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Chapter 5: The Days of Our Lives

It has been 2 weeks since all the secrets of a Cedric Diggory came to light. Currently, Hermione is staying in the guest room and Cedric, being a masochist, takes the couch, refusing to stay in the master. Sure, his back may forever be cracked, but he figured he deserves much worse. He will never forget the mixture of heart ache, sadness, and defeat in her eyes as she asked the one question every cheating man hates to hear: What, exactly, was so appealing about her? Did she take better care of you? Does she love you more?" He didn't answer the question that night; matter of fact, he still haven't. Kicking himself every time the scene plays through his mind as he silently stared at her like a buffoon instead of answering her.

2 weeks ago:

"Well…I hope the sex was worth it because I can NEVER believe a word that comes out of your or her mouth." She turned and walked into the guest room slamming the door in his face. He made to open the door after her, but he heard a muttered locking and silencing spell that made him realize his conversation, or lack of, has been terminated for the night. Slumping his shoulders, he glumly walks downstairs and into the living room, laying on the couch. There, he falls into a restless slumber.

The next morning, he awoke to the sound of movement in the kitchen. Quickly he stood up and stumbled into the kitchen. Hermione didn't even jump at the sound of him approaching. When the French doors suddenly opened, she continued to sip her coffee, as if he wasn't even there. Cedric walks over to the coffee machine to discover that the pot has been emptied and cleaned already. Taking a deep breath, he restarts another batch. While waiting, he opens the refrigerator and pulls out the creamer and a muffin.

"Good morning, Love." Flinching at the loudness of his voice in the silent room, he waits for her response. Nothing. He didn't speak again until he is sitting at the table in front of her, watching her read the Daily Prophet. "May I see the sports section please?" Nothing again. It's as if she doesn't know he's in the room, having a one sided conversation with her. She woodenly stood and walked over to the sink to wash her cup. Setting his drink down, he sighed, rested his arms on the table, and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Love," she flinched, the only sign that she actually heard him, "we really should talk about this; we can't act like it never happened." Sighing heavily, Hermione grabbed her briefcase, haughtily walked to the door and opens it. Before she leaves, she turns her head slightly in his direction so he knows she about to speak to him, and coldly replies,

"No." Then she walks out the door, shutting it silently behind her.

The next day, he made sure to wake up before her and have a hearty breakfast waiting on her when she walked into the kitchen. But she never arrived downstairs; he later discovered she had woke up even earlier than he, and apparated to her job from her bedroom. He tried for a week after that to make some kind of contact with her, but she managed to evade him. Finally sick of the disappearance acts, he sets up anti-apparation wards on all rooms but the kitchen. He then made the same breakfast as good as the first one. He smirked sadly when he heard her angry screech tear throughout the house before her furious stomps on the stairs. She angrily walks into the kitchen, bringing a burst of iciness into the room with her. Glancing at the table, she passes it, grabs her coffee and heads toward the front door. Unable to handle the rejection once again, Cedrics loses control.

"What is it going to take Hermione? I'm trying here…and I can't exactly gain back your trust if you're never here and avoiding me like the plague! You have to give me a chance!" His loud voice echoed across the kitchen. She slowly turns around, and he's shocked to see tears pooling in her expressive eyes. Expressively beautiful eyes.

"Do you honestly believe that by making me breakfast a few days a week is going to gain my trust? Cedric, I don't trust you. You cheated on me; you lied to me. You managed to burn every single positive thought I should have about myself! You could honestly tell me that the sky is blue and I would have problems believing you! So excuse me if I can't be in the same room as you let alone let some pathetic excuse of breakfast gain back the trust you ruined." She shook her head disgustedly and calmly strutted out of the kitchen.

End of flashback

Currently, Cedric sits in the living room watching the telly. Hermione had introduced it to him a few weeks after they returned from their honeymoon. He briefly smiled and ruefully chuckled as he recalled his reaction before and after experiencing it. He stiffened, however, when he heard the upstairs' guest room door open and close quietly. Hermione had finally ended her infamous silent treatment and cold shoulder after that fateful morning in the kitchen. He saw her cute bare-nailed toes before anything else. As she came down the stairs, she kept her eyes purposely trained on her feet and nothing else. She finally reached to bottom of the stairs and made her way to the kitchen. Sighing silently, Cedric stood and made his way in there as well.

"Hello Love," He said quietly as he sat on the counter. Hermione, looking through the cabinets for something to cook, replied with a weak, "Hullo." Noticing what exactly what she is doing, he jumps off the counter and slowly makes his way over to her.

"You don't have to cook, you know, we could just order some-"

"Unlike you, I'm consistent and tend to my wifely duties…oh wait, you are consistent; just not in what you are expected of." She jerked away from him when he touches her shoulder lightly. Passing by him, she went over to the refrigerator and grabbed onions; Cedric loathes onions and he's allergic. Cringing at every chop, Cedric walked over to her and sat opposite her at the island.

"Love…we're going to have to talk about this soon. It's not good for either one of us to hold any of this in and I don't even know if you WANT to work this out…what do you want Hermione? Please tell me what you want." He pleaded with her as he grabbed her hand and pulled the knife away from her. Hermione, for the longest, just stared at the chopped onions. Then he saw tear drops land on the onions. Shaking her head, she lifted her sights to her husband; her cheating husband, she can't help but add mentally.

"Cedric. I honestly don't know what I want right now-"

"Mya, you have to talk to me…you can't hold-"

"I'm trying to tell you but you keep cut-"

"I only want us to work out-"


"But you won't give me-"


By this time, Cedric was beginning to become frustrated; he just wants things to go back to normal. "I just want things to go back to normal-"

"WELL THEY CAN'T!" Her scream rebounded off of the walls. She sobbed loudly into her hands. Looking away, she glared at the wall, shaking all over. "Part of me wants to hate you…so much. You lied to me; you lied, snuck around, and slept with Cho Chang. I bet the "business trips" and "Luncheons" were just rendezvous' in your office. Am I right, Cedric? Of course I am…I know you. I know when you lie as soon as I look at your eyes. But you never looked me straight in the eye, do you Cedric? Even when everything has come to the light, you still can't. I don't know where the man whom I married is, but you better find him because that's the only Cedric Diggory that I will accept into my heart. I can't even look at you…the sight of you makes me sick. Part of me hates you…" Cedric's eyes burned with his tears, "but my heart? Will always love you…it's the only thing keeping me from packing, leaving, and signing papers that would end this farce of a marriage. What did I do wrong Cedric? Did we not love each other? What possessed you to make such a home wrecking decision? Why her? I was at home at a reasonable time…I never put my job first, so you can't blame your actions on my lack of attention…so what is it?" Hermione sobbed as she finally looked at him. The burning under his lids increased at the tears traveled down his face. Shaking his head, he pinched the bridge of his nose, frustrated.

"I. Don't. KNOW! How many times do I have to say that? I don't know why I made a mistake of this magnitude! Is that what you wanted to know? I don't know what's going through my mind…I don't know and will never know!" He slammed his head down on the counter and laid it there. For minutes, nothing could be heard but Hermione's sobs and Cedric's growls. Wiping her eyes, Hermione stumbles out of the room and up the stairs, leaving Cedric to his own despair.


The next day, Hermione left for work and Cedric didn't bother to prevent her avoiding him. Hermione walked down the street to the firm.

"Hullo, Matilda, do I have any messages?" Hermione asked the elder lady warmly. Matilda, barely five feet, with long golden locks, and baby blue eyes, is hardly the weak old lady she personifies herself to be. Smirking slightly, Matilda turned from her desk to look directly at Hermione.

"Well…actually, you have a meeting this afternoon at 2 p.m with Ms. Cho Chang." Matilda, knowing the whole situation, knew she wanted to slaughter the young witch. Hermione's face burned darkly in anger, but she quickly went into her professional mode and forced the thought from her head. "Alright, thank you." She said softly and walked into her office. She sat in her office, in daze as she stared out of her window at the lake across the street. Never realizing how the time flew by, she started when the knock on the door ended the silence in the room. Matilda stuck her hand in the room, smiling sadly

"Mrs. Diggory," she stressed out the last name, "Ms. Cho Chang is here for you." Hermione silently giggled at the antics of her secretary.

"Send her in."


Cedric sat at the front table with the Daily Prophet in his hands when the door bell rang throughout the house. Standing, he idly walked to the door and opened it; he did not, however expected to be greeted with a passionate kiss from Cho. Succumbing into the kiss, he responded excitedly, until he realized what he was doing before feeling horrible about it and pulling away quickly and slamming himself against the wall. Cho smirked seductively before entering the house and shutting the door behind her.

"Hello Cedric…you haven't contacted me in weeks…what's going on?" Cho leaned up to kiss him again, but he pulled away and turned from her face.

"Cho…it's over. I love my wife; I want to stay with her. I'm not leaving her for you." With that simple sentence he felt a slap to the back of the head. Turning sharply, he once again didn't expect another kiss. And being a man, he couldn't deny the fact that he found her attractive; two hours later, around one thirty, Cho stepped out the front door of the Diggory's Manor with a smirk on her face and a crooked dress.

"Oh my dear Cedric…you don't realize that this is far from over."


"Take a seat Ms. Chang…what can I do for you?" Cho sat down gracefully and adjusted her dress, her revealing dress. Cho spent the next few minutes straightening up her clothing before addressing Hermione.

"I came here wondering…when are you going to give up this joke of a marriage? When will you realize that Cedric's mine and always will be? Just let him go, Hermione…he certainly has." Hermione managed to keep her fury at bay before responding rigidly.

"I don't care what you believe Ms. Chang, but I do care that this is being discussed at my job during my hours…hours that could be spent on someone worth spending them on." Cho winced at the insinuation of her not being worthy of her time.

"Well, we can't very well talk right in Cedric's and my home, now can we? Don't force him to choose Hermione…you won't like his decisi-"

"First of all, MY money went into purchasing that house…and second of all, I'm not forcing Cedric to do anything….matter of fact, he was the one crying on his knees begging for me not to leave him. So if anyone's not going to like his decision, it's going to be you, Ms. Chang." Hermione hissed into the cold office. Cho stood up from her seat glaring severely at Hermione before walking to the door, but before exiting, she turned back to her.

"Why don't you ask him about the decision he made right before I came to see you, Granger? You definitely won't like that one." Smirking at her one last time, she exited the office.


Cedric sat on the couch in the living room, rigid. His insides are literally bursting with guilt and self hatred. He couldn't believe he succumbed to the lust so easily. He doesn't deserve Hermione; her love, devotion. He deserves to be alone and to die alone as well. He sat on the couch crying for himself, his decisions, and his lack of control. He wondered briefly when Hermione would come home and he didn't have to wonder long before the front door slammed open. Turning to the entrance way, Hermione stormed angrily into the living room, pulled out her wand, and pressed it tightly to his neck; right on the Adam's Apple. Shaking slightly, Cedric looked into her eyes to see fury; nothing but fury.


"SHUT. UP. Did you do it?" Hermione got straight to the point. Cedric, panicking, widened his eyes before attempting to lie.

"I don't know what you're talki-"

"See Cedric? You're lying. Again…now why do you want trust? Did you sleep with her, Cedric? Did you sleep with Cho this afternoon?" Stuttering, Cedric stumbled for an answer.

"N-n-no! I mean y-yes! I'm so sor-"

"Don't you dare! Don't you dare apologize! You know what? I should apologize to you! Know why? Because I could have stopped this sooner!" Confused, Cedric looked questionably at her. "I knew you cheated on me Cedric Diggory! From the very beginning! I knew that everything connected to your "business" was only pleasure! I knew you've been having an affair!"

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