a / n ;; For the 'I never' Challenge over on the HPFC forum. I had to write a DracoPansy piece, hence my vague sketch of their post-war relationship (or lack thereof). I wanted it short to illustrate Pansy's life, which doesn't really consist of much anymore.

(this is how the world ends)

They don't end, they fizzle out. And it's really quite depressing, because Pansy is all flair and false theatrics, and she can't help but feel as if she's been cheated out of something--not love, don't get it wrong. there was never any love in them. It's the attention that she's missing, the satisfaction of an overly dramatic break-up. Slap-stung fingertips and sobbing to her sympathetic friends.

But, as it were, Pansy is in Azkaban when it happens. A letter comes and it would almost be exciting except for its contents and the fact that the dementors are hovering, all smoke and sucking emotion, and she just can't manage to dredge up anything.

Draco marries that pretty Greengrass girl and lives happily ever after and Pansy doesn't feel at all.