Title: A Dustland Fairytale
Prompt: Bedtime stories
Characters: Ginny and Molly
Rating: G
Notes: Yes, title stole from The Killers' song. Story based on that one too. Originally written for the lj community: weasley_100

A Dustland Fairytale

"You lied", whispered Ginny as Molly approached her on the porch of the Burrow. The sun hasn't risen yet but the sky was clearer minute by minute.

"Why do you say that, dear?" Molly's hurt voice made Ginny flinch.

"Those fairytales...those bedtime stories you told me when I was young. The girl doesn't always get the prince." She looked at her mother with eyes full of tears. She didn't look like a sixteen-year-old, but like the little girl in her nightgown who once begged for more Harry Potter stories. Stories that reality shattered more than often in her life.

"She does if he is the right one, Ginny."