Akatsuki Girl

Chapter 14- Precious Someone

The Priest hesitated and Kidori pleaded with him not to do it, and Orochimaru told him to. "P-Please, calm down-!" The Priest begged, before Orochimaru pulled out his sword and put it to the holy man's neck,

"You're going to wed them if you want to live, Father." Orochimaru hissed dangerously, and Kidori withdrew her argument, staring at the Priest pleadingly,

"B-B-By the power invested in me by the Almighty Lord, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride!" The Priest finished, and Kidori sobbed, the makeup that Orochimaru had applied to her, smeared all over the place. The Cloaked person grabbed a handful of Orochimaru's hair and pulled his head back, making him take a few steps back to release the pain of it.

"Don't mind if I do!" a voice that wasn't supposed to be there, pronounced, and a familiar stoic-faced, black-haired, red-eyed man appeared, kissing Kidori cutely. "'I do'." He smirked, and Orochimaru gawked at the male, as did his attendant, as two other members of the Akatsuki pecked her on the lips. "Now you're 'married' to the Akatsuki." Deidara giggled.

"ITACHI!" Sasuke yelled from the hall and Kidori blushed, "DAMN IT!" Orochimaru growled, going to charge at him, other Akatsuki members appearing, but the cloaked person put a sharp blade to Orochimaru's throat, holding him against their self. They watched like hawks, as they ducked out of the room, using the Sannin as both hostage and shield.

"Itachi-" Kisame murmured, and he shook his head, "Leave them. We came for Kidori. Kill that one." Itachi said, pointing to Kabuto, A familiar blonde appeared, slipping bits of clay into the lower links of the chains that held Kidori to the ground,

"Itachi, he was forced into this too." Kidori said, Itachi looking at her thoughtfully. "You came for me, there are casualties in war, but Sempai, and this isn't a war."

"When Orochimaru tried marrying you to this scumbag, it was a declaration of War." Itachi told her, "Brace yourself." Kidori did so, and the chain links exploded with a small pop, leaving her in shackles still, but no longer chained to the ground. Sasuke was in the room now, Itachi holding Kidori's hand. Sasuke was furious.

"You're an Akatsuki member!" Sasuke demanded, and Kidori looked at him, nodding,

"I told you…" She murmured, Kisame getting in front of his sister, a hand on his sword, "Onii-Chan, we don't want to make a mess." Kisame removed his hand from his sword, Kidori looking over her shoulder, "I maybe a bleeding heart, but if a mess is made, Leader-Sama won't be happy." Deidara looked over at her, pausing from tying up Kabuto with clay. Her lips moved- but no words came out, not to Sasuke's ears. Deidara blinded, and punched Kabuto out cold, going over to her. Itachi whispered something in her ear,

"GET AWAY FROM HER, ITACHI!" Sasuke snapped angrily, and she flinched, Itachi calmly standing up and looking at him and Deidara took out her Akatsuki cloak, unzipping the back of her dress, and then wrapping it around her as it fell. She buttoned it up and stepped out of the ring of white cloth and the matching white shoes, reaching down and slipping off the bridle she had on her leg. "I'm warning you, Itachi, you stay the hell away from her!"

"Just for that, I think I'll try and get closer to her than before." He answered calmly, and Kidori frowned at him, as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her closer, "Ooooo, I have an arm around her shoulders, what are you going to do about it?" Itachi asked in a childish tone and with sarcasm, and Kidori sighed. She put a hand on Itachi's chest,

"Itachi-Sempai, is that really necessary?" She asked, frowning, and he shook his head, before kissing her, "!" Itachi pulled back, smirking, his eyes on Sasuke, Kidori covered her mouth bashfully.

"Did you see that, little brother?" Itachi asked, wiping the corner of his mouth, sneering. "How will you repay me for stealing a kiss from her, little Sasuke?" Sasuke's face reddened,

"I'm going to kill you!" Sasuke snarled angrily, going to attack Itachi, but Kisame appearing behind him and hitting him in the back of the neck.

"Onii-Chan!" Kidori murmured, as the Akatsuki laughed, "You jerks!" She whined, breaking free of Itachi and going over to Sasuke and catching him as he fell to his knees. "I'm sorry Sasuke-Kun, but I have to go again." Sasuke looked at her, and she laid him down, before getting up and walking past him, the others following- Itachi stepping back put his foot on Sasuke's back. Kidori walked over, roughly grabbed Itachi's ear, and pulled him away from his brother, as Sasuke laid there, paralyzed, listening to her leave. He dwelled on the words she had slipped into his ear as she laid him down.

I don't love anyone else but you, Sasuke-Kun.


She stood in front of him as she had so many times before. "You were in his den for a mere 2 weeks, but we've gotten more information from those two weeks than we've gotten before. I only wish to ask you what you've learned but haven't reported." She nodded,

"I learned- that Orochimaru didn't fully confide in Kabuto, but a cloaked person who I saw enter his room, but never leave, from time to time. They were at the- ceremony- as well- and used him as a hostage to leave. They actually protested against the whole wedding scene before the other members came for me, but whenever I entered the room or he called me, they left. I- didn't hear a name, or any gender, but when I eavesdropped on their conversation, it seemed like Orochimaru asked their opinion and openly spoke about whatever plans he had with them." Kidori explained, and he nodded, "Please don't send me back again, I don't want anything to do with Orochimaru. He may try to marry me to Kabuto again…" The Leader shook his head,

"No, absolutely not. I took advantage of you, but it won't happen again. I'll send you on missions farther away from the location of the base, you'll be fine. Until then, I'll be putting you on some rest time- just relax, and when you feel like getting back into missions after all the emotional trauma, then come and say so- or…never mind, just don't send Tobi." She bowed, and walked off. The entire day, she sat in Sasori's room, as he dressed her up in apparel he had made for her while she was gone.

"I just- I miss him." She said as Sasori looked at the outfit on her, judging it.

"Who is this person you speak of?" He asked, shaking his head, finding the outfit not to his liking. "Take it off- it still needs adjustments." She took the clothes off and handed them back,

"I miss Sasuke-Kun." She sighed, slipping into another pair Sasori had handed her. "Sasori-San, these shorts are a little tight…" Kidori said, as her thighs buldges out from the tight bloomers.

"I know. I wanted to see if you were paying attention by giving you a pair of a size-too-small bloomers and a size-too-small shirt that high school girls would wear in P.E" Sasori said, leaning back in his chair as Kidori blushed and pushed the front of her shirt down, "Strip instead. I've had my fun for the day." Kidori obliged, as the door was opened,

"Hey Sasori, how much did you- WHOA!" Kakuzu said, as she froze, her shirt just over her bra, "…I don't think it's my birthday." He said absently, and she screamed as she covered up, Sasori pushing Kakuzu out of the room. She sniffed, pulling the shirt back down,

"Why does this always happen to me?" She whimpered, and Sasori patted her shoulder,

"The door's locked. How about one more outfit and we're done for the day?" She nodded agreeably, "If you like this boy so much, then tell him."

"I did- while Itachi and Deidara were picking me up." Kidori whined, stripping and pulling on a loose kimono, letting Sasori tie an obi on her. He looked her over, smirking,

"I did nicely on this. Sit down, let me tie your hair and they you can go beat up on Kakuzu."

"I would never be able to make myself do such a thing to a member of my team!" She whined, Sasori chucking,

"Even partners need a good beating sometimes." Kidori looked down, staying still as he put her hair up. "All done. You can leave now if you want."

"Thank you Sasori-San."

"Just drop the honorifics. It's cute, but you don't need it around me." Sasori said, Kidori nodding,

"Thank you, Sasori." Kidori smiled, kissing him on the cheek, as she left the room, Tobi going over to her,

"Tobi likes Kidori's kimono!" Tobi chirped, and she smiled, "Leader-Sama wants to talk to Kidori and Tobi."

I'm so tired. Leave them, Kidori. Come and sleep with me in the bath.

Kidori put a hand to her head, smiling at Tobi, "Oh, well I guess we better go see him before he gets mad." She smiled weakly, letting Tobi take her hand and drag her up there, Kakuzu peeking out of his room,

"For some one who has a lot of hearts, you don't seem to have a lit of balls." Hidan said from his bed, putting on another coat of nail polish to his toe nails, his partner glaring at him. "Just ask her out, Old Man. I'm sure she'd be happier if you just asked instead of devising some whole scheme to keep her with you. Like that Mission. That was a fucking joke."

"Shut up, Hidan. No one asks for your opinion because you're so stupid." Kakuzu shot back, and Hidan flinched, the tip of the nail polish brush grazing his skin.

"Fuck, shit! Look what you made me do! I got this shit on my skin now!" The strong, repulsive musk of the nail polish slowly filled the room, and Kakuzu coughed,

"She's back already." Kakuzu said, as he watched Tobi and Kidori go back into their room with a scroll. Kidori sat down on the bed, Tobi sitting next to her, as they opened the scroll and read together. "Is she going on another mission?"

"I over heard Leader-Sama talking to Konan about Kidori, before we brought her back. He was thinking about base-posting her for a white while we find Orochimaru's hide outs. That way, he can give her missions and she won't be in harms way. You think that guy Orochimaru is Kidori's stalker? Every time she goes on a mission, he's there, or around, you know?"

"Hidan, what did I just tell you? Shut. Up." Kakuzu said, leaving the room and going over to Tobi and Kidori. They looked up, "Information on a new mission?" He asked her, gesturing to the scroll, and she shook her head, showing a little of it to him,

"No, um, weather-themed jutsu. Leader-Sama wants me to help with the weather." Kidori said, turning the scroll back to her, Tobi holding one end. "Tobi's going on a mission soon though." Kakuzu nodded,

"Are you busy later today?" Kakuzu asked, Itachi watching from his room, a book in his open hands. Kidori thought about it,

"Well, when I'm done with this scroll, I suppose not." She answered honestly,

"So you'll be free?" Kidori nodded to his question, "Then, let's go out." She smiled,

"I'd love to, but I'm really tired."

"Then take a nap. I'll come and wake you around 10." Kakuzu stated, and left the room as quickly as he had came in. Kidori blinked, getting back to the scroll, as the Leader came down,

"Kidori, I want you to stay inside the Village at all times, ok?" He told her, and she smiled, nodding, "Good girl. Alright, if you have a mission, everybody out. Hidan, you'll be working with Tobi today." Tobi hugging Kidori before he left. Most of the people had left, aside from her brother and Itachi. They came and lay with her as she read, Itachi sitting next to her while he read as well. She sighed, rolling the scroll back up when she finished and laid back against the headboard of her bed and tried to get some sleep.

In the water, stupid girl, in the WATER.

She got up and apologized, as she crawled over Itachi, and went to the bathroom, running the water for the tub. Kidori slipped into the icy water, and closed her eyes, as the temperature grew, and her back glowed faintly. She fell asleep, the water being sucked into her back, and the Harukaei sucked it into him, sneering with wicked pleasure. Soon. So soon. The seal on her back, cracked even more, and she stirred, but did not wake. It twitched and more cracks appeared on the arcane words and images forever branded into her skin.


"Kidori!" Kidori jolted awake, splashing water onto the bathroom floor, "Its 9:45." It was Kakuzu. "You have 15 minutes to get ready." He told her, and Kidori got out of the tub. She peeked into the bedroom, the door was shut and Kakuzu was gone, before she slipped out and dressed. "Don't wear your cloak." Kakuzu said from the other side of the bedroom door, and she grabbed a knee-length coat instead. She hesitantly opened the door, Kakuzu in a trench coat and a scarf around his mouth. "Ready?"

"Y…Yes." She admitted, Kakuzu nodded promptly, towering over her. "I feel so small, compared to you, Kakuzu-sempai." Kakuzu looked down at her, before putting a gloved hand on her bluish-purple haired head.

"…" Kakuzu pulled his hand back and walked off, Kidori following.


He had taken her to a small, shady restaurant. The only people there were she, him, and the staff. "This place is pretty." Kidori said absently at the gloomy, dark surroundings. It was a place Goths would hang out at. The lights were dim, and there were a few candles as each table. Kakuzu pulled off his gloves, scarf, and coat, setting them all on the back of the chair.

"It's tucked away, so, there are not a lot of people who know about it. The food is 5-star quality and dirt cheap. It's also dimly lit, so no one will really recognize either of us…" Kakuzu explained, and Kidori smiled, as she removed her coat.

"Sempai, you put a lot of thought into this." Kidori smiled, and Kakuzu nodded, looking away. His hair was a black mop of shaggy strands; the longest were shoulder-length.

"Do stitches creep you out?" Kakuzu asked her, and she blinked, before smiling,

"Of course not. Everyone has their own style, Sempai. I think that your stitches are mysterious and cool." Kakuzu blushed at her words faintly, "I think that you having so many stitches shows you're really tough."

"You're very optimistic." Kakuzu told her, and she smiled somewhat- sadly.

"If I wasn't optimistic, then, what do you think would become of me, Sempai?" She asked, looking down, "Thank you for taking me out, Sempai."

"Stop saying 'Sempai'. Just call me by my name and I'll call you by yours." He told her, and she nodded, blushing faintly, "Thanks for…saying yes to this." She smiled happily at the table,

"I'm happy that you asked." Kidori said honestly,

"So, how old are you?" Kakuzu asked her, trying to make conversation.

"I can't remember, actually. No one's really asked me." Kidori laughed a little, "How old are you, Kakuzu?" He scratched his cheek,

"Pretty old…I guess…"

"You don't look that old, Kakuzu. Maybe late teens, early twenties." Kidori smiled, and he stared at her. This girl- he should totally marry her for that comment. "You look really young."

"You look like you're 12." Kakuzu told her, and her smile twisted into a hurt frown, and she looked down. "That was inappropriate, I'm sorry."

"Um- I-it's ok. It's better than being called a 'milk cow' for my chest." She admitted, and Kakuzu glanced at her chest. It was- voluptuous, but was 'milk cow' really necessary? "That was one of the worst days of my life…"

"Being called a cow?" She nodded at Kakuzu's question, "How immature. You can't help if you're heavily endowed." She smiled happily, "Just like you can't help that you're a woman." She frowned again- confused, like she was saying 'what the fuck are you talking about?' "Let's order." She looked at the menu, reading the descriptions of the meals. "Don't worry about the price." Kidori nodded as the waiter came around, "Red wine for the both of us." Kakuzu told him, and Kidori snapped her head up. Wine? "I'll take the lemon rainbow trout, well-done. Kidori?"

"Ah, um, I-I'll take the 12 oz. New York strip steak, well done too." Kidori said, handing her menu to the waiter, who took Kakuzu's too, before walking off. "Kakuzu…I can't have alcohol."

"It's just wine." The other Akatsuki member said simply, "Blood of Christ, Grape blood, call it what you will, but it's not that high in alcohol."

"I still can't." Kidori told him, "I'm not good with liquor."

"Then pace yourself." He said, "So that's why you never want any type of drinks we offer you at the base." She nodes shyly,

"I can't handle it very well…so I try not to drink." Kidori said bashfully, "…Sorry I didn't say something before."

"…" Kakuzu looked back, "Waiter." The waiter came over, "Scrap the wine, and just get us some tea."

"Yes, sir." The waiter said obediently, and Kakuzu raised his glass of water to her, "Cheers to a sober night." She laughed a little, a smile lingering on her face as she clinked glasses with him.