"So Finn, what are your thoughts for our first weekend as an official couple?" Rachel inquired as she stood beside her boyfriend at the crowded lunchline, tray in hand.

"Actually, I was meaning to tell yo--" He began, nervously scratching at the back of his neck. He racked his brain for the right words to say--for some reason being around Rachel heightened his sences, yet left his brain virtually useless. It was as if she possessed some kind of supernatural power over him, as if she was the kryptonite to his inner superman--the kanye to his own video music award.

"I propose we either go out to the skating rink or see that new romantic comedy--unless, of course, you prefer something along the lines of a horror film..."

"Rachel, I--"

"Although I'm no fan of guts and gore, I think I'll be able to sit through it with you beside me." She babbled on, unconscious to his attempt at getting her attention.

"Rachel, I uhh--"

"No, you're right. Movies are much too cliche." She went on, whilst shaking her head, "Maybe we should just--"

"Rachel!" He suddenly yelled sternly, finally gaining her full attention.

Rachel, slightly taken aback, then asked in her usual tone, "My apologies, Finn, did you have something to input?"

"Yeah, actually, umm...my aunt's getting married this Saturday and well, I wasn't planning on going but then my mom made this big deal about how 'family's important' and 'grandma'll be there and she's gonna die soon' so I figured that...maybe you'd wanna come?"

"Oh Finn, that's a marvelous plan. I just adore the uniting of two souls through matrimony!" She practically squealed, "I have but one question though."

"The cake's chocolate." He stated without a beat, "It was the first question I asked too. Figured, the place can't be that bad if there's chocolate cake, right?"

"I...suppose." She stated slowly, "But that wasn't quite what I was pondering."

"Oh." He replied dumbly, waiting for her to explicate.

"You really don't mind bringing me with you?" She then asked softly, letting her vulnerability show, "I mean, your entire family will be attending, will they not? I don't want to embarrass you."

"Embarrass me?" He repeated with a short disbelieving laugh, carefully keeping his voice soft to match hers, "You could never embarrass me. How could you think that?"

"I don't know." She said shyly, keeping her head slightly turned to the side and eyes directed downward, "Just--compared to Quin...it seems more than likely your family will think you downgraded yourself."

"Hey, don't ever think that." He assured her, unaware of how such a sensational person could ever be insecure in any way. He suddenly felt a small pang of guilt, realizing that his ex was mostly to blame for causing Rachel grief--and he never did a thing about it.

"I know they'll all love you." He stated definitely, "And if they don't, they're insane."


"That ceremony was simply beautiful, Finn." Rachel said with a dreamy smile as they walked arm in arm into the reception hall, "I'd like something similair to that for my own wedding--except, of course, it would be atop a snow encrusted mountain."

"The place doesn't really matter to me--I just want my dog as the ring bearer. I've seen it on tv once--they strap on a little pillow and ring to their back and everything."

"You don't even have a dog."

"Well I'm sure I will by the time I get married." He stated without question, "Hey, what do you think of the name Drizzle?"

"Drizzle?" She echoed, then after pursing her lips for a moment, stated with a small nod, "It's fitting for a dog--I approve."

"Finn Hudson, is that you?" The two teens suddenly heard a gruff voice say from behind, "I haven't seen you in years--my have you grown."

"So have you." Finn stated with a nervous laugh, desperately wanting to get away from the man without making Rachel suspicious.

"So who's this little sweetie?" The man then asked, motioning towards Rachel with a warm smile.

She greeted the man with a formal handshake, followed by a quick kiss on the cheek, before turning towards her boyfriend and asking, "Aren't you going to introduce me?'

"O--of course. This..." Finn began, wrapping his arm around Rachels waist and pulling her close, "Is Rachel--my girlfriend." He then motioned towards the man and explained, "And Rachel, this is...umm--my uncle."

"Finn, is your aunt alright?" Rachel suddenly asked, glancing over at the bride huddled in a chair in the corner with a half devoured drink in her hand. Finn let out a sigh of relief from the sudden turn in conversation, sharply deciding to excuse himself and make his way over to aforesaid corner.

"Aunt Lisa, what's wrong?" Finn asked as he noticed tears beginning to stream down the womans eyes. He akwardly took her hand in his and said softly, "It's alright, it's okay. Don't worry, everything will be alright."

Lisa sniffled, giving a sad smile as she stuttered, "N--no it won't...the band hasn't shown up yet--I won't be able to listen to music during my first dance."

"Oh, well that's no big deal." Finn said with a shrug, "We can just get a boom box in here or something, and--"

"It's her wedding day, Finn." Rachel argued, "She simply cannot let her first dance be anything less than impeccable." She paused to put her hand upon the brides shoulder before stating, "Finn and I are going to make sure that everything is sublime. Now what is the song you were intending on dancing to?"

"Can't help falling in love with you." She answered quickly, "But like I said earlier, the band's not here, so I don't understand how you're going to--;

Rachel cut the bride off midsentence, when she beamed, "I love that song. And who needs a band when you've got the two of us? I mean, what's better than having your nephew and his new star bound girlfriend sing it for you?"

"Woah, hold on Rachel. I've never preformed in front of my entire family--half of them don't even know I sing at all." Finn stated nervously, fidgeting with the cuff of his sleve as he looked at Rachel unsurely.

"Well it's now time to showcase your abilities." Rachel said confidently, smoothing down the few wrinkles in her skirt, "And you don't have to worry, I won't sing to my fullest intent--I wouldn't want to overshadow the bride on her wedding day."

In less than a few minutes, Lisa and her groom took the dance floor, swaying back and fourth contently as Finn and Rachel sang a much more contemporary version of can't help falling in love with you.

Wise men say only fools rush in

But I can't help falling in love with you

Shall I stay

Would it be a sin

If I can't help falling in love with you

"I love you." Finn whispered once the song reached its end. Rachel furrowed her eyebrows, looking at her boyfriend in a confused manner, before stating simply, "The songs over Finn--besides, that's not even the correct lyrics."

"No." He said softly, giving a small laugh as he explained slowly, "Rachel, I love you."

"You--you truly--you love me?" She began to stutter, uncapable of hiding the large grin that grew across her face. Finn nodded, causing her large, shining eyes to grow even brighter and her heart to feel as if it was about to explode.

"Finn! Rachel!" The same man from earlier interrupted, earning an annoyed sigh from the two teens, "I had no idea you two could sing like that. How would you feel about a record deal? Or maybe releasing a single together?"

"Why of course that would be beyond incredible and while I certaintly intend to do that sometime in my lifetime, now is most likely not the time--I have to focus on schoolwork and glee club and--well that's beside the point. However, if a record deal comes my way, I'm certaintly not going to object."

"You're quite the daredevil, miss." The man stated with a hearty laugh, "And by the way you're talking, I'm assuming young Finn here hasn't yet told you."

"Told her what?" Finn asked, looking at his uncle in confusion.

"Why, you don't remember either?" The man asked in disbelief, "I'm the manager--well assistant manager, technically--at Harmonize Records."

"Harmonize Records? Why, that's one of the most prestigious labels in the market." Rachel said in awe, before pulling Finn aside and asking, "Why did you withhold this information from me? You must have known you had a relative in the record buisness."

"I did know but I--" He paused, then said with a sigh, "I knew if I told you then you'd want to talk to him--and, well, I just didn't want you to get your hopes up."

He took a moment to register Rachels appearance, but upon being unable to read her expression, he added, "I hope you understand."

"Oh, I understand perfectly." She said quickly, her voice cracking slightly, "My own boyfriend doesn't believe in me."