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"Hah, Sammy, you lose, again, as usual!" Dean said

"Shut up Dean." Sam said, picking up the cards that were lying down on the table, straitening them as he picked them up. Grimacing at Dean, knowing he was up the creek with out a paddle. They were low money and bored to hell and had decided to play some poker, which he wasn't very good at, and now he had lost, to his ornery big brother., and the stakes had been that Sam had to pick up any girl that Dean chose for him, and had to take her back and have a one night stand with said girl. Sam knew it wasn't going to be pretty, well, the girl at least. Dean sat back with his arms crossed and a self satisfied smirk on his face.

"Come on Sammy, I'm hungry, lets go eat before we, ah, pick out your friend for the evening." Dean said jovially. Sam just sighed, might as well get it over with, damn bet. Sam followed reluctantly out the door and slid in the passengers' seat of the Impala, and watched Dean as he sashayed around the front, gliding his hand over his precious car. It was going to be a LONG night. Dean hopped in, and Sam slouched down in the seat, and tried, but failed, to not pout.

They arrived at the little diner, it wasn't much, and it was pretty empty. There were only a couple people sitting at the old fashioned tables, and ratty booths. Dean looked the pretty waitress up and down, and grinned, she of course being female and breathing, smiled right back, and stood a little too close to the table. They placed their orders, Dean ordered his usual cheeseburger with everything, fries, and a beer, Sam ordered a small side salad, his appetite had diminished with the loss of the poker game. He sat sullenly in the booth that was too small for his frame, and cramped his legs and torso. Dean glanced around at the small group that made up the customers. There was a large man sitting at the long counter, drinking a beer, and chatting up the waitress. 'Not gonna happen buddy' Dean thought to himself. There was a man in a suit reading the newspaper, probably the stock pages. And then, there was her.

She was sitting at a large table by herself, she had a laptop in front of her and she was typing away, and all around her was an array of papers, books, pens, and notebooks. Dean studied her for a minute; she was perfect, just perfect. "Hey, Sam, I found your date." He whispered. Sam's head shot up, and he looked around. He immediately knew who Dean was talking about, because she was the only chick in the diner, besides the waitress, and he knew Dean had his eye on her. He couldn't see her face, because she was looking down, and the laptop screen hid most of it, her hair was dark brown, long and wavy, pretty actually, she had a red shirt on that draped down to reveal an ample chest. Sam looked at Dean, confused.

"Really, her?" he asked.

"Dude, she's fat." Dean said, as if Sam were stupid. Sam looked at her again. She was a little plump, but not fat. He could see it in the roundness of her shoulders, and the curves of her arms, especially because her shirt was sleeveless. Sam studied her, thinking she's not so bad, Dean could have picked worse. Schooling his features so Dean wouldn't know he didn't think she was as bad as Dean thought she was, he stood and walked over to her, a bet was a bet after all.

Sam slowly walked over to her, and stood for a second next to the table, when she didn't look up at him, he cleared his throat. She jumped, and raised her head in irritation, and then raised it a few more inches, due to Sam's height. She then raked her eyes down his body, and then back up to his face. Sam was startled, she was really pretty, she had smoky grey eyes, with that black rimmed thing girls were doing now, and soft full red lips. This wasn't going to be so bad after all he thought to himself. She just looked at him, expectantly. He cleared his throat again, and smiled awkwardly, it really wasn't his forte to pick up girls for a one night stand, that was Dean's specialty.

"Yeah, um." Crap, he had nothing. Thinking fast, he finished with "yeah, I noticed you had a computer here, and mine is broken at home, and was wondering if I could check my email. Sorry, I know it's a bit strange to ask, but…." He trailed off, chastising himself that that was all he could come up with. She stared at him, trying to decide what was going on.

She took a breath, and then smiled. She had a little dimple in the left cheek, and nice straight white teeth. "Sorry, this place doesn't have WiFi, and I don't have one of the satellite thingys. I could recommend a repair shop to you though, the guy is amazing and he works for cheap."

"Uh, thanks." Sam just stood there, trying to come up with something else to say. He glanced around at the stuff on her table, not really taking a lot in. "So, what are you working on?" he asked. "A thesis or something?"

She snapped her screen down and grabbed a couple papers, and a leather bound book. "Nope, just writing a book." She said, obviously trying to hide her manuscript.

"I wouldn't steal it." Sam said, offended that she was so protective. "I love to read, what is it about?" He was actually getting interested, and sat down at the table with out her inviting him. She glared at him, and then rolled her shoulders back.

"It's a user's guide, but its nothing really." She glanced behind Sam, and raised her eyebrows. "Who is that guy staring at us laughing?" she asked, pointing to Dean. Sam slowly turned around and glared at Dean, who then doubled over in laughter. Sam turned back around to the girl

"That's just my idiot brother." He replied but trailed off at her stricken face. "Hey, what is the matter?" he asked, as she stood up and started slamming her papers and computer into a well worn backpack.

"Listen, I know a dare when I see one, you're an ass, and your brother is an even bigger ass." She spoke so quietly, Sam had to strain to hear her. After she placed the last item in her bag, she looked up at him with tears in her eyes, "Why, why do all the hot guys have to be so mean?" she asked, and with out waiting for a reply, she walked out, holding her head down so no one would see her tears. Sam stood there for a minute, getting pissed at Dean. Dean sidled up next to Sam, and snickered.

"You lose again, Sammy."