Author Notes: Done for the 'write my interests' meme, requested by panopticam at LJ. The idea for this was brought up in a conversation we had before I did the meme, so I was glad to have an opportunity to use it. XD

Pairings or Characters: Gold/Silver
Word Count:
Kissing Gold is a lot like Christmas.

Even Without Mistletoe

Kissing Gold is a lot like Christmas.

The time leading up to each kiss is spent imagining what it will be like, the anticipation coiling in the pit of Silver's stomach in a mix of thrill and terror that it might not meet expectations. It always does, though, and after all those dreams Silver's had, he is positive that the real thing is much better than his imagination. No matter how often he reminds himself of this, he cannot quell the fluttery warmth in his stomach when Gold gives him the Look and starts to lean in closer.

The moments just before Gold's lips close over his own, Silver thinks of presents. He doesn't know how many are addressed to him, stuffed beneath the decorated branches of the Christmas tree, but as he takes the first one into his lap and starts unwrapping, he feels excited and loved. Gold's eyes always close first, allowing him the chance to sneak observing glances, which tell him that Gold really doesn't blush much at all, despite how heavy his breathing gets and how often he bashfully admits to being new to this sort of thing.

The kiss itself is enough to keep Silver grinning for weeks, or it would be if he actually smiled ever. It's like the gift he asked for, knowing it wouldn't be waiting under the tree that year, showing up in his stocking anyway.

Once the kiss is over, there is immediately a feeling of disappointment and loneliness as Gold pulls away, like the final gift that lays unwrapped and revealed in his lap, the mystery gone. But just like a little kid already planning his wish list for next year's holiday, Silver begins thinking of the next kiss to come. Sometimes it comes right away, along with a hand at his neck and the other gently sneaking its way up his shirt, leaving him blushing crimson and fighting back moans.

Silver is very good at keeping his thoughts to himself, and his contemplations of Christmas and kisses are no exception. But he's not perfect, and the moment he lets it slip, Gold's usual thickness dissipates unfairly quick as he pounces on the admission.

"Like Christmas? How?" he asks, eyes sparkling as he presses his nose teasingly against Silver's.

"... It's like making out with a tree," Silver provides, flicking Gold's protruding bangs before standing and storming away.

"What?! You've never mentioned that before! Hey! Silver!" Gold cries, frantically attempting to stuff his bangs beneath his cap before leaping up and running after him.