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It wasn't in the way that he looked at her--it wasn't the piercing gaze of his eyes that oh so frequently burnt into her core until she could barely breath. It wasn't in the way which he spoke to her--the soft and gently rasp of his voice that never failed to make her melt. But it was in the way that he sang to her--the way the emotions flickered through his eyes and as the notes filled the air, her breath instantly hitched and smile sprang across her face.

"Perfect!" Mr. Schuester said with a clap as Finn and Rachel finished up their routine, "Keep going at this rate and you're a shoe in to win next week. Great job you two."

"Thanks." Finn said with a smile, before pleading, "Now can we leave? It's going on five o'clock--you've kept the two of us here for hours."

"Yes, guys. You can leave." Will chuckled, "I'll see you tomorrow, Finn. Bye, Rachel."

"You did an outstanding job today." Rachel stated as she walked next to Finn, cradling her books in her hands, "You were perfectly on key throughout the entire song and your dance moves are improving immensely."

"Well when you have a great parter, it kinda forces you to do better yourself." He replied in an akward yet adorable way, glancing over at Rachel quickly and flashing a shy smile.

"You know, I'm starving." He then said thoughtfully, after a few moments of silence, "Wanna get something to eat?"

"Just the two of us? Would Quinn veritably approve of that sort of outing?"

"It's just dinner." He argued with a shrug, "Not like we're heading off to Vegas to get hitched, right?"

"Precisely." She agreed with a soft laugh, trying not show how undeniably happy she truly was. Ever since she had first heard his sweet voice carry across the room, she couldn't get enough of him--couldn't stop basking in his mere presence, therefore she ached to be around him as much as possible.

Their destination was only a short walk from the school, and within less then twenty minutes, they were seated at a table, the waiter hovering over them, waiting to take the young teens order.

"It's nice to be around someone who actually eats something." Finn stated once the waitor retreated into the kitchen, "Quinn only orders salad--if that. And then she complains that she's starving."

"Well I'm certaintly no Quinn Fabray." She replied with a sad smile, as if not being the pregnant cheerleader was a bad thing.

"No." Finn said with an approving smile, "You're not like her at all. In fact, I'd go as far as to say you're her exact opposite."

"If that's the case then I must assume you don't have any feelings for me whatsoever."

"Listen Rachel..." He sighed, fumbling through his mind in search of the right words to say, "I meant what I said about that kiss between us being real, and...I never felt this way before--the way I feel about you is--it's so surreal, you know?" He took a second to pause, his smile turning into a frown as he added, "But then there's Quinn--she's my girlfriend. Not to mention I'm the father of her baby. I mean, maybe if the baby wasn't--"

"It's not yours, Finn." She finally burst out, and upon Finn giving her an 'I don't believe this, what the hell are you talking about?' look, she added, "Noah told me--a few days ago while we were still 'dating'. Apparently he and Quinn had a night together a few months back and it didn't take him long to realize that he was in fact the father."

"How could they do that to me?" He stated softly after a long period of silence, "I'd expect it from Quinn but not Puck...Rachel, are you sure you're right?"

She nodded stiffly, then after a moment, stated, "Suddenly, I don't feel comfortable here. I'm sorry I had to be the one to tell you what was going on but I do beileve you had the right to know the correct information."

"No." He argued, following her up from the table which she had just gotten up from, "Don't go."

"Why?" She asked as he grasped her arm with his strong hands. He moved closer to her, his lips descending upon hers but she moved away to whisper, "Are you doing this to get revenge on your two most valuable friends? Or just to make yourself feel better in a time of despair?"

"I'm doing it because I like you." He responded in the same hushed tone, "I would've kissed you by the end of tonight no matter what I knew."

Without another thought, he pressed his lips to hers, causing both their body heat and heart beat to increase until they could hardly take another breath.

"Huh..." Finn grunted out once they pulled away slightly, "That's pretty cool."

"What is? The fact that we're so utterly perfect for each other and that that kiss feels as it could be the pivotal turning point for our whole relationship?"

"No." He said softly, "Your last name is Berry and you taste like strawberries, I never realized that."