Heyy This is something i just thought i should do. i had this idea. i love jalex as a couple but i hate the fact they are brother and sister so thats the reason behind the story hope you like!

SUMMARY: What happens when Alex Finds Out she's adopted, will this be a good or bad thing and will this explain how she feels about The one guy who Was forbidden. Is he now?

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This cant be happening. They're lying to me, but why? There my parents…aren't they?

"Alex, look we love you know matter what, and we didn't want you to find out this way at all ,but you are part of this family, no matter what a piece of paper says .You are a Russo" I jerked away from mum's touch, if she is even my mum. My head hurt I didn't understand, I had grown up my whole life as Alex Russo, the Alex Russo who hated school and broke all the rules. Who pulled pranks and never listened to what adults told me, but I'm not her anymore. I am some washed up kid whose parents didn't want me.

" Alex? Alex talk to us"

" I don't understand" I said my voice barely a whisper "if your not my .." I couldn't say it "my you knows then how am I a wizard?" I looked at dad. He knew this was his area of expertise " well, when we took you in I spilt you and Justin's powers so you two could both be wizards, we thought it would be fair" this didn't make any sense, did Justin know? This morning I was pranking my brothers by using magic, sent to my room and in a matter of a couple of hours and a lot of snooping around the liar I find out I'm adopted. I need to breath, I need to get out.

It was quite. To quite. This meant trouble, what has Alex done now? Well I am not helping her out this time; nope she can do it herself. But deep down I knew I would help her, for if I didn't want to then I wouldn't be worried and looking for her.

Suddenly I saw her bursting out of the liar. " Alex what's wrong?" I asked as I saw that she was crying. The only time I have ever seen her cry like that was when we went on vacation that time, when she made the biggest mistake of wishing our parents hadn't met. When I forgot her. What could be bothering her so much?

" Just leave me ALONE!" she screamed at me, out of all the fights Alex and I have had she has never, never screamed at me like that. I had to know what was going on!

"Dad, dad what wrong with Alex she just stormed out and…" but I already knew why she did as soon as I saw my parents looking down at the adoption form. She knew.

I only found out a few years ago myself. See when Alex was adopted I was too young to notice the fact that my mother never actually got pregnant so I was none the wiser but probably like Alex I was looking around the liar 3 4 years ago and found a adoption form in an old spell book, dad. Only He would hide something so Important in such a stupid place. It took a while to sink in but dad made me swore not to tell. And I kept that promise but the truth was I was glad she wasn't my real sister because I finally understood.

I finally understood how I happened to fall in love with her

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