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She remembered that day, the day that haunts her still. It happened on a beautiful spring morning. The trees blossomed white-pinkish flowers. The birds sang, the bugs buzzed and chirped, and beasts shyly hid watching her every move. She was walking on a dirt road in the wilderness heading to a village. Carrying her survival necessitates and five small pouches full of different vegetable seeds. She was happy to bring them what they needed most since they lost many crops from the dry seasons last year. Most of the farmers wanted to leave for better land and weather. Their Augur however, predicted a good year for crops and convinced them all to stay with the help of a Daeva. This was a month ago, she had hoped to find them if they did decided to leave. The village wasn't too far away, but not close enough to come into view just yet. Then she stopped. Something was wrong, she could feel it in her bones. Nothing seemed unusual around her, but still, she couldn't shake the feeling so she went on. Just as the village became into view, the smell of death hit her. The Daeva's heart sank to her stomach and felt ill inside. Flying as fast as she could, most of the seed pouches and survival bags unloosened and fell to the ground. She didn't care about them and didn't give them a thought. Her only thought was of the human people. Just before being in the village, lifeless bodies lie everywhere, men, women, and children. Falling to her knees, tears stream down her face. Who or what could have done this? She looked to her right and seen a little boy, no older then eight, lie face down on the ground with an arrow to his back. The Daeva gasped and covered her mouth with her hand. She knew him sweet, happy and cheerful, never seen with a frown. Who or what could have done such a horrible thing? Lowering her head and closed her eyes tight, she covered her forehead and eyes with both hands. She couldn't stop the shaking nor the tears that poured out like a river. She came too late...too late. Only one thing she could do...need to find survivors!

"Did you find any?" Drei said slowly with a hint of sadness. He was instructed to leave no survivors, as what the Elyos did to an Asmodian human village. It didn't feel right for doing a job that instructed him to kill beings and innocents who had no chance of fighting back or even be able to come back to life on their own. How could those Elyos Daevas kill helpless beings without remorseHe realized he and Alyah has something else in common.

Alyah closed her eyes and slowly shook her head. "In that time, I had the power to bring back only one life. But I decided not to."

"Why didn't you?"

"It wasn't fair. If I did, he or she would be left without their family and friends and would remember everything that had happened." She turned her head to face the snowy land below her. "I couldn't do it. That was when I decided to train myself to bring back more souls with one spell."

So that was how! Now he knew. "How many can you summon back now?"

"Not sure, I've never actually thought of it."

Alyah and Dreiden were close to each other in a secluded area up on the lowest mountain, over looking the snow covered land, faraway from the house. They had only been there for a few minutes when Drei asked Alyah if she remembered that day. It was a mistake though, he didn't want to hear the story but once she started, he didn't want to interrupt her. He could see in her eyes pain and sorrow, interrupting her would have been rude and maybe seem like he didn't care when he did.

"Can you keep that a secret?"

"My resurrection spell?"

", what I did to the Elyos human village. The assignment was a calamity to them and us...your human people didn't deserve it. Either did mine but two wrongs don't make a right. If your Daevas found out about it, we won't have a chance to unite both races."

"I understand."

"How can I make it up to them...and you?"

Alyah thought about it for awhile, and then she smiled. "We can go pay their respects. I can take you there, I'm over due to see them."

Drei nodded. "When we get our nations in peace, I'll pay anything we need, flowers including." His eye brows lowered. " you know who did the same to the Asmodian human village?"

Her face went discontent and slowly shook her head. "I had no idea it even happened. I'm so sorry. Maybe we can go there too and pay them our respect."

"Both are another reason to try our best. We'll go to the Elyos village right away once all of this is done, and if your people will allow me to visit."

She fully agreed.

Even though the wind was silent, it seemed colder then before. Alyah pulled the cloak closer to her face to keep her body heat from escaping. The world ceased remarkably around them as if time had stopped. It was unnatural to Alyah, everything was too quiet, cold, and still for her liking. She couldn't imagine herself living here or anyone for that matter...but for the Asmodians, they had no choice. For them, it was to suffer and make what little the land gave you or refuse to adapt then die. They chose to suffer. Never in her life did she realize how extreme they endured, their will to survive is astounding. After a few minutes of silence, she let her thoughts race forgetting where she was and who she was with. That changed suddenly when Drei unknowing and unintentionally spooked her.

"You must miss your homeland?"

Alyah jumped from being startled. Dreiden noticed this and tried to apologize but she signaled him it was alright. The thumping of her heart pound for a little while and slowly went back to normal. It was a little embarrassing but she eventually got over it during their time together.

"I miss it very much...the sounds of nature, the warm breeze, especially when the ocean touch your feet on a hot day." She smiled up at him and then instantly knew what she said was wrong. Only conceited people would say things like that to make an Asmodian feel less of themselves. But she didn't mean it that way and regretted saying it. The look on his face did not change, but she knew in her heart it must have bothered him inside. "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean"

"Don't worry about it." He paused for a moment, "it seems you know a lot about your past then most who ascended along time ago."

It must have bothered him, I need to never talk about my homeland to him. She stopped thinking about it and answered him. "Well, I have my brother to remind me. But sometimes he would tell me stories in the past that couldn't be true."

"What do you mean?"

"For instance, he told me once that I had four kids, but he must have gotten confused with a neighbor cause I only had three." She chuckled. "I mean, I'd think I would have remembered if I had four, and he still believes it to this day."

Drei gave her a small smile. He was trying to buy time to ask her at the right moment and the best way to tell her how he feels. But most of all, he was stalling to calm himself down before asking her. He was still furious at his comrades for listening in on his weak moment with Alyah, and not just that, it was also what Yiz told him after he had found out Drei was in love with her. Yiz was, and still is, against the idea of an Asmodian and Elyos to be romantically involved with each-other. "What will other Daevas think? To see you both holding hands is dangerous, let alone being side by side. It is foolish and will compromise your mission. And what will happen if no one joins? What will they do to Alyah, did you ever think of that?" Somehow, Drei knew Yiz would be against it. He didn't want to let everything bother him, not now in this moment at least.

Now was a good time to ask her questions, non-related to his personal ones, but the questions he's been waiting to ask since his plan for her escape worked. He's hoping it will lighten his mood before asking the personal ones to her.

"Has everyone treated you well? Noireth didn't do anything bad to you while you were only with him and Sylvan?" He trusts Sylvan more then any other man so he wasn't worried about him.

"They were very nice. What do you mean?"

"Nothing." He paused for awhile then continued, "do you want to go through with this? Knowing the risk we are all in when other Daevas found out about us joining forces."

Alyah slowly nodded. "I know. I am scared anything will go wrong, but my faith is...really hoping it's strong enough."

"Do you have any comrades who will be okay with joining us?"

"Well..." Her face and eyes looked down to the snow near her feet, "I spend most of my time with the humans." She looked up at him, "My brother and his friends might know." Her body shivered and felt her nose was beginning to run and sniffled unintentionally.

Drei could see her nose was red and runny and she did a quick shiver. For her sake, he untied his green cape and wrapped it around her shoulders. It was way too long for her, the end of the cape wrapped around her feet two times and the hood was too big. Now he was thinking he should have let her use it before they left the house. Or even better, brought her a thicker one but he wasn't thinking at the time. Even though he was wearing a long sleeve shirt and pants, he could feel the cold but it didn't bother him too much. She needed it more then him.

"Does that help?"

She smiles and nods. "Thank you, but what about you?"

"Don't worry about me." She's considerate, that's one thing he loves about her, unlike Rose. There was one more question he never got an answer for and it was the very first one when they met. "There's something that's been puzzling me. When we first met, I asked you a question but you refused to answer. Why are you here?"

"Umm...well." She looked in his eyes and decided it was alright to say since they were friends now. "It was an accident, I was assigned to test a new teleporter. Rumors say that she can teleport people in the Abyss without help, so they instructed me to go first. But something went wrong, cause I was suppose to be teleported near the Elyos Gate in the Abyss. I didn't want to go back there but I was told it will benefit us."

Drei slowly shook his head. He didn't like how they used her as a test subject. The Elyos people in charge must see her as a nuisance and useless, since she didn't feel comfortable in the Abyss. But then again, the higher Asmodians in charge probably would have done the same thing about sending off a test subject too. At least the teleporter sent her directly to him, it was good timing. There was one more thing to think about, and that was to overthrow the people in-charge or change the way they handle things. But that may have to come for another time.

Here and now, I'm gonna do it. To ask her what is in my heart, if she say no just don't think about it anymore. You've done it before! The Abyss certainly helps that. If she say yes then take it slow.

He took a deep breath, slowly exhaled and took a few paces toward her till her face had to look up at his. "Alyah?"

Alyah faced him and patiently waited for him to say something.

"Alyah, every time your near me, I feel something that's been missing for along time."

Her eyes widen and her heart started to beat faster, she also started to feel thumping in her chest. What was he trying to say? He couldn't be in love with me.

He could tell by her expression that she was surprised. If her hands were exposed, he would have held them, but they were inside the cloaks wrapped around her. He wanted to touch her cheek but greatly resisted, too afraid she may feel awkward. "You bring me warmth I haven't felt for so long. When we first met, I felt nothing. I was blind but you...deep inside something was telling me you were different and I needed you. Alyah—do you feel anything for me?

"I..I do, but...iiiit's just..." She was speechless. Her cheeks were bright red as with her nose. This was the first time a Daeva was giving his heart to her.

"Is it because of me being Asmodian?"

"No, that's not it at can I explain it." She lowered her head and closed her eyes to think. After a moment she looked back up at him, "Your like a clam, your outer shell is beautiful—but it's too hard to open to see if there's a pearl inside."

"What if I let you borrow my dagger?"

Alyah smiled uncontrollably. She turned to the side to think, looking beyond the snow covered land and mountains. All of her life as a Daeva, she had kept to herself, to avoid situations like this. All because she was holding herself back for the life of her past, too afraid to let go. Not to mention losing another special someone if she ever loved again. She does feel for Dreiden, but she wouldn't let herself go in too deep. Should I take a chance? Will I be able to feel passion again? Her knees were shaking and her hands trembling, mostly because she was cold. She looked back up at him.

"I want to, but it's also..." her eyes got heavy and her face started to show sadness. Her hands clinched tightly underneath the cloaks. "I miss them so much. Their always in my thoughts, my dreams. How can I love someone if I can't let them go...that's what people say to me, to just let them go and to be honest, I'm sick of it."

"You have a heavy burden lying in your soul, I don't understand how you feel but...if your not happy, how will your family's souls be at rest knowing your carrying their weight. I've never meant them but if they are loving and understanding then they wouldn't want you to feel miserable for the rest of your life, they want you to be happy. Keep them in your memories and remember the good times, but don't let go. They will always be in your heart."

Alyah's eyes widened and tears started to run down her cheeks. She never thought of it like that before. "Thank you."

"So what do you say? Will you give me a chance?" asked Drei.

She smiled and nodded.

Dreiden smiled more then she had ever seen him smile. She could have fell head over heels if he hadn't wrapped his arms around her and she did to him too. Quai was right about his smile! But one thing never crossed her mind...and that was Roswyne.

Unknowing to the two Daevas, something or someone was examining them, hiding behind a boulder a few feet away. Watching and listening to them like a vulture. It followed them from the beginning and it did not like what it saw and heard. Slowly and carefully, the mysterious being vanished without being noticed.

The two Daevas landed in-front of the house. Drei had his cloak back on since Alyah would have had trouble walking with it. Right away, they heard yelling inside and immediately looked at each-other, Alyah was worried while Drei was annoyed. Once he opened the door, a smell of burning cloth rushed in their faces, frantically they ran in. The rags hanging from the doorway were on fire, small pieces were falling off and still burning on the floor. Alyah rushed outside for snow. Drei ran to the nearest blanket, grabbed it, ran back and started to violently hit the fire. Alyah came back with snow in the cape and threw it on the small pieces on fire on the floor. Their minds were so focused on the fire, they didn't realize there was arguments behind them till the fire were completely extinguished.

Alyah leaned against the wall on her back and she placed her hand on her chest. Trying to relax herself by breathing in and out slowly.

Dreiden was baffled. He turned around and seen all but Noireth with red glowing eyes. Noireth was leaning on a wall with a 'laid back' look and a black bruised eye. Quai was three steps away from him and yelling at him. Sylvan was furious, he looked like he was gonna kill Noireth but was being held back by Yiz. Even the Fire Spirit was in the room standing right beside Quai with sword and shield in hand...the spirit must have felt Quai was being threaten and went to her at once. It explains why the rags were on fire since no one was holding it up for the spirit to go through. Roswyne was no where inside, which wasn't a good sign but the current situation needed answers.

"WHAT IN AION'S NAME IS GOING ON?" yelled Drei as he looked at Sylvan, Quai, and Noireth.

Quai immediately rushed over to him. "That pervert touched me...," she pointed at Noireth.

"Who wansh ta touch your flat butt?" Noireth hissed.

"YOU DID!" Quai hissed back.

"I didn't do it...hic! Ya crazy bish." He was obviously drunk.

Dreiden rubbed his temples. "Noireth, what are we going to do with you?"

Noireth smiled, "get me shome more drinshs, will ya?"

Sylvan struggled to get free from Yiz but Yiz was too strong. He looked back at Noireth, "say your sorry to her."

"She should shay it to me, shheee hit me. Hic!" Noireth points to his bruised eye.

Sylvan's eyes grew brighter and showed his teeth. "Say it, or I'll hit you too!"

Noireth chuckled and teased him, "how can ya when the old man got cha?"

Dreiden was confused. How did Noireth get drunk? The only drink he had available was the bourbon that Drei gave him, and that wasn't enough to get him drunk. "How did he get to this?"

Yiz looked directly at Drei while still holding Sylvan, "I'm afraid he got into my bag of bottled bourbons. I had left them in the small room last night and forgot about them. When you left, we started talking for an hour and didn't realize Noireth was gone until it was too late. They were to be sent to Beluslan guards...who will be disappointed."

"I went in there to check up on the Spirit," Quai began and looked over at Noireth and pointed at him. "He touched me while I walked around him!"

Yiz looks at Quai, "he is mindless right now and won't remember anything. You know who he becomes. It's pointless to punish him in his condition."

"Let go of Sylvan." Drei demanded Yiz.

When Yiz let go of Sylvan, Sylvan quickly walked over to Noireth and punched him hard in the nose. "That's for not saying sorry to her." He pulled his wrinkled shirt down and went over to Quai's side. She hugged him for a few seconds then kissed him tenderly on his lips.

Alyah automatically started walking towards Noireth but Quai gently grabbed her arm and shook her head. It was instinct of Alyah to heal anyone who was hurt but Quai didn't want him healed. It was to teach him a lesson. She looked over at Noireth and seen he was watching her. He was giving her sad eyes as a sign of help but she turned around. In a way, she felt sorry for Noireth but fully understood what Quai felt too.

Just then, the front door opens and in walks Roswyne.

"Where did you go?" Drei asked Rose in a cruel way, being suspicious she might have followed him and Alyah.

Roswyne looked over at Noireth. "They were arguing, so I left and walked around for a-bit." She said it with sarcasm.

Dreiden didn't want to believe her but he had no choice cause no one was watching her. "Since everyone is here now, we'll start packing and move out once Noireth sobers."

A few hours rolled by, Roswyne flared up her hands like before and headed down first into the mountain tunnel. Behind her was Yiz and Noireth, then Dreiden and Alyah, then Sylvan and Quai, and the Fire Spirit followed last. The men carried the heavy bags over their shoulders while Quai and Alyah carried the lightest over theirs.

Alyah was glad to get out of the cold and into warmer air, but she was nervous about going into the Abyss. Everything about it was disturbing to her. Floating rocks and platforms everywhere, no sounds, no life, no weather, just stillness. You could hear yourself breathing and your own heartbeat even if it was not pounding. Balaur seemed to be unending in some areas. But it did have a few good things. You could see the stars and other planets clearer, even the lands of Elyos and Asmodian could be seen. They were a beautiful sight.

It was a few minutes of walking down the path when Yiz looked behind him at Dreiden.

"I need to talk to her." Yiz demanded.

Drei looked at Alyah then back at Yiz and nodded. They both switched spots, Drei was now with Noireth and Yiz with Alyah.

In a low voice, Yiz got close to her. "Did you accept him?" He asked.

"Yes..." She answered in a low voice too and she wasn't sure if she should have answered him. How did he know that?

"Your okay being with an Asmodian?" He was shocked.

Alyah nodded.

It took him a moment to continue. "You both will be alone together in the Abyss. It would be wise to stay far away from being spotted from both sides. Wait for us before trying to gain new members."

She nodded again.

When they reached the room with the deactivated portal, everyone left the bags against the wall and walked over to Drei. It seemed no one had been there since they ended the invasion, which was a good thing for the newly legion, but a bad sign the people of Beluslan were indeed attacked.

"Okay listen up! We activate the portal, Me and Alyah will go through. The rest of you terminate the generators, go home, resupply and get anyone you trust to come along. We'll meet up at our usual small base. If the fortress is taken over by Balaur, we'll fight for it and that will be our permanent base of operations. But we need comrades first to take it over, so we will need to get out and find more trusting Daevas."

Quai stepped forward. "For right now, say we open the portal...what if Balaur comes pouring out while you both are about to go through?"

Noireth stepped forward too but he didn't sound nice like Quai. "I thought of something worse, what if you and Alyah go through and land in a Balaur base. Your both screwed." He chuckled then looked at Alyah, "not that I want to see you hurt."

"I'll go first. If one Balaur comes out before or after I enter, then break the generators." Drei ignored Noireth's chuckle.

"Maybe we should throw Noireth in there first. If he's hungry enough, he'll bite their heads off and drink their blood." Quai teased Noireth, she didn't like what Noireth said and was trying to get back at him.

Noireth gave her an evil look. "How about I bite your head off."

"We have another problem." Yiz ignored the rivalry and gestured to Roswyne.

Dreiden forgot about her. "You can..."

She interrupted him. "Don't worry, I'm part of this legion too. I won't tell a soul." She kept her hands free to the sides so she didn't cross her pointy fingers behind her.

"Yiz and Noireth, keep an eye on her. Just in-case." Drei didn't believe her anyway. She was acting like she was okay with Alyah now. Maybe she was...but she wouldn't once she finds out about him and Alyah being more then friends. At least she wasn't acting like herself, he felt relieved she wasn't saying pet names or smothering him. He hates to think about it but he and Alyah would have to be sneaky with eye contact and touch around her. The incident where she blurted out about Drei killing the Elyos humans was uncalled for and he hated her more for it. She had no right! It was not the way to get him back, even though he was done with her. Thinking about her made his head ache just a little. The further away from her the better.

"Alright, lets get this over with. Everyone go to a generator and activate it. Alyah, stay right where you are."

Everyone did what he said. The portal sparked a few times then a small ball of light appeared that stretched larger till a minute went by. They all waited for a few moments, luckily no Balaur came.

Dreiden looked back at Alyah. "Wait for my return, I'll be back shortly to get you." And he went through without giving her time to nod.

Just as Drei went in the portal, Noireth looks at Yiz. "Sooo, how does it feel to be an underling?" he asked sarcastically.

Yiz raised his right eyebrow. "Are you sure you want to go there?"

"Hmph!, well your no fun." He pouted.

Just then, Alyah noticed light in the tunnel entrance. Quai saw it too and psst for everyone's attention. Immediately, Yiz's first thought was the Beluslan Daevas were coming to investigate.

"Hey." He said in a low voice but loud enough for Alyah to hear him and it got her attention. "Go, hurry, we'll see you later."

She nodded and ran as fast as she could and jumped into the portal. Ripples of light moved behind her and soon she was at the end of the light. Before she knew it, she was falling down and a hand grabbed hers. She looked up and seen Dreiden with his black wings flapping steady, he was holding onto her.

"Didn't I say for you to wait?" He seemed a little angry. Not that she didn't do what he asked but because he was concerned for her safety.

She extended her wings and flew up to his level, still holding his hand. Suddenly the portal vanished. "Something was coming, so Yiz told me to go."


A few platforms were close-by and a huge boulder ten feet away from them. They seemed to be the only ones in the area, which both were relieved.

She looked up to where the portal was then looked at him. "Why did they put the portal out here like that? The Balaur we fought weren't the flying kind."

"They used the Dredgion so anyone near couldn't stop them. It's the only explanation."

Alyah was confused, she never heard that word before. "Dredgion? What is that?"

Creeping slowly behind the huge boulder, the front of the Dredgion became visible. Before Drei could explain, he took her on a platform nearby that had a rock foundation higher then the others and both hid behind it. They still were holding hands and almost forgot about it till she squeezed a little tighter. She didn't know what was going on but she knew it had to be bad. Drei peaked and told her to do the same. When she did, she saw a monstrous air-ship slowly passing by. It looked like something of a nightmarish dragon...a very long nightmarish dragon.

"That's the Dredgion. Our main mission is to bring both races together and destroy the battleship. It destroys the fortresses we build and massacre every Daeva in it's view. A few times Yiz's Legion were ambushed by an Elyos Legion but all were wiped out by that blasted thing. How did they made a dangerous ship I'll never know, but one thing is certain...if we get enough Daevas we'll find a way to destroy it."

Alyah's heart could have stopped right there. Knowing that she was gonna be near the Dredgion terrified her.