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Oneshot sprung to me after re-watching S6 Ep25 and seeing the smug look on Ziva's face when she spoke to Gibbs, and as a G/D slash fan I had to ad my own spin. Written in 2 minutes so excuse poorness.

'That manipulative harpee!'

'Harpee, Jethro, really, are we in the Fifties?'

They had just returned from Israel and dumped their bags on the couch. Gibbs was unable to hold it in anymore. He began pacing sharply, his companion slumped on the couch and looked up at him enquiringly, one eyebrow raised in a gesture meant to elicit more information.

Gibbs glared and continued, 'She thought by making me choose she could take that 'final step' with me, she has always wanted me since she killed Ari in my basement. You should have seen her, she was almost smug as she thought I would pick her.'

'What choice?'

''Perhaps it would be better if one of us was transferred' 'I need to work with people I trust' God she makes me sick. As if she would ever be chosen over you, for anything, she is only good for killing and manipulating. But you, you are good for everything, good for my mood, good for my team, good for me.'

Tony sighed, 'Jethro I think you are overreacting a little, she thought she loved Rivkin, and I killed him, she needed to feel loved, you heard her father she must feel so alone.'

'Tony, she... he nearly.... how can you care about her after what he did, after what her father said and after what she said?' Gibbs said this as he gently caressed Tony's fractured arm.

'Jethro, the answer is simple, I have you, the world can throw what it wants at me if I know I have you.


PS Does anyone think it's weird where Tony broke his arm considering the stress was put on his shoulder and he was holding his shoulder? Fractured radius?????