A/N: This is a fan fiction adaption of an original series I made on Quizilla called, 'Akatsuki's Girl' that was vastly popular with many Naruto fans on Quizilla, and, even those who were new to Quizilla, read it and pm's me on it. But, unfortunately, thanks to Quizilla's retaredness of cutting all the stories down, there is hardly any of this story left so, I'm remaking it. There were a complete total of 31 chapters, and I'm trying to remake it all from scratch. Yes, I just put Quizilla on blast for fucking up one of my greatest stories! I'm going to try to remake it. In the original version, Kidori, lives with a girl named Rinmaru and her brother Ryumaru, the siblings were he product of my first ever naruto pairing, which was Orochimau X blind girl named Keira.. But, since I'm revamping it, I'm almost tweaking the original story- BECAUSE ITS for even reading this. ~Ryu-Chan

Akatsuki Girl

Chapter 1

'Nah, nah! You're never going to catch ME, Big brother!' A small girl giggled, as she ran through her home villager, her elder brother, at her heels.

'Kidori, give me back my head band!' Her brother yelled, as she made a sharp turn, and hid in the shadows of a nearby house, trying not to be found, and she clutched the head band tightly. She peeked around the corner, and suddenly gasped, as the headband was swiped out of her hands, looking up to see her brother. 'Stop taking my head band, Kidori, it's not funny.' Her eyes lit up in awe and admiration.

'But I want to be like Onii-Chan one day!' She said, and he blinked, before she smiled happily. 'I want to be big and strong- like Onii-Chan is!' She exclaimed happily. Her brother sighed and patted her on the head, ruffling her hair.

'That day may come, but stealing my head band won't bring you any closer to becoming like me." She blushed, before putting her small hand on the one on her hand, and smiling at him.

'I know, but, I still got Onii-Chan to exercise for the day!' She laughed, before snatching a kunai and running off, making him chase her once more.

~Some years later~

Kidori panted, running to the grounds to catch up with her team mates, some of the other teams looked at her, as she stopped in front of Rinmaru and Ryumaru. "I'm so very sorry I slept in late!" She panicked. "I was having a good dream!"

"It's alright, Kidori, we understand." Ryumaru said, and Rinmaru tossed her indigo locks, and grinned at Kidori.

"We wouldn't start without you, Dearie! Now, go to the both and fill out the permission slip, saying if you get hurt it's not the Village's fault, ok?" Kidori nodded and shuffled along, filling it out, before joining up with them, the Proctor appearing. They were told to go to their gates, and they had to have a Heaven and Earth Scroll- one of each- and not to look. The exam started, and they had three days. All they needed was a Heaven scroll- and they quickly took out a team to get it, but, Ryumaru and Rinmaru just wanted to sleep around. They did deserve it.

Rinmaru needed it, because she was trying to be a doctor, and had been studying like crazy, getting minimal hours of sleep. Even for a gorgeous girl like her- bad health had nothing on her. Ryumaru, who had been doing so much as a teacher for the littler children, needed the rest two. If you thought about it logically…she was the only one lacking, in making a difference. If it wasn't for the fact that both were slightly directionally challenged, they would be at the Tower in the center.

"Kidori, dear, get some rest, you need it." She looked at Rinmaru, who lounged on her side in her own sleeping bag, in her night gown. "Remember, you're making it to the finals. Ryumaru and I have no interest in becoming Chunnin what so ever, but you deserve it." Kidori stood up, Rinmaru watching her.

"Um- You go ahead and rest, ok? You need it too. I'll um- keep watch, just in case, ok?" Rinmaru looked sympathetic look.

"Oh, Kidori, you're getting nightmares again, aren't you?" Rinmaru questioned, and Kidori shook her head.

"No, I'm waiting for someone to practice on." Rinmaru nodded, and went to sleep, as Kidori stayed up and look up, seeing nothing but trees. The last nightmare vivid in her memory, and she flushed it out with hot face, before there was slithering and she stiffened, a large snake, appeared. She looked at it, and it looked at her, but something about this snake seemed off. Still, Kidori never rejected someone or something of a friendly smile, and offered the creature a bright smile. "And good evening to you, Sir Reptilian." The Snake rose up and still looked at her, before bowing its neck and nudging her with its snout, slithering off soon after. Kidori closed her eyes and slept, hoping this time, they would be sweet dreams instead of the sinisterly heinous nightmares that filled her mind. Eventually, she did happen to fall asleep and yet another horrid dream grasped her tightly.

The thought of being unable to fight back, a dark figure, looking over her, a Noose around her ankle, dragging her down into the figure's hold.

Something startled her away, and she saw the snake- the same snake as before, but it held someone in its mouth. It dropped the person, and Kidori attempted to catch them. The snake flicked its tongue, as she struggled to get the seemingly injured or unconscious person to her sleeping bag. The snake watched as she put the strange, person in her sleeping bag.

"What's going on here?" She looked at Ryumaru, who glared at the Snake. "Get away from that snake and get that person out of your sleeping bag." Ryumaru ordered, going up to the snake, which hissed at him, revealing its fangs. Kidori was only confused until Ryumaru told her, "It's a jutsu, not a real snake." She then looked at the body. "Oh, and that's a corpse in your sleeping bag." She looked at the snake and its tongue lashed the air in her direction. She went up to the snake. "Don't go near it!"

"Oh, leave them alone, Ryumaru. If they've taken on such a form, then, they must have some role to play, yes?" she said to him, the Snake lowered its head, as she raised her hand, pressing its snout against her palm. "Peace is with you, now please, take your body, and be on your way." The Snake licked her as its tongue flickered out, before picking up the corpse's arm and pulling it out of her sleeping bag, before going on its way. Ryumaru lowered his gaze.

"Kidori, get some sleep." He said, and she looked at him, as he pulled a small vial out of his bag. "Drink this, and then take a nap, ok? I'll take over the guard." Kidori shook her head. "Do not argue, too much of a fuss will bring trouble, and you need rest. I heard from Rinmaru that you haven't had a wink of sleep for the past week." Kidori stood there, a shocked expression on her face. "I know you're scared of the nightmares, but I got this from a physician, just for you to get some sleep. Please, just try it. If you can't sleep or still have nightmares, I will never ask you of this again." Kidori sighed, and nodded, taking the vial, and removing the cork, before drinking down the medicine and corking it once more, handing it back to Ryumaru. She slipped into her sleeping bag and almost immediately fell asleep.

Ryumaru shook her awake. "It's morning, let's go. How did the medicine work?"

"What medicine?!" Rinmaru snapped and Ryumaru groaned. "You gave our cute little Kidori DRUGS?! You…!" she started, before Ryumaru wrapped an arm around her neck and slapped a hand to her mouth.

"You psychotic woman, you wonder why you don't have a boyfriend. I didn't give her drugs; I gave her something to make her nightmares go away."

"It worked." She said. "I actually had a rosy-colored dream- and- there was a guy in it." Rinmaru blushed just as Kidori did.

"Ooo! Was he cute?" Rinmaru chirped, kneeling in front of Kidori. "Tell me everything!"

"There's no time for this bull shit, let's go." Ryumaru growled, and He put his hands together, taking the form of a large dog, Rinmaru, taking the form of a cheetah, and Kidori loaded them both up with their things, and got on Ryumaru's back, and they were off.


Rinmaru and Ryumaru stood in front of Kidori, who was covered with one of their blankets, hiding her from view- as she slept standing up. A pink-haired girl with sea-foam eyes, glared at her, as a black-haired boy reached to, possibly, poke her. "Sasuke-San!" Ryumaru hissed in a hushed whisper. "Please keep your hands to yourself." Sasuke withdrew with a snort, Ryumaru checked on herm, as she slept soundly. "Kidori, we're withdrawing now." She opened her eyes, blinking repeatedly, looking at Ryumaru. She nodded slightly.

"Raise your hand if you wish to withdraw now." The Proctor declared. Rinmaru and Ryumaru, clasped hands, and raised their free hands. The Proctor looked shocked, and Kidori lowered her head, as the two walked past her, whispering 'Good Luck', and walked out. Kidori took a deep breath, and someone grabbed her right hand, making her look to her right.

"I'm sure you'll do great!" A brown-haired boy grinned, the dog on his head, barked happily, and she smiled, "Thanks for the encouragement, Kiba-San." Before they parted, and everyone went up to the second floor to wait for their battle. She, herself, was paired up against a man named Yori. The man looked up at her, gesturing her down.

"Here, kitty, kitty, kitty. Let's do this." He taunted, and she got onto the railing, and jumped down, rising to her feet, looking at the referee.

"Sir, before we start, may I make a prayer to my God? It's tradition in my religion." The Referee shrugged, but allowed it, and he put her hands in the symbol of the 'Snake', closing her eyes. "God give me strength." She said happily, opening her left eye, and the match started. The man chuckled.

"What's wrong, little girl? Don't mock me by only fighting with one eye open. Use both- you'll need them." She opened her right eye slowly, taking her time. The man went quiet, and she vanished, before he was slammed into the ground. "Ngh." He said, as he got to his feet, Kidori standing there, looking at him.

"I'm sorry." She said, vanishing once more, but her trick did not fool him this time, and he grabbed her ankle, before wrapping himself around her, constricting her. She gasped for air, as he tightened his hold. She turned her head to her right, so her right eye could look back at him and catch his gaze, before large, black spikes, pierced him. He coughed blood onto her shoulder and she collapsed to the floor, trying to catch her breath, as her fell to the floor for dead. As the ref declared her the winner, she closed her eyes for a long moment, the color returning to her right eye and she groaned, holding it, before going up the stairs and back to where she was standing at first, gasping slightly, and her right eye closed, her Sensei, standing there. He looked at her. "Good round- Here, I have pain killers- it hurts, right? That thing with your eye…" She forced a smile.

"No sir, it does not." She glanced around at the other Sensei's; blushing faintly every time she noticed a cute, unknown one. "Oh, Sensei is cute."

"If you develop an attraction to your teachers, you'll never pass your classes." Her own Sensei said, sweat dropping. "Congratulations on the victory, Kidori. Rinmaru and Ryumaru are waiting for you in the other room. Go tell them the good news, ok?" Kidori nodded, leaving, and going to the other room that they had entered into the preliminary room from. She noticed one of the black-haired Sensei's standing there; talking with a member from one of the teams with drew hair. Wasn't that sensei's hair up before? Maybe he got tied of wearing it in a pony-tail. When he glanced her way, she bowed, before being slammed to the ground by her other two team mates.

"Oh, I'm so proud of you, honey! You won! Congratulations!!" Rinmaru cheered, as Kidori struggled to get out from under them, the siblings helping her up, before crushing her between them both. "We're so happy for you!" they exclaimed, leading her back to where their own Sensei was. "We didn't doubt you could do it, Dearie! Let's go watch the other fights!" Rinmaru chattered, pulling Kidori away, Ryumaru staying behind, looking at the by standing ninja and Jounin with suspicion. The Black-haired man grinned, as if saying, 'I-Know-what-you-know' Ryumaru narrowed his eyes, but, walked away, going to regroup with Rinmaru and Kidori, as he heard Rinmaru clearly jabber about how happy Kidori's parents would be and hinting of celebration.

(After Preliminaries, 1 day until finals)

She swept the porch of the small inn she worked at, glancing up into the light sky, as the street lights turned on. "Ah! What a pretty fully moon." She smiled contently, gazing up at the Moon, its moonlight bathing her as if it was a blessing. She smiled.

"You're still here?" the Inn Owner asked. "Don't you have Chunnin Exams soon? Go home, girl! Pass those exams too!" She smiled at the concern the Inn Owner portrayed for her, and thanked her, as the Inn Owner took the broom from her, and shooed her off. She walked down the streets of Konoha, looking at the moon the entire time. The Chunin Exams, indeed, were but a single day away. All of this depended not only on her abilities- but her and her confidence in herself. She looked down at her hands. She had- made it this far, but she could not deny the fact that it was, possibly, merely only luck! To have made it to the final rounds- it was nothing short of a miracle!

True, she had never really had any confidence in her abilities. Thought everyone complimented her on her cat-like reflexes that she didn't know she had, and the swiftness of foot that she never took notice of, she couldn't really accept anything. She, herself, had trained so much, and when she was able to beat a ninja in a fair fight, then the entire VILLAGE, was overjoyed. She didn't come to Konoha because she wanted to, although, she felt more accepted then the Village she had been born and raised in. She came because she had found herself in a forest and lost one night, and just happened to stumble upon the village.

She pulled out he key for her apartment, and unlocked the door, going in, and shutting the door behind her, locking it. She took off her shoes at the door way. "I'm home." She said, entering the apartment. Why did she say, 'I'm home', even though no one was there to welcome her? It was something she had been taught, when taken in. She went around the house, locking the windows and doors, going to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and untied the sash around her waist, which kept the robe she wore in tact. It all fell around her ankles with a soft rustle. If someone had been watching, they would have seen something that she was ashamed of and embarrassed by. She stepped out of the ring of cloth around her feet, and into the warm spray of the water.

Tomorrow, thousands of strangers would be watching her. Hundreds of thousands of eyes would be on her battle. The pressure, she could not bear. She hugged herself under the hot embrace of the water, and frowned. She was going to, no doubt, mess up, or something bad was going to happen. She knew it. She exited the shower when her hair and body were clean, and wrapped a towel around herself, exiting to her bedroom, jolting, noticing a figure, sitting on her bed. She let out a sigh of relief. "Ryumaru, you scared me!" He looked up, grinning faintly in the dark. "Did you just get here? I'll make some tea-" She offered, but, she shook his head.

"No need, I'm going to bed soon." He grinned, sniffing the air. "Hmm- I'll never grow tired or wary of the coconut scent of your freshly cleaned hair, nor of the soy and almond milk smell of your out-of-the-shower skin." He looked at her seriously. "Thought, I do prefer your natural scent so much better." She blushed, and playfully hit his arm, making him laugh, as she protested it wasn't funny.

"Oho- you two should really get married. You'd both make a very fine couple." The two looked to see Rinmaru, standing in the doorway. She was, in every sense of the word, 'graceful'. Rinmaru and Ryumaru were twins, and Rinmaru had gotten some of her looks from their mother, Ryumaru had inherited the looks of his late father, who had died when both were around 5 years of age. Rinmaru had short, dark blue hair, and lovely eyes- all of them were on the same Team, with their Sensei, Roka Otaku. Ryumaru had a strangely accurate sense of smell, while Rinmaru was very talented in the art of disguise and Genjutsu. "Come now, brother, we mustn't disturb her sleep. She has a rather big day tomorrow." Ryumaru groaned, and got to his feet, before leaving the room and Kidori waved to them, as they shut her door behind them. She sat down on her bed, quiet.

"…Maybe I should go over my scrolls-" She murmured, before the door opened, Rinmaru coming in.

"I brought your after bath milk. It would be wise to finish this cup off and head straight to bed. Of course, Ryumaru will follow you, just in case." Rinmaru smiled at her, as she took the cup and drank down the milk, before setting it back on the tray. "Sweet dreams and good luck in your Exam tomorrow, Kidori." She nodded, and Rinmaru left the room, as Kidori got into her bed and fell asleep.

(Finals, the next Day)

Kidori paced back and forth, nervous beyond belief. This is so nerve wrecking! W-What if I mess up?! She pulled at her hair in a panic. Oh my god, what if my outfit gets turn and people see my panties?! Are they even close enough to the battle to see my panties? Probably not…' She blinked, turning around to see two men in black coats, which were decorated with scattered red clouds. She approached the taller one, bowing to the both of them. The taller one, who also bore a large sword upon his back, leaned down ever so slightly, as a form of bowing. The one, probably 3 inches shorter than the other, looked at her. "Thank you for coming all this way." She said politely, the taller one, taking the initiative to speak.

"We were in the area." They said. "Now, what did you need to see me about?"

"Um- M-May I borrow your Samehada?" She asked him, standing up right. Ryumaru had just arrived, and was scoping out the area for her, about to turn a corner, but stopped, and glanced around it, seeing Kidori and the two cloaked men. Akatsuki?! What are they doing here? "I'll give it back, of course." The taller one nodded.

"Of course." He purred, taking off the large sword, and handing it to her, and she stepped back from the heaviness of it. She could barely wrap her arms around the bandages sword, and still, it was two or three times her own height. She hugged it to her, and smiled up at him.

"Thank you!" she said, as they called out her name, and she ran off.

"Kidori of the Leaf VS. Temari of the Sand!"

Kidori stood there, in front of Temari. Her blonde hair in 4 individual pony tails on the back of her head, and she had her own weapon, a large fan. Kidori blushed, and bowed as best she could, as she was still hugging the Samehada. "T-Thank you for this chance to fight. I promise, I won't let you down-"

"Just shut up and let's get it over with already." Temari snapped, and Kidori was taken by storm, when Temari quickly opened up her fan, and sent a large wall of dirt at Kidori, making her disappear in brown dust. When it vanished, she was sitting on the head of a large lizard, wrapped in mummification bandages from head to toe, the only thing visible, was a single, glowing, red eye. There were 'ooh's and 'aww's from the audience, and the two cloaked men, and some others, were sitting atop the roof of the highest building.

"Kisame, this is BULLSHIT." One of the cloaked men snarled. "Why are we here?!"

"Shut up. And I agree, that there'd better be a good reason to why we're here and not for good entertainment of a cat fight." The leader of the cloaked people, hissed, and the tallest one nodded.

"It's worth it. Watch." They focused on the fight.

Kidori sat on the creatures head, and looked down at it. "Please assist me." She requested, and the creature gave a growl in response. "Separate her from her weapon." Kidori commanded, and the lizard crouched slightly, its bandages coming unwound, and attacked Temari, but she summoned up a small creature, to slice the bandages apart. The lizard, bucked, and Kidori fell off its head, as it covered her form the summoning's attack, before getting back to its feel and picking her up in its mouth. It jumped back onto the stadium wall behind them, and planted itself, avoiding another attack. It's bandages wrapped around Kidori, holding her steady, before it jumped off the wall, and spun in the air, other bandaged coming out, and jetting down into the ground around Temari, before the creature pulled itself down and slammed into the ground. The very impact, sent Temari flying, and at this point, the creature, snatched away the fan, and Kidori jumped off, and ran at her, making several hand seals. "Leaf Style: Dance of Scissors!" she announced, before jumping into the air and grabbing Temari, before kicking her skywards, using the creature's bandages ad make shaft steps, and she continuously attacked Temari with several kunai, and they continued to climb, Kidori counting every attack.

"Big Bang Technique!" Kidori declared, and put a hand on Temari's back, giving her a boost above the girl, making the needed hand seals, and clapping her hands. She placed them on Temari's back, and she shot towards the ground with incredible speed. Kidori floated down, as the creature ran up the walls and jumped off, catching her, before diving down and landing on the ground, setting her down on her own two feet. The Proctor examined Temari, gesturing to an awaiting medical team, and they carried her away.

"The winner is Kidori of the Leaf." There was thunderous applause, and she blushed, bowing, hugging the creature's neck.

"Thank you very much." She said, and it vanished in a puff of smoke, changing back to Samehada, and she walked away, back into the courtyard, as another match started. The cloaked people, all in the courtyard gathered. She handed the sword back to its owner, "Thank you for letting me borrow Samehada." She bowed.

"You're very impressive." One complimented, and she thanked him. "Kisame, you must be very proud." Kisame put his sword back on, and he nodded. The Leader turned and left, others following. Kisame's partner, as well. But he paused at one moment and looked back at her, as she walked off, before continuing to walk. He had noticed that Kisame hadn't stopped watching her since the fight began, until they had all turned to leave.

~Later that Night~

The window to her apartment opened- and only in her room, the intruder's silhouette, masked by shadows, lingered silently. They went over and pushed back the bed sheets, making as little sound as possible. Not even his her slightly stirring in her sleep, faze them, as they laid the back of their hands flat, on the bed, and slid them under her so that she wouldn't awake nor notice. Indeed, she still slept rather peacefully, even as the stranger picked her up in their arms, which normally dismayed their arm or upper body strength. They tilted their arms up, as they held her, and she rested more against their chest, as they wrapped her in a garment they just happened to have on their person.

The figure jumped on to the window sill and slipped out just as silently and abruptly as they had entered. Ryumaru, caught a feeling of emptiness, and he ran to her room, throwing open the door to check on Kidori.

But, by the time he had arrived, there was nothing but ruffled bed sheets, and an open window, making him grit his teeth in anger for not having arrived sooner and caught whatever had happened.