Okay, trying something new here. Never done something like this before, so tell me if it sucks. :)

Edward's POV...

I didn't understand this thing.


It was an alien concept to me. Sure, I knew I loved my family. I loved my mother and father, I loved my little pixie sister and my annoying brothers. I even loved my self obsessed sister. But I could never understand how they could be so happy with each other for the rest of their existence.

I got sick of Emmett after anything longer than three days. I couldn't stomach Rose for any longer than one, and I have to admit that Alice's happiness can get pretty annoying too.

How can they be so happy to stick with the same person for ever?

These thoughts came to me once again, because I stood here at the door, waiting for my brothers to pry themselves from their mates faces and go hunting. It was times like these that I felt lonely.

I saw them hug and kiss, the love in their eyes and thoughts a power in itself. But it always made me wonder... would anyone miss me if I was gone? I'm sure they would for a while, but then their mates would pick them up again, and they would move on. Because I have no mate. I surrounded by six other vampires, and yet am still totally alone. A seventh wheel, if you will.

"If you don't detach yourselves in three seconds I'm going without you" I sighed exasperatedly as I ran out the open door. It wasn't long before I heard the light foot falls of my brothers behind me. I knew they would tease me about the fact I had no mate, they always did. Every chance they got.

"Edward, just go up to Alaska and let Tanya have you" I slowed down and ran beside them, glaring at Emmett as he spoke seriously. How could he even think I would touch Tanya?

"Emmett, I would never touch Tanya like that. Ever" I screwed my face up as we jumped over the river, disappearing into the forest, leaving the house and our family behind for a while. This was about the only peace and quiet I got.

It was a Friday, all of us glad that we didn't have to fake being students tomorrow. Emmett had insisted we take a hunting trip, so here we are. The sky was darkening now, the first few stars shining in the sky before the trees thickened, the leaves blocking the sky from view.

"We're not saying marry her Edward, but you have some serious sexual tension. Just.... let it out. She sure wouldn't mind" I turned and glared at Jasper as he laughed, wiggling his eye brows at me.

Honestly, Tanya had no shame. She wore basically no clothing around me, wrapped herself around me at every chance, and was constantly imagining us together. Yet no matter how many times I say no, she never gives up. At first, my family were as disgusted as me, but after a few decades, they saw the humour and have recently begun encouraging me. With Tanya.

I know they are worrying about me being alone forever. But if it was between that and Tanya... I'd rather be a virgin for the rest of my life. Besides, the only reason Tanya likes me is because I'm the only one who has ever turned her down. Humans call women like her prostitutes and sluts, but she prefers a succubus. Personally, I think prostitute fits better.

We all stopped as we got deep into the forest.

Mmmm... I haven't smelt bear around here for ages I wonder if it's grizzly enough. Maybe I could.... His thoughts trailed away as he ran further to the east.

Jasper ran north, not sparing a second thought or gesture for me. I knew he was thirsty, the torture he puts himself through five times a week was nearly too much for him. We all told him to take his time, but he wanted to prove himself by diving into school. He found it difficult, and he did have his bad days, but with his history, he was doing rather well.

Sighing as I realised I was alone, I sloped off to the west. I was in no hurry, I had nothing and no-one waiting for me back home.

I caught the scent of a herd of elk as the wind blew southwards. Letting myself be taken over by my instincts, I crouched low, letting out a small hiss as I stalked forwards. I remained crouched low to the ground as I spotted them near a stream. Three.

My thirst could be satisfied by three, I wasn't in such desperate need as Jasper.

I pounced silently, landing on ones back, startling it and the others. Not in the mood for games this time, I broke its neck quickly, biting its neck after it fell to the ground. I let the blood run down my throat as I gulped it down greedily. It doesn't matter how thirsty you are, blood is blood. Once you start, its impossible to stop.

I pushed the carcass from me as I stood up, casually brushing off the dirt. I spotted a patch of dirt and knew Alice would yell at me later when she saw it. Hell, she probably already knew.

I sighed before burying the body. This used to be fun, hunting. It was the thrill of the hunt, of the kill. Now it was more of a chore, an ever lasting reminder of the monster I am.

I heard a rustle, a few heavy breathes I hadn't heard before. I straightened up immediately as I berated myself for my stupidity. Humans were near. Of course, they had never been deep in the forest before. Still, it was dangerous to hunt anywhere near here. I didn't want to loose control and have innocent human blood on my hands.

With another heavy sigh, I turned to walk away. Anyone else could walk up to them as say "Hello, how are you?" But not us. We were anti-social by choice and by need. We stayed away from anyone that could get close to us. We couldn't and wouldn't risk their lives, and the exposure of our secret.

Another gust of strong wind blew southward, if I was a human I would have been bowled over. With wind that strong, there was bound to be a storm. I smelt the grass and trees, a lioness a few miles east, a rabbit in an under bush meters from me. And... that scent.

I slid into a crouch, a feral growl escaping my lips. I spun around, sprinting towards that scent. Nothing on earth could smell that good, it was impossible.

I stopped at a small make-shift camp site, still in the cover of the trees. Two tents sat either side of a large fire, small amounts of smoke stll rising from the embers. They must have only just gone to bed. Perfect.

I saw no car, no means for an escape. Two long logs had been pulled alongside the fire as seats, boxes and bags sat on the tops.

I crouched low behind a fern, sniffing deeply. Three people. Two older, middle aged. I could tell from their scent. Children always smell much more... zestier than adults.

I turned my heard towards the tent on the right. The pathetic green canvas was the only thing keeping me from my heaven. I slunk forward, not a twig breaking beneath my light feet. I felt venom pooling in my mouth but I pushed it back. I would savour this moment. This... would be ecstasy.

I unzipped it, past caring if the sound woke up my hunt. It didn't matter. They would hold the same fate either way. They would never take another breath. And I was okay with that.

I felt myself fighting this. Deep down, I knew this was wrong.

My hands hesitated on the inner zip, but I pushed those thoughts and emotions down with a hiss, ripping my way through the thin material.

I greedily took a deep breath as I crouched in the doorway. Canvas was warm if it had something to warm it, and with this scent inside it, it almost drove me insane. It was everywhere, it was inside and around me.

I couldn't take it any longer.

Moving at my full speed I crouched beside my hunt. I realised vaguely, that it was a girl, and she was only young. Only a thin sleeping bag kept her little body warm, but it didn't matter. She wouldn't need warmth.

Her head was tilted to the side slightly, away from me. I gently pushed her hair away from her neck, a growl sounding loud in the tiny space. I could see her pulse, her blood beating through those veins. So close to the surface. I would barely have to put any pressure on.

With renewed eagerness, I turned her head fully away from me, holding it in place and putting my other hand on her arm as I leaning over her, trapping her other arm and one side of her body beneath me. I took a large sniff, trailing my nose over her throat.

I felt my will snap as I bit down on the soft flesh, blood immediately filling my mouth but I gulped it down quickly, needing more. I could feel my grip tightening as she began to thrash against me, and I knew somewhere that I must be hurting her. She wouldn't be hurting much longer.

I felt her heartbeat increase as she felt the pain, quiet whimpers were the only noise she made. I listened as I drank as her heartbeat slowed down quickly. She was nearly dead. I felt anger boiling inside me. There wasn't enough!

I could feel her body slowing down due to the loss of blood, hearing her deep breathes in my ear and almost smirked to myself. Her last breath. This would be so easy.

I suddenly felt myself being ripped away, being dragged backwards as arms wrapped around my chest. I thrashed madly, wanting to kill whoever took me from my heaven. I was suddenly on my back, Jasper kneeling on my chest as he pinned my arms at my sides. His own eyes matched my thirst, his black depths glaring down at me as we both struggled.

I hadn't even heard his approach, or his thoughts. It didn't matter, I needed that girl!

"We were too late"

I barely heard Emmett as I continued to resist Jasper. His grip and the calmness he was throwing at me was slowly winning though. Out of that tent, fresh air whipping around me. It helped to cage up the monster again.

"Come on"

I hadn't even heard the conversation as Jasper pulled me to my feet, still restraining me as we both ran away. His grip never loosened, though I did realise he was shaking. Fresh human blood must be difficult for him to handle. I didn't know what was wrong with him. It was my kill. It was my right to have that blood.

It wasn't until we were about four miles away that I actually came to my senses.

Blood. Human blood. I had attacked a human. A girl. A child.

I shuddered to a stop, refusing to go any further as my mind and body locked down on me. What had I done? I thought I was stronger than that! How had the monster taken over so easily?

"Come on Edward. You need to hunt" He pushed me forward, but his voice was kinder now, the edge gone. I suppose without my thirst, it would be easier.

We set off again, and I just let him push me along. I could feel Jasper trying to calm me down. He was failing. I wouldn't let him in. How could I accept help from anyone?

I spun around as I heard it, my eyes widening. Jasper's hold on me tightened as he turned too, his thoughts mirroring his expression.

Just a child He shook his head sadly as he looked back at me, pushing me forwards again.

The girls blood curdling screams echoed around the forest after us. They would forever haunt me.

Bella's POV...

I smiled as I kissed my dad goodnight.

I loved camping, though we had only just started again. We had camped a few times when mum went through a nature faze, and I got hooked then. I just loved being outdoors, away from huge shops and bustling crowds of busy people. The wild was peaceful.

I hugged my mum as they both sat beside each other, a blanket over their shoulders as they toasted marshmallows on twigs.

"Night baby" She kissed my cheek and I kissed hers back, turning around and heading for my tent. I spared a glance at the sky, noticing the dark clouds against the midnight blue sky. There weren't many stars out yet, but I wasn't going to stay up and wait for them.

Dad had parked the car on some lane, and made up walk all the way here, with only a map and a compass. Mum and I shared many nervous glances as he would mutter to himself and abruptly change direction, but we got here eventually. But the long four hour walk had left me tired and slightly achy.

I took an apprehensive glance over my tent, at the forest behind it. We found a small clearing deep in the forest, but of course we were surrounded by trees. I love nature and all, but a dark forest can scare anyone who has watched "Shrooms". (The scariest film I have ever seen)

I smiled as I unzipped my tent, climbing in and zipping it up behind me.

Have you ever tried to got changed in a small two man tent? It is very awkward. I could hear my mum and dad laughing at me as I landed on the air bed with a "oof", tripping once again. It would be better if I could actually stand up, but I had to put up with it I guess.

I looked at the thin pyjama's as I shivered. The night was colder than I thought. The wind was already rustling the tents violently, so I dug in my bag and slipped into a pair of thick joggers instead, slipping into a baggy shirt. With one last shiver, I slid into my sleeping bag. I hated waiting for sleeping bags to use your body heat and heat up.

After a moment, I heard my parents tent unzipping. I smiled too as I heard a lot of "Ow"'s and "You treading on my foot!"

I just love how, no matter how quiet you whisper, in a tent everyone can hear you anyway. I just hoped I was going to sleep deep enough to avoid my dads snoring. It was so loud, it woke the neighbors.

I laughed lightly as I yawned, snuggling into my pillows and relaxing. It didn't take long for me to fall into a deep sleep.

I felt myself waking up and tried to push myself into sleep again. I knew it was too early to wake up. There were no birds chirping yet, so it was still night. Too early to be conscious!

You know when you yell at yourself, you wake yourself up. So, me yelling at myself to fall asleep kind of did the opposite.

It was then that I knew something was wrong. I heard a growl close to me, so close I thought it was actually in the tent with me. I knew it was no lion or other predator. It didn't seem fully animalistic, but what else growls like that?

I felt my head being pushed against my pillows roughly as I woke up fully, my eyes flying open as I realised. Someone was in my tent with me, and it was not mum or dad. I tried to move but found another hand pressing down on my arm, keeping me on my back with my head turned to the right. I shivered as I felt something run along the base of my throat and up my neck slightly.

I whimpered, but it was cut off by a gasp as I felt a piercing pain in my neck. I almost screamed, but remembered my parents. What if they came rushing in and he killed them too?

With that in mind, I gritted my teeth and tried to get the person off me. They didn't move a muscle, not a millimeter. It was as if they didn't even feel my struggles. They were too strong.

I had no idea what they were doing to me, but I could feel myself grow tired again. My arms felt like lead weights, my mind becoming foggy as I tried to think. I knew I was dieing, yet I couldn't stop trying to fight whatever monster this was.

Why were they attacking my neck anyway? Was it some crazy lunatic from an asylum or something?

I heard another growl as my eyes slid shut of their own accord. I was weary, conscious but barely hanging on. I just hoped he left my parents alone. My parents! My mum! Dad! What will happen to them once they find out what has happened?

I was jolted from my thoughts as I repressed another scream. Whatever had been in my neck had been ripped out, and God it hurt.

I could hear my own shallow breathing as I tried to move, and failed. The growling seemed further away now, almost distant.

"We were too late" Who was that? A man? Definitely a man.

"Oh God. Edward what have you done?" I heard a man whisper quietly, seeming to be in pain. I have never called a man beautiful, but from the sound of his voice he had to be. It was soft like bells, like music to my ears.

I felt a strange heat beginning in my neck. Strange. Why was my neck warm while it was freezing outside?

That's when I felt the fire. My eyes opened again as I balled my hands into fists. Fire seemed to spread within my very veins, travelling down my arms and chest, into my stomach and hitting my heart at an agonizing pace.

"It's okay. You'll be alright" I felt the man turn my head to look upwards. he was leaning over me, but his face was shadowed. It was still night then. Though the one thing I did see was his skin. It was so white and pale it seemed to need to light as it glowed.

He quickly unzipped my sleeping bag, scooping me up and hugging me close to his body. The fire burning within me had erased all possibility of being cold. I was burning in this mans arms.

He straightened up as he left the entrance of the tent, though I heard no breathing he spoke.

"Get him away from here Jazz. He needs to hunt" The man spoke in a normal voice but seemed to think who ever this 'Jazz' was was going to hear him. I could hear growling before the fire took over completely, blocking out all other sounds and senses. It was consuming me.

"It'll be okay" The man whispered as I felt the wind push passed us again, though it never let up. I began to think it was us that were pushing against the wind, but what could ever move that fast?

I was no longer in control of my body. My entire frame shook as I burned in silence, my arms and legs would twitch as a spasm of fire burned through them. My back would arch every time it struck fiercely at my heart, begging the fire to stop, to go somewhere else. I silently begged for death, or at least for unconsciousness to take me and let me have a little reprieve from this torture.

"Hey, can you open your eyes?"

It was the man again, though I didn't answer. I couldn't. I was sure that if I unlocked my jaw I would scream bloody murder. I wasn't even sure if I could open my eyes, I couldn't seem to locate them. Everything was upside down and back to front. I knew I had arms, yet I couldn't tell you were they were.

"Come on" He encouraged, seeming like he was pleading with me. Could he help? Could he take the pain away? Make it stop?

I forced my eyes open but found my vision distorted by a film of tears. I blinked them away, having to force my eyes open once more when they resisted. Once I could finally see, I realised I was looking up at the man and the sky. All the stars had come out now, and I wished I had waited to see it. I could trees on the edge of my vision, and supposed we were in some sort of clearing.

"Can you tell me your name?" I focused back on the man when he spoke, finding it difficult to remember any one thing at any time. My name. What is my name? The pain make thinking difficult, but this man seemed to need to know.

I slowly unlocked my jaw "Bella" I wheezed out, as I locked my jaw once more.

"Bella, my name is Emmett. I'm going to take you to my family, and we can help you okay?" He asked, and I nodded. Was he going to help me? Was the monster part of his family? Were they going to kill me? If they did I could only wish for it to be quick. Anything to stop this.

I felt the wind in my face but kept my eyes open but on the man. He had curly hair, the lack of light shielding the exact colour from me, but I could tell it was dark. His eyes... they seemed to be colourless as they stared ahead. I couldn't see much more of him, though I could see his shoulders. They were huge, as in weight lifter huge.

I almost screamed so many times, but all I allowed to escape were whimpers and tears. Until the inferno began.

As the heat increased, I couldn't hold back my screams, it was the only way I could use to alleviate some of the pain. Thankfully, this -Emmett- didn't stop me or try to. He simply held me tighter to his cold body as I convulsed, tears covering my cheeks as my throat and lungs burned for air I didn't seem able to draw in.

My screams only halted as he told me we were nearly there. I had no idea where we were going, or who was supposed to be helping me, but I didn't want them to hear me scream. I felt my eyes shut and I let them, hoping for the pain to drag me into blissful unconsciousness.

"Emmett..." This voice belonged to a man, his voice was... beautiful as well. He sounded much older than Emmett, but rather calm. I was burning and they were calm?!

"I'm sorry Carlisle, we didn't get there in time" Emmett said, his own voice seeming to drop and get quieter.

"You did all you could son, I'm proud of you and your strength"

Okay, this is getting absurd. I am dieing here and they are comforting each other!

"Her name is Bella. Her and her parents were camping in the forest. The parents don't know what happened" I felt myself being passed to someone else but I concentrated on the voices. My parents, they didn't know, they were safe.

Another gust of wind and I felt myself being laid down on something large and comfy. Or maybe it was a bed nails. I couldn't tell, not with this fire burning through me.

"Alice, can you get her changed?" The other mans voice spoke again, I think Emmett called him Carlisle. Who was Alice?

"Of course Carlisle" A girlie voice rang out, sounding way too happy for this situation. I could feel myself being tugged around gently, but didn't have enough energy to care or try to stop them. I could hear the girl talking, chatting away like we were best friends and I wasn't a stranger who was slowly dieing. Still, I clung to the sound of her voice, it kept me sane through the pain.

"You're going to be beautiful Bella, even more so than you are now" I heard at one point. If I hadn't been trying not to scream I would have scoffed. I'm not saying that I'm ugly, but I'm not exactly anything to look at.

But what did she mean? Why would I be beautiful afterwards? After what? After the pain?

Time became irrelevant, and I couldn't tell if it was day or night. I wanted to open my eyes to check, but was afraid of what I would see. Someone was always with me, even though I had no idea who they were or what they said, it helped keep me from sinking into the pain. I couldn't tell you their names, or even how many of them there were, but there were definitely more than four.

I think.

I realised after the burning melted away my bones and their regrew, that I could hear things. Things that were nowhere near me, but I could still hear them. It began with the footsteps. I would hear footsteps, then a door would open, close and then an engine would start. It shocked me to figure out it was someone outside getting in a car. How could I hear someone walking outside?

Every time I got a train of thought, the pain reared its ugly head and it would be extinguished, the pain filling ever particle of my body and mind. It wasn't something you could exactly think around, it was all consuming. It licked at my skin and bones, slowly charring them. I wouldn't be surprised if I opened my eyes to see my skin black and dead.

"Bella, you've been so brave" I felt someone stroke my forehead. I must be sweating like crazy. I was in an inferno.

"It'll be over quickly, don't worry. Just a few more hours" A woman said gently. Hours? How long had it been? Years? Weeks? Minutes?

But hours didn't sound too bad, hours I could do. I hope. I felt like my mind was falling through a sieve, and I was slowly loosing myself. I nearly had a panic attack when I tried to remember my mum and dad, their smiling faces. Only finding that I couldn't even picture them. I couldn't remember what they looked like.

I knew my dad had brown eyes like me, my mum had short brown hair, but it was straight, unlike mine. I had my mums lips, my dads nose and neither of their ears.

Yet even with all this, I couldn't piece it all together and get a picture. What if I forgot they even existed?

What is happening to me?

I had noticed that the fire had retreated from my arms and legs, leaving my hands and feet free too. It slowly faded from my neck too, travelling down into my chest, but I had a feeling this was the grand finale. If anything, it was even more painful, like all the pain had grouped together to attack one part of me.

I heard footsteps, quite a few of them. I heard them all walk towards something, a small bang, and the slight crunch of gravel as they left. They had left me? Where they abandoning me? Now? Had it been hours yet? But-

My thought abruptly screamed at me as my back arched from whatever I was laid on. I clutched my eyes tighter together as I tried not to scream. Grunts and whimpers escaped my tight lips as my hands clawed at some material beneath me. The burning seemed to be trying to burn my heart, and succeeding.

I could feel my heart as it beat strangely loud in my chest. It fluttered madly, like a helicopter blade, the pain peaking madly. I thought I would die, I hoped I would. The pain...


I slumped down again, not daring to move or even open my eyes in case it brought the pain right back. I felt... fine. The pain was gone totally, the fire leaving me feeling oddly cool.

I felt a pang of pain in my stomach, but it faded quickly and I relaxed again. Did I have some sort of illness that these people had too? Is that why they understood and "helped" me.

Honestly, if I would have known 'helped' would mean simply talking to me I would have stayed with my parents.

A strange sensation grew over me as I realised I wasn't breathing. Yet, I didn't feel the compulsion to take a breath, like I could live without it. I didn't need it. This was too weird. How could I not need to breath?

I took a small breath through my nose and almost choked. Since when had disinfectant smelt as strong as that? But there were so many other things too. I could smell chocolate, tobacco, cinnamon, sea water, freshly cut grass...

I peeked my eyes open and openly gasped.

Above me, dust motes flew, turning and dancing. They were beautiful. Yes people, dust is a beautiful thing.

I sat up, not realising I had even moved. The room... was amazing. It was a light blue, but was obviously a couples room. Who's ever room I was in they looked like they loved books. They were littered around everywhere, medical looks, children's books, I even counted three dictionaries. I gasped once more as I realised I was reading the spines of books across the room like they were in front of me.

What did that monster do to me? How can I hear these things? How can I smell so much? Why can I see so well?

I realised I was laid on a bed, on top of the duvet. I sat up fully, hurriedly crossing my legs as I tried to calm myself down. I could feel panic and fear brewing as my unnecessary breathes quickened. I had no idea where I was, who these people where, or what they did to me. What had I gotten myself into?

I wanted my mum, as childish as that is, I did. I wanted her to run in through the door, laughing and saying I was silly, wrapping me in a big hug. I watched the door for a moment before turning away. My mum wasn't coming. She didn't know where I was.

I closed my eyes and forced a shaky breath. Emmett said they would help me, and... I suppose they did in a way. Well, they took me into their home, I'm just not sure why.

I heard fast approaching footsteps, gravel crunching from outside, and felt fear grip me. What if they wanted me dead too? Emmett said that... Edward had done this. He knew him. What if he was like his family? A monster? Why were they so deep into the forest anyway at night?

I think I was getting a headache. I put my head in my hands, closing my eyes and reminding myself to take everything as it comes. If they kill me... well I won't go down without a fight. But if they were anything like... Edward, I won't be able to stop them. What did Edward do to me when he attacked my neck?

A blast of calm nearly overwhelmed the fear, but I pushed it away. That wasn't my emotion. Why would I ever be calm in this situation? Was someone messing with me?

I forced myself to calm down. Everything seems better when you are scared and panicked. Once I had a reasonably good hold on my sanity, I raised my head. I could hear them all downstairs, but... one was walking up the staircase. Towards where I was.

Without thinking or realising it, I scooched back until my back hit the headboard of the large double bed, pulling my knees to my chest. I had never felt so vulnerable. I could be surrounded for all I knew.

A knock on the door made me tremble slightly. I didn't like this. I want to go home. Home to my parents. Home.

I heard a click as the door opened and I tensed.

"Bella?" It was Emmett. He sounded quite scared as I felt the springs of the mattress ping when he sat down. I looked up hesitantly, seeing him properly for the first time.

I was right, he had dark brown, almost black curly hair. Just like I thought, he was beautiful. One of the most strange things were his eyes. Gold. I had heard of grey, brown, green and blue eyes, but never golden eyes. But he was huge too, like he was on steroids or something.

Oh and he was waiting for me to reply.

"Do you remember me?" He asked quietly, watching me with cautious eyes, as if he expected me to snap or something. I nodded slightly. I remembered him but not my parents. How is that fair?

"Do you remember what happened?" He asked, moving closer. I felt my muscles tighten in my arms but I forced them to release. He wasn't hurting me, he hadn't hurt me.

"Yes" I whispered quietly, but I was slightly amazed by the sound of my own voice. It was like his. Like bells. Why did I have a voice like his? Nothing made sense!

"Please let me explain Bella" He pleaded, patting the spot next to him on the edge of the bed. I looked at it for a moment, but gulped and did as he asked. He was huge anyway, he could force me to do it if I wouldn't. I crawled to the bed beside him, sitting slightly away from him still. I didn't trust him.

"What do you remember of... that night" He asked, thankfully not moving closer to me.

"Er..." I thought about it, but the only thing that stuck out was the pain.

"Pain. Someone was in my tent with me" I said, wincing as I remembered that part of the night, speaking to the carpet as I twisted my fingers anxiously.

"No-one will hurt you Bella, I promise you" I looked up at him, seeing the conviction and honesty in his eyes left me unable to doubt him. I didn't reply, honestly not really sure about it myself.

"You've noticed difference about yourself...." He asked and I nodded silently again.

Downstairs had gone scarily silent, but no footsteps had left the house. They were still there, not even breathing as they listened. Could they even hear me? Well, if I could hear them they could probably hear me too.

"Bella, you've got to give me more than a nod" He pleaded again and I sighed, hating the fact that everyone could possibly be hearing every move and sound I make.

"I can hear a lot more, I can see things I shouldn't be able to, I can think a lot of things at once and I think it gives me a headache, I do things without thinking them through and I move quickly.." I opened my mouth to continue but stopped myself.

"Go on" He prompted. I felt my eyes fill with liquid as I spoke.

"I can't remember what my mum and dad look like" I choked out, dropping my head into my hands again. I only saw them... well it felt like years ago, but it could have been days. How could I have forgotten what they look like in such a short space of time?

I felt an arm wrap around my shoulders, and I tensed slightly.

"Don't worry Bella" I relaxed a little as he spoke, pulling me closer to him as he hugged me to his side.

"It happens to all of us. You'll notice other stuff too. You'll be stronger, a lot stronger than you were, and really fast as well. All of your senses have been heightened too. You are immortal" He smiled hugely but I did not. It was all well and good telling me those things, but I needed answers. I wasn't going to die? Was I stuck at this age or keep on aging and look like a wrinkled prune.

"What's happened to me?" I asked, looking up at him, begging him to tell me. I had to know. My mind was running in circles, and I was slowly going out of the mind as I tried to understand it.

He looked slightly nervous, if not scared of telling me. He knew, he wouldn't tell me. His face changed into a watchful expression, as though he were deciding of he would or not. I had a right to know!

"Bella.... you aren't exactly human anymore" He breathed out, watching me critically. My first reaction was to laugh but I held it in. He was serious. But I felt human.

You were attacked, burned for God knows how long, and can see and hear things you shouldn't. This is not normal. People cannot see dust motes and call them beautiful. Normal people, humans need to breath!

I hated to accept it, but it was a possibility. I had never heard of normal people being able to hear like this, or their voices changing into bells. People got amnesia and they lost their memory, and boys voices change through puberty, but nothing like this.

But... this is so confusing!

"If I'm not human... what am I?" I asked, now watching him look at the carpet, hesitating before speaking.

"You're a vampire" He said in a rushed voice. I caught it, but I didn't want to. A vampire? Really?

"Can I think about this?" I asked, not sure if he was in any kind of hurry. He just motioned at me to carry on. I stood up and walked back and forth in the room, thinking thoroughly.

My argument against it...

Vampires don't exist, they wear capes and have fangs. Emmett has very white teeth, but they are not fangs. They can't go out in sunlight, and they sleep in coffins, not beds. They were myths.

My argument for...

I had been attacked on my neck, isn't that where vampires always bite you in the movies? Me getting tired could have been... Edward drinking my blood, making me feel drowsy from the lack of blood. I had nothing to compare myself to. I wasn't even sure if the movies had things right, probably not. The cape thing could be rubbish, but they do need fangs don't they?

But the thing that convinced me was still how Edward attacked. He attacked my neck, and when he was taken away, he left.. his own blood or venom or something inside me and it changed me. I guess you don't have to exchange blood to be a vampires.

I paused as I looked out the window, at the tree tops. We were two about two stories up judging the height, and from the looks of this I was surrounded by trees.

"I thought vampires lived in old creepy castles at the top of windy roads when there's a thunder storm?" I asked as I stared out the window. Was I truly actually believing this? A vampire? Me.. a vampire?

I was shocked by a boom of laughter from Emmett at my comment.

"No, but that would be cool. Hey Carlisle can we-" He began but a male appeared at the door with a frown on his face.

"No Emmett, we are not going to live in Transylvania" He smiled as Emmett huffed, crossing his arms. I smiled at the little exchange. Emmett had to be in his early twenties, yet he was being put in his place by this man. I guess he was the leader.

"Bella..." I tensed again as he walked towards me slowly "I'm Carlisle" He stopped a little in front of me and I nodded.

"I know. I heard you" I told him quietly, leaning back on the window sill.

"I must say, you took the news well, probably the best I've seen" He told me with a smile, I simply shrugged. I didn't think it was a time for smiling. I didn't think being a vampire was something to cheer about.

"Oh, I am sorry Bella" I zoned back in to see an apologetic looking Carlisle "I forgot, a newborns thirst can be quite ruthless"

I frowned. Newborn? I wasn't a baby.

"He means newborn vampire" Emmett pitched in, and I nodded to him thankfully.

But... thirst? What thirst? I swallowed and felt my throat burn. Was this was it was. Thirst? But.. thirst for what?

My eyes widened as I realised. Blood. Vampires thirst for blood. But... blood. Even the word makes me shudder. I hate blood. It's horrible and disgusting. How could I... drink it?

I turned around quickly as Carlisle started to speak quickly to me, something about calming me down.

My gaze fell on the trees and I calmed down again. Blood.. it would be okay. If I am a vampire, I guess it will come natural. Knowing me, it won't. But killing humans?

I was a little shocked at how they had suddenly become 'humans' to me. I still wasn't entirely sold on the idea of me being a vampire. It sounded like something my mum would do for Halloween. But I know my mum would never hurt me or put me through the pain I had gone through.

I couldn't harm someone, much less kill them. I wasn't a killer.

I watched with my amazing sight as a rabbit bounded out of a bush, hopping quickly over to the other side of the huge lawn and disappearing into the forest again. I had a light bulb moment.

"I don't want to hurt anyone. Can't just hunt animals instead? They have blood right?" I turned, expecting... I don't know disgust or something. For all I knew, they might enjoy the kill. I was only met with shock.

"Would it even work? Well, they have blood so I guess so. It's better than killing a human at least. Well, maybe not. They can't defend themselves so that's even worse. But humans are animals too so..." I trailed away, thinking if that was actually possible. Dracula killed humans, he preyed on young pretty girls. Could animals fix it?

"Bella-" Emmett began, shaking his head a little.

"I refuse to hurt anyone. No-one has the right to play God" I told him evenly, watching his eyes widen at me.

"Bella, how did you think of that?" I turned to Carlisle, his question a mere breath as he stared.

"You have a forest outside. It makes sense" I shrugged, looking between the two shocked vampires. I heard nothing from downstairs. What had I done wrong? I seriously hoped they wouldn't make me hurt anyone.

"You've been a vampire for...." Emmett checked his watch "Twenty minutes, and it took you about two of those minutes to figure out what it took Carlisle years to discover" He breathed, staring at me like Carlisle. I shifted uncomfortably under their gazes as I shrugged again.

"You're making her uncomfortable, so stop staring" I heard another male say from downstairs, smiling a little as Emmett and Carlisle unfroze and smiled apologetically.

"Don't worry Bella, we hunt animals anyway" The same voice said and I was slightly shocked once more. Did everyone know me here?

I relaxed a little as I took in what he said. They hunted animals. That was why they lived in the forest, it may be why they were out in the middle of the night as well.

"Would it be alright if I asked you a few questions?" Carlisle asked, motioning for me to sit on the bed. They both turned, missing my cringe as I felt the pain hit the stomach again. Once more, it passed and I carried on as though nothing had happened. It was probably just the after effect.

I sat down on the edge of the bed slowly. Carlisle had gotten a piece of paper and pen from somewhere, and he sat on one side of me while Emmett sat on the other.

"Can you tell me your full name?" He asked.

"Isabella Marie Swan" I replied quietly, once again trying to picture my parents. It seemed no matter how much I tried, I just couldn't imagine them.

"When is your birthday?" Emmett squealed like a child and I smiled a little.

"The thirteenth of September" I smirked as he squealed even louder. I turned to Carlisle as he wrote it down, rolling his eyes at Emmett's behaviour.

"How old are you?" They both stopped and watched me. Apparently this was an important question.

"Sixteen" I frowned at them. I heard a growl from downstairs, followed by a loud crash. I winced as more crashed reverberated up the stairs. Is it what I said? My age? Why does that matter?

"Sorry.... that's Edward" Emmett sighed and I lowered my head as I struggled to control my anger. I very rarely get angry, so I was taken aback by it's sudden appearance. That.... vampire did this to me! I felt so angry I do believe I could have killed him. I was glad for the wave of calm that filled me.

"Who keeps doing that?" I asked once I was sure my anger wouldn't be plain in my voice.

"Sorry" I heard fast footsteps before another male appeared at the door, leaning on it. He looked just like the others, pale and beautiful with golden eyes. But instead of Emmett's dark curls and Carlisle's blond short hair, he had brown-blond wavy hair that fell in his eyes.

"That would be me. I'm Jasper" He smiled kindly, and I recognised some other accent, his voice more of a drawl.

"Everyone knows who I am" I shook my head sadly as he chuckled at me, walking into the room and leaning on the dresser opposite the bed.

"I can feel and control emotions" He smiled again and I raised my eyebrows. That was cool.

"You might have an ability too. I don't, Carlisle, Esme and Rose don't either. They all cheat" Emmett poked his tongue out at Jasper who simply smirked at him. I wonder what I could do? If I even had one in the first place.

"If you do have one, you'll find it" Jasper told me and I nodded slightly.

"Questions?" He asked and I looked at him with raised eyebrows.

"A few thousand" I mumbled honestly. They all laughed, waving me on.

"All the stuff about the sun burning you, sleeping in coffins, wearing capes... myth or truth?" I asked, looking around at them all smiling slightly.

"All myth. The sun doesn't hurt us, but we still can't go out in public when it's out. You'll find out why for yourself. There are no coffins, and we don't sleep at all. And we certainly don't wear capes, or have fangs" Carlisle tacked on the end. I was still stuck at the fact they didn't sleep. Sorry, we didn't sleep.

"Yeah, we aren't into the whole Vampire Goth thing either" Emmett smirked and I smiled too.

"Are we dead?" I asked timidly, not really wanting to know. I couldn't feel my heartbeat anymore, yet here I sit talking and moving.

They shared a cautious glance "Technically. Our hearts don't beat so... yes I suppose we are" Jasper answered and I took a moment to take it in. I'm dead. Dead. The opposite of alive. A corpse. I shuddered. I'm a zombie. A walking corpse.

"Why are your eyes gold?" I asked trying to get my mind off the subject, looking every one of them. It was a very strange eye colour to have.

"It's the animal blood, it turns our eyes gold. If we drank human blood, our eyes would be red" Jasper told me, for some reason earning a reproachful look from Carlisle.

I wondered what colour mine would be.

"Your are red as well" I opened my mouth to ask Emmett why but Carlisle explained before I could even word it.

"It's because your still have some of your human blood in your system. Once you hunt animals, they'll gradually change to gold over a few months" He told me soothingly and I relaxed once more.

I felt so on edge at the moment, like one thing would set me of and I would snap. I seriously hoped that wasn't the case.

"Do I have to have blood?" I asked desperately, the fact still nagging at the back of my head.

"Yes" To my surprise Emmett laughed "You have to have it. If you don't... you don't die, but you get weak. Once you get so weak, you'll attack anything with blood. It's best to keep the thirst at bay than risk attacking someone" He told me wisely and I sighed with a nod.

Carlisle opened his mouth to speak but a voice interrupted.

"Come on! We want to meet her as well!" It was the girl from before, the one that never stopped talking or being so happy.

"Are you ready to meet the others?" Carlisle asked seriously and I gulped. How many more where there? I nodded, not wanting to seem scared, but with Jasper in the room, they would know anyway.

The room was suddenly very crowded as four other people joined us.

"I'm Alice, we're going to be best friends!" A small pixie girl with black spiky hair bounded up to me and hugged me. Even though I was sat down and she stood up, she only just stood taller than me. I smiled, a little unsure of her.

"Alice has an ability too, she can see the future" Carlisle told me as I frowned in confusion. I was rather awed by what these people could do. The future? That really is amazing.

"Er.. hi" I replied lamely, she simply kissed my cheek and skipped over to Jasper, grabbing his hand. I suppose those two were together.

I was then met by probably the most beautiful woman on the earth. Long blon hair, a face and body to die for. She smiled kindly at me, but I saw the pain and sadness behind it. I offered her a smile in return after she told me she was called Rosalie. She went and sat next to Emmett, wrapping an arm around his waist and kissing his cheek. They were together too then.

Another woman entered my sight, average height, long wavy brown hair, golden eyes, pale and beautiful like the rest of them. But my eyes were distracted.

A boy stood behind her, tall and muscular like Jasper and Emmett yet he still looked the youngest, bronze hair, pale skin, beautiful. With one difference. Red eyes. Human blood. My blood. He attacked me. He drank my blood. He did this to me.

I heard a feral growl rumble deep in my throat as my muscles coiled and I sprang at him.

He would pay for what he did to me.

So... I know it's long but once I started I honestly couldn't stop.
Tell me what you think.