It hadn't happened. It couldn't have happened. Was I really that unlucky? If that StarClan existed, they hated me.

My return to the twolegplace was a blur. Before I knew it, I found myself wandering down an alley, completely alone for the first time in my life. Shoved against the wall was a bright twoleg thing, one of those ones they use to sit on.

I threw myself at it, tearing through the colourful skin to the white fluff that was underneath. I tore the thing to shreds, unleashing all of my pent up anger on it. I almost wished a cat would appear, so that I could attack it instead.

I wanted to go back to the forest and find the cat who took Fox. In that moment, I hated all the clan cats. Even the red tabby, who I had admired for standing up to Scourge and Tigerstar. I hated him. If he'd just given up, I'd still have my red tabby.

Fox… Fox… his name ran in circles through my head. He was my closest… my only friend, my last tie to Wren. I kept tearing at the twoleg object, but my attacks grew shakier as I thought more about the cats I had lost. First, Shard and Willow. Bear… Wren… Fox…

I finally had to stop my attack when pain blazed through the scars on my shoulder.


I'm not sure exactly when the idea to take over BloodClan hit. It was some time during the massacre of the twoleg object. When I stopped, and I had managed to calm down slightly, the idea was just there.

I could almost hear Fox's comment. Are you sure you want to control these cats, Shatter? Are you sure you even want to stay around this twolegpalce?

"Yes," I meowed under my breath. "I do."

A plan started to form. I could make BloodClan better than it was under Scourge. I could borrow practices from the clans. This meant that I'd have to send in another cat to learn more, seeing as my knowledge of clan life was tainted by Tigerstar's horrible leadership. But that would be easy enough.

I could fix BloodClan.

I was well enough known that my proposition wouldn't be completely ignored. Scourge himself had said that I'd be a good leader, Bone had heard him.

If Bone had survived the fight and was claiming to be leader, I'd just challenge him. If any other cat tried to claim the position, I'd do the same. Scourge had no kin, no one who could truly claim the right to lead the clan.

I imagined having that kind of power. The power to have cats do my every whim without question. I've always been a leader, I could handle it.

Fox had been my conscious, he was the only one who could control me. Without him around, BloodClan didn't have a chance against me.


I returned to Scourge's alley. That's where the most loyal of his cats would have gone, to see what was becoming of the clan. It felt strange to pace in and not be challenged by Bone.

I saw a circle of cats up ahead, and I padded over to them. Brick and Tear, the two cats who were just below Bone in the hierarchy of Scourge's clan, looked over at me suspiciously. Of course, they knew the strained relationship Scourge and I shared. I was not a loyal cat. But they said nothing. I made room for myself beside a thin black and white cat. It took me a moment to remember his name, but then it came to me. Striker. The other four cats were two sets of brothers. Ice and Snake, and two toms named Fang and Talon.

As I looked over the cats, I tried to figure out what my chances would be of convincing them. I'd have no problem with Ice and Snake. Ever since that first day when Fox and I beat them, they'd been scared of me. Fang and Talon I didn't really know, but they didn't seem to be the type to go against common thought. If I convinced the others, the two brothers would agree as well. Striker I knew a little bit. The little cat was clever, and I'd liked him. He'd follow me, if Tear and Brick agreed to. Really, it was all up to convincing the two older toms.

Striker was the first to speak, which took me by surprise. I had been watching Tear and Brick, waiting for them to start. "The red tabby killed Scourge," he told us quietly. "I saw it happen. It was horrible. Scourge had killed the red tabby, I swear by my life that he did… and then the tabby stood up. 'I am a leader with nine lives who fights alongside StarClan. Can you say as much?' the red tabby said. Scourge attacked him. I lost sight of them both for a moment… and then Scourge was dead."

Nine lives? Could I get nine lives? My mind wandered. If I had nine lives, I'd be invincible. Utterly invincible.

"And Bone?" Brick meowed. I pricked up my ears, this answer interested me.

"Killed by a bunch of… what did they call them… apprentices," Ice meowed.

"Four or five of them, maybe more," Snake added.

"Is this the end of BloodClan?" Tear asked.

This was my chance. Without hesitation, I meowed. "No." I got to my feet, using my old 'I'm bigger than you' trick. There was no question in my mind. I knew these cats would agree. Besides, I was worked up enough to attack any cat who didn't. "No. I will lead BloodClan."


Stupid tom, I could imagine Fox standing at my side, rolling his eyes. But good luck.

For those of you who didn't read Shattered Clan first, this is exactly where it picks up. So go enjoy!

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Oh, on another note, Shatter and Fox appear in another story written by 'Firefrost and Flamepelt', called 'Quicksilver, Book one: Shattered Reality'. So go check that out!