She marveled at the way her fingers fell in between his short, metallic, black fur. She sat stroking him for hours at a time, until the slightest noise would frighten him. He would jerk his head up, prepared for whatever stands between him and his family. Within seconds, he was gone; sprinting through the grassy acres of land, that separated her, from her dog. The sun beat down on her face, and she shivered in the cool breeze of the November day. She couldn't help herself from thinking what it would be like to have a dog who would cuddle with her, paw at her for attention, and make her feel like the most important person on Earth. She loved Domino because he kept her and her family safe. He also didn't mind hugs, but was always on the look out. She could cuddle with him, but he didn't cuddle back. Molly wanted another dog, immensely much that would.