Jalex part 8

I've forgotten how much fun it is to just sit and talk to Justin. We've been talking for hours. I found out that he didn't even go to collage. He's started taking up monster hunting full time, he couldn't kick the habit. I was shocked that he didn't go it was his dream, and he was shocked that I did. He thought it was my nightmare; yes the tables had defiantly turned. Sometimes we didn't even need to talk, the silence just gave us time to look at each other, like now for example. I've forgotten what its like to look into his eyes.

" Alex about Harper and I…" he said looking down at the floor. Oh no … I forgot about his girlfriend. The word was awful. I hate it, but what happened, happened and I can't change it. Did I expect him to wait for me, yes maybe, I hoped.

"It's fine Justin, a little weird and creepy but … fin. You two are a good couple," I said turning my head away not to look at him. "BUT WE ARE NOT DATING Alex!" Justin screamed. He forgot that we were still on the patio. " HEY KEEP IT DOWN OUT THERE! SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO GET SOME SLEEP!" shouted a guy from the window across the street.

"What? But she said-"I stuttered

" She lied Alex, you know what little world she lives in. she's liked me for years. She thought we were dating," he said trying very hard to not make Harper look that bad.

"Alex, that day you left. I meant what I said, you don't know how hard it was for me to…to tell you how I felt" he was getting worked up and angry. I winced that the word 'felt'. Past tense.

" And then you just ran away. Do you know how that felt made me feel, what it did to me " he was now pacing up and down the patio. How he felt. Was he for real?

"What about how I felt! I just found out I was adopted" I scoffed, looking up at him, my voice rising slightly. " And then to top it all off the boy, who I thought was my brother, tells me he loves me! I mean if you had just given me some time, I would have thought about it-"

" You … you would have thought about it" he interrupted me with a goofy smile on his face. I just smiled.

" Yes, yes I would have"

He smiled, slowly he walked towards me "you…you didn't run away because you thought I was sick?" he asked quietly. " What? Justin no. Never I ran away because… Because I was scared. I started having these feelings and it freaked the hell out of me, then seeing you at school killed me. It just killed me so I left" I said taking his hands in mine. " Do you want to know why I came back?" he nodded "I came back to see you, to…to tell you that I love too Justin. More that a sister should" he laughed as I repeated his words but I could tell he was overjoyed. He put his hand to the side of my face; causing a light pink flush on my cheeks I could feel it. His hand was warm and comforting on my skin. I closed my eyes, then I felt a soft lips on mine, molding into place to fit perfect. I have had boyfriends, and had moving, firework in the sky kisses but nothing could compare to this earthmoving experience. My knees buckled below me but Justin's arm had crept around my waist to support me, god he was strong.

I was beginning to feel lightheaded but I didn't want to stop. It was Justin who pulled away, his eyes were shut but as soon as he opened them they took my breath away. They were dancing, twinkling with excitement. " We wasted a year of doing that" he sighed stroking my hair. I just smiled " absence makes the heart grow fonder I whispered, my hands moving from his chest to his neck. He looked at me and laughed a little " Alex you're glowing"

"I'm happy!" I said puzzled

"No I mean really, your ACTUALLY GLOWING" I looked down at my chest and arms to see them glowing a soft golden light then I noticed that he was too.

"What the-" I asked

" Of course, Alex you and I share the same power, when dad split the magic. When wizards fall in love it is a powerful, amazing, important moment in a wizards life. It creates a bond. For us the strength of having split powers, doubles the bond. Which must explain the glowing.

I looked at him in wonder.

"What" he asked laughing.

"Show off" and with that I drew his lips back to mine.

One year later.

So at first mum and dad were confused at Justin and I, but thought it was ironic, I could marry into the family.

Justin helped me find out about my real parents too. John, my real dad, was in the army and my mother, savannah was an artist. But died a couple of years ago due to cancer. I've seen some of her work Justin says I get my skills from her. She was good, really good.

Speaking of my beautiful boyfriend we have converted the basement under the substation into our own little pad and Gemma comes to visit all the time. I've finished my magical degree and tease Justin about it regularly which he hates. I've laughed more than ever since moving back and couldn't be happier.

We finally got around to the wizard trial, which turned out quite funny.

Max pulled out of the competition saying he wanted to become a singing policeman. We all took this quite well considering. So it was just between Justin and I. we knew that a mortal and a wizard couldn't marry but we had an idea, a theory. After many nights of Justin researching and me sitting there sleeping, eating, stand on my head and being generally bored we figured it out.

The day the trial came we fought just like before in the arena, minus the mud puddles and when we both reached for the ball of magic and touched it, we both rose into the air with the powers of a full wizard.

When they took me in Justin had his powers split with me like a married couple what's mine is his and vice a versa.

The bond secures the powers so we can both be full wizards together. Cool ey ?

It's such a buzzkill it took us four years to get together. But no more regrets I am not wasting anymore time. I'm still a Russo, or well I'll soon marry one.