Chapter 1

Chowder rode in the back of his master, Mung Daal's, snailmobile. Chowder asked, "Mung, tell me again why you signed me up for this summer camp."

"Well, Chowder, I think it will be a good experience for you. You'll also get to meet new friends and get some good exercise as well," Mung answered. Chowder's eyes got big on that last part.

"Exercise!?" Choder shrieked.

"Oops, I said too much," Mung murmured to himself.

"You bet you did!" screamed his wife, Truffles. "Next time, think before you speak."

"Exercise!?" Chowder cried again.

Mung sighed and said, "The goal is to just have fun with it, okay? Forget I ever said… the 'E' word. Besides it's only for one week."

The gang pulled up at a campsite where dozens of other cooking apprentices stood.

"Shnitzel, why don't you help Chowder get his stuff out of the trunk," Mung suggested. The huge rock monster, Shnitzel barreled out of the car with pleasure. He pulled Chowder's luggage out of the trunk with a huge smile on his face.

"Wow, you seem really happy, Shnitzel. Did you make a poo today?" Chowder asked. Shnitzel, ignoring that question, dumped the luggage off under a pavilion. He ran back into the car.

"Have fun, Chowder! Don't forget to write!" Mung said and drove off. Shnitzel laid back against the seat.

"Ra-da!" Shnitzel said with relief.

"I know. A whole week without Chowder. I might miss the little guy," Mung said. There was a small pause. "Or I might not, but who cares. He'll be fine!"

Chowder coughed from the dust. He went over and picked up his luggage. A piggy camp leader greeted him with a creepy smile.

"Hello, child. My name is Ruben. Please sign in on the clipboard. I'll take your luggage to your assigned cabin and you can put on this camp uniform. We are going to have a funerific time here at cooking camp," Ruben said.

Chowder did as he was told. The uniform was a white chef's outfit with a tall chef's hat to go with it. Chowder changed and joined the other campers.

"Chowder!?" came a voice from behind him. Chowder could recognize the voice from anywhere. He tried to pretend he didn't hear it, but unfortunately it did not work. A springy pink, bunny/cat thing jumped out in front of him.

"It is you!" she cried.

"I'm not your boyfriend, Panini! And I never will be!" Chowder said. He backed up and into a green rat.

"Hey, watch where you're going! Oh! Oh, joy. Chowder's coming to this camp too," he said.

"I know, Gorgonzola! Isn't it great!?" Panini cried bouncing up and down happily.

Chowder asked Gorgonzola, "What's with the dust and ashes on your head?"

"The hat burned as soon as it hit my head. Now my hat is nothing but a pile of ashes. Which is what you'll be in ten seconds if you don't leave me alone!" Gorgonzola said.

Chowder took one baby step back.

A voice on the megaphone sounded. It was Ruben announcing, "Attention all you sunshiny camp-goers! We're going to have soooooo much fun this summer. I guarantee that when we send you home, you'll be happy for the rest of your life and be the best cooks in the world!"

"Wow, that was a cheesy speech. I wonder how long it took for him to write it," Gorgonzola said under his breath.

"So who's ready to have some fun!?" Ruben cried. It was dead silent. "I can't hear you!" he sang.

The crowd said quietly, "Yeahhh…"

Panini called out, "Well, I know that I'm going to have fun because I get to spend the week with my loving, caring boyfriend, Chowder!"

"That's the spirit!" Ruben cried.

Everyone's attention turned to Panini and Chowder.

"She's not my girlfriend!" Chowder screamed.

"Oh yeah. This summer is going to be the time of our lives," Gorgonzola murmured sarcastically.