especially on her petite frame. Becker had been right to make her confess. But she knew his real motives; the danger of her dealing with creatures and anomalies. Where had he gone off to?


Becker stood as stock still at attention as he possibly could. Unfortunately, he hadn't been able to make his escape right behind Sarah, for Lester had requested a word with him. He glanced at his boss out of the corner of his eye, quickly, before staring straight ahead again.

"Oh, calm down, Captain," Lester said. "I'm not going to give you a dressing down for failing to keep... Of all the loose cannons in this facility, I thought you'd be the last to do something so very unprofessional."

Becker fidgeted, but said nothing, quieted by Lester's raised hand.

"But I'm not assuming anything," he continued, pacing about before his head of security. "I'm not even asking." He stopped and turned to face the soldier. "But if I were to ask if..."

"I could not tell you that I am not, sir," he replied obediently, flatly.

Lester smirked.

"I thought so," he mused to himself, returning to his desk before adding, "Dismissed."

"Sir?" Becker inquired without moving an inch. He thought for certain that since the man knew what neither of them outright said, he would've been severely reprimanded by now for fraternizing with a woman he was supposed to be protecting, if not transferred yesterday.

Lester sighed in a frustrated manner.

"Look. I know you, Becker," he pointed out. "You're not going to let this interfere with your job. As far as I can tell it hasn't interfered with your job for the past...er...?"

"Six months, sir."

"Right. If anything, you're more likely to go out of your way to keep Dr. Page safe. And since she's one of the only people with a chance of understanding Cutter's model, let alone rebuilding it, I don't see a downside to that. Now get out of here so I can get some work done!"

The soldier wouldn't call it a victory, but took the win anyway, slightly surprised at the tolerant, even compassionate reaction of his boss. Unfortunately, the battle of making amends to Sarah for forcing her confession still laid ahead, and she could torture him like no other…

Author's Note: Up next...Lester