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The winter had passed by quick and before you knew it spring was here. By the time it got to Edward's 110th Birthday the wedding was exactly one month away. July 18th we were getting married and (that's my birthday :]) with Esme and Alice's help we got a gorgeous wedding planned. July 18th it was planned to be over casted and it was perfect weather for the wedding. Not a normal thing you would want for your average wedding but it was perfect for a vampire wedding.

The rest of the Cullens had moved to Chicago and moved into Carlisle's old house. Surprisingly it was big enough, although Alice was upset about the closet space but I told her she could have a small part of the closet in the guest bedroom in the Masen Manor.

Emmett and Jasper had kidnapped my Edward and Carlisle ended up tagging along the night before the wedding so Alice, Esme, and Rosalie came to the house and we had a girl's night. Alice gave me a pedicure and manicure while Rosalie and Esme played with my hair. We watched a total chick flick Mean Girls. Esme had gotten a confirmation call telling us that everything was a go. Invitations had been sent out and almost everyone was coming.

We invited Angela and Ben, Mike and Jessica, Stephanie, Elizabeth, the Denali's (against Alice's will), Jacob, Billy and the other La Push kids and some other people I didn't know. Renee ended up relaxing and approving over a few weeks, thanks to Phil. Bless that man.

"Well Bella, it's time for you to spill." Alice said when she turned the movie off.

"Spill what?" I asked.

"What it's like to live in this huge house with just Edward." Rosalie said as if it was obvious.

"Well, it's nice. It can be quiet when Edward's away but then I kind of loose myself in wedding plans or sleeping or writing or I even explore the house like a little kid. Some parts of the house have hidden doors and it's amazing." I gawked.

"How's the time when Edward is home?" Esme asked.

"It's nice. We usually cuddle or when it gets too quiet, he plays his piano and fills the house with music."

"Speaking of, have you found out what music he chose for you two to dance to?" Rosalie asked.

"No, not yet, but I have a guess." I smirked.

"What?!" Alice shrieked.

"It may be my lullaby. I'm not one hundred percent sure." I said.

"Well, Bella its 12 o'clock and you have a huge day tomorrow. Jasper will get Renee and Phil from the hotel and Emmett is getting Charlie." Esme said.

"Gee thanks Mom for telling me to go to bed." I teased.

"No problem sweetie." She crooned and dished it right back. I laughed and she kissed my forehead. I gave Alice and Rosalie hugs goodnight and walked upstairs.


"Bella, you're up next." Alice said as she walked out down the aisle.

"Bella, deep breaths." Charlie whispered as he heard my small gasps.

"Right, it's only Edward." I soothed.

Then I heard the all too familiar wedding march start to play and I took a step forward. Every stood up and Edward's eyes lit up. I smiled and took a deep breath.

One two three step… one two three step… I counted to myself mentally.

I finally got to the end and Charlie handed me off to Edward. His cold hand was comforting and inviting.

The priest began and I could hardly pay attention when I saw that Edward said I do and I knew it was my turn.

"Do you take Edward Cullen to be your husband?" The priest asked.

I looked in Edward's liquid gold eyes and smiled. "I do." Tears swept my eyes and the priest pronounced us husband and wife.

Edward leaned down and kissed my lips softly, and then I filled the kiss with more passion. Of course he started it and he had to end it. Everyone clapped and cheered. Alice handed me my bouquet back and Edward and I walked back down the aisle.

Esme called everyone to the reception while Edward and I went to go change into our reception attire. The ceremony and the party flowed smoothly. I danced with Charlie and then with Phil. Carlisle found me too, while we were dancing, Edward and Esme floated by and made Carlisle and I laugh.

Carlisle spun me around and then he spoke, "Welcome to the family, officially."

I smiled, "It's nice to be a part of your family so warm and welcoming." I said sweetly.

"Okay it's time for the bride and groom to share their first dance." The DJ announced. Edward waited behind Carlisle and Carlisle gave me a hug and went to find Esme. Edward took me in his arm and gave me his crooked smile when the music came on. I was right, it was my lullaby.

"Enjoying the party Mrs. Cullen?" Edward asked.

"Very much." I smiled. "How about you?" I asked

"Yes, but I can't help but block out Mike's thoughts, he's lucky I haven't thrown him out." Edward said seething and twirled me in a circle and he return to me in a smile.

"How's Jessica?" I asked, afraid to ask.

"She is very calm. No mental pictures about me but she has moved on to Eleazar." He laughed.

"Wow, pathetic much?" I asked sarcastically. We stopped talking for awhile and just danced and looked into each other's eyes enjoying our dance and our day. The music stopped but we kept on dancing when Jacob had cut in.

Jacob and I danced and reminisced on how life was before Edward came back and we talked how it was going to be when I was going to be living in Chicago.

"So I can't believe you're going to be so far away from Charlie and me." He whined.

"Oh suck it up you were fine when I was gone for tour." I teased.

"No seriously Bells, I'm gunna miss you." Jacob frowned.

"Jake, come and visit whenever you want. I'll even pay for the ticket depending on how desperate you get." I teased again.

"Yeah Bells, keep on making jokes." He rolled his eyes.

"Oh Jacob, come on lighten up. It's my wedding; lighten my spirits because you're bringing me down right now." I told him serious.

"I'm sorry Bells." He apologized.

"Hey, you'll be pay, you got Seth and Sam. You're going to be okay." I reassured.

"Yeah, and you got Edward, so you'll be okay too." He smiled.

"I do and I can't wait till this wedding madness is over." I smiled.

"Yeah, well I think Edward wants to steal you away again." He nodded to someone behind me, assuming it was Edward. I turned around and Edward and Alice were telling me to come. I hugged Jacob goodbye and thanked him for the dance and scurried over to Edward and Alice.

"Come dance Love, we still need to introduce you to our extended family." Edward smiled and kissed my lips reassuringly. Edward took my hand and led me over to a group of vampires that were not the Cullens.

"Edward, it's so nice to see you!" A strawberry blonde woman greeted.

"Tanya, this is my wife Bella, Bella this is Tanya, that's Kate, her mate Garrett, Eleazar and his mate Carmen. Irina isn't here due to a personal issue." Edward introduced.

"Hello, thank you for coming." I smiled sweetly.

"Thank you for inviting us. It's a splendid party." Garrett said.

I just nodded.

"Bella, Edward its time." Alice smiled as she turned to look at us.

Edward and I nodded and when we turned around everyone was gone.

I looked at Edward and he smiled. "To slow for a human to hear her guests disappear huh?" I teased. He laughed and brushed his lips against mine.


Our honeymoon ended up being on Isle Esme, a gift from Carlisle to Esme. My first thought was who gives an island for a present but apparently Carlisle. We spent about a month and a half there and two months later. I was pregnant with a healthy human baby. 9 months later our little bundle of surprise ended up being a baby girl. We named her Renesmee Carlie Cullen and she was absolutely precious.

About a year later and I got to the point where I wanted to be immortal too. Edward agreed to a certain extent and 2 months later Edward changed me. I had the power of self control and a shield of mental and physical attack.

It's been about 3 years and Renesmee is so smart and such a blessing. Edward Renesmee and I are still living in Chicago and I have published 2 other books. Life with Edward and Renesmee is all I have ever wanted in a family. Life is good even if my Fantasy Romance did go bad, love finds its way to someone else or it fixes itself for the better.

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