A/N: I wrote this one because this quote made my day: "Mike's having difficulties with improper thoughts about a married woman". I found this hilarious, so I decided to know what those thoughts were at the wedding.

She was beautiful, no, that wasn't the right word, gorgeous was more like it. Her dress was too long for my taste, and not revealing enough, but that didn't stop her beauty.

A soft blush approached her cheeks while walking down the aisle.

"Look at her," Jessica sniffed, obviously jealous, "It's such a waste, really, throwing her life away like this." I agreed, but wouldn't have if she was getting wed to me instead of Cullen.

I never fully got my chance with her, she was either with Edward or that huge Quilute kid, either way, I hated both of them. I tried when she was in her depression, but that didn't work out too well, so ignoring her was what I did.

She was then at the end of the walkway, standing next tho him. My imagination perceived Cullen as me, marrying her. Bella would be happier with me, not with that freak. I would bet that she was marrying for money, not love. That man who stood next tho her was a joke. He did everything right, was always right. He had no personality.
"And look at the dress," Jess babbled on, "it is hideous. Lace, who does that anymore?" she shuddered and agreed, once again

"I do," Bella said and I was the one to shudder

Edward leaned in as Bella got on the tips of her feet. Their lips were merged for the longest time, until I coughed in disgust. She looked a me, biting her lip as the crimson on her face got deeper.

Jess gasped, "I know! She must be pregnant. I can't wait to tell Lauren," Edward got Bella pregnant? No, if he did that I would rip him to shreds. How could that of happened? Then I thought of it, Edward, slowly peeling off Bella's clothes. Their flesh getting closer together until...

No, I told myself, don't think of that.

I hadn't noticed that I was up, going to the reception area outside with Jessica. When we got there I was going to ask Bella if she wanted to dance until my date beat me to it.

We danced for two songs, her doing most of the talking, when Bella came up to me. "Would you like to dance?" Which I automatically responded with a "Yes!" I blushed with Bella.

I gave her a once-over when I grabbed her shoulders, "So, married. Wow." I said

"Mike," she gave a Don't go there look.

"Sorry, sorry. It's just that..."

"I love him, you know. It wouldn't be any other way." I looked at her face, it was true. I couldn't deny it."

I slowly agreed, "I guess so. I should be the one to apologize for trying pressure you to me." She smirked.

We danced in silence until the little one, Alice interrupted. "Bella," she said to her, but looking at me sternly, "it's time to throw the bouquet." She dragged Bella away from me.

The men gathered behind Cullen while the girls did the same near Bella.

"One, two, three!" Bella threw the bouquet.

"Ah!" the girls giggled when Angela caught it. Jessica stormed to me, "I almost had it!She took it from my hands." she grumbled

Next, Edward did the throwing. He bent down by Bella, slowly taking the Garter off. He pulled her dress up, revealing those long legs I was waiting to see earlier...

"Oh, jeez!" I yelled when the thing snapped on my face. I looked up at Edward, who had a smile on his face. It's like sometimes he could read my mind.