Author Notes: This is a meme that went around LJ, where you take a character, pairing or series and write ten different ficlets in ten different categories/genres, and I chose Kakashi/Sakura (because I've missed them). I didn't include these with my other Kakashi/Sakura drabble collection because these are all longer than 50 words. The chapter titles indicate the genre of each drabble. Enjoy!

[Kakashi/Sakura, G]

Kakashi doesn't like Sakura. Not because she was girly and boy-obsessed, as she outgrew that years ago. Not because she's always the one doing his check-ups whenever someone somehow manages to wrangle him into the hospital, since she never keeps him any longer than necessary. And not because she sought out a new teacher and left him behind, considering that's what his other students did, and he would have as well, had he been in her position.

No, he dislikes Sakura because she pretends like she doesn't see him, doesn't recognize him, doesn't know him outside of the Hokage's tower and the hospital unless Naruto's in town. He no longer likes Sakura because it was supposed to be him shutting her out of his life, and not the other way around.