Her Scent

Chapter 1

Summary: Whoever she is, that woman's scent alone drives me insane. I'm dying to see what she looks and feels like. I pounded my body harshly against the metal door, slowly breaking the frame. When I finally get to her, she's mine. Patients is a Virtue from Inuyasha's point of view.

Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha... blah blah blah.

Note: Because this is from Inuyasha's perspective, things are going to be a lot different with the certain parts of the story. Inuyasha's mind is much more graphic than Kagome's. If you don't know what I mean, you will when you read it.

I sighed and rolled over on my small bed, kicking my feet to fall asleep faster. The sound of the fucker's voice just grinded my gears. He was one of the only men allowed to come and see me. With me being the in the basement, I wasn't allowed to be tended to by female patients, which really sucked because the uniforms were just great on them all. I've only seen few females working here, but that was long ago, when I was considered safe enough to be on the higher levels of the building.

A lot of horrible incidents put me in this hell hole, but I'd rather not think about it because I'd go crazy and need another shot. I kind of wish they'd give me a shot though. I haven't slept in seventeen hours. I stared at the clock on the wall across from my bed, counting. It was almost 6 am. Without that clock, I wouldn't even know when day and night were, because there were no windows in my room.

Then again, I should try to stay awake. I would have to wake up at seven anyway, to eat the nasty Hershey squirt from a can bullshit that they call "soup for breakfast." The first few times they tried to give me that bullshit, I slapped it down on the floor and grabbed the nurse's face, literally making her lick it off the floor. That was one of the screw-ups I made to get me put in the basement.

If you're wondering why it's such a big deal to be in the basement, it's because I'm only a couple more slip-ups away from getting the death penalty. I'm considered one of the most dangerous patients in the building. I usually rolled my eyes at the comment, because I'm the most dangerous patient in the building. No body could ever strip me of that title. I'd make sure of that.

Another reason to stay awake during this time was because almost every morning at approximately seven-thirty, a wonderful scent would fill the building. It would overpower any other stench that I came across. It was, by far, the most amazing thing I've ever smelled in my entire life. Nothing could ever compare to the sweet aroma. And it wasn't even perfume or shampoo. It was a natural, human scent. I didn't know who she was or what she looked like, but her scent and her voice were the only things keeping me alive.

I could've easily killed myself long ago, being bored and suffering for five whole years. But then that woman started working here and everything changed. I absolutely refused to let myself fall asleep during her shift. Her scent was out of this world, and her voice was so sweet and gentle, as if she were talking to a baby. Her voice was like singing. I always listened to her breathing and speaking, which she only did if someone spoke directly to her. I could tell she was shy. And she sounded very young, maybe only 19 or 20.

I'll never forget the first time I got a whiff of her and heard her voice. It was almost a year ago. I was asleep when she walked into the building. She opened the door and walked to the front desk. I awoke then, her scent hit me like a fist. She stood at the counter for a moment, perhaps waiting for a receptionist to speak to. I heard footsteps approach the counter.

"Hello, Miss. How may I help you?" It was that fucker, Hojo.

She sounded very shy. "H-hi. I'm looking for a job and I couldn't help but notice your "help wanted" sign out there. I'd like to pick up an application, please?" her voice sounded more appealing than a baby's laughter.

"Very well, Miss. Just fill it out and bring it in whenever you're ready, then we can schedule an interview."

"May I ask what positions are open?" I was sitting up at this point, listening to her appealing voice and inhaling her scent like a joint.

"Well, we have a spot open for a receptionist, and we could use a couple of nurses. Medical school isn't exactly required to become a nurse though."

"That's perfect. I'm in medical school right now."

"That's nice to hear."

I tuned Hojo out. I didn't really care about the conversation. I just wanted to hear her voice. She came back about a week later and had her interview a couple of days after that. I actually listened to part conversation this time, wanting to know about her.

"So, tell me a little about yourself." Hojo started. It sounded like they were in his office.

She hesitated. "Well, my name is Kagome Higurashi—"

I never forgot that name.

"—and I'm 21 years old. I'm currently in medical school..." she trailed off. She must've been bad at talking about herself.

"Do you have any experience in working with people? For example, have you ever taken care of someone or provided public service?"

She hesitated again. "Well, I used to babysit when I was younger, and I worked in a grocery store for about seven months when I was a teenager." She was definitely bad at talking about herself. And in my opinion, her answers were stupid. But her voice was so nice and I'd bet she was cute.

Back to the present, I stood up not wanting to fall asleep. I just needed to pace to stay awake. It was annoying how I could barely sleep during the night, but I had to fight sleep off when she was here. I'd have to start falling asleep when she goes home. But she was here very late today for some reason. She usually went home around evening hours like five or six. I could swear I came when she opened the door, the wind blowing her scent all over the place, so orgasmic.

She didn't speak to anyone today except her patients. But I couldn't understand what she was saying. All that came out was a bunch of foreign shit that I didn't understand. It's not Japanese or English, because those are the only languages I know. It was some gibberish bullshit. And the male she spoke to replied in the same gibberish. When I heard "I love you" came out of her mouth, I was a little shocked. Was she hooking up with whoever the hell that was? He replied and I felt my blood boil. Lucky shit. At least he got to see her and talk to her. Then again, who wants to be with a psycho?

When she was called to the main office about a phone call or some shit, I began to think. To plan an escape. I'm most likely strong enough to break through that door, even if it is made of metal. I could break out, kill everyone in the building, and run off with the girl and fuck her dry... if she was young and pretty. If not, I'd just tie her down and spend the rest of my life getting high off her scent.

"Why don't you leave now, Kagome. Your shift is just about over." It was Hojo's voice. I was a little disappointed. Sure she was working later than usual, but why did she have to leave now? She thanked him and it was silent for a moment before she spoke again.

"What's the matter, Hojo?" she asked. What was the jerk-off doing now?

"Nothing really." My ass. "What are you doing tomorrow night? I know you're usually alone on Fridays but I wanted to know if you'd wanna catch a movie or something?" I was hoping she'd say no. I stopped moving completely, waiting for her response.

"Sure. I could use some real social time with another person instead of Buyo." I blanked. Why would she say yes to him? That gay fucker... that... stupid chicken shit! He was going to pay for stealing my desired prize! Now they're dating. Bitch. Whatever. That's why she's not going home alone tomorrow. I lay down and put my arms behind my head. I could really use some sleep now.

The moment she walked out the door, I fell asleep. In my dream, I saw a beautiful face. A painfully beautiful face... my mother. My mother and then an extremely sweet melody playing to her face. She was smiling at me like she used to when I was young. Then I heard a voice telling me it was okay. That what was okay? And it wasn't just any voice. It was the beautiful voice of that girl... Kagome.

I guess I was more tired than I thought, because I didn't wake up until I smelled that wench's scent, very close to me. My eyes snapped open and I looked around. She wasn't on this floor, but she was on the one above it. I smelled her and I smelled very sweetly cooked dough. Doughnuts? She was eating doughnuts in the monitor room.

She was so close, so very close. All I had to do was break out of this room and run up to the monitor room, scoop her up and run away. I stretched and stood, walking slowly towards the door. I ran my hand up and down the metal, trying to feel how powerful it could be. I pulled my hand back and punched the door, pleased with how much it trembled, but it only made a small dent. I would have to use more force.

I knew the doors could only open from the outside but I turned the knob anyway, just to see what would happen. It didn't budge, so I threw my whole body against the door. The bang was loud, but I didn't care. I could only think about that woman. Whoever she is, that woman's scent alone drives me insane. I'm dying to see what she looks and feels like. I pounded my body harshly against the metal door, slowly breaking the frame. My body weight certainly worked, because the hinges were squeaking now from growing weak.

"There's some suspicious activity going on in the basement." It was Kagome, and I stopped as soon as I heard her wonderful voice. She must've been watching. She saw the door trembling. Great. Now a guard is gonna come down and scold me. I thought the idea was pretty funny, so I slammed into the door a couple more times. I stopped when I heard a guard approaching, checking all of the rooms before mine.

When the guard opened my door, I was sitting on the bed, playing innocent. He scowled at me. "What the fuck are you doing in here, Takahashi? Up to no good again?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about." I replied in the same tone. He growled under his breath and walked towards me.

"If you try anything funny, I'll beat you to a fucking pulp, and I don't need my weapons to do it." he said, his face turned red. I was getting angry too, because I hated anyone who thought they could over power me.

"Oh really? Because I can beat you to a pulp without weapons too." And with that, I scratched the side of his face with my blade-like finger nails and grabbed him by his neck, and hauled him out of the room and his body hit the wall with a loud bang. I was pleased. I hadn't lost my strength. If he were still alive, I would've thanked him for leaving the door open.

Without hesitation, I ran up to the next floor where the girl was, when I heard people upstairs yelling to investigate the basement. Fine then. I'd have to get the girl later. For now, I had to kill anyone else who could get in my way.

But when I ran past the room she was in, I almost stopped and turned around. I felt myself start to harden, but now wasn't the time to get horny. I'd definitely be back for her. I ran up the steps to the next floor where there were about seven guards coming at me. I smelled the girl's scent moving down that hall, to the bathroom on that floor. She'd better stay in there, too. I don't think she'd want to see what was about to happen to all these guards. It didn't take long for me to kill seven people. Then an alarm went off: "Attention, a patient is on the loose. We need all the security guards to lock the patient doors and search the building."

Too bad that wasn't going to happen. I was about to kill all of the guards, but I didn't intend to kill any patients. When I finished off those few guards, I ran back downstairs to the bathroom but there were more fucking guards after me already.

"There he is! Get him!" a chubby man yelled. Kagome would have to wait. But before they got to me, I locked the bathroom door so she couldn't escape. I growled when one of them tried to hit me with a night stick, and I grabbed his arm, shifting his body weight behind me, pleased at the sickening crack that I heard when his arm broke. I clawed at the others the came towards me and ran back downstairs.

It seemed like a million guards were coming for me at once, because I was non-stop killing by this point. And Kagome was calling for help by this point, too. When there were finally no more guards, I walked up to the next floor, the one that was filled with the amazing scent of Kagome and blood. She must've heard me, because she knocked on the door. "Hello? Can anyone hear me?" she called desperately. Her voice sounded even sweeter up close and in an echoing room... so orgasmic. I almost smiled.

I increased my pace a bit then stopped, teasing her. She sighed in irritation and she spoke again. "Can you hear me?" Ah, so she knew I was out here, and better yet, her voice was directed at me. I growled in pleasure, but it came out a bit too rough. She must've heard me, because she ran into a stall and locked the door. I guess I had my fun for the day. Now, to get the girl. I burst through the door and walked to the first stall then stopped. The scent was unimaginably delightful. I pushed the door open, eager to smell her up close, but she wasn't there. I pushed the second one open and she wasn't in that one, either.

When I tried the third door, it was locked. The metal on this door was just pathetically weak, so I wrapped my arms around the door and jerked it off, throwing it randomly. I saw a blur of white crawling into the next stall pretty damn quick. I opened that door moving to grab her but her foot skit off my hand, almost getting my balls, so I moved away on instinct. But this only made me more aroused. She feared me. This fact made me want to smile.

Then I just saw a wave of black hair moving past me, running. I ran after her. When I finally get to her, she's mine. Nothing is gonna distract me now. How could she think she could outrun me?! She stopped in her tracks at the dead end and turned around to face at me.

And that was the first time I saw her. I could swear my heart stopped at that point.

She was absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't think of any way to describe how beautiful she was. Even though her face was crossed with pure fear, she was a thousand times more beautiful than my mother or any other supermodel on the planet. How could such beauty even exists?! Her skin was very pale and she was short and petite like any other Japanese woman, but she was better. She had huge, blackish brown eyes (or maybe her eyes were just wide from fear) and a cute little nose and full lips with that luscious heart-shaped curve. Her hair was very long—not as long as mine, which was at the back of my knees—and black, very shiny and beautiful. She had long eyelashes and perfectly angled eyebrows. It was the face of an angel.

With my advanced eyes, I was able to able to make out all of those details in half a second, because as soon as she turned around and I saw her face, I rammed into her. I grabbed her and threw her into the wall. I kept staring at her face, so glad that I finally found her, so fascinated by her beauty. She looked back at me, but with terror in her deep chocolate eyes. I felt her throat constricting under my hand, as if she were trying to say something.

"What do you want?" she asked weakly, not her normal voice. She closed her eyes then, and I took this time to catalog other parts of her body. She had a very impressive rack and she was thin, her hips were curvy and her legs seemed long and slender under her white sweat pants. I definitely wanted to fuck her. Really bad. When I looked back at her, her eyes were open again, in shock.

I answered her question with the truth. "Your flesh." Now it seemed like she was taking in my appearance. She looked me up and down for a moment.

Then she tried to scream. I found this to be funny, but I didn't want her to see me smile. "My f-f-flesh?" her voice sounded terrible. Maybe flesh was the wrong word.

"Or you could say your body." I said quietly. Her eyes widened in understanding. She tried to back up and gulped. I loosened my hold on her neck a bit so she could breathe, but pressed my body against hers to make escape impossible and put my face in her neck, breathing in her wonderful scent. I wanted to cum all over her at this point. Release was exactly what I needed right now. I gently ran the tip of my nose along her cheek, loving how soft and smooth her skin was. I looked back at her, she was staring at me questionably. I couldn't help looking back at her breasts. They looked like they were too big for that pathetic shirt she wore. I wanted to rip it off her but I heard footsteps and my head jerked in the direction they came from.

I really hated making split-second decisions but this was an emergency. I dragged her into the room with the monitors and pushed her against the wall, jamming a night stick in the door handles. She didn't move when I looked back at her so I pushed the desk into the door as well. Then pushed the chair into the desk, took off my shirt and tore a piece off to tie her down with. I pushed the chair at her and motioned for her to sit. She listened to me, meaning she was definitely afraid.

After I tied her up I figured I could take advantage of her while she's at my mercy, but she looked so frightened I felt bad, so I sniffed for the doughnuts. I opened the box when I spotted it and sniffed them. I haven't had doughnuts in years, so I was curious about whether I still liked them or not. They smelled alright so I bit one and It was delicious. Very sweet. I finished it and turned to Kagome. For some reason she looked very angry. She must've been hungry. I approached her and let her eat the doughnut out of my hand. She looked much better after that so I pushed her against the wall, debating. Should I take her now that she ate something? Even if it was rape, it wouldn't be romantic or sexy for me to fuck this beautiful sweet smelling girl in a monitoring room. Since my answer was no, I just started smelling her again.

I heard more people approaching and crouched in front of the girl. She was mine now. I claimed her as mine, and no one else can have her. I started to see in red as Hojo's scent came to me. Someone was trying to open the door. I pressed my face against the side and listened, still admiring Kagome's beauty. I turned to get a better view of Kagome to see if she would scream. She didn't make a sound so I growled when Hojo and a guard approached the door.

"What the hell? Hojo, this door won't open."

I growled. How dare they disturb the first alone time I had with my new bitch? He'll pay.

"Oh no!" Hojo cried pathetically. "Kagome was down here. What if she was killed?!" They kept trying to open the door, now realizing they were wasting their energy. I'd waste their life when I open this door and fuck em' up!

"I'm going to get a key." Hojo walked off. Lucky bastard. I wanted to kill him more than anyone else in this fucking building. It was his fault I was in here, anyway. I shoved everything out of my way and once I got to the guard, I violently impaled him then snapped his neck. I looked back at Kagome, curious of her reaction. Hopefully now she knew how dangerous I could really be.

"Help! Somebody please help me!" she yelled. If anyone heard her, they'd come to take her from me! I had to hurry and get her to where no one would hear her if she screamed, or better yet just stop her from screaming. I tore off another piece of my shirt and sealed her mouth with it. She was still trying to scream, and this pissed me off. I grabbed her purse and quickly snagged it on the chair.

She was still trying to scream when I wheeled her into a small room. I shut the door and it was dark, so I searched for the string to the light, never taking my eyes off her. I looked her up and down again when the light filled the little room. It took everything in me to keep my eyes off her chest. I wanted to hit her for trying to scream with me so close to her. I could end her life in one easy jerk of my hand.

"Do you want me to kill you?" I asked, forgetting that her mouth was still tied up. She muffled into it like an idiot but I took it as a 'no.' I approached her, the fear in her eyes making me want to cause her more fear. I gripped her slender legs and screamed at her. "Then I suggest you shut the fuck up!" I yelled, and without thinking, I jerked my arms upward while they still gripped her legs. She whirled in the air before crashing into the wall. It felt pretty good, knowing that people like her were what killed my mother. The thought of her made me more angry. I grabbed her and jerked her upright.

"Listen, bitch. Do you have any idea how lucky you are that I'm letting you live? I don't usually get violent with women, but you working in this hell hole makes it tough for me to live on that word. I am very willing to kill you at any rate. You make another sound—if I even smell your breath—I'll shove my claws through your chest, understood?" Though, I wouldn't really do it, her face was priceless. If anything, I wanted to stick my hand in other parts of her little body. She had a pretty good dose of fear by now, so I untied her mouth piece and placed her neatly against the wall.

Could I bring myself to hurt this girl? I didn't want to, but she reminds me of the death of my mother, and her fear is very amusing to me, as cruel as it sounds. Maybe rape was out of the question though. At least, for tonight I'd let her go free. I could tell she was a virgin, there were no males scents on her, and a woman this pretty would surely have a ring on if she had a man.

She was everything I expected her to be, despite me not really knowing her from my own perspective. I knew her based on the little things she told people in the building. But I didn't know what she liked or didn't like. But she was beautiful and soft and warm. Her scent was an orgy in my nose. And if I were going to have sex with her, which I would make sure I would do at one point, I'd want her to be screaming my name, not screaming for help. Maybe I should get some details from her and get to know her from my own perspective?

"What's your name?" I asked. I already knew, but I wanted her to direct her information at me. She seemed a bit startled when I spoke.

"K-Kagome. Kagome Higurashi." she whispered. Her voice was still weak, but closer to normal all the time she was with me. I nodded to myself. Well, the name was a start.

"And how old are you?"

"I'm 22," she spoke softly, a bit more normal. I nodded again. Now it was time to ask the question which her answer might be painful to hear.

"Why do you work here?" I didn't sound as intimidating as before because my voice cracked the slightest bit.

"I-I want to help people." She was so pathetic at talking about herself. It seemed like a response anyone would give instead of a real response like "Hey, I got bills to pay."

"If you want to help people then why are you locking them up and putting needles in their asses?" I demanded.

"I don't do that. I'm just a nurse. I talk to the patients and give them food and medicine. But I get hit when I make them mad."

"You deserve it. You're torturing our minds. There's a particular reason why I'm not gonna kill you."

She gulped. "Why?"

"Because I wanna fuck you." I said and stood up. Her eyes widened as I gripped her thighs again, sniffing. "You're exactly what I'm looking for." I whispered against her neck. Then I decided not to, I had to live on my word about not raping her. I sat down and closed my eyes in frustration. How could I know whether or not to trust this bitch to not scream while we were in here?

She was definitely getting tired. I couldn't keep her here forever. After all, if I were going to keep her around, she'd have to stay alive. Though that small part of my head telling me to kill her and get it over with wouldn't leave my thoughts. I wouldn't allow those thoughts to get to me. She didn't kill my mother. This woman was probably in elementary when my mother was killed anyway.

I should just take her somewhere safe, we she can't be harmed, or escape. There's no place like home, why not go to her house? She wouldn't be as afraid if I let her be in her own little comfortable surroundings. I untied her swiftly, not caring about the adorably confused looks she gave me, though I certainly noticed them anyway. I picked her up before she could run anywhere. She surprisingly didn't squirm much when I carried her to the window down the hall. Why would I ever take the public exit? She looked a bit exhausted when I set her down. She stared at me with those wide, blackish brown eyes of hers.

"Excuse me, what's your name?" she asked suddenly. I released her, for the question kinda took me off guard. I gave her the answer she wanted before even thinking.

"Inuyasha." I said. Stupid! Now that she knows my name, she can report me! Not that any one else knows who I am. Whatever. I changed the subject. "Where do you live?"

"I live in that huge yellow house south of downtown." she said. She answered so quickly, I was sure it was the truth. But I was instantly faced with a new problem. Where the fuck was downtown? I couldn't remember a thing about this city!

"I've been locked up for so long just going mad and you expect me to know what you're talking about. I don't even remember what my old house looked like." I answered honestly again.

"We could take my car there..." she said slowly. I hoisted her up again. Whatever. She'd better be guiding me to the right place. If she led me to the police station, I'd hurt her again.

"Fine. But if you drive me to another crazy clinic or police station, I'll really hurt you." I snarled at her. She nodded shakily, much to my enjoyment. I opened the window. the fresh air from outside smelled so good.

"What are you doing?!" she sounded even more scared than she did before. I wanted to laugh at her. Was she really stupid enough to think I'd go around Homo and all the other guards that I haven't killed yet?

"We're taking the window. I'm not going downstairs with all those people, guards and... witnesses. I refuse to spend another second in this dump!" I leaped out of the window then. Jumping was just as easy as it was six years ago. My legs still took the impact pretty well, too. My bare feet barely stung when I hit the ground. When my body was done absorbing the impact, I dropped her, expecting her to catch herself, forgetting that her instincts aren't as great as mine.

"Stupid bitch." I said. I looked around the parking lot. There weren't many cars, but I still couldn't tell which car was her's. It was a bit harder to pick up her scent off other objects outside. "Which car is yours?"

"My keys are in my purse." she half whined. "And my purse is still in the office."

I surprisingly remembered to grab the purse off the chair. I only now realized I was holding it. I handed it to her.

"How did you..."

"Shut up, bitch. It's always questions with you." How annoying. "I snagged it after I killed that guard. I knew it was yours. Your scent is all over it."

After giving me a short pouty look (that I found to be adorable) she stood to look for her car. I followed behind her, closer to her than necessary. She just smelled so great, and being outside left me with more scents to get through to breathe her in.

Wait... being outside.

I felt so great to breathe in some fresh air! Holy shit! I'd been so preoccupied with this girl and getting her home with me that I actually forgotten that I even wanted to be outside.

Tokyo hadn't changed much in the past six years. The same tall structures that lit up kanji at night were still the same; the original futuristic look of Tokyo hadn't changed. I still felt like it was my first time coming to the city. Had Tokyo always had so many people walking around? Kagome seemed to be one of the only few people driving in this city. Every inch of this town was infested with black-haired, squinty-eyed citizens walking to their destinations. God, I'd never fit in with this crowd. People would think I was wearing a goofy wig or hat (and I'd be running to my destination).

Of course, I was only watching the scenery through the corner of my eyes. My golden irises were locked on the girl, looking more unsteady every minute. I loved the fact that I was able to unnerve her so bad, every time she fidgeted I could almost feel my pupils dilating with excitement. At one point, she looked both ways for the stop sign. She glimpsed at me and her eyes got so big it was almost comical. At the moment I thought I see you and wanted to laugh in her face.

"So, Inu... May I call you Inu?"

Her voice took me off guard for a split second, it was so quiet in the car besides her thrumming heart. I had to think back on what she said. What did she call me? Inu?! Uck! Kikyo used to call me that... stupid pet names. "No." I said fiercely. "Inuyasha." My mom wasn't retarded enough to name me Inu or Inu-pookie baby or Inu-bear...

"Well, Inuyasha, how old did you say you are?"

Her question took me off guard. Why did she want to know how old I was? Was she interested in me? Scratch that... Did she like what she saw? Yeah, that makes a bit more sense.

"I didn't, wench. But if you must know, I'm twenty-four."

She didn't say anything after that, so I didn't, either. Our ages weren't too far apart. I was only a grade higher then her when we were in school.

We pulled up to a huge tanish-white building, not surrounded by too many others. It wasn't sky-scraper huge, but it was still pretty big to be classified as a house. "You live here?" I asked.

"Just me and my kitty, Buyo." She replied simply and opened the door.

Oh wow. A cat must take up like seven bed rooms! I expected her to say something like living with a couple buddies or her family. Having one fucking cat in the house still means you live alone. "Why the fuck does a woman and her cat live in a place this big?" What good company is a cat anyway?

"My family has a lot of money and I have a lot of stuff. Plus, this place is very clean and it's close to town. The neighbors are nice."

"Even your garage is spotless." I whistled. No junky tool boxes with rusted bullshit all over the place. No grease... no oil spills. Why not just lay a clean white carpet in here?

"I'm a neat-freak."

"Great." As if I hadn't figured it out already. She opened the door to the house and I went in. I couldn't conceal my awe. Nice place. It looked even bigger and cleaner on the inside. She had a lot of nice stuff, too. I was examining the flat stove top when I heard a giggle from behind me. She tried to play it off, but I wasn't fooled.

"What the fuck is so damn funny, bitch? If I were you, I'd be terrified in a situation like this. Don't fuck with me."

She averted her eyes. "Well... now that we're at my house... what are we doing?"

I hadn't thought about that either. What do people do in their free time? Watch TV, right? "I'm pretty sure you have a TV. I'm gonna watch it while you make me something to eat. So what's on the menu?" I looked at he gigantic fridge.

It took her a moment to answer. "I was gonna make pork chops and potatoes today..." That sounded pretty good. And while she gets on that, I can see if I remember how to use a TV.

Her living room was very spacious, but I was a bit preoccupied with the size her her couch. It was huge, white and leather, perfect for sex. Great size, great comfort, and no worries about cum stains. I didn't exactly want to think about sex right now. Though it didn't help that I went back in the kitchen to watch the girl again.

What if the girl wasn't exactly the most reliable type? What if at any time I wasn't around, she called the cops and Hojo? Would I be able to escape quick enough with her if she did? Would I let her leave? She looked embarrassed when she caught my stare.

"Is something wrong?" her voice broke. Nothing she she needed to know. I shook my head.

"I'd rather watch you than TV. I'm not letting you be in the same room without me. You'll probably call the police or something. I don't trust you."

"Look, I'm not gonna rat you out. I mean it." How could I know that's the truth?

"You should. I'll be listening and watching your every move. If you even try to go in the back yard I'll splatter your flesh all over the walls."

She gulped. My pupils dilated again.

"I swear on everything I have in my life that I won't bust you. I'll let you live here as long as you don't hurt me."

Alright, she seems innocent and desperate enough, so why not bite? Of course, don't continue to trust her, but the poor thing is just so adorable! If she ever did and puppy-eye tricks on me, I'd probably fall for it! Plus, she's already terrified of me so I'm pretty sure going against me is out of the question for her.

"Fine. I won't hurt you as long as you let me live here."

"I don't really have anyone to tell anyway. I'm not exactly a social person. I'm a stud." she laughed. It sounded like music.

So does that mean she's not around Hojo that much either? "What about Hojo?"

"Uhh... Hojo likes me and it's flattering." She looked uncomfortable. "I like to be around him because it makes me feel like I'm able to socialize with people. But when he asked me out, it just changed everything. I like him, but not the way he likes me. I just got so nervous when he asked me out."

"Why?" Why was I relieved to hear that? And why was I suddenly so interested in what we were talking about?

"I haven't dated in over a month." she blushed.

In other words, she's prude. That's not even a reason, that's an excuse! "I haven't dated in almost six fucking years! You're just hiding too much. Wow, you're such a pathetic retard."

"Why did you get locked up?"

Oh great. Bad memories. "None of your fucking business." I said through gritted teeth. "I went insane. End of story."

"Umm... Just to let you know, with you not letting me leave the house and stuff, I'm not gonna be able to go to work. Which means I'm not gonna be able to put food on the table. So I guess you get 3 or 4 more dinners then we starve."

She got me. "You're not too ditzy after all. Good point. But how the hell am I gonna go out in public with you? Hojo surely posted signs. They're probably on the news right now for Pete's sake. I don't trust you going off alone."

"We can... dye your hair."

Ha. Funny. She thought she could touch my hair? No chance. "Don't fucking touch me."

"Relax." she said.

"So," I think I heard her gulp? "Well whatever with the dying my hair shit. I need you for tonight so reschedule your date with Hojo."

She looked suspicious. "Need me for what what?"

"I'm not letting you of my sight."

"Didn't I promise you that I'm not going to rat you out?"

"You just wanna spend time with Hojo." She seemed uncomfortable with me bringing up Hojo, so I got new ideas. "Or, you're uncomfortable with him being overly friendly towards you."

"I suppose I am. I just wanted someone to socialize with. I'm not interesting. I honestly have no idea what he sees in me." she sounded upset. She turned her face away from me. Well, she was probably right. I wouldn't blame Hojo for wanting her as a piece of ass.

"That's definitely true, even though I'm holding you hostage for a reason. Maybe he's like me: he just wants to fuck you dry. In fact, a nice dose of cock is exactly what you need. Unless you prefer pussy, or both." The mental images were getting better and better.

She stared at me incredulously. She looked funny. Maybe she did prefer girls.

"Am I right?"

"My sex and relationship life will remain confidential, thank you."

Now I understood fully.

"You're a virgin, aren't you?" I gasped. She turned away again. How could something so gorgeous not be tapped already? Then again, girls like her are hard to come by. "You are!" I yelled, very close to laughter. "I can warm you up for him, ya know? I'll bet I'm bigger anyway." That was definitely true. My demon... assets were probably more impressive than any human's.

"Inuyasha, please! I don't wanna talk about this."

"You wanna see it?" I promise you won't regret it.

She fell.

Sheesh, what a weirdo—unless she was only behaving like this because of the discussion and the fact that she was afraid of me. Whenever she was in the hospital, she always seemed bored and shy. She has to get a new hobby. I can tell just by the way she is now that her personality will change when she has sex.

"You may not be a ditz, but you are a klutz." I said. She organized herself and arranged the food she cooked onto to plates. I hadn't even realized what she cooked—or how hungry I was—until this point, even though she told me what she was making... It smelled really good. I looked at the first plate she fixed—some kind of well-seasoned meat with potatoes. She handed me the plate and I took it to the table. I took a bite of the potato. I was soft and warm and slightly salty. Very delicious. The meat was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I hadn't eaten anything this good in years! It was so tasty, I didn't think I could eat anything less. Hopefully Kagome would spoil me with great food. And the best thing was that it was actually cooked all the way. The meat in the hospital was always pink in the middle and burnt on the outside.

I was done quickly and looked at her. She only bit a few pieces or her meat, her other food untouched. She pushed her plate towards me and smiled. I dug in almost instantly. I watched her clean when I was done, thinking. We made a deal. I couldn't kill her—not that I really wanted to after tasting her cooking—and she couldn't rat me out. Would that mean spending the rest of my life with her taking care of me while I spared her life? Would I owe her anything other than that? If she brought it up, what could I say to her?

She really wasn't all too bad. A little awkward and klutzy, but still, she was the same person I was drawn to at the hospital. She was still sweet smelling and had an amazing voice. Knowing her personally was much better. She was beautiful and sweet and kind enough to risk her life to take care of me, even if she was only doing it out of fear. She faced me when she finished cleaning up, waiting for me to say or do something?

Just compliment her. It can't be that hard. "I guess there are other good qualities about you. That was the best thing I ate in years. Way better than that hospital shit." There, that wasn't so bad, and it was the truth.

"Thank you." she said. She waved with her hand for me to join her in the living room. I followed her. "Sitting and watching TV should calm your stomach down. You must be full." she said. I only nodded and made myself comfortable on her awesome couch. The news was on, meaning there was definitely going to be something about today's events.

"Hi, I'm Kito Tashi standing here with Akitoki Hojo, manager at the Tokyo Insane Asylum. Would you care to share with us what happened here, Mr. Hojo?"

"Yes," he answered. "Our most dangerous patient has broken out of his room and escaped."

"And how has this affected the other patients?" Kito asked.

"Thankfully, all of the patients are still in their rooms. Each of them unharmed. But I can't say the same for my employees. Seventeen guards and thirteen nurses were killed."—really? It seemed like I killed so much more than that—"Each found with deep gashes and bruises in there bodies. We found one guard that was impaled through his chest. In all my years of working with dangerous patients, nothing like this has ever occurred. The missing patient is named Inuyasha Takahashi."

"Is that all that makes him so dangerous?"

"He doesn't think like a human. He thinks like an animal." My ass. "But I can't get into specifics. I think he kidnapped one of our nurses. She went missing during these attacks. No one in the building has seen her since the alarm went off."

Hojo walked away, rubbing his temples. The reporter bitch continued.

"Mr. Hojo is giving a reward for anyone who finds the missing patient, Inuyasha Takahashi. The reward is twenty thousand dollars. Fliers will be posted along public buildings including patient information and a photo. There will also be missing posters of the missing nurse, Kagome Higurashi. Anyone with any questions or information please call 555-6012."

I felt that anger going through me again. That unnatural anger. I gave me a headache. I didn't know what was happening or why it was happening. Through the corner of my eye, I saw Kagome shut off the TV and look at me. She looked surprised and frightened.

The phone rang and I closed my eyes, trying to relax. This never really happened when I got angry. I really wanted the headache to go away. I opened my eyes again and looked over at the bitch, reaching for her phone. I grabbed her hand, not something I planned to do. The headache got ten times worse and I started seeing in red.

Then I blanked.

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