Decisions, Decisions

(Oneshot for T. A. Rasklet)

Sakura walked through the forest, on patrol. With Orochimaru's unpredictable appearances and the Akatsuki after Naruto, no one knew what would happen, so, patrols were established.

'Sakura? Why are you here? (Hic) Oh, yeah, I summoned you. (Hic) I want you to go on patrol, ok? (Hic) Make sure that slippery bastard, Orochi-(hic-)maru doesn't appear, ok, Akatsuki too!'

That was her mentor, Tsunade, drunk as usual, but still, thinking about her Home.

'Sakura-Chan, I'll go West, and you check East, ok?'

That was Hinata, the shy but gentle, Naruto-lover. Recently, they had both gotten engaged. This made Sakura wonder if she was ever going to get married. Suddenly, she heard the rustling of bushes and she whipped towards said bushed, kunai drawn. She sensed chakra- barely. Suddenly, someone emerged from the plants, huddled over. At first, she took them as the Kazekage, for the stranger's red-hair, but they glanced up at her and her breath caught in her throat.


She muttered, and he just looked at her, panting laboriously, holding his stomach. He winced, with every step he took, but Sakura stood there, petrified, as he came closer. He reached up, his finger tips barely brushing her left cheek, before he collapsed beside where she stood. She blinked, free of whatever spell she was under, and stared down at him, as he lie unconscious on the green grass, a deep red fluid, tainting the green grass. He was bleeding. But hadn't she killed him? Wait- could he even bleed? She crouched down next to her, getting on her knees, warm air, brushing against her right knee, sending a shiver up her spine.

As a Medic Nin, it was her duty to heal the wounded- but she hated this guy. He called her a little girl on the battle field! She may not have the biggest chest in the World, but god damn it, she wasn't a girl! She glared down as him, as he continued to bleed on the grass, before finally getting the courage to turn him over onto his back. He was bleeding out, and had lost a lot of blood- an artery seemed to have been damaged or scratched, but from his profound blood shed, he was bound to die if he wasn't healed within the next five minutes. She bit her lip.

Help him- or leave him there. He deserved to die anyways. Suddenly, Hinata appeared out of the brush. "Sakura-Chan! Oh!!" Hinata gasped, covering her mouth, stepping back, seeing Sasori. "He's wounded!" Sakura's voice caught in her throat. "Aren't you going to help him?" Hinata asked innocently. If only Hinata knew- but Sakura would look really bad if she didn't.

"Uh- y-yeah, I was just about to." Sakura said, leaning over Sasori, her hands glowing, as she began to heal him, and he flinched. "Even if I heal him up fast now, I'll have to take him home to fix him up to full health." Sakura explained, regretting her duty of Medical Nin.

"Why not take him to a hospital?" Hinata asked, and Sakura sighed.

"You know we're going through a shortage at the Hospital because the medical caravans keep getting attacked. Besides, I can make medicine that will get hi on his feet faster and he won't have to just lie around as much." Hinata nodded.

"Good idea!" Hinata cheered. "He'll be healed in no time with your intelligence on herbs and remedies!" Sakura nodded in agreement, but thought otherwise. Great, I'm stuck with this asshole until he heals up. God-damn it! She thought in annoyance, patching him up, her rough and hasty healing would probably last an hour at most. Enough time to get him to her apartment.


Sasori stirred, moaning slightly, before opening his eyes, seeing a white ceiling, and a glimpse of a window to his right. He looked to his left, Sakura sitting there, mixing something in a bowl with a wooden grinder (the thing you grind up herbs with to make it into powder.) She looked at him. "You're awake I see." She said, her tone held a hint of unhappiness. "I patched you outsides up, so they look good as new, but, your insides will take some more time and effort." She informed him, and he attempted to sit up. "I wouldn't do that if-" He grunted, gripping his stomach, before falling back onto the small couch he was lying on. "-I was you. Typical." She muttered, continuing what she was doing. "Keep doing stupid things and you're going to make all my handiwork, go to waste." She pressed a side of the bowl to his lips. "Drink this; it will heal your organs from the inside." He said, and he drank away, Sakura pulling the bowl away as he gagged from the taste. "It's slightly bitter, but, you'll get used to it." She pressed the bowl to his lips again, and he drank the rest of it down. She stood up when he was done, turning to leave, but he grabbed her hand, and she looked back at him.

"Thanks." He said, but she turned on him.

"Don't thank me. I was thinking about ending your life but then my friend asked me if I was going to heal you, and I couldn't possibly say 'no', because then, I'll look like a heartless bitch!" Sakura snapped, and Sasori blinked, as she added, "How is it that you're alive? Why are you human? I thought I killed you!"

"Oh, a strange girl gave me a wish and this is what I wished for. I went back to the Akatsuki, but, they attacked me, and I stumbled over here and found you." Sasori explained. "But- I'm glad your friend came and stopped you in the middle of your thought to kill me."

"Boy, do YOU lay it on thick."

"At least I'm not using cheesy pick up lines." Sasori grinned, and she smothered his face with a pillow, making him struggle. She pulled the pillow off and he tried to catch his breath.

"You shouldn't talk much, you could cause internal damage. When you talk, your muscles move, tightening and loosening up, raising the chance of reopening the organ wounds you have." Sakura said. "Just rest and don't cause me any trouble."

"You know, I can kill you."

"I remember Grandma Chiyo killing you, but, you got killed first is the point." Sasori clenched his teeth. "Yeah, no doubt you can probably hurt me pretty bad, but, you're wounded pretty badly too. You may want to heal up before you make any threats, Puppet Boy." Sakura hissed, going to her kitchen, wondering why she made up that stupid explanation to Hinata. She could have said, 'He's dying, there's nothing I can do.' Damn her lying.

"Do I get feed as well, or will you just feed me medicine and let me vomit it up?" Sasori called, and she gritted her teeth.

"This isn't a hospital, mind you." She said in a lowly hiss. "But you're right, it'll be better to serve you food." Sasori grinned, and she make him some beef stew, offering it to him, going to the kitchen to eat her own portion.

"You won't dine with me?" He called, and she said nothing. "I do need to repay you for this somehow. What would you like in exchange for my healing?"

"Shut up and eat." She snapped coldly, trying to continue her meal in silence. When she was done with her meal, she went and collected the bowl from Sasori, who grinned and gave it to her readily. He watched as she washed the dishes, smiling faintly. She noticed and looked back at him. "What's with the Cheshire Cat grin?" She asked, and she shook his head.

"Nothing, I just thought of a way to repay you." Sasori said bluntly. "I think you'll like it very much." She brushed off his strange words, and continued cleaning up. "Do I sleep here tonight?" He asked, and she turned off the faucet to the sink, wiping her hands on a wash cloth.

"Indeed you do. I'll give you more medicine tomorrow, and the next day, and they you're getting the hell out of my house." Sakura said. "It'll take another day for you to fully heal, another for rest, and then you're gone."

"My, aren't you kind?" He remarked, and she went into her bedroom, shutting the door behind her, not caring to lock it. Truth be told, Sasori was lucky he was still alive.

~Next Day~

Sakura woke up to the phone ringing. She groaned, feeling around for the phone on her night stand, grasping it when she finally found it, before pressing the answer button, rolling onto her back, and pressing the receiver to her ear. "Hello?" She answered groggily.

"Oh, it's wonderful, Sakura!" The person on the other line said. Shizune? "This morning, at around 2 am, all the medical caravans that were attacked and missing showed up at the hospital- every single one! We're no longer on a shortage, and the Hospitals can refill their stocks, isn't that great?"

"Yeah, that's fantastic, Shizune, but I'm actually nursing back to health a sick animal found yesterday." Sakura set, getting out of bed and opening her bedroom door, seeing Sasori sitting there, when she entered the small den, he looked at her.

"Oh really? What type of animal?"

Sakura narrowed her eyes at the blood littering Sasori's bandage, meaning he had been up and about doing stuff. "It seems to be a trouble-some raccoon." Sakura said. "It seems to be having convulsions; I'll have to let you go." Sakura said, ending the call, and tossing the cordless phone into her room, watching as it deftly landed on her bed with a soft thump. "Was that your doing?"

"What was supposedly my doing?" He asked, and she went over and hit him in the face, but he caught her hand, and then she began mending his wound again with her left hand. "If you're talking about the caravan business, then I suppose you can very well say that. It wasn't hard- make a fake one to lure in the bandits, make them lead me to where the others were kept."

"Was that your 'gift' for me healing you?"

"I'd like to say it was only half of the desired payment." Sasori responded casually. "The other half I think you'll like as well. Or are you not pleased with me stopping the shortage of medical supplies?" He asked.

"I'm glad to know we have IV drips to go around, but not by the fact that an Akatsuki member did it for me." She said, going to another room, and returning with the same disgusting liquid as from before. He drank it down, and she then fed him break fast, before, putting her hand on his chest. "Now lay down. I'll finish healing you up and then you and rest. Tomorrow you'll rest ad them mid-day your ass better be the hell outta my house." Sasori leaned back and grinned.

"I like a woman who calls the shots." She slapped him across the face, before beginning to further heal him. "Done-" she said, slowly sitting up, stopping, and finding her face several inches from Sasori's, his grey eyes bored into hers. He leaned forward, looking at her lips, his hand finding its way into her flamingo locks, and pulling her head down, as he pressed his lips against hers in a gentle kiss. Her right hand, over his heart- the humane heart beat, unmistakable, along with the kindness. This wasn't the Sasori she had fought and almost lost her life, trying to defeat. That Sasori was a puppet. Sasori pulled back, looking at her.

He searched her face, removing his hand from her hair and lying back down, leaving her hanging, panting slightly. She was disgusted but yet…she wanted more. Sasori lay back down. "I'll stay put and take a nap, go do some missions or something." He said as he lay back on the couch, and closed his eyes, exhaling deeply, before he fell into a quick cat nap. Sakura stared at him. She got up and left- maybe the hospital needed some help- or Tsunade (she needed to sober up or be taken to an AA meeting).

~Later that night~

It was 11 pm when she got home, and she went straight past the kitchen, where Sasori was standing. She came back and stood in the doorway, finding him wearing her apron- and his pants. He looked back, grinning. "I just woke up- thought I'd make you some dinner." Sakura plopped down in a chair, and let him serve her up a plate. She ate quickly, and when she was done, she went to her room and flopped down onto the bed. She stripped out of her outfit and discarded it carelessly to the ground, getting up and changing into a night gown. She laid back down on the bed, closing her eyes, the dim light from the kitchen, vanishing. She forced herself to scoot somewhat towards her pillows- so that if she did crash, she'd have something to lay her head on. When she was done with that ordeal, sleep pulled at her eye lids and she closed her eyes.

She was so tired that she didn't even hear Sasori come in, not even when he stopped at her bedside. "You really should sleep under the covers, Sakura." He said, picking her up, balancing her in one arm while he pulled back the bed sheets with his other hand, and slipped her under said sheets, slipping in with her and covering them both up, pulling her against him. He pressed his lips to the nape of her neck, after brushing some of her hair aside. She shuddered, her eyes snapping open, and she twisted around to look at him.

"Sasori?!" She exclaimed, and she groaned.

"Who else would I be?" Sasori hissed in response. "I'm paying the other half." He purred, kissing her exposed collar bone.

"I'm really, really tired…"

"Then I will do all the work. Trust me; you'll be able to sleep better than ever before when I'm done." He reassured her, and she looked at him in slight astonishment.

"Wait a second- you're a PUPPET, have you ever had sex before?" Sakura demanded, and he grinned.

"Well, I did bang the Leader's girlfriend before they found out I was alive-" Sakura shoved him off of her.

"You're disgusting, Sasori! Get off!" Sakura hissed, crawling away. "I wouldn't have sex with you if my life depended on it!"

"Oh, Sakura, don't be like that. You nursed me back to health, and I just want to thank you-"

"I just want to sleep." Sakura whimpered. "I'm so tired." Sasori chuckled, and nodded.

"Alright, tomorrow then, and you won't be skipping out."