An Asmodian girl ran through the woods as fast as she could. Her heart was beating rapidly and could feel the pounding throughout her body. She had used up all of her tricks to escape but they were eager and determined to feast on her. No matter what she had done to escape, they eventually found her and pursued.

By the time the girl had ran out of ideas, she was lost, frightened and wished someone was with her to help rid of these beasts. If only she could have listened to her father to stay within the village then she would have never been in this situation. This wasn't the first time the girl ran away on her own free will, she may have forgotten how many times but she was never in this much trouble before. She have learned on her own how to avoid creatures and situations but this time she was careless and could not escape from this mistake.

The karnifs were close behind her now, she could hear them pacing and breathing. It wasn't until they found her when she started thinking about the beasts eating her for dinner, it may be soon but she wasn't going to be dinner without a fight...or at least work for their meal. The girl knew thinking like that isn't funny when your facing death but it was keeping her sane and aware of her surroundings. By now she was thinking if she was a Daeva then she could fly to the village and see her father again but thinking like that will do her no good.

Her body was getting tired and her mind less focused then the start of the chase. A clearing was becoming into her view but she had no idea where it leads to or even worse...a dead end with more karnifs. As she reached to the clearing, she noticed a rift on the other side but didn't notice where she was running into and tripped over something that twist her ankle. The karnifs would surely get her now if she didn't get up. Franticly trying to get up but her foot was pounding and every step was painful, until her foot gave in and could take no more. Lying on the cold snow, she quickly looked back and watched in horror as a huge karnif leaped at her. Quickly the girl closed her eyes and faced down for she knew a second of life was all she had...but all she heard was a yelp. She looked up and seen the huge karnif dead in-front of her, one of the karnifs were fastening on her but the beast's body glowed and dropped dead. The girl was shocked, her body was frozen but she had to see what made that beast glow and die in an instant. Only her head could move, so the Asmodian girl looked over to where the rift was and saw a strange being.

Alyah was a bit nervous going into the rift. Being a test subject was not something she wanted to do, but if it can work and not kill her, then Elyos of the Sanctum will benefit from this. Her light blonde hair flowed like the wind in the rift, it was long that was parted on the right side. Most people like her would be considered conceited and selfish, but Alyah was not like that. She knows many of her kind are arrogant and distrustful of other races but she wish the war with Asmodians and Elyos would stop. If Elyos and Asmodians team up to help fight the Balaur before they destroy every living thing then surely the world will be saved. Many of her own kind would disagree on that, even her own brother believes the Asmodians would turn around and betray the Elyos.

Alyah flowed out of the rift and landed softly on the snow in an unfamiliar surrounding. As she landed on the snow Alyah noticed a girl on the other side of the clearing tripped and seems to be in danger. Alyah could see beasts coming from the woods behind the girl as she gets up and falls back down. "The girl is Asmodian?" she thought in shock "...but even so I can't let her die". Alyah runs close enough to used her holy magic and starts to cast her spell on the closest beast from the girl. The big beast jumps at the girl and would have gotten her if Alyah's spell was a moment too late, "That was close...way too close" she thought as she cast another spell on the next beast closest to the girl. Alyah could see the girl was looking at her as her spell finished the other beast, the Asmodian girl looked tired but not hurt badly.

The other karnifs knew they had to get rid of this woman before they fed on the child, it seemed too dangerous but they are desperate for food. Slowly they creep towards the Elyos woman, growling at her before all of them ran to attack her at once. But the Elyos woman was fast, pulling out her shield and mace before they came near her. One of the karnifs lounged at her but she quickly bashed it with her shield and the karnif was thrown to the side. As quickly as the karnif was thrown, the others came and attacked her but one swift move of her mace had bashed most of their heads. Their blood splatter on her and on the snow but none of them survived her blow. A few more tried to attack but she gave them the same fate. The Elyos woman slain them all but the one that was thrown from the shield came back to it's feet and wanted revenge. The karnif was in pain and the woman knew it, but still she ran up to the woman and lounged at her again, only to find the mace in her view. The karnif fell to the ground, knowing she would die soon...knowing her pups are waiting for her return, but she could not return to them now. They will be alone to starve and die in their den, she did not want them to suffer but she had no choice now. The karnif mother thought about them till her vision was gone and she could no longer feel pain.

The girl watched the Elyos woman swing her mace to shake off the blood and put the weapons back where they were and then slowly she came towards her. She was nervous and happy about her but didn't want to show it. Finally the woman was close to the girl and kneeled down next to her.

"That was some predicament you've gotten yourself into" the strange woman said.

"I could have taken them myself" the girl said with an attitude.

"You could have done it better then myself but I had to ruin it for you, huh?" The woman smiled.

The girl smiled from ear to ear and laughed, she was starting to like her but was still nervous. The woman looked at her ankle and asked "Mind if I look at that?...I may be able to help you"

The girl nodded and watched her as she examine and feel the ankle, it hurt a little bit but the woman held her hand over the ankle and healed her. She moved her ankle and to her surprise it was good as new, "what is your name?" the girl asked as both of them stood up.

The Elyos woman smiled more and replied "It doesn't matter, but you should go back home incase your parents are worried about you".

"Well, you see...I'm lost...but can you help me find my way back?" She paused. "Oh and I only have a father" She explained.

The woman sighed "I can help you find your way but I cannot take you near your home or meet your father".

The girl looked down and knew if her village found out about the Elyos woman that they would send a message to the Asmodian Deavas and they would come to take her away or even kill her. She was different then what stories everyone had talked about and didn't want anyone to hurt her so she looked back up but something was wrong. An Asmodian man was behind the Elyos woman with a long dagger to her throat, the girl gasped "NO NO!, leave her alone!".

The man looked at her and said "Rae, she is dangerous and cannot be trusted."

"But she saved my life! she can't be bad like everyone say...SHE IS MY FRIEND!" Rae screamed at him with anger.

"Even so your father and everyone else would not approve of this...for all we know she could be a spy, now hush." The man replied with no emotion to her anger.

Rae didn't like to be hushed but all she could do was stick out her tongue at him. "Now" he looked at the woman, "Why are you here and why did you saved her?"

"She is only a young woman and looked like she needed help, but I will not tell you anything before I came here." Alyah didn't like where this was going.

"I don't understand but...I cannot let you go." He looked over to the girl, "Rae, I need you to stay close to me when we leave for Aldelle Village."

Rae nodded and walked closer to Alyah. The man untied the woman's weapons and let them fall to the ground. "Ok lets go and stay close where I can see you" He still had the dagger to the woman's throat while Rae walked beside her and walked out of the clearing.

It was cold and the darkness was approaching fast...faster then what Alyah had expected for this land. She wasn't used to the cold or how fast the sun went down, where she lived the sun made it warm and took it's time to settle. The woman behind his blade was shivering and he knew it.

"This is what we had to deal may have lived comfortable in your world, but here in our harsh lands it made us stronger and tougher" the strange man said with a hint of anger.

"I'm sorry for what your people had to go through...I truly am" Alyah replied with a shiver running down her back.

Even though the Asmodian Daeva was shocked to hear those words from an Elyos, he still pressed on. His mind was now racing with thoughts over her words, "this has to be a trick...but...or maybe she was being a smart-ass. Every single Elyos Daeva I've encountered had given me a smart remark about it, even if they were the ones behind my blade. It just doesn't make any sense..."

"You truly are huh? What would you know? You know nothing about us! he yelled at her with a slight anger expression on his face.

"Hey!" Rae quickly looked up at him, "That's enough now." She looked straight ahead and after a few moments, she realized where they were and soon they would be near the village. "I know where we are now, Aldelle Village is not too far away." and she ran up ahead.

Alyah continued their conversation, "I did not mean any harm and I know only what my race has told me who have seen your land, offending you was not my intention."

"It doesn't matter, you will be in Pandaemonium soon and they will decide what to do with you."

She closed her eyes as they walked and thought, "they would probably give me life in the prison. Even if I escaped, I wouldn't know how to return Elysea. My friends and family are waiting for my brother...if he knew where I was he wouldn't be able to save me." Alyah closed her eyes harder and wished this was a dream, but she knew it wasn't, the blade across her throat reminded her it wasn't.

Alyah opened her eyes and could see a bridge approaching, there was Rae waiting at the front of it. As they were only a few feet away, Rae waved and walked back to the village. From what Alyah could see before they took a step on the bridge, the village looked like in ruins. The building's walls were barely up from what little was left, it was a small village but tents where scattered away from the main road. They walked past the bridge and came upon Rae standing with two men and a tamed worg. Rae was standing beside the man and the tamed worg, he must be her father she had talked about but he's face didn't show any kindness.

"So you bring me my daughter and a stranger I see, what do you intend to do with her?" Rae's father gazed at Alyah.

"To Pandaemonium, they will decide what to do with her."

"I'm afraid you cannot do that yet...the teleporter has left, said he'll be back in short time" pointed to where the teleporter usually stands.

The man with the blade looks over to where Rae's father pointed and look back at him, "Ulgorn, I'll need a few of your men to stand guard and watch this woman till he comes back."

Ulgorn motioned his hand and some of his men took the Elyos Daeva to an open tent and tied her to a pole inside it. She was shivering all over her body and the tip of her nose was red, Rae seen this and ran off into a tent. The Asmodian man, Ulgorn and what could be Ulgorn's protector went inside another tent, the worg sat down beside the entrance to their tent and waited. Alyah felt eyes watching her, so she looked around and seen everyone in the village was of course staring at her with disguised faces. Her face and eyes looked to the ground in discomfort of them watching and staring.

Alyah may be wearing some chain and leather armor on but even that didn't stop the freezing cold. She now understands how the Asmodian race have mane on their backs, to keep them warm on this miserable land. Most of her kind teased the Asmodians for it, saying they grew tails so they must be animals or beasts. Alyah might have fought a few Asmodians in the Abyss before but she never liked the way her kind talked about them, saying they look and fight like animals, even though some of her own people fought like crazy animals themselves. Small footsteps noise stopped her from thinking and to Alyah's surprise Rae came back and wrapped a blanket around her.

"Thank you" Alyah smiled at her.

"It's the least I can do for you, I told my father what happened truthfully when I showed up but I'm not sure if he accepts it." Rae sat down in-front of her.

"Your kind and mine are enemies, there's nothing I could do to change their minds so don't worry about it. " Alyah assured her. "I can't keep this blanket with me all night, you will need it."

"Don't worry about it, I have another but if you want I can stay with you all night"

Alyah chuckled, "I don't think your father would like that so much but I appreciate it."

"Him! Ha!...he has no control over me, besides I'm not that tired." Rae lied as she chuckled back, she was feeling tired and achy but didn't want to admit it.

The look on Rae's face was obvious to Alyah. She had to run from those karnifs for awhile and that had to take lots of agility to survive. Being so young, well they have so much energy but it can only last a few hours and having such short legs...her legs had to go fast so those beasts didn't catch up to her. It's so amazing how she survived and still be awake all this time. Alyah and Rae heard footsteps coming towards them, both looked up and seen a human man in-front of them.

"Rae, your father wants you in bed," and he walked away.

Alyah looked over at Rae but she didn't move, "aren't you hungry?"

"Oh, I have something for you." She pulls out a piece of bread that was wrapped in cloth, "I ate my dinner fast, it's not much but I didn't have anything for you to drink....I'm sorry about that."

Alyah wanted to hug her but all she did was smile and said, "It's ok, you should eat it and get your energy'll need it to stay awake with me all night." She knew Rae couldn't do that, neither her father wouldn't let it nor herself.

"If you say so." Rae was happy someone agreed with her, if only she wasn't an Elyos then they could have fun talking all night and go exploring. She ate the rest of the bread and looked up at Alyah, "Will you be my friend even though your people and mine are enemies?"

"Of course, I'll be friends with anyone who needs one...don't you have any?"

"My father and everyone here is a raider, all of us travel a lot so I don't get to keep friends for too long." She looked sad and kept quiet for awhile, "I'm the only kid here and it gets boring, everyone tells me they are working and can't play or do anything with me...even my father is too busy and that's why I go explore on my own." Tears begin to come down her face but wipes them off with her hand. She was never the kind of person to cry in-front of people let alone new friends.

"Rae, you can let it must have kept it inside yourself for along time and it's ok to cry sometimes. I may be a Deava, but I need to cry sometimes too...I believe if you don't, your not human at all. But just a mindless dummy walking around."

Rae starts to laugh but still wiping the tears from her eyes, "Your right, I'm glad you came here but I'm not glad that your gonna be in Pandaemonium . You'll be too far away for me to talk to and I'm not allowed in that city."

All Alyah could do was sigh and closed her eyes, she looked up at her and smiled. "I'm glad I've met you, I've never met a wonderful young lady like yourself. You are courageous and strong willed and I'm thankful to have a friend like you. I don't want to go to the city but to go back in my own and tell them "What a wonderful lady I've met. No one would believe me but if I could, I would come visit you and I mean a lot."

Rae had the biggest smile and noticed her tears were gone. She got up and went in-front of Alyah and for a moment hugged her tightly. Alyah wanted to hug her back but forgot she was tied up so she tinted her head till it was against Rae's head in order to hug without use of the arms.

Footsteps could be heard coming towards them and quickly Rae moved away from her. Everyone could still see what they were doing since it was an open tent but no one dared to go near the Elyos Daeva. Finally one of Ulgorn's man came over, "Your father wants you in bed now!" and stayed there.

Rae pouted, "ok, FINE!" She got up and was about to leave till she turned around and looked over at Alyah, "What is your name, you never told me?"

Alyah smiled at her, "It's Alyah."

"Alyah? I don't really like your name but I like you a lot...will you be here when I wake up?"

"Don't know, I may be gone by then"

"Oh," Rae said sadly. "I hope you will still be here in the morning...good night," and she ran off towards her tent.

"Good night Rae!"

The raider man was still standing there staring at Alyah when Rae left. He noticed Rae's blanket was on the Elyos woman and grabbed it off of her, just as he did he spit right on her cheek and walked off. Alyah tinted her head to her shoulder and wiped the spit off with her shoulder armor even though it didn't work so good. She looked on the ground and noticed someone else was standing there, she slowly looked was that Daeva who took her here.

As Ulgorn's raiders took the woman to the tent, Ulgorn motioned his hand to join him in a tent. Ulgorn's second in-command lead the way as the rest followed behind into the closed tent. The tamed worg waited outside as the men and the Daeva sat on a comfortable fur rug.

"My daughter told me what happened, I'm sure she has told me something different like she always has but tell me what really happened in your own words." Ulgorn leaned over, rested his chin on his fist that was supported and waited to listen.

The Daeva took a deep breathe and looked into Ulgorn's eyes with no emotion, "I was running towards a group of karnifs that was chasing I catched up, I took my distance to the side of them to see if it was your daughter they were chasing. When I knew it was Rae, I took out my bow and was gonna take them down one by one but I seen a rift. It was in a clearing your daughter was running up to but I had to stop by a bush and watch in case Elyos Daevas came out. As Rae tripped and fall, a Elyos woman came out...I didn't know if many of their Daevas were coming out so I focused my attention on the Elyos woman and the rift."

Ulgorn's second in command rose up quickly, "So you were gonna let them beasts eat Rae while you watched the rift!" he yelled at the man.

"Hey! That's enough Tobu!" Ulgorn yelled, Tobu sat down staring at the Daeva. Ulgorn went back to his position, "Even though I requested from you to bring my daughter back...and you have but I need an explanation why you chose to watch the rift and not my Rae."

He kept his eyes fixed on Ulgorn, "If their army came out, I was willing to sacrifice one person for your people. If I killed those karnifs when more of them came out then they would have went after me, Rae, and your village. Everyone living here would have been dead by now...I would have came back and warned all of you if I sacrificed Rae. I was willing to let go of one of your people to save more of your lives."

Tobu looked over at Ulgorn to see his face not change but only nodded.

"A father would have risked his life for his child but hearing your words...I do agree with your decision." Ulgorn looked over to see a raider coming into the tent and kneeled down.

"Excuse me sir, but it is time for Rae to you want me to tell her to sleep now?"

"Yes, tell her to go to bed, thank you." The raider bowed, got up and stepped out. Ulgorn looked to the Daeva, "please go on."

"I waited to see what the Elyos woman would do...and to my surprise...she killed all the karnifs, went over to your daughter and healed her ankle. I heard her say to Rae that she was gonna help her find her way home but can't go near it. That's when I took my dagger to her throat and asked her ques..."

"So she must be a spy from Sanctum!? Tobu interrupted him.

The Daeva looked over to him, "I don't believe so, it wouldn't make any sense."

Ulgorn never turned his head but his eyes went to Tobu's direction "She's a healer...why would they send over a healer when an assassin would have been the best choice. Think of your words carefully Tobu, you still have much to learn." He focused his attention back to the Daeva, "Once again, please go on."

"My questions were to her, why are you here and why did you saved her? Her answer, Rae needed help...but she didn't tell me anything why she was here. I thought it was strange for an Elyos not to attack an Asmodian, even if it was a child...but what's more strange was how she noticed our land and said that she was sorry for how we had to survive."

"Strange indeed...she may be a rare gem in an iron cave but still we cannot trust her."

"Sir?" Tobu was puzzled of Ulgorn's words.

"The Elyos woman we have here in our village may be rare for her not hate our own people, the Asmodians." Ulgorn replied.

The Daeva continued, "If she is anything like her kind, I may need to guard her myself...your men may not be able to hold her off incase she escapes, more than likely they will be killed."

A raider man walks in again, "Sir she is not moving, what do you want me to do?"

"Tell her to go to bed before I go get her myself and punish her."

"Yes sir," and he walks out.

Ulgorn looks to the Daeva, "Do what you must, you have saved us all from the Mau opening up the abyss gate here, and also saving my daughter countless times. Please accept this as payment for saving my daughter once again." He gives him a bag of kinah, the Daeva looks inside and stashes it away in a pocket. "If I do not see you later, I bid you peace and farewell." Ulgorn and Tobu both smiled and nodded at him.

"For you and your people as well," the Asmodian Daeva did not show any emotion as he got up and left the tent.

He walked towards the open tent and heard Rae yell at the raider man. By the time he walked close, Rae ran out and watched that raider grab the blanket off of the woman and spit on her cheek. When the raider walked off, the Daeva man motioned his hands to the guards to leave and they did.

He stood there searching his pockets to find a rag and took it out. He walked over to the tied up woman, kneeled down and wiped the spit off of her cheek. She was uncomfortable at him being generous but appreciated it. "You saved that girl's life, why?" he finished up and put the dirty rag back in his pocket.

"This again," she thought. "I've told you already, she was in danger...and why are you being so nice to me now?"

"You act differently then your people. You saved an Asmodian human girl and treat her like she's someone special to you. All the Elyos I know in the abyss would have killed that girl...but not you...why?" Still he showed no emotion but only in his voice this time.

She looks down to the side of her, "does it really matter." She closed her eyes and continued, "I guess I still have a mother's instinct left in me."

He sighed, "Alyah? You realized they will treat you worse in Pandaemonium then these humans here?"

She didn't even want to think about it but he had to say it. "I know but I couldn't let her die, she has a long life to fulfill, I couldn't let her life end so young."

"Listen to me."

She looked up at him.

"I was there and seen the whole thing, if you didn't come out of that rift she would still be here and you wouldn't be in this situation. You could have turned around and go back to wherever you were but you stayed. You should have known if you went into an unfamiliar land, you will be caught...why risk something like that?"

"If it's to save a child's life, Elyos or Asmodian, I would do it all over again."

"You will change your mind about that once we go into Pandaemonium." He sits down with one knee up and places his arm against it and waits.

A few minutes of silence goes by when the teleporter comes. The Daeva gets up, takes out his dagger and walks over to Alyah. He unties her from the pole but ties up her hands and takes her by the arm to pull her up to the teleporter.

"Sorry for the inconvenience but...OH MY! You found an Elyos?!...Here?" The teleporter was too shocked to say more.

"Teleport us to Pandaemonium immediately." The Daeva demanded.

"Yes yes, of course and I'll let you go for free." With a few twitching of his hands, a symbol appears before them and both went through.