Jesse and Mackenzie were sitting with their mom and dad in the duck habitat. They both agreed that this was not the family reunion they had been hoping for. They got to see their little brother yeah, but it was just the same as when the two brothers where younger, always fighting. The one good thing was that they could see their new nephew and all his friends. So far they knew that Marlene had a son that was Marshal's age, also adopted, and that there were two lemur kids though they didn't know much about them. The four ducklings weren't adopted, and they were very cute. Another thing they both agreed on, was that it was nice to have a new friend to talk to, and they also agreed that she'd look really cute sitting next to Skipper.

"I wonder if Marlene is home." Jesse said, hoping the answer was yes.

"We can go see." Mackenzie replied, feeling the same way Jesse did. She and her sister sat up and walked over to the otter habitat, but then they bumped into the lemur habitat. The heard the giggling and laughing of what had to be the two lemur kids, so they decided to walk in and meet them. Jesse and Mackenzie walked in and saw Rosie was already there.

Mackenzie looked at the pretty lemur as she sat near the snack bar, the sun shining on her beautiful fur. If she wasn't already royalty, she might have been mistaken for a princess. King Julien was glaring at her from the other side, whispering to Mort and Maurice about how his sister was nothing but a pain his beautiful and groove filled booty.

"You think that's Rosie?" She asked her sister in a whisper.

"Well if it isn't, then who could it be?" Jesse whispered back.

"Oh hello," Rosie greeted. She looked up at the penguins with a smile.

"Hey," Mackenzie greeted a little shyly. She held up her flipper and gave a small wave to the lemur. Jesse didn't seem as shy and gave her a big wave.

Rosie bounced up to them. She wasn't shy either. "You're not Skipper's sisters, are you?"

"Actually, we are." Jesse said. "I'm Jesse, and that's my sister, Mackenzie. She's really shy, but she can talk if you give her time." She giggled, but her older sister replied by giving her a quick jab in the flipper. "What? I only speak the truth!" she faced Rosie again. "Sorry, but you must be Rosie. King Julien's sister."

"Really, it's nice to meet you! I can't see how he survived two sisters. I barely survived mine. Not that there's anything wrong with you two" Mackenzie recognized Rosie's love struck face as she spoke to them with a beautiful French accent.

"Actually, we have two brothers." Rosie stopped and looked at Jesse after she said that.

"What?" Rosie asked with her French accent.

"Skipper and Derek; you know Skipper, but I doubt you've met Derek." Jesse piped in.

Rosie became less enthusiastic "oh I'm almost positive we have."

Mackenzie noticed her face. "What did he do now!?"

"Oh he was drooling over me like some animal. Let me guess Derek is the younger one less mature?" Rosie asked with no pun intended.

"Yes." Both girls answered.

"I thought so." Rosie looked like her proud self again Marlene cut in. The otter had apparently seen the three talking and decided to meet the lemur as well. Peanut was over at the penguins' habitat, so she was pretty bored.

"I don't see what so bad about Derek. He seemed nice, but drooling over you? Maybe that was before he asked me to a movie." Marlene said.

"Oh he is? What a coincidence I'm supposed to be going on a tour with Skipper later." Rosie piped in.

Marlene nodded. "Be careful though. He usually calls the new animals here spies." she chuckled. "Some crazy paranoia thing he has."

Rosie was obviously confused, but before she could speak Derek walked in. He looked around at the girls sitting around. "Um, did I interrupt something?"

Jesse giggled. "Marlene here was just telling us about your date tonight." She jumped up and nudged her youngest brother playfully.

Derek pushed her away "Very funny sis, but I'd watch myself I wouldn't want a certain, super, embarrassing, story get out about your", he paused, "dating days."

Jesse rolled her brown eyes before setting them to a glare upon Derek. "And one could get out about you too, bro." she threatened.

Derek laughed nervously "Yeah, ok, point taken." He then noticed Rosie sitting across from Marlene.

Marlene was just chatting with Rosie about a few things to expect from Skipper when Derek walked up with a flirty and sly smile on his face. "Hey Marlene," He greeted.

"Oh, hey Derek" Marlene replied nonchalantly. She really didn't know how to feel around Derek though the first emotion that popped up was nervous she didn't think that was right. It defiantly wasn't love... she knew how that felt and this wasn't it.

"Well, I think it's about time for me to go. Bye." Rosie said with a small wave.

"See ya later." He faced Marlene with a small smile. "Now, what movie did you want to see?"

While Marlene was lost in her train of thought Derek looked back at Rosie who was headed for the door. When she noticed him looking at her, he threw her a quick wink and smirk. Rosie didn't want Marlene realize Derek actually just did that, so she looked back at the penguins, and it seemed only Mackenzie saw. She was looking back at Rosie waiting for a reaction. Rosie just left, trying to shake it off.

Jesse watched Rosie storm off. "What was that all about?"

"Oh, Rosie doesn't really like Derek." Mackenzie said, but while Rosie walked home, Mackenzie's statement became an utter lie.

Oh no! Could this mean that Rosie is starting to fall for Derek!? Find out in the next chapter!

Also, sorry if it's a little on the short side, but hey, it's a cliffhanger. The next one will be longer, promise! :)